Animorphs: Can YOU survive?
This is just your average animorphs RP, but I don't control it, YOU do. Good luck!
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Dead Zed 5

Any bio, sorry, this isnt as active as it used to be

11/23/2013 #151

User Name: Therenegadepilot

Name: Ryan Dormer "Wild"

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Description: Muscular kid around 6 foot, black spiked hair, almost always in some sort of US Military camoflage pants and covered in greese when not morphed. Can be quite reckless at times but is mostly a free spirit who tends to get into trouble.... A good lot.

Personality: Laid back, energetic.

Hobbies: Ninjitsu, haganah, kickboxing, off roading (dirt bikes and dune buggies), fixing cars/bikes, reading, and studying some sort of military history.

Animal DNAs Acquired: Tiger, wolf, German Shepherd, Falcon and dolphin.

Pets: German Shepherd Ex-K9 Bauer (police dog.)

Other: Is quite often listening to rock from the 60s-90s. Hates being called by his name and usually only goes by "Wild" unless it is his parents talking to him.

9/24/2014 . Edited 9/25/2014 #152
My appologies I seem to have miscounted on the number of morphs, I'll take out the otter.
9/24/2014 #153
Trace Carter

Just follow this format-

User Name: Trace Carter

Name: Kazi 'Z' CArter

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Description: average build, Asian american skin tone, has black hair and brown eyes, trains in martial arts in his free time

Personality: loyal to his friends and hates to lose. He is also a hard worker and has a bit of temper at times.

Hobbies: writing fiction

Animal DNAs Acquired: Seagull, Puggle, Silverback Gorilla, Salmon, fly

Pets: a pet puggle (part pug part beagle)


9/24/2014 #154
Jacky the Serket

I hope this forum isn't dead

User Name: chief bearpaw

Name: gale

Gender: male

Age: 13

Description: hes tall for his age at about five feet nine inches. he also has blue eyes an short black hair. unless its cold he usually wears t-shirts and shorts.

Personality: he is a shy kid not talking to most people. he afraid to make new friends just in case they might be yeerks in disguise.

Hobbies: typing stories and learning useless information

Animal DNAs Acquired: spider, Chihuahua dog, eagle, trout, iguana

Pets: (I know this is different, but you are allowed to have 1 pet that goes everywhere with you.) Chihuahua dog named Libby

Other: he hates bugs. the only reason why he has a spider morph is because the others wanted him to have a small morph that would help him spy around.

1/16/2015 #155

User Name: Eric123

Name: Polyform Tendon

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Description: Awkward looking at most times. Tries to wear a coat often. He is taller than most.

Personality: Introverted and easily bullied by those of more confronting natures. However, he does sometimes tip into extreme violence under provocation and had nearly strangled a younger kid after constant assaults.

Hobbies: Dancing

Animal DNAs Acquired: "Bob", Ella (a girl from school who held his hand. Accidental acquisition.), a stray mongrel in an unfortunate shade of green.

Pets: A magpie called "Bob"

Other: Harbours a secret vengeance to the bullies. If only he could perform under guise... Also, able to swim. But too stubborn to lie.

1/24/2015 #156
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