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When Moose finally paid for his food, his kicked out a chair at Kit's table and joined her for linner.

"Hey, how's your shins?" Kit asked curiously, trying to wash the dressing taste out of her mouth with a sip of water.

"Not bad," Moose shrugged. "Ice for the first day, heat everyday after, bike, no running until it subsides. Nothing new. Audrey wanted to meet me for dinner."

"Audreyyyyyyyyy..." Kit rotated her around about, urging him to give her a last name.

"Audrey Sinclair."

"Oh," Kit blinked, mildly surprised but only fainted interested. Kit didn't know Audrey personally but did know of her. She struck her as the type of girl who'd have a lot of boyfriends, opposed to boy friends. "I didn't know the two of you were friends."

Moose just shrugged as he shoved a forkful of fried rice into his mouth, chewed, and shallowed. "I'd consider her more of an acquaintance than a friend, but it wouldn't hurt getting to know her better if she's up for it. Sure she has a rep of being a pris and I flirt but I enjoy talking to her before class starts."

((I be roleplaying with myself because I'm pathetic.))

9/11/2010 #301

Gwen noticed Kit and turning toward the cafeteria line and sighed. Moose. She still felt rotten about how things had transpired. Sitting alone at her table she pushed the plate away no longer having an appetite. Getting to her feet she moved through the room to leave.

Coming in at the same time as Gwen leaving, Mandy went to pull the door open at the same time as Gwen pushed it, causing Mandy to hit her head with the frame. "Owe!"

"Oh I am so sorry Mandy, are you alright?" Gwen asked

Rubbing her forehead Mandy smiled "don't worry about it Gwen, I'm use to it by now"

With Mandy's assurance that she was alright, Gwen headed back to her dorm room. It was more than obvious that Vulcon was not coming back and she was more than a little annoyed that he had just left her there.

Mandy, still rubbing her head, headed over to the line up for something to eat.

9/11/2010 #302

Nikki grabbed a cupcake and put it on her tray along with the cheese pizza slice and water bottle she had already grabbed.

"Now I have my dinner," Nikki grinned, wiping her finger on the cupcake and licking the icing off her finger.

9/11/2010 #303

Jude sighed against Kendall as he carried her into the cafe, they had not seen each other since they were kids and already Kendall had saved her from herself. As usual Kendall had played her hero, just like when they were 6 and her dad had gotten a new girlfriend.

"Im hungry," He said.

She smirked but didnt say anything as he set her down in a chair at a table. "Stay put Rory." He murmured leaving for the line.

Kendall hadn't changed much, he was still the same athletic guy that he had always been. As he kids she remembered going to countless football, soccer, and baseball games. His hair brown hair had gotten longer and now came down just to about his ears, a beanie atop it as always. He had filled himself out quite nicely and she could not complain.

Looking around Jude saw Moose at a table with another girl. She wondered for a few seconds as she let her eyes roam somemore around the room.

9/11/2010 #304

Moose, who had heard Gwen and Mandy's voices, turned his head in their direction. Before he could say anything, Gwen had already left the cafeteria but Mandy seemed to just be coming in. "Hey, Mandy!" Moose called out after swallowing, trying to get her attention to invite her to sit them them.

While Moose was doing that, Kit couldn't help but notice some redheaded girl she didn't recognise staring at Moose and tilted her head in curiously. Tapping his leg under the table with her foot, she asked: "Hey, Moose. Who's that?"

"Hmmm?" Moose turned to Kit and then followed her line of sight. "Who?"

"The redhead," Kit answered, leaning closer over the table toward Moose and pointed in Jude's direction. Of course by then, Jude wasn't looking anymore.

"Oh, Jude!" Moose nodded, recognising her instantly. "I met her in the gym. Quite a bit of a flirt." He squinted, trying to read the room number, faded severely by the shower he had taken, on the back of his hand and showed it to Kit.

