Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Yes, there are rules, and please, take them seriously. Too many roleplays, or worse, friendships, can be ruined by misconduct in the forum as well as failing to adhere to the guidelines set. Try and enjoy yourself as best you can, but remember, these rules are in place to ensure everyone has fun and feels comfortable.

This is a ROLEPLAYING forum. Not a SOCIALIZING forum. If you don't intend to make a character and join and RP (AND COMMIT) then do not flood this chat thread with your posts. If you want to talk to friends, please do so elsewhere. This chat is strictly for established members of the forum, and those who have already proven themselves to be a valuable contributer to the forum.

If I see more posts by users who do not have characters in the forum, that user is going to get banned, for spamming this thread after this warning. If you want to talk with others from this forum, PM them, or use another forum.

This thread comes in three parts; The Rules, Accepted Species, and Thread Infomation.



-Try to keep the language clean, as much as possible. We all sometimes left slip the occasional f-bomb, but went it's between every three words, it's not only befouling but degrading to yourself.

-For the sake of others, if not for the Admin, please keep all your posting in plain, standard English, not text language or annoying abbreviations. Decent grammar and punctuation is not a neccessity but it is greatly appreciated.

-If you have a problem with another user, do not drag it into public and make a spectacle of yourselves. Raise the issue with a moderator, or solve the issue yourself in a peaceful and friendly manner. If a MoD or the Admin has to interfere, they will. If you absolutely cannot settle your differences, under no circumbstances use the chat thread, or any thread, as a verbal battleground. If you must fight, do it via Private Messages.

-A Moderator has the final say on all issues regarding a user's behaviour and judging the acceptability of any characters posted. The only person who has any right to overule moderators is the forum administrator.

-That being said, both Moderators and the Admin are also here to have fun, and many users are likely to be in different time zones when you could be most active. Please be courteous and patient towards everyone and treat them as you would like to be treated.


-Any characters you plan to use consistantly, and have a developed story and role, need a character profile to be posted.

-Please make sure to read the details regarding the RP you wish to join before you submit a character for it. Make sure you're not posting a vampire to a human-only world.

-The MoDs and The Admin have the final say regarding character approval. DO NOT begin roleplaying with your submitted character untill it has been officially approved.

-Your character is only approved for the RP world you submitted them for. Do not try to use them in other RPs without clearing it with a Mod or the Admin.

-When submitting a character, please remember to be thorough. Quality over quantity is an appreciated system, but make sure there's actual quality. Make sure to mention all relevant points and make sure your character is balanced.

-If you have any secrets or hidden facts you wish to conceal from other users, this can be acceptable at times, as long as AT LEAST ONE MODERATOR, AND THE ADMIN is aware of whatever this secret is, to make sure that it does not affect anything established.


-Do not Godmod or power-play your characters. Nobody wants to be completely dominated and even so called "unbeatable" characters can be toppled.

-Do not take control over any other user's character, no matter for how brief a period, without their strict permission and a Mod's acknowledgment.

-Keep any posts unrelated to the RP in the chat thread, or use paranthesis (brackets) to distinguish your posts.

-Do not break the fourth wall, at least, not in a blatantly evident manner, and not consistantly. The focus is the characters, not us, or someone outside of the universe.

-Romance is acceptable. If I must be blunt, foreplay is perfectly fine untill things started getting physically invasive, at which point, a Time-Skip to the end of the deed would be required.

-Please make sure that any actions your character can and will perform will not interfere with any established plot-line before having the potentially come in and screw something up. The plots in this forum are designed to be adaptable, but it is quite a nuisance if things have to be rewritten.

-If you have secured the use of a historical character as authorized by the Moderators, please depict them the way they should be, not neccessarily how you percieve them. Adding little touches and twists are fine, but don't go against the way history depicts them. Unless claims are made, the MoDs have unanimous control of any and all Historicals and NPCs in the RP threads.


