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White Tiger Friend

"Now the question is, can you keep up with me?" Jess gave Cady a big smile as she sprinted ahead of her.

9/11/2010 #151

Smirking Cady ran after her, when she caught up to her she stuck her tongue out at the other gril.

9/11/2010 #152
White Tiger Friend

Jess laughed as Cady stuck her tounge out then started sprinting faster.

9/11/2010 #153

As Jess sprinted ahead of her, Cady smirked slightly. Jess was cute and they got along well enough. She noticed the bracelet she had given the girl was still hung around her wrist and she smiled lightly.

9/11/2010 #154
White Tiger Friend

Jess looked back at Cady to see if she was catching up to her, if she wasn't she was going to slow down. She didn't want Cady running by herself with no one to talk to.

9/11/2010 #155

Anna ran faster.

9/11/2010 #156

Stopping Cady breathed in. She was not a natural runner like her twin brother and even though she did like running, her stamina with running could use some work.

She looked behind her and saw Anna running up to her.

9/11/2010 #157

Anna ran up to Cady and Jess, then saluted them and ran past them.

9/11/2010 #158

Cady watched Anna salute her and smirked slightly. Anna was also very cute. Cady sighed breathing in somemore, what was up with her? Why all of the sudden did she feel strong attraction to both girls.

ess who she had just met and Anna who she had known for a few years now.

9/11/2010 #159
White Tiger Friend

Jess backed up to where Cady was, "You alright?"

9/11/2010 #160

"Come on slowpoke" Anna yelled to Cady.

9/11/2010 #161

She looked at Jess and grinned. "Course I am."

She started running again. "Come on Jess, lets go!"

9/11/2010 #162
White Tiger Friend

Jess smiled, "Just checking." She said running beside Cady, she was kind of starting to really like her although she still wasn't sure about Anna.

9/11/2010 #163

Cady began faster to try to catch up with Anna.

9/11/2010 #164

"Almost there" Anna yelled to her.

9/11/2010 #165
White Tiger Friend

Jess watched Cady run faster then took a deep breath and soon followed up behind her, catching up with her.

9/11/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #166

Mariella walked in and wondered if se could find something to do. She kept eying a punching bag hanging over near the far wall of the gym.

9/11/2010 #167

Cady paced herself to try to keep up with both girls. Glancing behind her she saw Jess running to catch her tail. She gave the girl a smirk before increasing her speed, she may be flirty toward both girls but a race was a race. Even if Jess did look great in those shorts.

9/17/2010 #168
White Tiger Friend

Jess loved a good challenge, and she took Cady's spirk and increase in speed as a challenge. She speed up until she was right beside Cady. "See you at the finish line." She said with a wink and flirty smile as she speed up.

9/17/2010 #169

Anna stopped to catch her breath, then walked after them before speeding up again.

9/18/2010 #170
White Tiger Friend

Jess kept this pace, seeing if Cady would catch up to her or not.

9/18/2010 #171

Emma walked into the gym and looked around. She finally spotted the track, which made her smile. She plugged in one of the two headphones to her iPod, but Eminem on full blast, and sprinted around the track. She could feel her muscles in her legs contract, and she loved it. She smiled as she hummed along with the song.

9/18/2010 #172

Finally catching up to both Jess and Anna Cady grinned.

"You girls can totally keep up."

When she finally crossed the starting point she collapsed on the cold gym floor, she didn't really remember but now she knew she was exhausted.

9/18/2010 . Edited 9/18/2010 #173
White Tiger Friend

Jess smiled then sat down next to Cady and started stretching, "You shouldn't just stop like that, it is bad for you." She stated not wanting Cady to injure herself. "You could get really bad cramps."

9/18/2010 #174

Rolling on her side to look at Jess she grinned. "I'm a dancer, I am used to bad cramps. But I do appreciate the worry."

She playfully stuck out her tongue toward the other girl.

9/18/2010 #175
White Tiger Friend

Jess smiled, "Alright, I was just making sure you knew."

She giggled a bit at Cady sticking her tounge out before playfully sticking her own tounge out.

9/18/2010 #176

Grinning Cady sighed. "You know what they say to do to girls who stick out their tongues? " She asked raising an eyebrow playfully.

9/18/2010 #177
White Tiger Friend

Jess looks at Cadu curiously, "No, what do they say?"

9/18/2010 #178

Cady was slightly taken aback by how serious Jess was taking her but played along.

"Well first," She paused all serious for dramatic effect.

"They say who ever sees this tongue should either cut out the tongue to teach the girl a lesson..." Cady drew out her words making them very scary and serious. Trailing off she smiled.

"Or just give the girl a kiss ."

9/18/2010 #179
White Tiger Friend

Jess put her hand over mouth covering her tounge and her small smile, "Don't cut my tounge off!" She exclaimed with giggle.

9/18/2010 #180
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