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Aaron laughed, draping an arm around Sam's shoulder and kissing her cheek. "Yeah, I got that bit. I like to tease back."

11/17/2010 #2,551

Her answering giggle bubbled up from her chest as she rested her head on Aaron's shoulder. "You do it very well. You make a great straight man" pausing, she laughed at her choice or words.

11/17/2010 #2,552

"Deadpan or heterosexual?" Aaron teased.

11/17/2010 #2,553

"Both?" Sam replied through her giggles

11/17/2010 #2,554

"Great answer," Aaron praised, ducking under a low branch. "I was nervous you'd reply 'deadpan' and leave it at that. I would have wept...and then remembered that that was part of the reason for your answer."

11/17/2010 #2,555

"I thought so" Sam replied smiling. "You know how perfect I think you are. Everything about you to me is perfect."

11/17/2010 #2,556

Aaron hesitated for a moment, feeling curiously self-conscious about Sam's claim. He knew fully well that she loved and worshipped him the way he did her, but in reality, nobody was perfect. A brain scan or his 4 inch thick medical chart was physical evidence otherwise. He'd occasionally forget something important, say the wrong thing, become emotionally distraught... So, would he be taken off his high pedestal once the novelty of the still fairly new relationship wore off? He sincerely didn't think so because he had already awknowedged flaws from Sam and felt no less love for her. They were too insignificant to complete with her person as a whole. But still, Sam would be too devestating a loss not to fret a little.

"That's sweet but perfect's a strong word. I'm right for you and you're right for me but I'm not perfect."

11/17/2010 #2,557

"Coffe-" llda thought, with an absent smile on her face.

(I'm gonna get me one too- XP)

11/18/2010 #2,558

Having discovered that Lucas was still asleep, Ellie had, in her sleeping bag, changed into a fresh pair of clothes: a light pink t-shirt that fell off one shoulder and a pair of ripped shorts, and then climbed out of the tent, making the discovery that they hadn't pranked Lucas that night. She glanced over at the peace offering, and then stuffed it under her pillow, planning to give it to him the following night when they pranked him. If she gave it to him now, he'd probably guess something wasn't quite right.

She crawled out of the tent and zipped it up behind her, and then straightened up and dusted herself off, looking around and discovering that almost everyone else was awake. "Morning."

((Ballet concert tonight. Wish me luck.))

11/18/2010 #2,559

((good luck))

Ellda then ran off, coming back holding up a large can of instant coffee. "Found it!" she announced gleefully.

11/18/2010 #2,560

"Coffee?" Simon asked gleefully. He was fully aware he was still holding a bag of broken glass, but that wasn't top of his priorities any more.

11/18/2010 #2,561

((Isn't it October? I doubt you would want to wear shorts))

Sam smiled, giving Aaron a casual shrug. "I think you are perfect for me. Its all in how you see things. When I say perfect that doesn't mean without flaws. We all have flaws. I just mean, well..... with you I feel stronger and better about my self and you are a big reason for that. Maybe I'm not explaining it right?"

Chris chuckled, taking the coffee granules from Ellda and rewarding her with a kiss. "As soon as the water comes to a boil, the coffee will be ready."

11/18/2010 #2,562

"No, I get it," Aaron replied shyly, entwining his fingers with Sam's. "It was very sweet. I think you're perfect too."

Sam's explaination left him much more secure, feeling a warm glow from within. It was nice to be needed and loved uncontintionally, even with flaws exposed. "You also make me feel stronger, grounded."

((People wear shorts in October. I think swimming in the cold lake is crazier than wearing shorts.))

11/18/2010 #2,563

Squeezing his hand softly, Sam nuzzled her cheek on his shoulder. "It's official. We were made for each other. I have no option but to have your name tattooed onto my butt." She giggled, imagining his face if she had actually gone through with it.

((nah, I'm Canadian.... lol.... swimming in the winter is crazy, in October your teeth chatter but its still doable :P))

11/18/2010 #2,564

"You wouldn't put it somewhere for everyone to see?" Aaron pouted teasingly. "I'd tattoo your name on my forehead."

11/18/2010 #2,565

"I prefer to put it someplace for you to find. It's more fun that way. Besides, anyone can tell I belong to you just by looking at me." Sam replied "I'm so in love with you it's blinding to all"

11/18/2010 #2,566

Holly crinkled her nose in a cute, childish way. "Ew, coffee."

(Ew, coffee. XP)

11/19/2010 #2,567

"'Kay!" Ellda chirruped. "Yup!" she grinned at Simon. "You like coffee too?" she asked, tilting her head a little bit to the side, causing some hair to fall in her face. She stroked it back with some annoyance, making a mental note to get it cut.

"Do you want some too?" she then asked, leaning forward and watching him unblinking, her arms held behind her back.

She spun around in surprise when she heard Holly. "You don'T?" she gasped. Inconcievable!!!!"

11/19/2010 . Edited 11/19/2010 #2,568

"So, if I tell the guy that's flirting with you off and he says something along the lines of 'I don't see your name on her?' are you gonna drop your pants for him?" Aaron teased, carassing the arm he held with his other hand. "Because I'm not sure if I'm cool with that."

11/19/2010 #2,569

Chris laughed, shaking his head. "It's alright Holly, I'm sure we have some hot chocolate around here. Water is almost boiled."

Sam paused, thinking the situation through with this new development. "I see your point. I might have to put it in another location for sure. How about this, I get 'property of Aaron Faulkner on my back, maybe on the shoulder." Sam mused "and then a secret special one on my bottom cheek with a heart and our initials?"

11/19/2010 #2,570

"Yay!" Ellda smiled.

11/19/2010 #2,571

"Yayz!" Holly grinned. "Melikez the chocolate of hotness..."

11/19/2010 #2,572

"Get a cup and put in what ever you want, be it the coffee or the chocolate, or both. Then bring it over and I'll ladle out some water for you." Chris replied as he watched the water in the big silver pot begin to boil.

11/19/2010 #2,573

Simon paused. "Oh yeah, I don't like coffee... Hot chocolate sounds good though."

11/19/2010 #2,574

"Cupcupcupcupcup." Holly muttered, looking around. She then paused and frowned. "...where are the cups?"

11/19/2010 #2,575

Ellda poked Holly. "Here they are!" she grinned, holding up a stack of cups.

11/19/2010 #2,576

Holly yelped and span around then gaped at Ellda. "Fiend!" cried she, "thou hast taken the cups and hidden them from mine eyes!"

11/19/2010 #2,577

"She gave them back though" Simon pointed out nonchalently as he took two cups from Ellda. Well, as nonchalent as you can be with very recent facial damage.

11/19/2010 #2,578

Holly stuck her lower lip out in a small pout at Simon's less-than-playful behaviour. "Only playin' 'round..."

11/19/2010 #2,579

Ladling the hot water in the cups, Chris busied himself with the act of getting breakfast going. He had a large pan ready to prepare eggs and a flat grill for bacon. "Who's hungry?"

((I have to go now, feel free to move Chris about in the preparation of breakfast. Foxy, you can play Sam for me to bring her back to camp with Aaron when ever you want. I might not get back on again until sometime late afternoon Saturday))

11/19/2010 #2,580
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