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"I do have a right hand," Aaron beamed proudly. He looked down and pretended to scan the area for a yellow spot. "I think I lost."

9/8/2010 #61

Sam shook her head and whispered "something on me is yellow, but you'll have to search me to find it"

9/8/2010 #62

His attention instantly caught, Aaron quit scanning the floor for the non-existant spot and looked up at Sam. His expression wasn't readable, but the soft blush dusting his cheeks and his eyes drifting down to her breasts was a good indicator of where he suspected yellow to be.

9/8/2010 #63

"Look lower" Sam replied cryptically.

9/8/2010 #64

(moi is bored and i am tired of being ignored!)

Ellda had fallen asleep and her head was resting on her shoulder.

9/8/2010 #65

Aaron's eyes widened in shock of where exactly Sam was inviting his hands to wander.

'In public?' he mouthed. Leaning backwards, Aaron cautiously scanned the area to make sure he was in the clear. He looked and felt like a child who was preparing to do something he knew he ought not to to, but by golly, was just too damned tempting to pass up.

9/9/2010 #66

Sam giggled and shook her head "even lower silly" she moved her ankle around in a slow circle. She was wearing pretty white socks with a pretty yellow flower design at the ankle.


Chris smiled as he caught Ellda out of the corner of his eye, determined to drive with extra care so not to wake her.

(wasn't ignoring you... I didn't see it)

9/9/2010 #67

Embarassed by his frisky assumption, Aaron could do nothing but stare back with a deadpan look, followed by a physical facepalm.

9/9/2010 #68

Sam smiled, stroking his face "it would of been a lot of fun for you to hunt for it....we can play again tonight, when we are alone."

9/10/2010 #69

"Yeah, next time it'll be an earring, right?" Aaron smirked. He pecked Sam's lips and took her hand, starting to lead her out of the aisle now that he had gotten some control over the rope. "Come on. Everyone's gonna be wondering why we got to the campsite so late."

9/10/2010 #70

Sam giggled "I bet they won't"

9/10/2010 #71

Trying his hardest not to laugh, the best Aaron could manage was to let an amused smirk slip. He rubbed the tip of his nose with the back of his hand with mild embarassment. "Yeah, they probably won't."

9/10/2010 #72

"Mind you, there is one person who will be wondering where we have gotten to. Where did Joseph go? He seems to have vanished into thin air" Sam replied as she looked around the immediate vicinity to see if she could spot him.


Chris turned the jeep off the high way and started travelling down a back road toward the camp site.

9/10/2010 #73

"I dunno. He wanders," Aaron shrugged, not looking particularly concerned or interested.

9/10/2010 #74

"We can't just leave without him Aaron" Sam replied with an amused smile. "We could go to the information center and have him paged."

9/10/2010 #75

"Zackly," Aaron nodded, getting on line at the register. "It's not like we were just gonna drive off."

9/10/2010 #76

"Can you imagine his face?" Sam giggled, finding the funny side of things. "I shouldn't laugh.... but it sounds like something that would happen on a TV"

9/10/2010 #77

Aaron started to laugh and grinned at Sam. "He actually seems really nonchalant about things. I can totally see him just shrugging and walking along the highway home."

9/10/2010 #78

"Oh that would be so sad" Sam replied unable to stop the wave of giggles from taking over. "He kinda reminds me of one of those soft basset hounds. You know, the ones with that sweet dopey look"

9/10/2010 #79

"Does he?" Aaron wondered, his eyes rolling upward a little as he thought the analogy over. "I think he'd need jowls."

9/10/2010 #80

"It's his eyes, not his mouth" Sam replied smiling brightly up at Aaron. She thought he was like a golden lab, all sweet and adorable with beautiful eyes you could just get lost in. Her expression, like an open book, showed him just how much she cared.

(any idea when they are new daying YA? no one has an open thread there anymore)

9/10/2010 #81

Aaron just laughed and took Sam up in his arms around the waist. His eyes gleamed and shimmered with life, as he rested his forehead against hers. "I never really gave much thought to Joseph's eyes to be perfectly honest. You say Basset Hound; I think skin folds."

((Now that you mention it, I should go look. I haven't read up their in a while since Aaron's been sleeping and Hannah's a figuritively dead character))

9/10/2010 . Edited 9/10/2010 #82

Softly giggling Sam replied "I always look at the eyes first. You can tell a lot by a persons eyes." Sam replied softly. Taking the opportunity to take in his familiar scent, Sam's smile grew even softer.

(alrighty, happy reading. Hannah should be brought back to life, maybe a cute paramedic can give her mouth to mouth :P)

9/10/2010 #83

"What do my eyes tell you about me?" Aaron smirked, rubbing the small of Sam's back.

9/10/2010 #84

"You are sweet and kind and made for me to love" Sam replied gushing over her boyfriend. "That you don't lie and can be trusted. That's just your eyes, add your lips and that's just heaven!"

9/10/2010 #85

Flattered, Aaron smiled softly and nuzzled Sam with his nose. "Care to hear what I see?"

9/10/2010 #86

"I'd like that, very much" Sam replied softly, eager to hear his take on her eyes.

9/10/2010 #87

"I see someone who's as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Someone who's fun and full of life and just brimming with a kind of love others could only dream to pocess," Aaron replied softly

9/10/2010 #88

Her eyes twinkled brighter with each word that dripped from his lips. "That is the most single sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me..." slightly choked up from emotions, she smiled "thank you"

9/10/2010 #89

Aaron welcomed her with a soft kiss at the corner of her lips, and lifted his head up and to the right to see how much farther up they were.

9/10/2010 #90
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