If you're character is based on an actual species from real world folklore or mythology, there's a high chance of acceptance, so long as they are well rounded. Species made up from your imagination, and with no folklore/mythological evidence for their existance, are frowned upon. Please try not to use to many obscure ones. We like new species, but we also like to know exactly what they're capable of. Humans, Vampires, Werewolves, Fey, Pixies, Ghosts Angels, Demons and Elves are meerly the most common species we see, please feel free to try for something more unorthodox, like a Bogeyman or a Will O' The Wisp, or even a Jiang Shi, if you can make it work. Just be prepared to answer any questions our moderators may have.

If you have any questions about the Fey as a race, please see to post 71 on page 2 of this thread. This has all current information on the Fey and The Realms at the current moment. If you have any other questions, please see Vespy.

There is a lot of potential for God-Modding here, so I ask you to make sure your characters have some weaknesses.


Below is a list of Black Hearts, Bloody Roses Roleplay threads, in chronological order, with a breif description of their setting, and any neccessary plot details. Alternative universe/timeline threads will be listed seperately. This figure follows the standard, cannonical timeline of the entire Black Hearts, Bloody Roses forum. At the bottom of this, you'll also find the index of OOC (Out Of Character) and miscelanious non-roleplay threads.

For easier access to a particular category of threads, there is a category system provided at the top of the forum, with threads distinguished as "Active Roleplays" and "Non-Roleplay Threads".


The Dawn Of Democracy:- Set during Ancient Greece in its archaic era, specifically in 600 B.C. The rise of many cities and ideas are born in these times, cities and ideas which will endure into the new world and even have a hand in shaping it. The force that is progress, be it gentle or rabid, is in full effect around the ancient lands of the Mediterranean, from Rome to Athens, and from Persia to Babylon. Belief in the old ways, however, still endures in some, and the touch of the divines can still be felt, every now and then. Ideal for ancient, Middle Eastern, and old magic characters.

Veni, Vidi, Vicious:-Set in Rome, during the time of the Roman Empire, 20 A.D. and based on arena battles in the Collosseum. Paranormals are outcasts to society and any found are taken to the arena. The Silver Centurions enforce this act. The current emperor is Caligula. Ideal for combat-based fantasy characters.

Necrobridge:- Set during the 6th Century, 541 A.D, mostly around the city of Necrobridge, in modern Scotland. Plot points focusing on the ancient Tribes of the UK (Picts, Gaels, Britons), Avalon, and the world in the Early Middle Ages/Dark Ages. Ideal for fantasy characters, dark ages characters, and characters based in early Medieval Briton after the fall of Rome in Brittania.

Mightier Than The Sword:- Set during the 7th Century, specifically in 665 A.D, to a backdrop of political intrigue across early Medieval Britain. The Kingdom of Amounderness is the center of attention, with many people who found themselves slated by their own kingdoms flocking to the north-western English kingdom. Under the rule of King Drake, things are rather peaceful and quaint, on the surface at least. Crime does not last long in the kingdom, and justice, it seems, is silent, yet deadly. Ideal for fantasy-based characters and early medieval characters.

Jewels Of The Desert:- Set during the 9th Century, 828 A.D, initially in the city of Baghdad, with action all across both the Middle East and northern Africa. It is the age of enlightenment as the Muslim faith starts finding answers to conundrums here and there, bringing a new era of prosperity to its cities, with some rather dangerous characters stalking the roads between them. Ideal for desert-related characters, Islamic-based characters, traveling merchants or mercenaries.

Kingdom For A Heart:- Set during the close of the 12th Century, and the early days of the Third Crusade, 1187, in the Holy Lands in the Middle East. As well as the Crusaders and Saracens locking swords, war has broken out between two supernatural races; The Djinn and The Ghouls, yet the outbreak is shrouded in mystery. Ideal for soldier and desert-related-characters, mercenaries and knights, as well as general victims of warfare and invasion.

Unholy Knights Of The North:- Set during the 11th Century, in the Nordic countries of Nothern Europe during the well-rounded year of 1000 AD. Home to Vikings and Warriors alike, on the edge of discovering the strange land that would one day become... America. Additional small plots diverting throughout the continued Norse invasions of Europe. Ideal for fantasy-based characters, particularly combat reliant and from Norse Mythology.

