Animorphs: Can YOU survive?
This is just your average animorphs RP, but I don't control it, YOU do. Good luck!
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Alone At Night

Here you can claim the role of the characters in the books

I claim Tobias

4/13/2012 #1

I'll be Jake if it's ok. I've read the entire Animorphs series and know who's who.

4/26/2013 #2
Alone At Night

That'd be great... oh, and I'm taking Tobias now ( we've already established in the rp that the elimist returned him to his human form with morphing abilities... oh, and the origonal animorphs have been missing for a while now ) Just jump in, the real mod is looong gone.

5/1/2013 #3
Ok. That's a great idea about Tobias. It was sad when he became a nothlit:(
5/1/2013 #4
Alone At Night

yeah, I hated it, he's my fav btw :)

5/1/2013 #5

Yeah. My fav is Jake. He's the leader and he has the Siberian Tiger morph.

5/2/2013 #6
Alone At Night

Ok, my OC Alexia is in a park feeling alone, it'd be a nice time for Jake to come in ( she never met him, but knows who he is )

5/2/2013 #7

Ok. I'll be there.

5/2/2013 #8

can i be marco, i know almost everything about him.

5/4/2013 #9
Alone At Night

That'd be amazing.

5/4/2013 #10
thats great
5/5/2013 #11
Alone At Night

you should jump in,oh, back story, the animorphs have been missing for a while due to the elimist, but now he is bringing them back, many things are not cannan, it's open for any one's ideas on what should happen next.

5/5/2013 #12

Sorry I've been gone so long. I've had family bussines and haven't had a computer for awhile, but I'm back and can still play Jake.

6/25/2013 #13
Alone At Night

That would be great, we kinda died here again so we need something to happen. The animorphs were just starting to reapear.

6/25/2013 #14

Ok. Just tell me when you want Jake to appear and I'll come in.

6/26/2013 #15
Alone At Night

Now would be great since the rp is not going forwards at all...

6/26/2013 #16


7/1/2013 #17
Anxious Pineapple

I'll take Cassie and/or Rachel.

11/18/2013 #18
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