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White Tiger Friend

"I just got accepted to the boarding school a little ways outside of town, I'm not sure what it's called," Haku replied, trying to keep his focus on M.J.'s face and not body.

12/11/2010 #2,971
"That's where I go, but I just got here today.", M.J. replied smiling at the man.
12/11/2010 #2,972
White Tiger Friend

"Same here, I haven't even been to my dorm yet, all my things are still in my truck," Haku replied, with a smile. His eyes showed a glimmer of happiness, but he tried to hide it.

12/11/2010 #2,973
M.J. looked back at the girls. "Well if you want to go, I can help you put your stuff in your dorm. Anyways I need to get back or I'll miss my workout time."
12/11/2010 #2,974
White Tiger Friend

"I could use some help, thanks," Haku replied, accepting his offer, lightly chuckling at M.J.'s comment about missing his workout time.

12/11/2010 . Edited 12/11/2010 #2,975
"I guess I'll follow you to your truck then.", M.J. said with a smile.
12/11/2010 #2,976
White Tiger Friend

"Alright," Haku changed into his regular tennis shoes and returned his skates before walking out the door, looking back to make sure M.J. was coming.

12/11/2010 #2,977
M.J. did the same as Haku before following him to his truck.
12/11/2010 #2,978
White Tiger Friend

Haku walked along the sidewalk to his navy blue Dodge Ram truck. "This is my baby," He said as he unlocked the doors.

12/11/2010 #2,979
"Never much of a truck kind of guy.", M.J. admitted as he climbed into the passanger seat. "I like fast sports cars."
12/11/2010 #2,980

He though and thought and thought.

12/11/2010 #2,981
White Tiger Friend

"I like them too, but I think they're more for spring and summer," Haku replied as he climbed in the driver seat. "I think trucks make a better fall and winter car."

12/11/2010 #2,982
M.J. Nodded his head in agreement. He pulled out a plastic bag from the costume shop and took his clothes out of it. "Mind if I change"
12/11/2010 #2,983
White Tiger Friend

"Uh, sure," Haku replied as he put the key in and started the truck. He then turn to look out the back window, making sure he wouldn't hit anything as he backed out.

12/11/2010 #2,984
M.J. pulled off the loin cloth. He leaned down, picking it up and shoved it into the bag. "That costume was 30 dollars and it's just a loin cloth."
12/11/2010 #2,985

(Quick question, Is that a halloween costume?)

12/11/2010 #2,986
White Tiger Friend

"Geez, that's expensive," Haku replied. When he finished backing up he turned forward again, accedently catching a glimps of M.J. Haku started to blush as he squirmed lightly in his seat, trying to focus on driving.

12/11/2010 #2,987
"Yeah I know, I'll have to get a job if I keep spending money like this.", M.J. joked, sitting there for a moment, just in his jock strap, looking out the window.
12/11/2010 #2,988
White Tiger Friend

"Or you could just reuse everything and make them into something else," Haku replied as she tried to force his blush away by focusing on the road.

12/11/2010 #2,989
"Maybe.", M.J. replied. He looked around for his shorts but couldn't find them, so he pulled his shirt on and decided the shorts would have to wait until they got back to the school.
12/11/2010 #2,990
White Tiger Friend

"So what dorm did you get?" Haku asked, trying to get his mind of the fact that M.J. was wearing only a shirt and jock strap.

12/11/2010 #2,991
"232 I think. But I don't know I'm not there much.", M.J. Replied as he scratched his inner thigh.
12/11/2010 #2,992
White Tiger Friend

"Not that far from mine, 237," Haku replied as he looked over at M.J. and quickly back to the road.

12/11/2010 #2,993
"That's cool.", M.J. replied as he was still liking out the window. "I think we should be getting there soon."
12/11/2010 #2,994
White Tiger Friend

(I'm going to go ahead and post in the outside school topic now)

12/11/2010 #2,995

"Woah! How many cups of coffee have you had today?"

12/11/2010 . Edited 12/11/2010 #2,996

Megan had been skating in circles as fast as she could, dipping and grooving to the music. As the song playing came to an end and changed into a slow song, Megan looked around for M.J. but he wasn't there.

"Hey? Where did everyone go?"

12/11/2010 #2,997

(Dun dun duuuunnn!)

12/11/2010 #2,998

"Hello Megan! Me and Matt are on a date!" Mandy said smiling.

12/11/2010 #2,999
White Tiger Friend

Chloe carefully skated over to Megan, "I think I saw him leave with some other person."

12/11/2010 #3,000
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