Wilting Rose:- Set during the 14th Century, in Europe with a focus on England in 1349. The black death sweeps the mainland and England, infecting humans and paranormals alike with a malicious curse that destroys them. Ideal for high to late Medieval and Fantasy-based characters.

Promised Lands:- Set during the 16th Century, worldwide but with a focus on Europe in 1519. As explorers begin to unveil the mysteries of the Earth's land, new cultures and people are united by travel. Ideal for Renaissance-based, late Medieval characters, with a focus on exploration, and the Three G's: God, Glory, and Gold.

Of Kings and Queens:- Set during the final decade of the 16th Century, and centered around the intriguing affairs of Elizabethan Shetland, islands towards the north of Scotland, during 1592. With Scotland on one side, and the Danes on the other, can the much-loved Queen Oriana, awakened from her cursed slumber, keep her kingdom peaceful and under control, even when the Unseelie Court sets its sights on her throne? Ideal for Elizabethan aristocratic and noble characters, as well as urchins and commoners, mostly European peoples, but others, are welcome too.

American Dark Ages: Set during the late 17th Century in Massachussets, in a city named Dawngate in 1692. Magic is heresey and many struggle to keep themselves safe as familes and freindships are strained beyond belief. Ideal for witches and Puritan/Pilgrim characters.

Wraiths Of The Sea:- Set during the 18th Century in the Carribbean, 1702 based heavily on pirates. The plotline follows three captains; 1) The pirate ship The Ravenfang and it's captain, Zacharia Havenwood's mysterious quest which his crew embarks. 2) The pirate ship Cruelty's Heart captained by Kelly Kestrel and her crew of Goblins from German, seeking the fabled golden city of El-Dorado. 3) The Skychariot, captained by Tyson Skylander, and crewed by his few loyalists and a bunch of other misfits, seeking for a cure of all ailments. Ideal for pirate-based characters or sea-based characters.

Since The First Shot:- Set during the 18th Century, mostly on the east coast of North America, during the Revolutionary War, specifically in 1778. As the British begin to set their sights southward, those with comfortable lives in the south begin worrying about their future, and some more selfless souls worry about the future of all people, and forge a union that defies allegiances, in the hopes of protecting knowledge. Ideal for Colonial, Revolutionary War, Pirates, Slaves and Peasant characters.

Shattered Kingdoms:- Set during the 19th Century in mainland Europe in the final months of 1805, just after the Battle of Trafalgar. Napoleon Bonaparte spreads the cruel hand of war across Europe, attracting fighters and investigators from all over the world, as the British and French Empire clashes. Ideal for Regency/Napoleonic characters, soldiers, Enlightenment thinkers, and those affected by the Napoleonic Wars.

Burning The Midnight Oil:- Set during the 19th Century in Southern China, starting at the city of Canton, in 1840. The Opium War has been kindled and now the British are beginning their siege of China as they try to recover their interests in a most peculiar flower, as well as try and adjust to an otherwise alien culture. Ideal for East Asian characters, naval characters, drug runners, soldiers, and the seedy underworld of a world on the brink of war.

Crimson Cliffs:- Set during the 19th Century (fall 1877) in the Wild West of America, focused on a small town and the settlers at the base of the San Bernadino Mountains. Men and women try to irk out an existence on the frontier, with the wasteland of desserts nearby making life even more dangerous. Ideal for lawbreakers, frontier settlers, and cowboy-style characters.

The Bloodiest Rose:- Set during the late 19th Century, 1889, in London, shortly after the Jack The Ripper killings. A new, mysterious killer prowls the streets, killing unpredictably and indiscriminately, and goes by the mantra of The Bloody Rose. Ideal for late Victorian style characters, as well as prostitutes and police officers.

Look Behind The Facade:- Set during the late 19th Century, 1899 London, England. Everyone has a secret, and everyone has a facade that they hide behind, from the wealthiest families to the poorest on the street. These secrets come out when men and women whisper behind fans and gloves as servants silently serve drinks, in hopes that no one will ever turn their attention towards them. Ideal for late Victorian characters, aristocracy down to the poorest of the poor.

