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Noah is Potato

I know that I said no smex scenes in the rules, but I change my mind. Here is where you can roleplay your characters who are feeling Naughty. Just place in bold where they are at please.

8/16/2010 #1

Taking place on the Camping Grounds topic

Aaron's fingertips lightly glided across Sam's soft skin until he reached the waistband where he slowly undid her pants. The look on his face was one of care and curiosity and awe as he teased the exposed pantyline, admiring the sheer femininity of the way it hugged low on her hips. His wistfull eyes rose to meet Sam's again, wanting to make sure that she was still willing, that his intimate touch hadn't stirred up a different reality in her that was much scarier. His heart pounded in his ears as adrenaline and sexual energy coursed through his body, preparing him for this new and exciting landmark in both their relationships and their lives.

11/28/2010 #2

Sam swallowed thickly, the desire building steadily within her. Her heart was beating loudly, the blood rushing through her veins was almost deafening. Unable to speak she watched Aaron hoping he would read the desire in her eyes. Her own hands moved to tug at his shirt, needing to feel him, skin on skin.

11/28/2010 #3

Aaron temporarily moved his hands from Sam's pantyline, allowing her to remove his shirt from his chest. Once it was overhead, he shook out his hair and pressed himself against her, capturing her lips. He held her close with one arm around the waist; the other dared to slip within her panties from behind and brush across her smooth, firm butt until he reached the perineum, between the anus and vaginal opening, and massaged the baby soft area with his middle and forefingers.

His breathing picked up as he kissed Sam passionately, now at forbidden ground.

11/28/2010 #4

Returning his kiss, Sam whispered his name in a lustful promise. His name dripped from her soft lips as she pressed her body against his searching for more. A lustful whimper ripped from her lungs as she felt his intimate touch, igniting her need for him more. Her hands searched his heated skin, feeling every muscle, mapping his flesh to her touch.

11/28/2010 #5

"Oh god, Sam," Aaron panted desperately, his voice filled with desire as he touched and was touched. Gradually engorging with testosterone-rich blood, he throbbed. Needing relief, he shifted under Sam's weight for some kind of contact with her groin and inner thighs. Pleasure: he expressed it with a low, vibrating moan that was just as primitive as the act itself.

11/28/2010 #6

One hand moved to push her pants down past her hips, her body wiggling under his as she moved. "Please... Aaron," she called out once more, a whisper with a needy desire.

11/28/2010 #7

Aaron shifted to compensate where Sam had newly positioned herself and slipped his hand out from within her panties under her shirt to work the clasp of her bra. Simulateously, he kicked off his shoes and socks, feeling a need of full freedom for restraint, and such a small change made a huge difference. The dirty feeling of grass and dirt tickling and sticking to the soles of his feet and making its way between his toes drove him wild with animalistic instinct. He felt awoken.

"Pull them off," he pleaded lustfully to her, pressing his clothed genitalia against her hand. He trailed gentile kisses along her neck, waiting for her to liberate him completely.

11/28/2010 #8

Whimpering as she bit her bottom lip, Sam worked both hers and Aaron's clothes free from their bodies. The need to be free of all barriers keeping her from the connection she desired was overwhelming. The closer she came to her ultimate desire, the more bolder she grew. Reaching out to touch him intimately, her soft hand wrapped around his member in an impulsive move designed to bring her closer to the need that pumped through her body.

11/28/2010 #9

Gasping with a sudden wave of euphoria, Aaron lowered his torso so that his chest pressed against her now freed breasts. His arm hooked around hers at the shoulder to pull her up closer and he buried his face into her neck to snifle a pleasured moan.

His entire essence buzzed with energy, stemming and radiating from deep down in pelvis. His body felt light and weightless but his penis was heavy and dense with blood.

11/28/2010 #10

Stroking his member, Sam took in the scent of him with a deep breath, filling her lungs with it bring her euphoria higher. "I love you Aaron" she whispered into his ear moments before brushing her lips against his temple.

11/28/2010 #11

"I love you too, Sam," Aaron whispered back before opening his eyes and withdrawing his face from the side of her neck. He pushed her shirt over her head, and she was naked. From her bare collarbone, he kissed and sucked her skin, worshipping each inch, as he moved downward to the top of her left breast and down along the cleavage.

11/28/2010 #12

Rolling her head to one side to the other slowly, softly moaning as Aaron kissed her heated skin. Her mind swam with emotions as she stroked his hair, cuddling him as he showed her the affection that she craved.

11/29/2010 #13

Aaron pulled back and admired her, drank her in to completion for his first time in her naked glory. He revelled in every dip, and curve, and valley that distinguished the female anatomy from his own. She was soft, and smooth, and fair...seemingly unflawed. He was humbled by her temple and rejoiced in the radience of her sexuality that illuminated her from within. "You're beautiful."

11/29/2010 #14

A slow soft smile played on her lips as Sam looked down into the eyes of her first and what she felt would be her only true love. A feeling of belonging wrapped around her and reached out to pull Aaron into her orbit. Her eyes twinkled with a deep love that went beyond the typical puppy love of their age group. With Aaron, it was deeper, stronger. "You make me feel beautiful" Sam whispered softly "you make me want to be .... inside and out."

11/29/2010 #15

"You should feel beautiful," Aaron smiled back sweetly, his voice hushed with awe in between soft pants. "If you could see yourself the way I do."

He carassed her side with his hand from the hip, steadily inward at the waist, and back outward to the bust, only to swoop back the other way like a pendulum. He swallowed thickly with excitement and anticipation. "Are you ready?"

11/29/2010 #16

Nodding her head, Sam bit her bottom lip and whispered "yes." Scared, nervous, excited... her mind and body was filled with emotions.

