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Just random caves, tunnels the bulk of the Underland

8/10/2010 #1
Kallia spread her red streaked brown wings in anticipation of the flight she was about to take. It was late at night, so the other bats around her, especially her mother, were all asleep. Tht didnt bother kallia though, she had been working on her flying for years, she could fly without being heard as easily as the little regalians fell from the air to be caught by fliers below. She dropped from her perch, spreading her wings to catch the air after she had cleared the area where the other fliers slept. Silently, shee took off and squeezed her small bodythrough an opening in the cavewall that led to more tunnels, her favorite place to be
5/3/2012 #2

hey, mind if i join you fruitloop?? because i see no one has RPed here for a while and i was thinking maybe you would like someone to Rp with

8/28/2012 . Edited 8/28/2012 #3

Jade tumbled down into the tunnel. "I'm dead. I'm dead!" she thought to herself after falling from a vent in her laundry room. How weird can you get, right? After feeling each limb, Jade finally articulated that she was not dead. So now to find out where in the world she was!! She looked up slowly and saw, in the glimmer of firelight, something standing over her. She slowly examined it. One, two, three, four, five...six legs?!? Her eyes continued to climb up. Two more legs..no wait..those were antennas!! Jade jumped up with a start and flew back into the wall behind her. Now that she was standing, she noticed it wasn't that big. But it was a lot bigger than the cockroaches back home!! Yup. It was definitely a cockroach. Jade's mind flew through the possibilities. A) try to climb back up the misty tunnel. She looked up into the mist. No top. Yeah, that wasn't happening. B) run past the creppy giant cockroaches, hopping they were nice, and finding out where that pitch black tunnel led. Not to many plausible options. "Come with us, you will, come with us?" OMIGOSH. IT TALKED. "Um...what?" "Come with us, you will, come with us?" it repeated. Jade flew back through her options and realized this was the best one. "Ok..," She said slowly. It sat down on all six legs and said, "Ride you, want to, ride you?" Ok. She gingerly sat upon its back. Half hoping she would crush it. As soon as her feet left the ground, it ran off down the tunnel. After what felt like hours, they passed through some sort of sheet and appeared in an arena. Light surrounded her. And she saw...people? Maybe? Yes, they were people, but the many generations without sun made their skin so pale you could see right through it into their body.


5/25/2013 #4
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