Black Hearts, Silver Bullets:- Set during 1922, in Chicago, American Midwest. The Roaring Twenties are filled with glitz, glamor, and all that glitters, with dancers, musicians, gangs, and prostitutes running through the streets. Beyond the sparkle are people standing up and demanding their due as unions are formed, women still struggle for equality despite gaining the right to vote, all ethnic groups keep to their own parts of town, and money talks and justice turns a blind eye on a few misunderstandings. Ideal for Mob/Mafia-based characters, working class, and those who fought for our rights today.

The Endless Summer:- Set in the colorful year of 1969, in the United States but focused in cities mostly. Man is soon to step on the moon, and the greatest rock festival in history is in the works during a year of revolutionary open-mindedness. Ideal for traveling characters, Hippies, soldiers, and those clinging to the traditional way of life from the decade before.

Alabaster City:- Set now, in the modern day, in Alabaster City. James Saxon begins the build up of what is to become the Blood Apocalypse, and the government-fueled CVAS, the Conflict Vigilance Action Squad rounds up dangerous paranormals for imprisonment, experiments, and other horrors, but for now, all is well enough. Millions of plot points surround the modern city. Ideal for any contemporary characters.

Malibu City: Set now, in the modern day, in Malibu City, in Florida. Modern crime, drugs, to the ideal and students surround the large city as men and women around work to irk out a living for themselves, in whatever way they know how. Ideal for contemporary characters.

Willow's Peak:-Set now, on an insane asylum and high-security prison on an island off the western coast of the U.S. Derranged and dangerous paranormals call this place their home and struggle to find a way off the inescapable island. Ideal for contemporary characters as well as psychologically-damaged characters.

Blood Apocalypse:- Set ten years in the future, back in Alabaster City. All out civil war has erupted between Vampires and Werewolves, as James Saxon makes his bid for domination and seems to be winning the fight. Meanwhile, humans, werewolves, and others struggle to maintain their lives as the tyrannical Vampires leech it away. Ideal for post-modern characters.

The following is a list of non-canonical RP threads that are either alternate universes/timelines or are alternate endings to aforementioned threads.

Night Life:- An Alternate Timeline of Alabaster City, based mostly around the dangerous nightclub named Night Life.

Savage Underground:- An Alternate Universe, set in the modern day, based on a secret fight club, managed by The System. Ideal for any type of combat based and contemporary characters.

The Show Must Go On:- An Alternate Timeline, set in the Modern Day, that follows the travels of Lazarus Wednesday's Travelling Circus. Ideal for circus-based characters or performers.

Ancestral Memories:- An Alternate Timeline, set 17 years after Blood Apocalypse. All is well and the city is mostly normal again, although the SDA has replaced CVAS, and they intended to cause a chain reaction that brings all paranormals back to how they should be. Ideal for contemporary characters.

Paranormal Wasteland:-An Alternate Timeline, set roughly 200 years after Blood Apocalypse.The plot follows Company 93, a band of survivors that escaped the destruction of their home in Canada by Werewolves. They're making their way south through America, in order to reach Peru, and the Silvermine City of Asilo, the only sure haven from the horrors of the rest of the world. Character Approval is much stricter. Please ask for more details.

Reign In Blood:- An Alternate Timeline, set roughly 50 years after Blood Apocalypse. James Saxon grew hungry for power and his conquest consumed the world, putting him at the head of a new tyrannical and unforgiving world order. His word is law, and his actions are history. Whilst those who support live with moderate comfort, a determined underground of freedom fighters are persistent in their attempts to remove him from power.

Shadow Of The Sky:- An Alternate Timeline set in the year 2063. After a meteorite crashes into earth and wipes out the phenomenon of electricity itself, and a malicious disease wipes out 99.96% of all humans, the world has decayed and been reclaimed by nature. Survivors try to keep the surviving humans under control, whilst avoiding the deadly disease-bearing Crysts.


Chattercouch:- The social hub of the forum and the place to relax and unwind, and just generally chat with whoever's online. The subtitle changes regularly, often to fit a current conversation.

Your Music, Right Now?:- A little fun thread just to post the music you happen to be listening to at this moment.