Kit grabbed his hand and held it close, trying to read it and shrugged. She wasn't expecting the room number to induce an epiphany anyway. "Well, do you like her?"

"Meh, she's a little strong for me," Moose admitted, wrinkling his nose a little. "Made me uncomfortable. She ran track in her old school though."

"Oh? Has she talked to Fletcher yet?" Kit looked up, now very interested now that track was involved.

"Not yet."

9/11/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #305

Mandy waved to Moose and Kit "I'm gonna grab something to eat and I'll be right there!" fidgeting in the line she grabbed the water bottle from the bin it had been sitting in a pile of ice chips. The water making the bottle slip right out of her hand, shooting it up into the air like a rocket. She could only blink and watch as it came down toward her head.

9/11/2010 #306

Looking around she saw the girl and Moose looking at her and speaking. Kendall was back with pizza, cake and some water. He looked toward her gaze and laughed.

"Moose?" He questioned opening his water.

Jude shrugged. " Hes cute but you know I'm a flirt, plus I think he is wrapped up with some Audrey gril."

Kendall nodded knowing immediatly who she was talking about. "Thats Kit, over there with him." He added noticing Rorys gaze on the pair. He knew she may have liked Moose a little more then she lead on.

Jude had always been a fast flirt but never a fast lover, she didnt normally like boys as much as they seemed to like her. But he had always known that she held a soft spot for goofy guys and as long as he had known Moose, Moose had been kinda goofy.

Sighing he munched on the pizza. " Your complicated Rory,"

9/11/2010 #307

Highly amused by Mandy, Kit couldn't help but push aside her tray to bury her head in her folded arms, vibrating with silent laughter. Moose, who was a bit more sympathetic but still quite entertained, winced, trying not to smile. In order to avoid calling anymore attention to her slip-up, Moose decided it was best not to call her out on it in public.

9/11/2010 #308

The now dangerous water bottle tamed, Mandy headed over to the table along with a safer plate of chicken with rice dish. Gingerly placing the tray on the table she gave Moose a sheepish grin before rolling her eyes at Kit. "I'm glad I can entertain you so well Kit. It does my heart good to see such joy in one person." Rubbing her forehead she inwardly groaned ".. and they say water is good for you. Huh! I say Pish to that!"

9/11/2010 #309

"Pish Posh!" Kit teased in a British accent.

"I apologize on Miss. Katherine's behalf," Moose said in cool, proper voice. "She happens to have forgotten her manners and sense of empathy."

Kit responded by childishly poking her tongue out at him.

9/11/2010 #310
Noah is Potato

"I love your sense of dinner." Samuel said with a laugh, coppying her.

Samuel turned his head when he saw someone familar out of the couner of his eye walk in.

Markus Hess walked in,looking half asleep. He bumped into someone, muttered an apology, and somhow made it to Kit without killing himself. He sat next to her, and laid his head on her shoulder. "Me is tired..." He said with a small yawn.

9/11/2010 #311

"It's alright, its not like I don't try to kill myself every day. Already I've slipped in the laundry room and smacked into a tree coming back from practice. I've tripped over some kids legs and that was just this morning. I can't wait for later on. I bet by tonight I end up with a black eye. Maybe you guys shouldn't let me sit here. I might stab you with an errant fork or something." Mandy replied laughing at herself. She had to, there was no other way to live her life.

Mandy gave Mark a small smile before attempting to take her first bite of chicken and rice. She managed to drop it down the front of her "crap" she mumbled and cleaned her top with a napkin.

9/11/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #312

"I like unhealthy food," Nikki grinned.

9/11/2010 #313

Jude threw him a look and watched as he stood.

"Come one Miss. Rory, we are going to be social." He dragged her by the hand to where Moose, Mandy and the others were.

"Moose, Mandy, Kit, Markus." He murmured sitting down next to Mandy.

Jude sighed before smiling, she didn't feel like being very social, she felt like going home. To homehome, not to her dorm.

