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Eddie grabbed Rose's forearm and twisted it back, twisting her backwards. Rose used her other arm to elbow him in the ribcage hard. He let go, taking in a breath, grinning. Rose smirked back at him

2/11/2010 #61

Chivas smiled and chuckled under her breath. It reminded her of home.

2/11/2010 #62

Eddie tackled her, bringing Rose down on the mat on her back. He pinned her shoulders down but not her arm, giving her an advatage. Rose swung her elbow up and nailed him in the nose, making him flinch, she pushed him off and rolled over, now on top of him. She smacked his chest grinning,

"I win!"

2/11/2010 #63

Chivas started clapping, and grinned. Then walked back to her punching back and started swinging and boxing it.

2/11/2010 #64

Rose stood up and helped Eddie up, Eddie rubbed his nose,

"That's twice you've nailed me in the nose now,"he said

"Well it's either get nailed or socked,"Rose chimed.

"You gotta point.."Eddie said defeatedly

2/11/2010 #65

Chivas, not stopping from her punching/boxing, said to Eddie "Being beat by girl? That ain't gonna look good" She smiled as she said it, glancing up.

2/11/2010 #66

"Well it's a bit hard taking down a girl who can take down a girl who can take down men 3x her size or more,"Eddie replied.

2/11/2010 #67

Chivas gave him a 'Stop the excuses' look but just said "Well okay, that doesn't say much for you no?" then grinned. "Ah Rose? I gots news for you! Some new girl here is a kinda wannabe and says she's 'really tough' and such. Kinda like you. Maybe gots some competicion? No?" She was referring to Ali, though she didn't know the new girl. Only heard what Angel and the gang heard.

((Don't worry, I love Ali to death :]))

2/11/2010 #68

"Hmmm, I'd love to meet her,"Rose grinned

2/11/2010 #69

Chivas smiled "Angel, you know Angel right?, already did. Haha texted me the conversation. She 'doesn't mix with people' and is roomin' a couple doors down from Jennifer. Or so I've heard."

2/11/2010 #70
"She sounds like fun,"Rose laughed
2/12/2010 #71

Coming back from the track

"Where did that tradition come from anyway?" Dalton mused as he walked down the gym hallway to the stairwell. "I felt so violated." He walked up to the coach's offices, his broad shoulders only about a foot off from reaching wall-to-wall in the narrow stairwell.

5/14/2010 . Edited 5/14/2010 #72

Gwen shrugged "possibly it began with one boy that liked the others a little to much?"

5/14/2010 #73

Moose nodded. "Maybe."

He walked a little farther down the hall to the XC/TF office and knocked on the door for Coach Fletcher's attention. The older man turned around and held his hand out, prepared for the toss that he caught perfectly.

"Thanks Moose. How'd it go?"

"Left off around where I was last season," Moose shrugged.

Although not looking very impressed, coach did nod his approval. He spotted Gwen standing a bit behind him and nodded a greeting to her. "Hey, Gwen. You didn't need me, did ya?"

5/14/2010 #74

"Nope, I was helping out Moose here. I measured" she replied proudly, flashing them both a bright smile.

5/14/2010 #75

"She's done it before. You can tell," Moose smiled teasingly. "Measured right from the band."

Coach couldn't help but smile back before getting back to work. "Alright then. Both of you take sure of yourselves. Don't do anything stupid to get injured."

Moose glanced subtly back a Gwen.

5/14/2010 #76

"Sure" Gwen replied moving back into the hall.

5/14/2010 #77

"Of course we won't," Moose lied before nodding his farewell and leaving the view of the doorframe. "Bye Coach!"

After about 10 steps, he mouthed to Gwen: 'How is it?'

5/14/2010 #78

"Fine, its good. I don't need it to run." Gwen replied quietly. "I'll rub it with some ointment before bed"

5/14/2010 #79

Dalton nodded and mouthed an 'okay.'

((I'm going to bed now. G'night))

5/14/2010 #80

((ok, night Foxy - sweet dreams))

Gwen smiled to assure him, reaching for his hand to give it a comforting squeeze.

5/14/2010 #81

Moose shot Gwen a perflexed look but accepted her affectionate gesture gratefully and wordlessly.

5/15/2010 #82

"Let's go find Kit, yeah?" Gwen commented as she let go of his hand and bounced a further ahead.

5/15/2010 #83

"Yeah, okay," Moose agreed.

5/15/2010 #84

Opening the door of the gym, Gwen held it open for Moose to follow. "Do you know where she is?"

5/15/2010 #85

Friday afternoon

Leaning back against the wall, Moose sat upright on the cushioned bench in the trainer's office and watched with much facination as he watched Higgins wrap a field hockey player's sprained ankle. Occasionally making conversation with the trainer and his fellow injured athletes, he shifted the bags of ice on his shins in order to make the treatment more effective and glanced at the time to see how much longer he had to go.

9/6/2010 #86

Jude stumbled into the office mistakening this for the bathroom. She wasnt thinking correctly and so she stopped infront of a boy sitting against a wall and some other boys it looked liked.

Great just what she needed, she probably looked a reck from booking it as well. She guessed well enough that her long Scarlet curls were every where, her jacket rumpled and her face set with panic.

9/6/2010 . Edited 9/6/2010 #87

A small pack of football players brushed past Jude on their way out, talking amongst himself. Dalton, however, still confined to the padded bench due to ice packs healing his achy shins, curiously eyed the unfamilar girl before asking: "I don't think I'be met you before. What sport?"

Based on Jude's disheveled state, not to mention the fact that she was hanging out in the athletic trainer's office, he assumed she was an injured athlete who was destressed about the possibility of being sidelined.

9/6/2010 #88

Jude looked at him. Sport? What sport? She then remember where she was.

"Track, cross country..." She said in a rush. "And rock climbing..." She added quickly.

9/6/2010 #89

"No, you're not," Moose said bluntly unsure as to why he was being lied to. The cross country team wasn't exactly large and considering that the boys and girls practiced co-ed under Fletcher, there was absolutely no way he could have missed her.

9/6/2010 #90
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