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"What do you do in the summer time Ellda?" Chris asked curiously.

6/21/2010 #2,671

"Are we there yet?" Holly asked, looking around. Jack, uphead, sighed and groaned.

"Please, don't start that..."

6/21/2010 #2,672

"Are we there yet?" Stella whined with the same tone.

6/21/2010 #2,673

Jack groaned again. "Aww man Stella! Not you too!"

6/21/2010 #2,674

Stella grinned at Jack, glad she was annoying him.

6/21/2010 #2,675

"In all seriousness though, how close are we?" Simon asked.

6/21/2010 #2,676

"To where? Ice cream or camping shop?" Jack asked, not being able to keep up with where they were meant to be going.

6/21/2010 #2,677

"Do we even know where we're going?" Aaron laughed. "I was wandering blindly and assumed you guys were doing the same."

6/21/2010 . Edited 6/21/2010 #2,678

"...I know where the camping supply place is..." Jack said. "But you guys started talking about ice cream and I'm confused as to where we're meant to be going..."

6/21/2010 . Edited 6/21/2010 #2,679

"We're going to reserve camping supplies but if we find a place that sells ice cream, we're making a detour," Aaron clarified.

6/21/2010 #2,680

"Ohhhhhhhhh..." Jack nodded. "I get about we get the camping stuff first, as they might not let us in with ice creams, and then look for a place that sells ice creams afterwards if you want?"

6/21/2010 #2,681

"Good plan...although it might be time for dinner around camping, restaurant, then ice cream," Aaron attempted to devise a plan. "Of course by then I probabl wouldn't be craving it anymore....oh what the hell. There's always room for ice cream!"

6/21/2010 #2,682

"Sounds like a plan, Batman" Simon shrugged.

6/21/2010 #2,683

"Righto! Let's go!" Jack said, them started back down the street.

"Righto?" Holly murmured as she followed. "Oh dear..."

6/21/2010 #2,684

"To the outdoors store!" Aaron heroically announced in the typical 60s Batman voice.

6/21/2010 #2,685

Sam added the theme music for good measure

6/21/2010 #2,686

"Oh, I feel so bada$$ right now," Aaron moaned happily.

6/21/2010 #2,687

Sam peered over looking at his behind before replying with a cheeky smile. "Not bad at all!"

6/21/2010 #2,688

Aaron laughed and tried to turn his head around to look at Sam. "If you just did what I think you did, you just won over Holly's crown."

6/21/2010 #2,689

"There's a crown? I want a crown!" Sam replied giggling.

6/21/2010 #2,690

"I don't know where she hides it but she most certainly has it," Aaron confirmed with a nod.

6/21/2010 #2,691

"And what is the crown for? I mean, what will I be queen of?" Sam asked with growing excitement. She had visions of waving on top of a giant float in a parade, blowing kisses to the crowd.

6/21/2010 #2,692

"Corniness, my dear," Aaron grinned. "Sheer corniness. With that and adorable on your list, you are collecting quite a few titles."

6/21/2010 #2,693

"Aha, found it!" Jack said, pointing to a shop full of camping stuff. Holly looked at the two buildings either side of it and frowned slightly.

"I swear there was a sports shop here..."

"Must've changed." Jack shrugged.

"Aww...I liked that shop..."

"Holly, you despise anything to do with sports."

"The walls were a nice colour."

6/22/2010 #2,694

"Artists," Aaron grinned teasingly with an eyeroll. "Maybe they liked that color too, Holly."

6/22/2010 #2,695

"Nothing much...." Ellda said.

6/22/2010 #2,696

"They better had..." Holly muttered, glaring at the shop. "It was an immense colour..."

6/22/2010 #2,697

"What colour was it?" Simon asked out of curiousity.

6/22/2010 #2,698

"Green." Holly said, continuing to glare at the shop. "A very nice shade of really fresh grass..."

6/22/2010 #2,699

"Methinks that's outdoorsy enough for them to keep it" Simon said, before laughing "I love that word..."

6/22/2010 #2,700
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