9/11/2010 #314

Kit smirked and was about to come back with a witty reply to Mandy. Before she could however, Mark had startled her to the point where she had actually jumped and gaped at him. She couldn't process him at first, but when she had, she was filled with concern. "Well, are you alright? I haven't been seeing you, lately. Maybe you're sick."

She made a move to sooth him when suddenly she was approached by Kendall and the Jude girl. She smiled awkwardly at them, unsure of whether she wanted to socialize with people she was unfamilar with with Mark not feeling alright. "Hi."

9/11/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #315

(I would figure Kit & Moose would know who Kendall is, he has been around the school since his sophomore year and is a soccer player. buts if you disagree its all good to me[=)

9/11/2010 #316

Mandy raised a hand in greeting as she picked the rice from her shirt. Her eyes not reaching either Kendall or Jude. "Moose, can you see a stain?" she asked turning toward him and pulling out her shirt for his inspection.

9/11/2010 #317

Moose leaned over to take a look. "It's noticably dirty but it won't stain. It'll come out in the wash." He then retreated to his space on the table and took another bite.

((I'm sure they'd know each other then.))

9/11/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #318
Noah is Potato

"I feel fine for the most part." Mark said with a little yawn, weakly holding up to two people, one of which he was positive he knew, but just couldn't think of their names at the moment. "I just barely slept all night, I Watched Tv, quietly for Aaron, and listened to my Ipod."

9/11/2010 #319

"I just did my laundry, just my luck. I swear, my mother must of walked under a million ladders and had ten million black cats cross her path when I was in her womb. It's the only explanation." Mandy grumbled as she managed to take a complete bite of her food this time.

9/11/2010 #320

"Who are you looking at?" Nikki asked.

9/11/2010 #321

Kendall laughed at Mandy slightly grinning.

"Maybe you need a lucky charm" He suggested.

9/11/2010 #322

"Take a nap later," Kit advised Mark quietly during their private conversation, soothingly rubbing his leg. "Aaron's gone for the weekend so maybe it'll be easier for you. More quiet, alone time."

"You are quite the Friday 13th baby," Moose grinned at Mandy, holding up his glass of water as he spoke before taking a sip. "We still love ya though."

9/11/2010 #323
Noah is Potato

"I will sleep in his bed later, juct cause I can." Mark said with a small grin. "Besides, I know for a fact he got the better bed..."

9/11/2010 #324

"Its cause I'm so pathetic, you can't help but love me. I'm like those dogs with the droopy eyes and skin that hangs down. They look so sad all the time...what are they called again?" Mandy asked chatting along with her friends as she smiled brightly up at Moose. "Basset Hounds!" she snapped her fingers as she remembered and sent a grain of rice flying into her eye.

"Dang! Maybe I need a horse shoe? what's the most powerful lucky charm?"

9/11/2010 #325

Kendall laughed. "I always thought it was a rabbits foot, but I may be wrong."

"Kendork is wrong," Jude added. "From what I always have thought its a four leaf clover."

9/11/2010 #326

Moose just shook his head and laughed, reaching over to grab a napkin form the basket and handing it over to Mandy. "Well, you need something."

Kit just giggled an unusually girly sound, considering that it was coming from her, and automatically tilted her head a little in Mark's direction. "And you'd know that how?"

9/11/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #327
Noah is Potato

"On sunday or whatever, when he slept in the tent with his girlfriend, I slept on his bed." Mark told her matter-of-factly. "That little bastard gets the better bed, though I am going to switch the mattresses tomorrow night.

9/11/2010 #328

"Maybe.. maybe I'll see what I can do. It's my mom's fault. She washed my lucky socks and things have gone down hill from there" Mandy commented as she accepted the napkin from Moose and gave him a soft smile of thanks before trying to free the rice from her eye.

9/11/2010 #329

"Grass is always greener on the other side," Kit rolled her eyes with a small smile. "I think it's psychological, Mark. The mattresses are the same. You okay, Mandy?"

9/11/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #330
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