Animorphs: Can YOU survive?
This is just your average animorphs RP, but I don't control it, YOU do. Good luck!
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Crimson Doom

Pretty self-explanatory...

Anyway, as bit of news...Thanksgiving calls me away tomorrow, so don't look for me here.

11/25/2009 #1
Crimson Doom

Question...I know another RPer pretty well. She enjoys Animorphs and we could use a few more users. As fun as RPing with you is, there's only so much that can be done with two users. Is it alright if I invite her here?

12/14/2009 #2

Yeah, invite whoever you want.Just as long as everyone is nice.

12/20/2009 #3

Wow, is anyone in this world actually alive? Just wondering.

5/27/2011 #4


5/29/2011 #5

YAY!! Someone's alive!!!!!!

5/29/2011 #6

Fair Warning: I'm going out of town Friday for a music camp... I have no clue when I'll be back. Mom's talking about letting me stay an extra week with my grandparents... Then I'm going out of town (again) for a family reunion... so I won't really be on much this month. After that should be fine ^.^

5/30/2011 #7
Alone At Night

HIYA! .... boredness *looks for icecream*

3/16/2012 #8
Dead Zed 5
Wooo! Fourth 2013 post!
9/22/2013 #9
Alone At Night
Haha, hi.
9/22/2013 #10
Dead Zed 5
So, hows things here? Looking pretty slow
9/22/2013 #11
Dead Zed 5
Testing... Ugh. Sorry if its a dubble post. My internet can be such a downer DX
9/22/2013 #12
Dead Zed 5
So hows things going here?
9/22/2013 #13
Alone At Night

yeah, Dracorex went poof a little while back so it's just me now....

9/22/2013 #14
Dead Zed 5
Ah, well. Looks like this needs a bit of reviving... Il see if I can spread the word about this and get a few frends on, sound good?
9/22/2013 #15
Alone At Night

I like that idea

9/22/2013 #16
Dead Zed 5
Sweet, may be just you and me for alitle bit though. Im on daily usualy, as long as the homework lets up. Im open for rp if you want
9/22/2013 #17
Dead Zed 5
Testing... Gah! Internet acting up agean...
9/22/2013 #18
Dead Zed 5
So is it a good time to hop in? Or should I hold off for now
9/22/2013 #19
Alone At Night

I'll make a new rp thread, the old one is getting full anyways, and It would be nice if you could make a chara or two.

9/22/2013 #20
Dead Zed 5
Sweet, made one about an hour ago, ready to start whenever you are
9/22/2013 #21
Alone At Night

You can post first.

9/22/2013 #22
Dead Zed 5
Anyone still up?
9/22/2013 #23

I'm still here.

9/22/2013 #24
Dead Zed 5
Just finished up with homework
9/23/2013 #25


9/23/2013 #26

Are anyone here Remnants fans? (Another series by Animorph author K A Applegate)

10/23/2013 #27
Dead Zed 5

Hey guys, back. Sorry for the unannounced leave, schools been kicking my tail with time

10/27/2013 #28

Is this RP still active?

12/23/2014 #29

Doesn't look like it. But even so, putting the RP aside, would anyone be interested in discussing other things related to the Animorphs universe? For instance, I was wondering- does a creature necessarily have to be alive to acquire its DNA and use it as a morph? Given the kind of creatures Visser Three morphs into, and how impossible it'd be for him to acquire them through direct contact if they were still alive, I'd argue that they probably don't- dead animals can almost certainly be acquired as morphs. But how long dead could those animals be? For instance, if DNA can still be recovered from the preserved remains of a dead, extinct creature, could it be acquired as a morph? The particular creature I'm thinking about, which I'd like to explore as a potentially super-powerful battle morph, would be the Haast's Eagle, which went extinct i.r.o 500-600yrs ago; useable DNA has been extracted from its preserved eggs, feathers and its bone marrow, and if .

The Haast's Eagle was the largest, heaviest eagle species yet described, weighing up to 17.8 kg and had a wingspan up to 3 metres- with relatively short and blunt wings, designed for maneuverability when hunting in its dense forest habitat. Near-complete skeleton finds show that it had the body and wings of a giant eagle, legs and bill larger and stronger than the largest living vulture species (up to 10 inches long, twice that of the largest Bald Eagle), with feet and claws as big and strong as those of a modern day tiger (up to 75 mm long). Adults stood up to 90 cm tall, were about 1.4m long, and they specialised in hunting prey more than twenty times their size. Haast's Eagles could kill 3.6 metre tall moas by either crushing their skulls or snapping their necks with their extremely powerful talons, or by using their long, powerful bills to rip out their kidneys; attacking at speeds of about 80 km/h (50 mph), ten miles per hour faster than Red-Tailed Hawks, when it struck its prey, it did so with the force of a cinder block falling from the top of an eight-story building. Effectively, a Haast's Eagle is the closest thing you could possibly get to a flying Velociraptor.

So, would it be plausible for an Animorph to acquire its DNA and use it as a battle morph? And are there any other recently extinct animals which one could plausibly get enough useable DNA from, which would be worthy choices to be acquired as morphs? For instance, useable DNA has also been extracted from several of the creatures which were buried in the La Brea Tar Pits- how worthwhile might a trip to La Brea be for an Animorph looking to acquire new morphs? And of the species there, which would you choose to go for? A Mammoth, Smilodon, Short-Faced Bear, American Cheetah, American Lion, Dire Wolf, Giant ground sloth, Mastodon, Giant Bison, or all of the above?

10/31/2015 #30
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