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Noah is Potato

Who! Another town is down! Ah! Rhyming!!!

Anywho, for those who are new, town is just a couple miles away from the campus. Although students are free to walk/drive, a bus takes a regular route around common stomping grounds. There are a wide array of restaurants/cafes, grocceries, convenient stores, craft shops, music shops, a bowling alley, etc, etc...let your imagination run wild.

3/2/2011 #1
Kuro Hakase

Chris walked with Anna to the theatre where a line of people in normal outfits and cosplayers were standing.

"Wow." Chris said looking at all of the cosplayers in line, it wasn;t a long one and they got a good spot in line.

3/2/2011 #2
Anna laughed. "Hmm.." She mused, looking about.
3/3/2011 #3
Kuro Hakase

"Let's get in line." Chris said leading her, his hand in hers.

3/3/2011 #4

Anna nodded, following after him to stand in line. She started mindlessly humming some random tune.

(heyy I'll be on for about thirty minutes but then I gotta go to the dentist...*sad face*)

3/3/2011 #5
Kuro Hakase

(That sucks DX)

"What ya humming?" Chris said hugging her.

3/3/2011 #6
"What I did for's from the broadway musical Chorusline." Anna said with a small smile.
3/3/2011 #7
Kuro Hakase

"I didn't know you liked musicals." Chris said as they moved up a little in line.

3/3/2011 #8
Anna laughed. "I don't really. I've never seen one. I just like that song."
3/3/2011 #9
Kuro Hakase

"Oh." Chris said with small laugh, they were almost to the front.

3/3/2011 #10
Anna smiled at him, watching him walk. He was so should be illegal. "Yeah." She replied a small smirk playing on the corners of her lips.
3/3/2011 #11
Kuro Hakase

Chris was starting to get excited, "We're almost there. I can't wait!" Chris said hugging Anna.

3/3/2011 #12
Anna smiled at him. "I like you's kinda adorably spaztic."
3/3/2011 #13
Kuro Hakase

Chris blushed, "Thank you." Chris was still hugged onto her.

3/3/2011 #14
Anna smiled, leaning up to kiss him. "You are very welcome."
3/3/2011 #15
Kuro Hakase

Chris kissed Anna back.

They were at the front, where a lazy looking man was handing out tickets.

"Two?" the man asked, "For the Disapearance?"

"Yes, please!" Chris said as he paid and was given the tickets.

"Here." Chris said handing her ticket to her.

3/3/2011 #16
"Thank you very much sir." She said with a smile.
3/3/2011 #17
Kuro Hakase

"No problem." Chris said as they walked into the movie theatre.

The theatre was packed with cosplayers, Chris then remembered.

"DO you want something?" Chris asked Anna.

3/3/2011 #18
Abna laughed, remembering the many times she had spent a whole movie feeling like she was going to puke because of the food. "No thanks." She answered, still laughing a bit
3/3/2011 #19
Kuro Hakase

"Okay." Chris said as he held her hand and lead her into the theatre.

It was packed but they found tow seats in the middle.

3/3/2011 #20
Anna smiled, sitting down in the chair. She crossed her legs and leaned her head against his shoulder with a smile. "This is nice."
3/3/2011 #21
Kuro Hakase

"It is." Chris said as he put her head against his.

The movie started, the protagonist talking about the usual activities of the club he was in.

3/3/2011 #22
Anna sat there nearly silently, watching with her head lolling against his shoulder and her hand holding on of his.
3/3/2011 #23
Kuro Hakase

Chris smiled as he held her hand. He laughed a little at the scene where Haruhi made Mikuru change into the santa suit.

3/3/2011 #24
Anna smiled as a random Christmas song got stuck iher head.
3/3/2011 #25
Kuro Hakase

Chris smiled and snuggled closer to her.

Now the movie was starting to get good, the main character woke up in an alternate universe where no one knew him.

3/3/2011 #26
Anna smiled letting one of her hands rest on his leg as she watched the movie with a smile
3/3/2011 #27
Kuro Hakase

Chris blushed but smiled at Anna.

'Wait, Mikuru-san, do you not remember me?' the character pleaded as his arm was punched by her friend.

3/3/2011 #28
Anna smiled at him, rubbing his leg a bit. She smirked into his shoulder.
3/3/2011 #29
Kuro Hakase

Chris smiled as he rubbed her back.

The main character then ran into the room, finding the girl from the cover.

3/3/2011 #30
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