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I'd like to see what Flare and Burnerr say since Simon and Holly are deep in conversation and are posting daily. Sera/Tony and Chris/Anna also seem to be regular, but since they are a day ahead, they wouldn't have to be interupted.

I want this to be the board's decision. Not just mine.

3/16/2011 #61
Umm, since the time skip wasn't my fault, and since I was unaware that it happened can we just act like Tony and Sera never interacted with Anna and Chris in the music room? It would be really nice if we could because without doing that Tony's timeline is very spotty with a lot of time gaps.
3/17/2011 . Edited 3/17/2011 #62

Didn't mean the skip, sorry should have been more clear.. I was wondering if you wanted me to reply?

3/17/2011 #63
Well, while I wait for Tony to be unstuck or this time skip issue worked out, I would like to make an announcement. I am writing a Hunger games story, and I need your helscythes the last part really cheesy). I need people to submit their characters so I can start writing. So please if you like the hunger games, or even if you don't, submit a character.
3/17/2011 . Edited 3/17/2011 #64

Since none of the conversations we are interupting are of any importance to any side plots (just bonding) we'll either do a time skip tomorrow morning or tonight. More people seem to be for it than against it.

Also, I get the feeling that Aaron and Moose aren't going to be waking up in their respective beds, are they Love?

3/17/2011 #65
White Tiger Friend

Just to put my two cents in, I'm a-okay with time skipping tonight.

3/17/2011 #66

I am good with a skip =)

3/17/2011 #67

Alright then, since everybody seems to be in agreement.

Official timeskip: October 30th, Saturday 10am

3/17/2011 #68

you are correct Foxy, neither Arron or Dalton would have woken up alone ;) Mandy's gonna have a wee bit of green on her me thinks :P

3/18/2011 #69

Hey all, its Leesh, I hope everyone is well and I am popping in quickly to say that I have changed by pen name from Vanity Sinning to the boy with the bread's girl.

I hope everyone is well and if anyone is up to rping, lemme know:)

5/8/2011 #70
White Tiger Friend

LEESH! *supermassivetackleglomp* I missed you!

5/8/2011 #71

Hey Tiger and Leesh.

5/8/2011 #72
White Tiger Friend

You still on Leesh? RPing sounds fun right now. xD

5/8/2011 #73

I am still on, I was just coming back here to see if anyone wanted too. I have all my characters open, except Kendall and Declan. As they are with Love atm...anyone seen Love around lately?

5/8/2011 #74
White Tiger Friend

We still have Jess and Cady in the PM too. We can finish up there and come back here or just start here.

And no, I haven't seen Love in quite awhile. :( I miss her.

5/8/2011 #75

OH YES. Cady & Jess, I suppose we can continue on PM and start here as well. No one see's the PM but us. So I post you follow? You just wanna rp them or do you wanna rp someone else too?

I know! I miss her as well.

5/8/2011 . Edited 5/8/2011 #76
White Tiger Friend

Sounds like a plan. Um, I think all my characters are actually frozen right now.

I hope she is okay! I always get worried that something happened when they are absent for a long time.

5/8/2011 #77

sad, I wanted to Rp some characters I haven't had a chance too that much. Mmmkay, shall we start in the cafe?

5/8/2011 #78
White Tiger Friend

Actually, I think I have Preston open. Sounds good!

5/8/2011 #79

:D Girl? Boy? Details?

5/8/2011 #80
White Tiger Friend

Preston is a boy who has a twin sister, Pheonix, both are fairly new here. Um, he's very protective of his sister and he has started to have a thing for one of Rose's characters but I don't know if we're still doing that because we haven't RPed them in a long time.

5/8/2011 #81

mmmkay, which girl (or boy) do you want.

Jude, Holly Jane, Bailey?

I would offer Makenzie but she is a total loner and doesn't talk to anyone and is currently sitting in the library alone.

Jude is at the track and I have yet to post Holly Jane yet. Bailey is a boy and can be found in the art room.

5/8/2011 #82
White Tiger Friend

Ummmmm, how about... Jude?

5/8/2011 #83

mmkay. Go for it I am not sure what was my last post. You may have to look through the last 2-3 pages.

5/8/2011 #84
White Tiger Friend

Alright, I shall go look!

5/8/2011 #85

So waht day/time are we on now? Im new, so I don't know :/

6/7/2011 #86

To be perfectly honest, the roleplay has gotten sloppy since most of the original roleplayers (myself included) have pretty much left. We left off on Saturday October 30th around 5:00pm. However, I'm thinking about doing a 1 week timeskip so we can start fresher.

6/19/2011 #87
Noah is Potato

I second Foxy's motion!

6/19/2011 #88

Sooo...start out fresh then?

6/19/2011 #89
Noah is Potato

Yus Ma'am.

6/19/2011 #90
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