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Megan snickered and wiggled out of his arms. "Come on, lets go find the unfindable? is that even a word?"

8/26/2010 #61
Noah is Potato

"He says to go to the track at dinner, have 40$ with you." A girl said, walking past Megan, and sitting with a group of girls, acting as if she never said anything to Megan.

8/26/2010 #62

Megan blinked "what does he need 40 bucks for?"

8/26/2010 #63
Kanto Haru

Tom whispers to Megan "if unfindable isn't a word you get to claim it"

8/26/2010 #64

"I guess" Megan replied distractedly. "Why do you think he wants 40 bucks?" she asked Ian and Tom.

8/26/2010 #65
Kanto Haru

"he wants to steal our money" tom says

8/26/2010 #66

"But why all the cloak and dagger? I'm way to curious now. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna meet him" Megan replied excitedly.

8/26/2010 #67
Kanto Haru

"alright lets go!!" Tom yells excitedly as he takes your hand and mock marches out the door

8/26/2010 #68

"Wait!" Megan called out coming to a sudden stop and pulling at Tom's arm to yank him back. "He said at dinner time. It's not dinner yet. Plus I need to get 40 bucks."

8/26/2010 #69
Kanto Haru

Tom reaches into his pajama pants and develops his wallet, he pulls two 20 bills out and gives them to Megan "there you go now all we have to do is wait for dinner time"

8/26/2010 #70

Stuffing the money into her jeans pocket, she linked her arms with Ian and Tom, giving Tom a soft kiss on the cheek. "Let's go wait then. Where shall we wait? OH! how about we go ahead and hang out near the bleachers? We can hide and see if anything sneaky happens?"

8/26/2010 #71
Kanto Haru

tom returns her kiss "lets go to the bleachers then" he says smiling

8/26/2010 #72

( we have to wait for Ian)

8/26/2010 #73
The Mestiza Pancake
((Sorry for taking forever! Schools caught up with me))

Mila chuckled, "Whatever! And I heard you are a horrible player at american football!" Mila used the lie as to make a point, you can't believe what everyone all the time.

8/26/2010 #74

(tis fine.. though I have no memory of what they were talking about

Josh snorted "I play hockey remember. I hate foot ball. Useless sport."

8/26/2010 #75
The Unlogic

"Wherever we are going, lead on!" Ian exclaimed.

[Sorry I took so long.]

8/26/2010 #76

"To the bleachers!" Megan called out with an excited air.

(let's move to the outside board)

8/27/2010 #77
The Unlogic


8/27/2010 #78
Kanto Haru
(ok ^^) tom smiles "alright lead the way my queen!!" he says excitedly
8/27/2010 #79

Megan linked her arm through both Ian and Tom's arms and tried to get them to skip out of the cafeteria with her. Much like the wizard of oz.

8/28/2010 #80
The Mestiza Pancake

(haha same here. Well we can soon have them leave for the movies.)

Mila paused, cocked her head, then said, "Ohhhhhh! I was mixed up." She took a sip of water, then explained, "My best friend, Joshua, from Rio, had a friend whom used to play american football, but switched to hockey. I forgot you weren't like that." She smiled, then took her final bite of her sandwich.

8/29/2010 #81

Josh watched her finish eating, amusement dancing in his eyes. "You about ready?"

8/29/2010 #82
The Mestiza Pancake
Mila washed the bite with a danity sip of water. Then she nodded, "Ready as I'll ever be!" She smiled brightly as she stood up to go throw her trash away.
8/29/2010 #83

"Excellent" Josh replied "anyone you want to invite? I have a car that we can take"

8/29/2010 #84
The Mestiza Pancake
"I'm not sure. I haven't made any strong friends yet, not any worth inviting, you know?" Mila shrugged, "But I'm up if you bring any of your friends."
8/29/2010 #85

"My best friend is going camping with his girl this weekend so I am on my own." Josh replied smiling.

8/29/2010 #86
The Mestiza Pancake
"Well then I guess it's just us!" Mila grinned, then winked, before fixing her hair.
8/29/2010 #87

"I can live with that" Josh replied holding the door open for her to go through.

8/29/2010 #88
The Mestiza Pancake
Camila giggled and slipped out the door, and into the fresh air.
8/29/2010 #89

(outside or right to town?)

8/29/2010 #90
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