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This is a continuation of the maxed out 'Outside School' board. It covers campus ground outside of any of the main buildings.

8/26/2010 #1

"Fair enough, fair enough," Aaron nodded in understanding. "I wouldn't dare leave home without my guitar. The equipment must take up a lot of space though."

8/26/2010 #2

Ellda appeared out of nowhere, as was her specialty and poked Aaron in the back.

(I'm guessing that they're going camping soon XP)

8/26/2010 #3

"Not really, I keep it in a Rubbermaid storage box at the bottom of my closet. It not like I have tons of other stuff." Chris replied "I was forced to leave my kayak at home."

Sam smiled shifting her weight as Aaron and Chris talked

8/26/2010 #4

(sorry, double posted by accident XP)

8/26/2010 . Edited 8/26/2010 #5

Aaron yelped and swatted down at Ellda from up ontop of the hood of his car. Turning his head around to smile at her, he scolded: "Quit sneakin' up on me and go help your man pack his trunk."

8/26/2010 #6

"Yes sir!" Ellda grinned as she walked over to Chris.

8/26/2010 #7

Chris smirked as he continued to pack the jeep.

Sam smiled at Ellda

8/26/2010 #8

Ellda raised a hand in greeting to Sam and watched Chris. She then poked him when she felt ignored.

8/26/2010 #9

"Hi" Chris smiled as he swooped down to pick up his sleeping bag and kiss Ellda softly on the cheek. "Where is your sleeping bag?"

Sam looked at Aaron "should we get down now?"

8/26/2010 #10

Smiling at Ellda and Chris, Aaron leaned back against his windshield and stacked his legs, one on top of the other. "I can't believe you couldn't fit your kayak in your Rubbermaid box. She must be so sad and neglected."

Then hearing Sam, he turned his head and blinked at her, needing a second to process what she had said since he had been occupied with teasing Chris. "Mmmm...oh. Nah, I was sticking with the Grease theme."

In his best Travolta impersonation, he claimed: "Why this car is automatic. It's systematic. It's hyyyyyyyyyydromatic.....It's Grease Lightning!"

8/26/2010 . Edited 8/26/2010 #11

"I thought I-" Ellda checked her bulging bag. "It's in here.... I thought I forgot it there for a moment...."

8/26/2010 #12

"I'll make it up to her when I get home during the summer" Chris informed Aaron as he took the bag from Ellda and packed it in the back of his jeep. "You need anything else before we head of Ellda?"

Sam giggled "you need to wiggle your hips like this" Sam replied as she danced the steps used in the movie

8/26/2010 #13

"I-I don't think so..." Ellda said thoughtfully. "hmmmmm...."

8/26/2010 #14

"You're gonna make me stand?" Aaron pouted, looking up at Sam with big, sad, pathetic eyes.

8/26/2010 #15

Chris smiled, kissing Ellda on the forehead. "Alright then, I guess we are ready to go. After the show of coarse"

Sam looked over at Aaron "what did I do wrong?"

8/26/2010 #16

Ellda watched Sam with amusement. "Hmmmm..." Ellda said.

(g2g now, dumb school DX)

8/26/2010 #17

Naomi looked at Fito, and then repeated, though her accent a little funny, "Amigos de estudiar." After a pause, she commented, "It's kind of like French."


Ellie laughed. "Well come on," she said, grabbing Lucas's hand and dragging him toward Aaron and the group.

8/27/2010 . Edited 8/27/2010 #18

"Nothing. I'll dance for you later," Aaron assured Sam.

"Them two look like they're getting the hint, anyway," Aaron mentioned, nodding his head in the direction of Ellie dragging Lucas to the car. "If they break into more musical numbers, than we'll just leave the cooler outside Lucas's car and get out of here without them."

8/27/2010 #19

"Alright, we could do that. Or, we could do a rousing number of Annie get your gun. I think you would make an adorable cowboy" Sam replied slipping down from the car.

Chris finished packing up the jeep and turning around without giving her much chance to object, he picked up Ellda and carried her to the open passenger seat. "Come on baby, let's get this party started."

(Chris' jeep

8/27/2010 #20

Ellda was taken a little by surprise. "Uhm... uhm.... okay..." she said.

8/27/2010 #21

Chris chuckled kissing her cheek after carefully placing her in the empty seat beside his. "Now we wait for the others I guess. Do you want a bottle of water?" He pointed to the small cooler by her feet where she would find water and trail mix snacks perfect for hiking.

8/27/2010 #22

"No thanks," Ellda smiled.

8/27/2010 #23

With a nod of his head, Chris circled the front of his jeep and climbed in behind the wheel. "Hey, Aaron? are we about ready?"

8/27/2010 #24

( I forgot! *MEGA GLOMPS*)

8/27/2010 #25

(lol... Returns Glomp...sorry I haven't been on much during the day. In a few weeks hopefully that will change.)

8/27/2010 #26

{lol, Simon didn't buy a sleeping bag. Let's just say he did though :P}

8/27/2010 #27

(why not? *glomps Burnerr*)

8/27/2010 #28

{because either I was on holiday or this took place during the switchover between the town boards}

8/27/2010 #29

(I meant about the let's pretend part..... ah well)

8/27/2010 #30
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