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If you have a request (roommate change, new topic, etc), post it here and either Noah or Foxy will make appropriate changes.

2/18/2011 #1
Hello! I have got a room mate request, Love and I were wondering if Trinity and Jude could please be roommates?
2/18/2011 #2

Poof! The roommate change is done

#384: Mariella and Roxe

#354: Jude and Trinity

2/18/2011 #3
Thank you Foxy! :)
2/18/2011 #4
Midnight Cheesecake

Can there be a band here? Just wondering. Sorry, I'm a total band geek :)

2/19/2011 #5

Yeah, of course. I think Burnerr's character, Simon, already does percussion. But since he was the only one thus far, a band practice was only formalized once.

2/19/2011 #6
Kuro Hakase

Can Chris join that band?

2/19/2011 #7

Sure? We don't really have a music teacher made so nothing is really formalized.

2/19/2011 #8
Kuro Hakase

Should one of us create a music teacher?

2/19/2011 #9
Midnight Cheesecake

I just made a band teacher (Mrs. Allison Harding). Yay! Band geeks unite!

2/19/2011 #10
Kuro Hakase


2/19/2011 #11
Liv Lemon

I request that you check out my forum, Forum Title. Its kind of lame so far but we NEED. MORE. PEOPLE.

2/23/2011 #12
Liv Lemon

Also maybe there could a teacher's quarters thread.

2/23/2011 #13

I don't know how much use a teacher's quarters thread would get but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to add one.

2/23/2011 #14
Kuro Hakase

Another in Town topic please?

3/2/2011 #15
Noah is Potato

I will add one right now!

3/2/2011 #16

Bonnie wants a boyfriend :P

3/18/2011 #17
White Tiger Friend

Anybody have a free character? Pheonix would like somebody to interact with, whether it be a potiental boyfriend, potiental friend, or potiental foe! xD

3/25/2011 #18

Both Naomi and Jackie aren't doing anything at the moment. I'd like someone for them to interact with.

3/25/2011 #19
White Tiger Friend

Okay! I don't care which one but should they be a potential friend or foe?

3/25/2011 #20

Ummm...I don't really know. We could just see how it all plays out. *Shrugs* They're both in the girl's dorms, I think.

3/25/2011 #21
White Tiger Friend

Okie dokie, you can post first.

3/25/2011 #22
Akuma no Musuko

Is there anyone available to head down to the library? Alex is going to need someone to talk to until his "date."

3/26/2011 #23
I put Emma there if you wanna have Alex talk to her;)
3/27/2011 #24
Midnight Cheesecake

Vienna wants someone to talk to :P

3/31/2011 #25
Emma wants someone to talk to also....
4/1/2011 #26
Midnight Cheesecake

Does Emma want to talk to Vienna?

4/2/2011 #27
Sure, right now Emma is 'leaving' Tony and Jacoline 'alone' in the girls dorm. You wanna pop over there, or I could pop somewhere...whatever;)
4/2/2011 #28
Midnight Cheesecake
Once again, anyone have a free character willing to interact with someone? Naomi/Rosie/Vienna are bored.
5/5/2011 #29
Akuma no Musuko

Hey, Foxy. If you're on, are you willing to skip ahead to the dinner date between Alex and Paige?

5/25/2011 #30
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