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Noah is Potato

This is where orchestra meets, dances and contests are held, and where important speeches made by the principle takes place.

11/10/2009 #1

After the cafeteria fight

Simon slowed to a walk before entering the auditorium, being greeted by Mr Parks. "Ah, just in time. The percussion section is at the back" the teacher greeted, while Simon simply nodded and walked to the drum kit. The sheet music was already laid out, and wasn't anything too complex, but Simon still felt it looked more difficult than the pieces he played in his old school. Everyone else got themselves tuned and ready, and the practice was underway.

11/11/2009 #2
Noah is Potato

Lucas wandered into the auditorium, and when he saw orchestra was practicing, he leaned against a wall and watched silently.

11/11/2009 #3

Naomi quietly entered the auditorium, listening to the orchestra play.

11/12/2009 #4

Holly silently entered the auditorium and sat down against the wall, listening to the orchestra practise. "They're good." she commented quietly.

11/12/2009 #5

"Yeah," Naomi whispered. "Really good."

11/12/2009 #6
Noah is Potato

Lucas noticed them and snuck up on them and whisppered, "No, there really really good."

11/12/2009 #7

Holly span around in shock but smiled when she saw Lucas. "Hello!" she whispered before turning her gaze back to the orchestra, absent mindedly tapping one of her feet in time to the beat.

11/12/2009 #8

A few songs in, Mr Parks commented "Simon, you went a bit off beat towards the middle of that."

"Yeah, sorry about that. I can't see you over the music stand, and the stand's leg is stuck under the base drum and the crash symbol."

"Are you doing okay?"

"It would be better to talk about this after practice, but I think so."

Mr Parks sighed, some pupils giggled, and the practice continued.

11/12/2009 #9

Naomi didn't react when Lucas snuck behind them. She turned around casually. "Hi. Have we met before?"

11/12/2009 #10
Noah is Potato

Lucas shook his head, "No." He said briefly, and turned back to the orchestra.

11/14/2009 #11

Holly stayed quiet and listened to the orchestra for a bit before randomly asking, "So what time do they finish?"

11/14/2009 #12
Noah is Potato

Lucas shurgged, wondering that also. "I don't know."

11/14/2009 #13

"Oh. What time is it now?" Holly asked, glancing around for a clock.

11/14/2009 #14
Noah is Potato

Lucas shrugged again. "Don't know."

11/14/2009 #15

Holly sighed. "Is there anything you do know?"

11/14/2009 #16

The practise ended on a high note, and once he managed to get past all the instruments Simon headed towards the group waiting for him. "Hey guys!" he shouted to them once he was a few rows away.

11/14/2009 #17

Not waiting for Lucas to answer, Holly waved at Simon enthusiastically. "Hello!!! That was really good!"

11/14/2009 #18

"Yeah, these guys are good" Simon replied, realising that could be a compliment but deciding not to risk the awkwardness of if it wasn't.

11/14/2009 #19

Holly rolled her eyes, "You were good as well!" she told him before adding, "But then again, I wouldn't know. I have no knowledge of music other than it helps me focus..."

11/14/2009 #20

"Why thank you" Simon replied, grinning but not blushing, which was a change.

11/14/2009 #21

"That was really good," said Naomi, clapping.

11/14/2009 #22

Holly smiled and got up, "What should we do? Anyone got homework? Wait, you're new aren't you..." she directed the second part at Lucas and Simon.

11/14/2009 #23

"Indeed we are" Simon replied.

11/14/2009 #24

"Yeah...I think I've done all mine so...anything you guys want to do?" Holly asked, looking between Simon, Lucas and Naomi.

11/14/2009 #25

"I've finished everything as well," said Naomi. "I really don't mind." She turned to Simon and Lucas. "I'm Naomi, by the way."

11/14/2009 #26

"I'm Simon" Simon introduced, before replying "I have no idea what to do now to be honest, I've already checked out most of the campus."

11/14/2009 #27

"Well...what can we do?" asked Naomi.

11/14/2009 #28

"Um...have you checked out the art rooms?" Holly asked, shrugging.

11/15/2009 #29

", actually," said Naomi.

11/15/2009 #30
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