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Giggling, Sam found herself pressed against Aaron's chest. "Well cowboy, you caught me. Now what do you plan on doing with me?"

9/6/2010 #31

"Sealing the deal too great for an elbow rub to legally handle," Aaron beamed as he swooped down for his kiss. In all honestly, he had forgotten what exactly the 'deal' was all about, but no matter how much the two stayed glued at the hip, Aaron craved and anticipated Sam's kisses to much for it to be forgotten.

9/6/2010 #32

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Sam instantly returned his kiss. Her body melted into his as her world was once again turned upside down in a blissful warm cocoon, wrapped snugly away from the rest of the world. Her heart beat just for him, her body made to fit his exact. He was in a word, her perfect match.

9/6/2010 #33

Aroused and taken away by cloud nine, Aaron conconsciously tensed the rope to fit against Sam's body as she pressed deeper into him. Giddy and high, he played with her, nibbling and sucking and teasing her with his tongue. When finished, he bounced slightly with unbridled energy and beamed sweetly and excitely at her. "This trip was very well worth it."

9/6/2010 #34

Sighing happily, Sam's eyes slowly fluttered open. Smiling up at him with a soppy love struck look. "So worth it, I agree" she began then added "I can't wait to get you alone in that tent tonight. We had better not put ours too close to the others"

9/6/2010 #35

"I'm so stoked you would not even believe!" Aaron grinned, radiating with a playful, childlike excitement that could be sensed from miles away. The rope still pressing Sam's body again his, he awkwardly started to walk backwards back to the front of the store towards the register, forcing his hostage to walk in step with him. "We're gonna have swimming, and barbecuing, and s'mores, and campfire stories, and hiking...and as if that ain't enough, I got you to take care of me."

9/6/2010 #36

Sam giggled at his enthusiasm, walking or more like waddling along the isle with him. "Let's try to get there without killing ourselves. I wouldn't want to miss out on all the fun"

9/6/2010 #37

"Without killing ourselves?" Aaron gaped with mock offense. "Do you doubt my ability to transport us from location A to location B?"

9/6/2010 #38

"I doubt my coordination to keep from falling on top of you while walking to the cash" Sam corrected.

9/6/2010 #39

Aaron rolled his tongue in mimicry of the classic and sexy latin purr. "Kinky...but alas, a hazard for head injuries."

He paused in his tracks with a tragic sigh and shake of his head. "And concussions aren't very sexy at all. What's a poor man to do?"

9/6/2010 #40

"Walk slower" Sam replied not wishing to be released from his grasp.

9/6/2010 #41

Aaron's eyes rolled upwards in deep contemplation. "Walk slower...Why, that allows us to waddle along together, joined at the tummy, with the reduced risk injury. It's a win-win situation! Way to think outside the cylinder, Sam!"

9/7/2010 #42

"I do what I can to help" Sam replied laughing along with him in a teasing manner "it's possible that I have hidden genius skills that have only just begun to show. Who knows what I might think of next."

9/7/2010 #43

(*glomps* lalalalala~)

9/7/2010 #44

"Oh, you are just filled with glorious surprises, Sam," Aaron gushed, starting his way backwards again, this time at a slower pace as suggested. "I gotta keep my eye on you. Don't want to miss anything ground-breaking."

9/7/2010 #45

"While your at it, how about keeping your hands on me as well? I wouldn't want to blow away" Sam replied giggling.

9/7/2010 #46

"Oh yes. I hear there's supposed to be torrential winds generated by the white hot intensity combusting from our tent tonight," Aaron teased slyly. "OW! OW!"

Caught up in his devilish flirting, he failed to notice the mild angle of his path until his shoulder connected with the nearby shelf. The result was a bump on the head from a falling stapler, previously placed dangerously close to the edge and waiting for the small disturbance Aaron accidently provided. As the rogue item bounced off his head and clang a second time against the floor, Aaron flinched and instictively reached up to clutch his head. Rubbing where sore, he stupidly looked up for his assailant, oblivious to the deviant resting by his feet. His expression was no longer that of a sauve and sexy Casanova, but of a faux-innocent child, caught in the act of doing something bad. (What did I do?) "...Ow."

9/7/2010 #47

"Aahh baby, lettme kiss it better for you" Sam cooed attempting to reach his effected area. It should have been easily done, however the restrictive rope caused problems she hadn't thought of. "Oh.. wait.. um" the rope seemed to tighten on its own accord, sealing her body even closer to his. "Ouch, too tight... too tight!"

9/7/2010 #48

"TOO TIGHT!" Aaron panicked, dropping the rope and holding his hands up to show her that she was free. The coils wound around his stomach dropped dead in a heap around his feet.

9/7/2010 #49

Sam giggled as they both stood in a puddle of rope. "My hero!" She called out dramatically, fluttering her eyelashes.

9/8/2010 #50

"Oh, course. What did you expect dating the hero type?" Aaron boosted teasingly. He tried to finish the picture by sauvely hooking his foot under the coils and kicking them back up into his hand, but considering that he had unconsciously shifted his other foot onto of the ropes, it didn't go exactly as planned. The rope unexpectedly went taut, and with a yelp and a knowing 'oh, crap' look in his eye, Aaron stumbled into what appeared was going to be a head first dive. Instinct kicked in, making him brace one arm against the shelf and the other snag Sam's shoulder for support. Feeling the shelf vibrate under his hand, he tensed and ducked his head, preparing himself for the bombardment that fortunately never came.

9/8/2010 . Edited 9/8/2010 #51

Sam did the only thing that she could when faced with near disaster concerning the love of her life. She moved as well as she could in an attempt to sacrifice her well being for him. She would do anything for Aaron. Even if that meant she was hurt in the process. Reaching with one hand she tried to shield his head with her arm while the other wrapped around his waist in an attempt to keep him balanced.

"Are you alright?" she asked worried.

9/8/2010 #52

After a moment's pause and no pain, Aaron deemed it safe to crack one of his tightly shut eyes open and peer up at the merciful goods. Recovered from the shock but still frozen in his horribly awkward position, he started to laugh. "Your debt has been repayed."

9/8/2010 #53

"My debt?" Sam asked cautiously eyeing the shelves just in case a rouge stapler should suddenly appear with menacing intentions.

9/8/2010 #54

"Ya know...for the rope, and the tightening, and the releasing..." Aaron tried to explain himself as he examined the orientation of his feet and how the rope had entangled him in order to prevent another potential accident. "...Actually your rescue mission was more impressive. I'm your b1tch until I save you from breaking your face."

Finally upright, he attempted with much difficulty to bring order to the choatic, and apparently dangerous, rope.

9/8/2010 #55

"oohh that sounds tempting. I'm gonna have you make my smores all night long and feed them to me so my itty fingers don't get messy" Sam replied giggling and wiggling her fingers before him

(sorry, was watching tv)

9/8/2010 #56

"Done deal," Aaron smiled, as he focussed on trying to unsnare himself from the rope. "I happen to be an expert s'more maker. You'll have to tell me how you like your marshmellows: warm and gooey or burnt and cris...I feel like I'm playing Twister!"

9/8/2010 #57

Sam giggled "Red hand on yellow!"

9/8/2010 #58

Aaron hesitated and blinked at Sam, unsure of whether she had a verbal slip-up or he had forgotten how to play Twister. "What if none of my hands are red?"

9/8/2010 #59

Sam blinked looking up at Aaron confused. It took a moment, but her words came back to her causing her to blush a soft pink tint to her skin. "Oh I meant Right... I meant Right!"

9/8/2010 #60
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