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Smiling and gently running her fingers along his arm, Sam reached for Aaron's hand, grasping it with a soft touch. "Come" she said simply, tugging on his arm to get him to start moving. Walking backwards, she kept her eyes trained on him, shining with love and adoration, never wavering for a moment.

2/5/2011 #1,021
Akuma no Musuko

Alex raised his hands and said, "I didn't mean anything by it...Okay, I'll admit, I just wanted to join you."

2/5/2011 . Edited 2/5/2011 #1,022

Then why didn't he just join her? Surely if he said something, she must look foolish and clumsy. Her perfectionist nature immediately being triggered, she lost all the ease and innocent amusement simple stone hopping brought, and looked down to scrutinize herself. Trying to image ideal form, she straightened her spine, pointed her toes, lifted her chin, and held her shoulders back before continuing in a much more elegant fashion.


Aaron had no other choice but to follow with an adoring smile on his face. Sam had him entraced; she seemed to do so with such ease.

2/5/2011 #1,023
Akuma no Musuko

Alex watched Paige do it with a more perfect form. He didn't think she'd take him seriously. "I was just kidding about the form thing, you know," he admitted.

2/5/2011 #1,024

"Oh, were you?" Paige asked casually, looking over her shoulder at him.

2/5/2011 #1,025
Akuma no Musuko

Alex nodded as he hopped a couple stones closer.

2/5/2011 #1,026

"Okay," Paige simply replied, not sure of what else she was supposed to say.

2/5/2011 #1,027
Akuma no Musuko

Alex then suggested, "Wanna get back to the dance?"

(headed to bed. Night)

2/5/2011 #1,028

"I would," Paige confirmed, stepping neatly off the rock.

((Are we taking Sam/Aaron back to the dance or continuing here?))

2/6/2011 #1,029
Akuma no Musuko

Alex stepped off his rock and followed Paige back to the auditorium.

2/6/2011 . Edited 2/6/2011 #1,030
Emma walked into the garden, singing under her breath. It was beautiful in there. She smiled to herself, staring down at the flowers. This place would be wonderful..
2/9/2011 #1,031
Tony walked into the gardens, his guitar on his back. He hummed to himself as he looked around.
2/10/2011 #1,032
Emma sat down, breathing loudly. She crossed her legs and openly started singing Firework.
2/10/2011 #1,033
Tony's head turned towards where the song was coming from. He easily recognized the Katy Perry song from the radio, so he pulled his guitar around to his chest. Tony started to play along with the tune as he approached the girl singing.
2/10/2011 #1,034
Emma heard a guitar playing and looked up to see a boy approaching. She raised an eyebrow but continued singing.
2/10/2011 #1,035
Tony leaned against a tree that was close to Emma as he continued to play along with the song. He admired the girl's voice and was happy to find someone with a common intrest.
2/10/2011 #1,036
Emma wayche him as she finished the song and smiled at him. "Hi. I'm Emma. You play the guitar well." She compleminted with a small smile.
2/10/2011 #1,037
"Tony. And thanks, but my singing and charming good looks are much better." Tony joked as he put his guitar on his back once again.
2/10/2011 #1,038
Emma smirked at him. "Are they?" She smiled to herself as she said it.
2/10/2011 #1,039
"Well your singing is pretty good." Tony complimented. He got up and sat next to Emma and asked "How long have you been at this school?"
2/10/2011 #1,040
"Three days." Emma answered simply, looking at him.
2/10/2011 #1,041
"Couple hours." Tony added about himself. He shivered from the cool October breeze. "Are you cold out here?"
2/10/2011 #1,042
Emma laughed. She hadn't even noticed. It was freezing. "Yes."
2/10/2011 #1,043
"Being the gentlemen I am, I would offer you my coat, but I'm not wearing one." Tony said as he looked down at what he was wearing, which consisted of converse, skinny jeans, a purple v-neck t, and black suspenders.
2/10/2011 #1,044
Emma laughed at him, shaking her head. "Good to know, Mr. Gentleman."
2/10/2011 #1,045
"I don't know about you, but I'm going to go inside and get warm." Tony said as he stood up. He stretched lightly with a shiver and asked "Do you know somewhere to go that isn't a dance?"
2/10/2011 #1,046
Emma stood up too and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "There's the cafiteria and the common room." She told him, thinking over where to go. It wasn't like she was going back to dance.
2/10/2011 #1,047
"The common room sounds good." Tony said, stepping to Emma's side. "Lead the way."
2/10/2011 #1,048
Emma smiled as she led them from the garden.
2/10/2011 #1,049
Kuro Hakase

Chris and Anna walked into the gardens.

"This is nice." Chris said.

2/19/2011 #1,050
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