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Welcome to Town: a couple miles off campus where students can walk/drive/bus to in order to take advantage of a wide array of cultural restaurants/cafes, grocceries, convenient stores, and whatever the hell else your heart desires!

5/2/2010 #1

(Oh yes we are!)

The bus halted somewhat relucantly and Stella quickly hopped onto the bus when the doors opened.

"Does this bus go into town?" she asked.

5/30/2010 #2

The bus driver nodded gruffly.

5/30/2010 #3

"Yes it was," Stella agreed taking a seat. Victor sat down too.

5/30/2010 #4

Holly sat down behind Stella whilst Kyaila and Jack sat in front of her.

5/30/2010 #5

Liz sat down next to Holly. "Phew.."

5/30/2010 #6

"Heh, that was funny." Holly said cheerfully with a bright smile.

5/30/2010 #7

Liz smiled at Holly. "Yeah, it was. It wouldn't have been that funny, if we had missed the bus though!"

5/30/2010 #8

Holly giggled at the thought of missing the bus. "I would've laughed anyway!"

5/30/2010 #9

Since Liz beat him to the seat next to Holly, Simon sat down next to Stella.

5/30/2010 #10

"Do any of you know what the town actually looks like?" Stella asked her friends sheepishly.

5/30/2010 #11

Anna sighed and found a free seat.

5/30/2010 . Edited 5/30/2010 #12

Holly grinned and poked the back of Simon's head. "Powke. I've been into town a couple of times. They've got a good fabric shop, lots of sparkly things!"

(Holly and Liz are sitting behind Simon.)

5/30/2010 #13

(oops, edited)

5/30/2010 #14
Kanto Haru

Kanto comes back to consciousness "umm where exactly am i and how did i end up getting here?" Kanto says looking around confused

5/30/2010 #15

"We gagged you, knocked you out and dragged you here." Jack grinned. "We are on a bus to our secret base right now to disect you."

5/30/2010 #16

"Really? Methinks we should stop by there at some point. Maybe not today, but at some point" Simon suggested in reply to Holly's point, although Kanto's confusion prompted a smile.

5/30/2010 . Edited 5/30/2010 #17

Liz grinned at Jack. "Don't scare him!" She said

5/30/2010 #18

"Yup, I've been meaning to stop by there myself actually." Holly said. "I need some...stuff..." she looked around shiftily.

Jack laughed. "Wouldn't dream of it!" he said with a smirk.

5/30/2010 #19
Kanto Haru

"oh oh can i see my guts as they are ripped from my body" Kanto says excitedly looking at jack

5/30/2010 #20

"Nooo, not you. It wouldn't even cross your mind, would it?" Liz grinned before turning towards Kanto. "Eh?"

5/30/2010 . Edited 5/30/2010 #21

"If you live then yes." Jack nodded. "But I tell you know, the chances of survival are very slim." He shot Liz an innocent face.

5/30/2010 #22
Kanto Haru

"oh this is so exciting i can't wait to be disected!!" kanto says looking straight forward awaiting his doom with as much enthusiasm as a person that has just swallowed a bunch of caffeine pills

5/30/2010 #23

Liz looked from Kanto to Jack again. "... You would be perfect in a Saw-movie or something like that," She said, and smirked because of Jack's innocent facade. "To bad your victim doesn't work"

5/30/2010 . Edited 5/30/2010 #24

"Eh well..." Jack grinned then glanced at Kanto. "I love this kid!"

5/30/2010 . Edited 5/30/2010 #25
Kanto Haru

"yes i love me too, i wish there was another of me so i could marry myself"

5/30/2010 #26

(I is going now!)

5/30/2010 #27

Jack laughed and shook his head in laughter. Holly caught what Kanto said and giggled, even Kyaila couldn't stop a small smile coming to her face.

(*Is literally laughing head off right now* Aww, bye Emily!)

5/30/2010 #28

Anna giggled.


5/30/2010 #29

(same here XD Byee)

Liz laughed with Jack. "Haha! Witty guy, eh?"

5/30/2010 . Edited 5/30/2010 #30
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