Plot Ideas/Annoucements:- AKA "Theatre Of Dreams", the best place to go to find relevant plot infomation, plot discussion, and general annoucements.

Character Profiles:- AKA "Birth Of A Legend", where your well-thought-out, and detailed character profiles will be posted and subjected to the judgement of the forum's MoD's and the Admin.

Character Index:- A condensed list of all the characters posted by all committed RPers in the Profiles thread. Characters are arranged by page number, and then post number, name, species, roleplayer and then the roleplay they're involved in.

Forum Rules:- Rather self-explanatory, since you'd have to have read them already to be reading this. Nonetheless, a place to find the rules of conduct, infomation on roleplay threads, and a place to ask the Mods questions about character creation.

Minor Characters:- Small, bit-part characters only intended to stimulate plot or a non-detailed side-story. More detailed characters require a full profile.

Character Diaries:- A thread to post first-person perspective entries from the minds of your characters to give us a deeper look at their thought processes and reactions to the situations faced in the roleplays.

Quotes and Sayings:- AKA "Voices", just a thread to post a particular line by a particular person that you feel like sharing.

Artwork and Pictures:- A thread to post up images, either photographs or artworks, that represent the look of your characters to you.

Soundtracks and Theme Tunes:- A thread to post up pieces of music that fit a particular scene, situation, character or pairing, in your opinion.

Past, Present And Future:- AKA "A Glimpse In Time" a short-story thread where you can post particular segments of a character's history for the appreciation of others, and to give them a deeper look into a character's backstory.


Well done for reading this far, if you indeed have. It means you're ready for the final stages of getting your character integrated and joining our little community of storymakers. To prove you're indeed one of us, finish your FIRST character profile with the passphrase "THE LIES I WEAVE ARE OH SO INTRICATE" at the bottom. You will only need to do this once, so there's no reason to worry about embaressing yourself. Welcome to BHBR, from myself and the other moderators, we hope you enjoy your visit.


11/7/2009 . Edited by Secret Vesper, 7/22/2017 #1

This may be a stupid question, but what is the fourth wall?

2/24/2011 #2
Iron's Grasp

The fourth wall is an illusion.

It's what separates the audience from the actors. Or characters, in this case.

2/24/2011 #3

What race do you have to be to be able to use magic?

3/1/2011 #4

Witches/Witch Boys, Faeries/Fey, and Elves.

Other races are acceptable, if an adequate reason is given for their powers.

3/1/2011 #5

What is old for a fairy, also will a hybrid between an elf and a fairy be able to be 17 in this.

3/2/2011 #6

Fairies are immortal in every thread except Paranormal Wasteland, and an elf/fairy hybrid would also not exist in that thread, the character being either elf or fairy.

In all other threads, yes, a fairy-elf hybrid would exist and can plausibly be 17.

3/2/2011 #7

Thank you

3/2/2011 #8

Do faries have the ability to sprout wings

3/2/2011 #9

If they do, they're pixies and not faeries.

Same genre, but different species. Faries are just magical and very graceful normal people, and pixies have wings, but also green skin and the ability to shrink.

Or, they can be Fey, which Vespy will now explain;-

3/2/2011 #10

I think I can work the wings in with the characters powers thanks for the help

3/2/2011 #11
Secret Vesper

I'm not fond of how you make it sound like I'm at your beck and call, Joben... :P

Hey newbie!! Alright, the Fey are a very old race of people who, to put it simply, are kind of a mix of fairies and elves. They all appear to be human, but each as a spirit animal they can transform into. Most often have characteristics of their spirit animal, for example I have a fey who's spirit animal is a calico cat, she has cat ears, tail, eyes and retractable claws. Each Fey may choose how many characteristics they have from their animal so they can look more human or more animalistic as they choose. They live in the Realms, which is where all magic comes from and have a deep connection with the magic and nature. They follow a rather pagan religion, following the Great Mother Goddess (think Morgan le Fey and Avalon and such from King Arthur tales) If you have more questions, feel free to ask me, this is kind of just a basic run down.