11/29/2010 #17

Aaron sweetly pecked her lips and nodded as he maneuvered himself into position. Watching Sam's eyes, he bypassed her labial folds and entered her warm, moist, and soft cavern. The fit was tight but her natural lubricant made his enterance smooth and comfortable. More than comfortable; it felt really, really good.

Aaron sighed in bewilderment as the boudaries between the two lovers blurred and merged into a single, spiritual unity. "You feel perfect."

11/29/2010 #18

Opening her mouth, Sam was unable to speak or utter a single sound. Her body tensed for a moment at the invasion before it relaxed and accepted him fully. With acceptance came a soft sigh as her body shivered with a need that drove her hips into a soft rocking motion. His name dripped from her lips as her body, mind and spirit sored to a new high. "Aaron! .. oh god!" she cried out in the purest of all emotions.

11/29/2010 #19

Aaron thrust in rhythm with Sam's rocking, his body tingling and buzzing with a newfound intensity. He swore his soul would just break free of himself and soar to a higher state of being. Butterfies fluttered rapidly in his gut, threatening to break free and his head became light as euphoria overtook him. His thrusts gradually increased in speed and intensity as Sam's expressions of pleasure encouraged and excited him farther. Breathing heavily in time against her skin, Aaron's lips brushed across the side of Sam's face.

11/29/2010 #20

Her hands traveled over his body, searching for more connection with him if that was at all possible. Turning her head, Sam searched out Aaron's lips, craving the contact as her hips moved together with his in a rhythm that was counted out by the beating of their hearts.

11/29/2010 #21

Aaron allowed Sam to capture his lips and kissed her back with a red hot passion, pleasuring her tongue and lips with his own. The rocking motion of their bodies seemed to intensify the effect, bringing on a lack of control that was as frightening as it was exciting and gratifying.

Supporting his weight on the grass below with one hand, he kneaded and massaged Sam's right breast with the other.

11/30/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #22

Moaning into the kiss, Sam felt her body mold into his with every touch. She was at his mercy and command, his body called to hers and she answered willingly. Playfully,Sam sucked on his bottom lip as she took an opportunity to refill her lungs with oxygen. Arching her back as a sudden sensation seemed to hit her hard, she cried out as her body contracted around his, massaging his member as she continued to rock against him.

11/30/2010 #23

Gasping with sheer pleasure as Sam's vaginal walls tightened around him, Aaron roughly grabbed Sam's ass on impulse and pulled her up towards him to force himself deeper if possible. He was a suborbinate of nature and animalistic instict now, his mind detached from everything but Sam's body squeezing and pulling his manhood. Trembling and rocking and thrusting in response to the intense sensations, his figernails dug deep into the dirt beneith them. A low, primal moan vibrated through his chest and throat.

11/30/2010 #24

She knew she was trying to say something. Perhaps to express just how much she was enjoying him, however the sounds that made it past her lips were not of any known language. Though her expression and breathy moans and whispers would give him a clue. Clinging onto his shoulders she pressed on at a faster pace as her body raced to a peak that would take her over into a pleasure zone that would take a while to recover from.

12/1/2010 #25

Aaron was throbbing and pulsating more intensly than ever and he knew it was almost time. He felt more heated, more energized.

"Oh, god I'm close," he whimpered a warning.

((The bad thing about being a girl rping a guy in a lemon is that I have no idea what preclimax feels like to a man...okay, or for a woman for that manner. Being a virgin and all...stupid lack of experience.))

12/1/2010 #26

Closing her eyes to the sheer rush of pleasure that took her body over, Sam sank her nails into the warm flesh of his back as she screamed out his name. A kaleidoscope of colours passed by her eyes as a warmth rushed her body in a wave of passion and desire bring her a pleasure that was alien to her.

((without going into detail... um.. it depends on how good your partner is... :P))

12/1/2010 #27

Naively thinking that desire and pleasure couldn't be more immense, Aaron was caught off guard by the orgasm that struck him full on like a tsunami. Every muscle in his body contracted in response, and his sense of preception and proprioception gave way. Where was he? Heaven? Nirvana? Not Earth. All concepts of time and space and being were gone. Breathe caught, heart contrated, mind numb, he realized that this really was 'la petite mort.' He was experiencing life and death simultaneously. Falling both up and down. Hot and cold. Light and heavy...

Knowing that this was it, Aaron pushed Sam's hip back in a panic. He made it just in time, ejaculating fractions of a second later upon the dirt and Sam's inner thigh. Releasing the breathe that had caught in his throat, he felt that sheer sense of energy and euphoria pour from his urethra, full force. He was left feeling weak, satisfied, woozy, and unusually tranquil. Even the after effects were nice; he was at peace. He panted softly, his muscles slack, as he gradually came back down. "Sam..."

((I assumed so. :P When I lemon, I really just go by my knowledge of anatomy and a total over exageration of the pleasure response.))

12/2/2010 #28

Spread eagle on the ground, her arms flat on either side of her body, Sam rolled her head in a lazy gesture towards Aaron. Her smile was soft and spelled out satisfaction. Laying under the warm sun like a cat caught in the sun rays, she gave a little purring sound as she called out his name.


12/2/2010 #29

Giddy and light-headed from the aftermath, Aaron laughed tiredly and collapsed down besides Sam in the grass. He rolled over sluggishly and draped an arm over her waist. "Oh, wow. Did you feel that, Sam? It's like the boundaries were lost."

((I wasn't sure when you wanted to switch over. Even though they're not doing the nasty anymore, they still are pretty nude.))

12/2/2010 #30
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