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Noah is Potato

Isn't it great? We have filled up another Rp topic. Anyways, continue the fun of breckfast/lunch/dinner and everything in between here!


8/25/2010 #1

"Not on me" Megan replied giggling

Sam tried to hurry her sister and Tom along. She knew Aaron would be calling soon and she wanted Megan to meet Ian first.

8/25/2010 #2
Kanto Haru

Tom chuckles "well then this is all i'm getting then" he says as they get to Sam's table

8/25/2010 #3

Sam looked with amusement at the tray loaded down with food "hungry Tom?"

Megan snorted

8/25/2010 #4
Kanto Haru

"yes very but this is nothing compared to what i eat at home" tom laughs

8/25/2010 #5

"That's a terrifying thought" Sam replied giggling. "Anyway, I wanted to introduce you and Megan to a new student" she motioned toward Ian. "This is Ian. Ian, this is my little sister Megan and her friend Tom." Smiling at both Megan and Tom she added "Tom, Megan, this is Ian."

Megan nodded her head and smiled "actually we met briefly last night. He walked into a tree."

8/25/2010 #6
Kanto Haru

"yes he did and me and megan are more then friends" he says before shoveling a big piece of food into his mouth, he amazed himself with this because he didn't think he would get it in his mouth in the first place

8/25/2010 #7

Sam looked to her sister who was staring at Tom.

"You should think about smaller bites" Megan commented before turning to smile at Ian. "How's your head?"

8/25/2010 #8
Kanto Haru

tom nodded with a smile, after a bit of chewing he manages to swallow it

8/25/2010 . Edited 8/25/2010 #9

Sam's cell phone started to ringa-ding-ding-dong-ding with Aaron on caller ID.

8/25/2010 #10
The Unlogic

"Interesting people you are," Ian noted, observing them.

8/25/2010 #11

Sam smiled as she slipped the phone from her jeans pocket, her smile brightened when she saw Aaron's name. "Excuse me a second" she said to her sister and answered the phone. "Hi sweetie!"

(phone call posted outside)

Megan smiled at her sister "three guesses as to who that is"

8/25/2010 #12
The Unlogic

"I'm going to guess this Aaron guy she keeps talkin' about," Ian said.

8/25/2010 #13
Kanto Haru

"hugh grant?" i ask sarcastically

8/25/2010 #14

"Full marks to Ian" Megan smiled "better luck next time Tom. Aaron is her boyfriend."

8/25/2010 #15
Kanto Haru

Tom shrugs with a smile

8/25/2010 #16
The Unlogic

"I kinda figured that," Ian said.

8/25/2010 #17

"So Ian, how's your head?" Megan asked

8/25/2010 #18
The Unlogic

"Mah head?" Ian asked. "Fine. Juicy brain, thick skull, all nice and ready to be devoured by zombies."

8/25/2010 #19

Megan laughed, liking him instantly. "Cool, zombies. I haven't kicked zombie butt in some time. Looking forward to the opportunity."

Sam snapped her phone closed "I shall leave you all now. My king awaits me. Megan, the laundry is in the washer, please remember to put them in the dryer. Just leave my things on my bed, preferably folded."

"Yes mother" Megan rolled her eyes.

Sam smiled at Ian and Tom. "You guys have fun and don't let her do anything stupid"

Megan simply rolled her eyes "ya, ya, ya.. go have fun frolicking in the woods with wonder boy."

"He's the king, not a boy" Sam corrected but smiled as she headed out the cafeteria with a final wave.

8/25/2010 #20
The Unlogic

"The King?" Ian questioned. "Is this guy the reincarnation of Elvis?"

8/25/2010 #21
Kanto Haru

"no he's the king of samville not the king of rock and roll" tom explained

8/25/2010 #22
The Unlogic

"Really?" Ian questioned as he finished his pizza.

8/25/2010 #23
Kanto Haru

"megan thinks Sam and Aron should be connected at the hip" he says as he offers one of the 5 pizza slices on his food tray to Ian

8/25/2010 #24
The Unlogic

"Thanks," Ian said, accepting the pizza. "And if they want to be connected at the hip, I do know a guy."

8/25/2010 #25

Megan laughed "trust me, my sister knows a much more enjoyable way to be attached to his hip."

8/25/2010 #26
The Unlogic

"Well, just sayin," Ian said.

8/25/2010 #27

"These guys you know, what else do they offer" Megan asked curiously handing Tom a napkin "you've got some sauce on the side of your mouth."

8/25/2010 #28
The Unlogic

"Depends on what your askin for," Ian said.

8/25/2010 #29
Kanto Haru

Tom takes the napkin and wipes the side of his mouth

8/25/2010 #30
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