Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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You know, I really love that name... Theatre Of Dreams... Anyway...

Discuss plot ideas, twists and elements here. You are at FanFic for a reason. You're bound to get a stroke of inspiration at some point. Don't keep it all to yourself, share it with the world!

11/7/2009 . Edited 10/12/2013 #1

Thinking of introducing a new species. You'll know where the idea comes from, If you've seen X-Men 2.

These creatures are called Nightcrawlers. During the day, they look completley human, unless the choose to show their true form. They always have lizardlike tail, which is shaped like an arrowhead at the end.

Always, at night, Two fingers recceed, and the other two, and the thumb get longer and thicker. The same applies to their toes. They have sharp nails, like claws, and also sharp teeth, but they don't suck blood... unless they want to. They feed by placing their hands over a persons head, and absorbing their emotions. Depending on the will of the Nightcrawler's agenda, this can be painless or painfull. Nightcrawlers can transfer the "Nightcrawler Gene" by cuting their victims with their tail in the neck, like a Vampire bite.

Nightcrawler's skin colour varies, depending on the person. In their true form, they can be any colour, but only that colour. They cannot have normal skin colour. They are highly athletic, acrobatic, and agile. Not physically strong, but incredibly swift.

11/7/2009 #2

ImagativeRainbowPenguin's Post.

I want to introduce the idea of a vampire council or a secret society for the vampires.

The Vampire Council will be led by Aro, Demetri, and Markus since they are the three original vampires. And there shall be rules for the vampires:

1) No vampire may kill an innocent and otherwise the offender will be sent to a trial and if proven guilty will be sentenced to a century in the dungeons.

2) No vampire may mate with a human, otherwise the offenders will be sentenced to death. No trial.

3) No vampire may kill it's kin, otherwise the offenders will be sentenced to death (burning of blood)

The Burning of Blood is typically the worst way for a vampire to die. It involves being injected with a serum similar to the lethal injection the humans use. The serum would flow with the blood until activated by a special thing in the blood that only vampires have and once it's activated, the serum would destory the blood cells and make the victim feel as if their blood was burning.

11/7/2009 #3


The Vampires were always considered the more sophisticated and civilized beings being ranked just above humans and Werewolves being ranked with animals who are just below the humans.

Most Vampires despise Werewolves since their way of feeding is much more... brutal and animal-like. Some Vampires hate the Werewolves so much that they hunt them down, which means that the population of Werewolves are very low and the remaining Werewolves are at risk of being 'exterminated'.

11/8/2009 #4

Interesting thought... Social breakdown between the two cultures draws them into conflict, which drops our charries knee deep in shit creek...

11/9/2009 #5

EXACTLY! I like drama ^_^

11/9/2009 #6

^vwv^ Hey, Rainy!

11/9/2009 #7

Hey Josh!

11/9/2009 #8


The Old Religion is basically an order for those who have magic in their blood and the Old Religion is focused on keeping the magic alive, and secret. Their headquarters are located out in the Dark Marshes, just outside Necrobridge. There are many scrolls and texts containing old spells and the history of the races.

11/9/2009 #9

Sounds interesting...

11/9/2009 #10

There's more to it, but my muse is being used up to make a new character or two...

11/9/2009 #11


I gotta bring in Crow, and maybe Lucien (From Blue Bloods)

Pandora/Corey FTW!

11/9/2009 #12

Yep!!! FTW!!!

11/9/2009 #13


The Magics:

Every witch has their specialty, one of the 5 magics would be what they are most talented at. The most common magic is Blood Magic and the least is Nature Magic.

Blood Magic: All spells under blood magic require a blood sacrifice. The strength of the spells depend on how much blood was sacrificed. More blood means a higher chance of the spell working. Blood Magic is a type of life magic.

Bone Magic: All spells under Bone Magic requires the correct bone and rune for the correct spell. For example, the finger bones of either a racoon or a human with runes of sun, fire, sky, and power etched or engraved into the bones. Most spells under this magic are spells to predict the future or to learn past events. Bone Magic is a mix between life and death magic.

Familiar Magic: This magic is the bonding or link between witches and animals. The animals and witches were naturally bonded, but the bond has weakened over time and even before they used familiar magic to strengthen the bond. Witches can only bond with one animal at a time, but their natural bond allowed them to speak to the animals if they wish to. Once the Witch bonds with the animal that is chosen, they share powers and abilities, the strength and number of abilities depending on how strong the bond is. This is a life magic.

Nature Magic: This magic is a rare magic nowadays among the witch community. The magic has been long forgotten since the war between the Faeries and Witches occurred in the medieval times. The rare few who have even just a drop of this magic are quite powerful. Most abilities and spells that are under this magic are unknown, but what is known is that there was a prophecy of 4 who are of pure Nature, Familiar, Bone, and Blood magic who will lead the witches in the future war between the races...

And it is said that there are two who are both daughter and son of a goddess Hekate. One has pure life magic and the other pure death magic. They are said that if they are ever unearthed that they would be either the down fall of mankind or the rise of them...

11/9/2009 . Edited 11/12/2009 #14


11/10/2009 #15
Iron's Grasp

Hey, what's CVAS? I've seen you post a few things about it Joben, but never got it.

11/10/2009 #16

Uh yeah... I should have explained it really...

CVAS, Conflict Vigilance Action Squad, they're an arm of the Human Military, that qwell uprisings from normal and paranormal creatures that are determined to overthrow the current system of government.

...I guess you could say that Brutus would interest them...

11/10/2009 . Edited 11/10/2009 #17
Iron's Grasp

Oh yeah, I bet they've launched a satellite dedicated to finding him by now...

11/10/2009 #18

Maybe... I just can't wait to see what happens when he next runs into Ramante...

I has a plan... *evil grin*...

11/10/2009 #19


The CVAS has three different branches, the military branch, the scientific branch, and the research/detective branch.

Those under the military branch are the ones that are basically are the ones who deal with all the known paranormal beings, tracking them down and either taking them in for experimentation or killing them. Their weapons are identical to the ones that the army uses, but the ammunition is quite different...

Those under the scientific branch are the ones who experiment on the paranormal.

Those under the detective branch are those who are under cover as regular people to gain information on the paranormal.

11/11/2009 #20

Love it!

11/11/2009 #21


I wanted to make a character under the scientific branch...

I G2G, I'll be back later though

11/11/2009 #22

Okay, see ya soon, hopefully!

11/11/2009 #23

I updated the magics ^_^

11/12/2009 #24

Love it!

I'm adding a new RP.

11/13/2009 #25

There's more to the story, but I don't feel like typing it right now.


11/13/2009 #26

^vwv^ Hey Rainy, whats up?

11/13/2009 #27

I'm extremely tired. Today was EXHAUSTING!

11/13/2009 #28

What happened?

11/13/2009 #29

I went over to my friend Chrissy's house and then we walked to Justin's house...

I learned a lot of things about Justin today. He plays the drums and he can't go an hour without playing it without going crazy, he reads comic books (many about spider man...), he has the cutest little bulldoggy, his phone is pink-ish colored and girly, his family are all musical and stuff, and that I think I might like him... but maybe just in a friend way...

11/13/2009 #30
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