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Anna smiled at him, kissing him sweetly. "Yay."
5/2/2011 #541
Kuro Hakase

Chris smiled as he kissed her cheek, "I'm just so glad I met you." Chris said with a smile.

5/4/2011 #542
"And I you, my dear." She said, sweetly kissing him.
5/4/2011 #543
Kuro Hakase

Chris kissed her back, "Want to get back to the school. I should change out of this probably."

5/4/2011 #544

Anna smiled sweetly at him, tugging at his shirt. "But you look so cute!"

5/4/2011 #545
Kuro Hakase

CHris blushed, "I do?" Chris said shyly, "Plus I think I need a shower."

5/4/2011 #546

" You do." Anna said, laughing before kissing him and popping up. "Fine." She said with a joking pout.

5/4/2011 #547
Kuro Hakase

Chris smiled as he got up and walked with her back to the dorm, hand in hers.

5/4/2011 #548

(her dorm? they gonna split up for a bit? what we gonna do for the surprise?)

5/4/2011 #549
Kuro Hakase

(Split up for a bit, then Chris walks back to see)

5/4/2011 #550

(awesome! this is going to be fun.)

5/4/2011 #551


Anna smiled, kissing him quickly. "I'll see you in a bit."

5/4/2011 #552
Kuro Hakase


Chris blushed, "Okay." CHris said walking to his dorm

5/4/2011 #553
Lexi saw the lights of the city. "I. Feel. Free." she sighed happily.
9/2/2011 #554

(Ohmigod, I'm sososo sorry. I went with my best friend and I didn't know until 20 minutes before we left. And I didn't have a way to get in contact with y'all. But iz back!=^_^= )

Sandara stepped off the bus as it came to a stop. "Where should we go first?" she asked.

9/5/2011 #555
((its fine!!))-"Uhm... Lets eat first. In'N'Out?" Lexi said.-((do u know what an In'N'Out is???))
9/5/2011 #556

(Ok. And I know what it is, but Dara doesn't.)

"Sure, but I feel the need to ask this. What is that?" she asked, genuinely confused.

9/5/2011 #557
((do u mind if i ask what state u live in? i live in California. also call me Lexi thats my name.))-- "A burger joint." Lexi said.
9/5/2011 #558

Dorian walked back into town after his little trip out of it. He had a faint scar on his right cheek now, and a dog was following him. "God im hungry...."He said, seeing an In-And-out.. "Maybe.....Sure."

(you're in california too?)

9/5/2011 . Edited 9/5/2011 #559

(Naw, I don't mind. I'm from Georgia, and proud of it too. And ok, I'll call you that)

"Like a hamburger? Then let's go, I am quite fond of those."

9/5/2011 #560
((yep i live right on the beach in southern cali!! how bout u?))-- "Ok cool." Lexi led the way.
9/5/2011 . Edited 9/5/2011 #561

(Not the beach, not far away though. Newbury Park. I have a friend in georgia, too.)

Dorian sat down in a booth, ignoring the stares of the other people.

9/5/2011 #562
(( have u ever heard of San Clemente? by Dana Point in Orange County? i have a friend who uesd to live in GA, but then she moved to Florida.))
9/5/2011 #563

(Nah, sorry.)

9/5/2011 #564
(My friend went to California over the summer. True story. =^_^=) Sandara walked in, not noticing Dorian and sat at a small booth near the door. " So, what kind are you getting?" She asked.
9/5/2011 . Edited 9/5/2011 #565
((oh well i live there.))
9/5/2011 #566

Dorian got his food and gave part of it to the dog. "I think ill name you.... Hunter."

9/5/2011 #567

(Anyone here?)

9/5/2011 #568


9/5/2011 #569

(Is Sandy gonna notice Dorian? Cause she might get a shock if she does.)

Dorian pet the dog and started to eat.

9/5/2011 #570
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