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Noah is Potato

It is a small building right next to the dorm buildings. Shared by bot genders, as a place to mingle while doing there laundry.

9/6/2010 #1

(Noah, I love the title)

9/6/2010 #2
Noah is Potato

(Thank you XD)

William was pulling cloths out of the dyer, into a basket, while talking to this other girl, who looked like she was going to faint because of his looks, accent, and charm.

9/6/2010 #3

Megan flew into the laundry room, running top speed chanting the same thing over and over "oh shite, oh shite, oh shite," she ran to where two baskets sat on top of two separate (but side by side) machines and opened the lids after throwing the baskets on the floor


Mandy picked herself up off the floor having jumped out of the way from another student who she was sure would knock herself down and in doing so, knocked herself down. She gathered up the spilt laundry and grumbled as she headed into the laundry room.

9/6/2010 #4

Kendall yawned dragging his rut sacks in with his laundry. God, why didn'the do it sooner? He always left it till he had nothing but pajama pants and long sleeved shirt left. Separating his cloths in the two machines he sighed looking over where he saw Mandy picking herself off the floor.

He laughed slightly smiling.

(Kendall's been around since sophomore year and is a soccer player so I assume the two know eachother(= )

9/7/2010 #5


"Don't laugh at me" Mandy grumbled, placing her basket down with a tad to much force. She opened up the lid to one of the laundry machines. Dialing the knob to the on position, she poured in the detergent and started placing her clothes in one at a time as the water ran to fill the machine.

9/7/2010 #6

He shrugged smiling still.

"You've never been able to stay on your feet Panda-bear." He said affectionately.

9/7/2010 #7

"I admit, I have more trouble than most. But that don't mean I can't stay on my feet" Mandy replied moving to grab the fabric softener that was still on the floor. She slipped on a small wet patch on the tiles. One minute she was on her feet the next a$$ over tip on the floor.


9/7/2010 #8

Kendall laughed going over quickly and picking her up by the waste, putting her firmly on the floor.

"It shows Panda-bear." He murmurs adjusting a piece of hair behind her ear.

9/7/2010 #9

"That wasn't my fault, the floor is wet. There should be some kind of sign or something." Mandy replied rubbing her backside with her hand.

9/7/2010 #10

He grinned. "So remember that soccer game you owe me?"

9/7/2010 #11

"What soccer game?" Mandy replied as she moved carefully back to the safety of the laundry machine. "I don't recall" she teased.

9/7/2010 #12

He smirked taking off the white beanie adorned on his borwn brown hair and smacking her playfully with it.

"But I recall kicking your butt in the last one!" He grinned.

9/7/2010 #13

"You wish, you cheated. That last play was a foul and you know it. You would of been red carded so fast you would of thought the stadium was on fire" Mandy replied swatting his beanie away.

9/7/2010 #14

He laughed. "I didn't cheat Panda-bear!"

Grabbing his clothes from the washer and throwing them into the dryer he sighed smirking. "I just didn't play fair and the last play was not foul. At least not by my standards, but that last goal you kicked was a lucky shot."

He murmured taking his beanie and putting it affectionately on her head, covering her eyes.

9/7/2010 #15

Pulling off his beanie, her hair now tousled she rolled her eyes "Nothing lucky about it. It was all skill."

9/7/2010 #16

Kendall shook his head. "I missed by an inch."

Kendall had a thing for Mandy, they had been lad partners in bio and she was the first one to welcome him to the school when he and Cady were new. So Panda-bear being the super klutz was also super cute.

9/7/2010 #17

"Typical man, if that's what you think an inch is you are sadly mistaken" Mandy replied rolling her eyes. She was the typical girl jock. She loved sports and having fun. The joking with the other athletes and all the things that went with it. A naturally friendly girl, she was also extremely klutzy and did her best to keep the damage to herself and away from others.

9/7/2010 #18

Kendall laughed lightly.

"Typical? Me?" He teased giving her an all too innocent glance.

9/8/2010 #19

"You are a man are you not?" Mandy replied pointing out the obvious.

9/8/2010 #20

Grabbing his beanie and shrugging it on his head Kendall laughed.

"Just because I am a man," He checked the dryer.

"Does no mean we are all the same."

9/8/2010 #21

"True, some of you have blond hair while others have brown, black or even red. Actually I saw a guy in school with green hair. It looked cool actually. I wonder what he uses to dye it?" Mandy replied going off track on the currant subject. It was a habit of hers. She often said what ever it was that came to her mind, relevant to the current conversation or not.

9/8/2010 #22

Kendall stared at her.

"Earth to Panda-bear?"

9/8/2010 #23

Mandy was startled out of her mind vacation. "What? oh ... um.... what were we talking about?"

9/8/2010 #24

Kendall grinned. "You. Me. Soccer game. Me kicking your butt."

9/8/2010 #25

"Oooohhhhh I remember, but the last part is so not gonna happen" Mandy replied looking down at the washer and wondering why it wasn't working. Blushing she realized she hadn't shut the lid.

9/8/2010 #26

Kendall sighed laughing slightly.

"So whats the bet this time? What do I win when I beat you?"

9/9/2010 #27

Mandy shrugged "I don't know. I'm just doing some laundry. I don't have anything to do this weekend. What do you want to win? How about a new hat?"

9/10/2010 #28

Kendall smirked slightly.

"Orrrrrr what about a date with me?"

9/11/2010 #29

"A date? like a real one? not like two buddies going out?" Mandy asked nervously.

9/11/2010 #30
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