Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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It's entirely acceptable (In fact, Vespy has one herself), and depending on what you want, you could put them absolutely anywhere, but I'd personally reccomend Wilting Rose, Unholy Knights of the North, or perhaps American Dark Ages.

For more specific infomation of each one, check the THREAD INFO section of the rules :)

4/30/2012 #31
Roseria Sylvester

great! if im allowed multipule characters, i think i will probably put my valkyrie in Unholy Knights of the North then think of another character for Wilting Rose- that one sounds really cool!

a few questions about creating my character: what variant of valkyie would you prefer i use? the winged or non-winged variety? techincally they are more commonly seen without and ride on pegasi but i wanted to be certain. Also, does she have to actually LOOK norse, or can i make her have like- Blood Red hair and bright green eyes?

4/30/2012 . Edited 4/30/2012 #32
Secret Vesper

She can be winged or non-winged. My valkyrie is winged. And she doesn't have to look Norse if you don't want her to.

4/30/2012 #33
Roseria Sylvester

thanks! i shall finish her profile and probably get to posting it later tonight.

4/30/2012 #34
Roseria Sylvester

Actually i just realized the norse RP is massive, there is NO WAY i can catch up and have any idea what im doing... i'll do some more research and probably join one of the modern RPs instead.

4/30/2012 #35

Oh please, don't worry! No plotline has been established to Knights, you can still join, it's mostly been conversation.

Honestly, if you have doubts about joining anywhere, I can always fill you in on the plot, if there even is one.

4/30/2012 #36
Secret Vesper

Yeah, don't worry about it. It's kinda just been Joben and I derping around. There's not an established plot or anything.

4/30/2012 #37
Roseria Sylvester
Okay thanks! actually i was looking at the other RPs a little more and Alabaster City sounded pretty cool, thats the one with a bunch of vampires right? If so, i have a character in mind for joining that one... only problem is she would be an "Artificially created Dhampire". would that be allowed?
4/30/2012 #38

As long as it's well explained :) We have the WereSoldier programe here, genetically engineered werewolves for military situations, so an artifical Dhampir is entirely plausible.

4/30/2012 #39
Roseria Sylvester

Sweet! though i know you guys said there is no specific plot, is there any kind of Anti-Vampire organization that might want to create the perfect vampire hunter?

4/30/2012 #40

you'd most likely be looking for CVAS, a millitant arm of the government that handles paranormal issues like the FBI would human ones. In Alabaster, their commander is Captain Lance Constantine, well known for his aggressive, zero-tolerance policy to paranormal-troublemakers. If CVAS developed her, then Lance would probably has a use for her. She'd be an Agent, which is a kind of no red-tape rank... you've played ME? Agents are essentially Spectres. She'd only answer to Captain Constantine, and maybe a partner, as it's likely she'd be teamed with somebody, but solo Agents are possible if you prefer her alone, though we could always twist the story and have her forced to have a partner :D

CVAS would only target criminal paranormals though, so she'd only go after bad vampires... which right now, at the top of that list, would be the vampire that recently assassinated the mayor of the city in the name of vampire supremacy. I can explain more in the thread in character :)

4/30/2012 #41
Roseria Sylvester

well i guess i'll post her profile, because it explains more about her there. but she doesn't hunt vampires because she is actually seen as a "Failed Experiment"

4/30/2012 #42

How bout humanoid Angel?

5/28/2012 #43
Secret Vesper

Angels are approved

5/29/2012 #44

So in what topics are they aloud?

5/29/2012 #45
Secret Vesper

Any of them... I'm not sure about Paranormal Wasteland, but that's the only strict one with species, if it's allowed in BHBR, it's allowed in all the roleplays.

5/29/2012 #46


5/29/2012 #47
would dragons who morph into people be fine?
6/28/2012 #48
Secret Vesper

Depends on what roleplay it's in. Joben will have to tell you specifics, but after a certain period, they have all been killed off (Don't ask me why... something our admin did.)

6/29/2012 #49

As long as a human form is all they can achieve, it's fine, but I'd prefer there to be no dragons in a time period after the Industrial Revolution, more or less. They're more a historical species, and I'd like to keep them out of modern day, at least in the canon roleplays we have established.

6/29/2012 #50
dragons eventually became extinct from continual slaughter. k, thanks.
7/2/2012 #51
Cliche KH Fan

new here, just have a couple questions.

Are there any fantasy realms like as in not on earth, something just made up.

If not would it be acceptable if I or someone else started one?

is it OP to have some sort of immunity, or partial immunity to something like fear, disease, or curses?

7/14/2012 #52
Secret Vesper

Hey! Welcome to BHBR, I'm Vespy, one of the mods.

To answer your questions, no, all of the threads are based from earth with supernaturals living there. There is a fold in the universe (... I guess that's what you'd call it) called the Realms, this is an exact mirror of earth before humans started to modernize... think way before civilizations were formed. The entire Realms is all still natural and the people who live there are the Fey, fairies, and other nature-based supers. If you want to do something with the Realms, you'll have to talk to me. It's my creation and more or less my baby, so I'm kinda strict on people playing with it.

your second question, no, you can't start one. If you have an idea, place it in the plot thread and Joben, the admin, Brya, the other mod, and I will take a look at it. But honestly, it's not really what we're here for. We work around different historical times and events, and bring the supernatural and mythology into the formula.

As for immunity, it all depends on what it is and where you are... if you join Wilting Rose, that's in the time of the black death and we have it that the disease is able to change itself so that no one has the ability to know 100% that they won't get it. Everyone has an equal chance of getting it. Fear? That just doesn't sound plausible to me... we want characters to be as well rounded and realistic as we're able. No one's afraid of nothing, there's always something that is able to scare someone. As for curses... it's the same as fear and diseases, even our strongest witches or magical beings, they all have a chance to be cursed. some can have less of a chance, but there's always a chance they'll run into someone more powerful than them.

7/14/2012 #53
I would like to join your forum please...
8/15/2012 #54

No need to ask, brother, just post up a charri :D

8/15/2012 #55
The Old New Girl


Before I submit my character (who's bio isn't done yet) I have some questions. Is Behind the Facade a human only RP? If it isn't what species are allowed? Also, is there any information that I need to know?

11/19/2012 #56

Any species that exists in folklore and mythology, of any culture, is allowed :D

The only limit is no Original Species.

All RP threads, apart from Paranormal Wasteland, have no limits as regards to character species.

Hope that helps!

11/19/2012 #57
The Old New Girl

It does :) Thank you!

11/19/2012 #58

Hullo! I was curios if you still allowed people to join, and if you do, I had a couple of questions regarding characters.

1/4/2013 #59
Secret Vesper

Of course you're still allowed to join! I'm Vespy, one of the mods, and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

1/5/2013 #60
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