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White Tiger Friend

Ryan smiled up at Veronica, "That's perfectly fine by me."

11/11/2010 #331

"You won't be embarrassed if I call out to you across the room.... 'hey! Sugar Lips!' and have every one turn to see?" Veronica asked, her voice teasing.

11/11/2010 #332
White Tiger Friend

"Heck no! I want everyone to know that your mine!" Ryan replied teasingly.

11/11/2010 #333

"Maybe we could take out an add in the newspaper declaring our relationship?" Veronica replied laughing.

11/11/2010 #334
White Tiger Friend

"Hmm," Ryan teasingly thought for a moment. "You know, that might just work?"

11/11/2010 #335

"I can see the headline now.... Nosey blond lands herself a hottie with sugar lips" Veronica replied, using her hand to help with the image of the newspaper heading.

11/11/2010 #336
White Tiger Friend

Ryan chuckled, "It will be on the front page of the biggest newspaper here!"

11/11/2010 #337

"With coloured pictures of me posing with a shocked but very pleased expression." Veronica added.

11/11/2010 #338
White Tiger Friend

"Oh yes, we must put pictures of you so that everyone will know your name and face and that you are taken!" Ryan replied, placing his finger on Veronica's nose when he said 'you are taken!'

(Brb. shower)

11/11/2010 #339

Giggling softly, Veronica corrected him "not just me. There has to be a picture of you as well."

11/11/2010 #340
White Tiger Friend

Ryan playfully sighed, "Picture of me? But it's about you, not me! They don't need to know what I look like! I would probably blind them!"

11/11/2010 #341

"Don't be silly, you're very good looking." Veronica countered "but we do have to make a move, its' getting late."

11/11/2010 #342
White Tiger Friend

"Awww~! But I don't want to move~!" Ryan pouted like a two-year old not wanting to go to bed.

11/11/2010 #343

"We'll shrivel up like raisins" Veronica replied giggling.

11/11/2010 #344
White Tiger Friend
Ryan sighed, but gave Veronica a small smile. "Alright, if you want to go that bad..." Ryan replied as he started to slid himself slowly out from underneath Veronica.
11/11/2010 #345

"Hey, not so fast. I said soon" Veronica replied "first, first you have to kiss me. After all it's been a hole five minutes."

11/11/2010 #346
White Tiger Friend

Ryan chuckled at Veronica's reaction as he sat back down. He then smiled up at her and kissed her collar bone, knowing that she ment kiss her lips not anything else.

11/12/2010 #347

"You missed" Veronica commented as she tapped Ryan softly on the shoulder.

11/12/2010 #348
White Tiger Friend

"Oops," Ryan grinned up at her as if going to kiss her lips, but then kisses the other side of her collar bone.

11/12/2010 #349

"Oh you are just being stubborn" Veronica teased, though she couldn't say she wasn't happy about it.

11/12/2010 #350
White Tiger Friend

"It's so much fun," Ryan replied smiling before kissing Veronica on the lips.

(Since we are doing a time skip should we have them wake up in the same bed? Whether it be Veronica's or Ryan's? xD)

11/12/2010 . Edited 11/12/2010 #351

"Mm Ryan?" Veronica spoke softly, her lips brushing against his "let's.... let's go back to your dorm."

(Ya, that sounds good to me. I won't be up much longer, have to get up early tomorrow )

11/12/2010 #352
White Tiger Friend

"Sounds perfect to me," Ryan softly replied before moving Veronica so he could stand up, grabbed there stuff and then picked Veronica up bridal style.


11/12/2010 #353

Laughing, Veronica wrapped her arms around his neck "I can walk you know" her smile was bright and cheerful. He made her feel good. Safe and secure, loved.

11/12/2010 #354
White Tiger Friend

"Oh, but that's no fun at all," Ryan chuckled, softly kissing Veronica's lips before heading towards his dorm. There was something about her that made him feel like the king of the world. He felt that if he didn't protect her and treat her wiht the upmost respect he would have a big hole in his heart.

11/12/2010 #355

"If you say so. I don't mind, just don't want you putting your back out." Veronica replied with a cheeky grin.

(want to put them into the room? wake up the next day right away or rp a bit in the room? Oh and I have to go to bed in like ten minutes.)

11/12/2010 #356
White Tiger Friend

"I won't," Ryan replied smiling.

(we can put them in the room and Rp a bit in the room and have them wake up the next day tomarrow since you have to go to bed in ten minutes. You or me post first?)

11/12/2010 #357

"You spoil me" Veronica remarked happily. Use to be treated like 'one of the guys' she was loving being treated like a girl for a change.

(you can post fist..we can change over now.)

11/12/2010 #358

Coming back from the track

Moose walked into the trainer's office, and without having to wait for instruction, walked over to the ice machine and bagged a couple scoops for shins. He then returned to the padded athletic benches and extending his legs straight out so that he could ice his worn shins. Sighing, he clasped his hands behind his head, leaned back against the wall, and closed his eyes as he waited for those 20 minutes to pass.

11/17/2010 #359

Mandy cut out of the soccer meeting the second the team lecture was over. Waving good bye to Emily she took off to the change rooms to take a quick shower. Her mind on one thing, or rather one person. Moose. Brushing her long hair while damp, she looked into the mirror and giggled at the expression that was on her face.

"Ya, don't play poker. You would be terrible at it" Emily commented as she headed for a shower.

Giggling, Mandy quickly got dressed into some clean sweats and a team shirt. Pulling her hair into a pony tale, she headed out into the gym to look for Moose.

11/17/2010 #360
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