Animorphs: Can YOU survive?
This is just your average animorphs RP, but I don't control it, YOU do. Good luck!
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Holly ran as fast as she could. Sargen was running beside her. They had to get to his sbedeance training. Who's stupid idea was it to haveit at 6 in the morning? Oh, yeah. Her's. She looked at Sargent. I blame you, dog, she thought. But, deep down, she kneo that she couln't stay mad at him. He had saved her time and time again. This had better be woth it! Sargen't hasn't disobeyed me yet!

Sargent was thinking something diffrent. I wonder who will be there. Oh, maybe I will get treats! That would be great! But, sargent didn't smell any treats on Holly, so he just kept running. Nearly there! He could smell other dogs. They stopped in a clearing with tons of dogs and their people. He looked for someone he knew. Anyone.

11/6/2009 #1
Crimson Doom

Wade actually happened to be there. Not because he had or wanted a dog. Certain dreams of nearly getting consumed by a rat had ensured that he lost any chance of sleep at around 2:00 AM. So he walked around the neiborhood for a while and eventually ended up here. It was somehow relaxing to watch the dogs interact with each other. Except for the isolated dogfights. Those he turned away from. He had seen more than enough fighting for fifty lifetimes.

To distract himself, he brought a Nintendo DS out of his backpack and began playing the first Professor Layton game. No battles in this game, just logic.

11/20/2009 #2

Holly jogged over to Wade, Sargent at her side. "Hey, what's up?" she asked.

11/23/2009 #3
Crimson Doom

Wade peered up at the sky and replied, "I'd say some clouds."

11/24/2009 #4

"No!" Holly said in a sarcastic tone.

11/24/2009 #5
Crimson Doom

Wade grinned. "What, did you want me to say that Martian waffles were up?"

11/25/2009 #6

"I wanted you to say, 'I'm fine, how are you?'" Holly replied, smiling back.

11/25/2009 #7
Crimson Doom

"Then why didn't you say so?" he replied teasingly. "Oh, by the way...I'm fine, how are you?"

11/25/2009 #8

"I did say so! I'm fine, thanks," Holly replied. "What are you doing here, anyway?"

11/25/2009 #9
Crimson Doom

The only thing that would have wiped the smile off of his face faster would have been the words 'the President's a Controller'. "Bad dream," he said quietly as he checked that they weren't being eavesdroppedon. "That one time with the rat..." he shuddered almost unnoticably.

11/25/2009 #10

Holly shrugged.

(I have really had a bad dream about a rat before.)

12/7/2009 #11
Crimson Doom

(I'm sorry. Kind of good to know that nightmares like that actually happen though. Lends verisimilitude.)

Wade shook his head to clear his mind of the frightening image of a rat's bared teeth and the knowledge that you were its prey. "How's obedience training going?" he asked to help speed the departure of bad memories.

12/8/2009 #12

(It bit me, too. It was big, and fat, and they were everywhere. In real life, though, I think rats are cool. I love all animals.)

"Good. Sargent's getting the hang of it," Holly said. "It helps that at home, if he doesn't get something, I can show him." She grinned, knowing that he knew what she was talking about. "It helps to have that advantage."

12/12/2009 #13
Crimson Doom

Wade grinned knowingly. "No kidding," he replied. "I recently began...investigating places where some cockroaches might have been getting in. It's astonishing how many places there are that they could get in." A passing person shook his head at their cryptic words, chalking it up to teenage slang-babble, and walked on.

12/14/2009 #14

"I don't get what's so interesing about cockroches. Are you implying something?" Holly asked.

12/14/2009 #15
Crimson Doom

"Just saying that if you're a cockroach, there's a surprising amount of ways to get into a house," Wade said innocently. He casually handed her a note that read, "Possible YP entrance. After school?"

12/16/2009 #16

(I like your pic!)

Holly nodded.

12/17/2009 #17
Crimson Doom

(Thanks! Could you check the chat thread, please? And also, I will be taking two weeks off for Christmas after today.)

Wade's phone began beeping. He checked it. "Dang it, I need to be at my house! See you later!" He ran off towards his home.

12/17/2009 #18

(Yeah. And thanks for letting me know)

12/17/2009 #19
Crimson Doom

(Were you saying 'yes' to checking the chat thread, or to the question I asked there? Just needed clarification.)

12/17/2009 #20


12/20/2009 #21

( Am I supposed to start here?)

12/26/2009 #22

(Yeah, just jump in.)

12/27/2009 #23


Dalia was in the food court at the mall, drinking lemonade. As always, alone. She was counting all the potential Controllers. Pretty much everyone, except maybe for the man in the wheelchair. She looked at the entrance and saw Holly come in.

She watched carefully. Holly went over to the middle table and sat down, presumably to grab a seat.

Dalia got up and walked into the bathroom. After picking a particularly roomy stall, she stripped down, revealing a tight, but modest, swimsuit. She crouched down, checking that she was the only one there and began to morph.

The ladybug. Possibly one of the only bugs that doesn't give people the creeps when it lands on them. Maybe because it's pretty. Maybe because it's good for crops and what not.

But the reason Dalia liked the ladybug was that it completely outdoes the fly. Compared to the ladybug, the fly is a clumsy, fat, idotic animal that feeds on garbage.

The ladybug is a hunter. It's fast, precise, smart, and even pretty. And while you have no doubt swatted hundreds of flies, have you ever swatted a ladybug? No, because you never see it.

She flew over the open door, squeezed through the closed door, and went into the food court. The ladybug is the only animal Dalia knew about that was really colorblind. The food court seemed , to her, like an old, black-and-white movie. It was a little hard to spot Holly. But she knew to go to the center table, so down she went.

She flew down. Another fly was descending toward Holly's pizza. Dalia simply sped up a little, and swooped past the fly. She landed on Holly's plate.

(So, Holly, what's up?)

12/28/2009 #24

(I LOVE pizza!)

Holly saw the ladybug after it had landed and knew that it was Dalia. "Hey," she whispered. She didn't want anyone to see her and assume she was talking to herself. "What are you doing here?"

12/28/2009 #25

( Me too! I was just thinking of the pizza I had at the mall last time I was there. By the way, we can't do traditional thought-speak . here, so I do this (()) )

(( I heard that their was a meeting after school. When's Wade getting here?))

12/29/2009 #26

(Sounds good. I iz tiered)

Holly shrugged.

1/1/2010 #27

(( OK, then. We'll wait.))

1/1/2010 #28


1/1/2010 #29

(Is mewtrainer gone on vacation?

1/2/2010 #30
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