3/2/2011 #12

Thank you for the help

3/2/2011 #13

Can there be mercinaries in blood apocalpse

3/16/2011 #14


3/16/2011 #15
The Jasper Raven

Real quick: What are rules for gargoyles?

6/26/2011 #16

Gargoyles are usually made by taking a wound from some sort of magical rock or statue.

At Night, Gargoyles may freely transform between human and gargoyle forms, which include wings, tails, and horns.

During the day, Gargoyles must remain in human form. If in their Gargoyle forms and exposed to sunlight, they will freeze like a statue untill sundown.

6/26/2011 #17
The Jasper Raven

Oh good! That works perfectly! Thank you! :D

6/26/2011 #18

I have a quick question about violence towards other characters...are we allowed to temporarily maim each other if we get the other poster's consent--for fight scenes, etc...or do we interact with strangers of our own creation for those sort of actions? Thanks in advance :)

1/27/2012 #19

Any conflict and it's consequences between characters should be discussed in the Theatre Of Dreams thread by both players. And any plans regarding NPCs should also be posted here, so MoD NPCs such as police forces can respond accordingly if so desired or deemed neccessary.

1/27/2012 #20

I have thre characters in mind but I was think about dragon age when I made them where should I put them?

2/25/2012 #21

Why don't you post them up and I'll tell you what I think they're suitable for.

2/25/2012 #22

Species made up from your imagination, and with no folklore/mythological evidence for their existance, are frowned upon

We like new species, but we also like to know exactly what they're capable of.

Okay, is this to say that we cannot have a new species, or can we have a new species if it has a base for its use?

4/6/2012 #23

You cannot have original species that you just made up.

If it's a spin on an existing species, the matter will be discussed by the MoDs regarding your rendition of that species.

Any species that stays true to their alleged capabilities stands the best chance at approval.

That is not to say, you cannot introduce a new species that already exists (That's encouraged), just don't make them up.

4/6/2012 #24

Okay. I have a spin on a werewolf but I didn't know if it would be allowed... (still don't know for that matter) could you direct me to the thread where I could post that idea?

4/6/2012 #25

Hmm... Try just posting the character in the Birth thread, and we'll see.

4/6/2012 #26
Roseria Sylvester

i am interested in joining this, but i have a few questions:

Is this RP based off anything? or is it an original work?

THis forum is really massive and i've never been in a forum this huge, if i asked for help geting used to this place- would i be annoying anyone?

4/29/2012 #27
Secret Vesper

Hey! I'm Vespy, one of the admin. and welcome to the wonderful world of BHBR.

It's all an original work, but there are some specific rules that need to be followed, although, I'm pretty sure they're all written up in the Rules Thread (aka here, up at the top ^)

You can ask whatever questions you need, although, it's pretty straight forward. All characters have to be submitted in Birth of a Legend (the character thread) and approved by either me, Brya or Joben, our moderator. This usually doesn't take long, Joben and I are on at least once a day and Brya pops in when she has a chance between military stuffs. We accept almost any species as long as it can be tied back to a mythical or legendary creature. We'll be a little harsher on judging your first character, just simply because we don't know you. Joben and I had a bad experience with another on one of my forums who went on a power trip, so we just may be a little harsher to make sure there's no god-moding, etc. There's a brief synopsis of each roleplay thread up near the rules (which also need to be read) to give you an idea of what's going on. Once you have a character approved, we can give you some in-depth, this-is-what's-happening-right-now info and work on getting you set in.

That should give you a pretty good idea of how to get started, if you have any questions, go a head and post them up and someone will get to you and answer them.

4/29/2012 #28

Each RP thread is tailored to a specific point in history, with a focus on events at the time, such as Wraiths of the Sea is set in 1702, the end of the golden age of Piracy in the Carribbean, and Wilting Rose is set in 1349, right in the middle of the scare created by the Black Death across Europe.

Also, good to see you here :) Hope you enjoy it.

4/29/2012 #29
Roseria Sylvester

So im guessing a Valkyrie would be acceptable? if so, where (or rather when?) do you suggest i RP as such a character?

4/29/2012 #30
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