Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Mmmm... blood, violence, and gore.

6/6/2010 #991
Mistress Brya

I think my muse actually is working, I came up with a pretty bad ass power!!!

6/6/2010 #992


6/6/2010 #993
Mistress Brya

One word.


6/6/2010 #994

Yummy sounding!

6/6/2010 #995
Mistress Brya

My muse has been flowing, don't really know why I came up with this idea, could prove to be useful.

Physical Abilities/Powers for vampires. Generally, the vampires that have these physical and/or mental ability are hybrids, either that has one pure breed parent, charmed, hexed, cursed, or is a vampire/fairy hybrid.

Blades of Blood- A vampire lifts any bare, naked blood off the ground and it glows pinkish and turns sharp, cutting thorugh most things like butter.

Flames of Blood- This only works with the vampires own blood. The vampire cuts their palm with a blade/knife and throws the blood anywhere on the ground. Instantly, the blood bursts into flames that can shoot quite high.

Mirror of Blood- This can only work if there is a mass amount of blood on the ground. The vampire collects a lot of blood and turns it into a flat surface, whose texture and sheen magnify until it's a crimson-tinted mirror. The vampire uses this as a long-lasting shield as well as a portal, and to see anywhere at once.

Pillars of Blood- This ability only works during massacres. Using the blood of ten bodies or more, the vampire can create solidified, sharp pillars of blood that can rocket off the ground and fly at the enemy. Most vampires rarely uses this since none of them rarely kills enough people to in enough time. It also takes a large amount of energy and tends to leave them tired.

Mental Abiltiy


This is complicated, and it has many features most vampire haven't learned how to use yet or they dont even have it. When he/she concentrates and closes his eyes, he can use it. If they have this ability. 

-When the eyes opens during Sight, they have no pupil and glow a deep yet eerie color

-When in this mode, senses are slightly enhanced, peripheral vision is broadened greatly, and can see many, many things about people. 

- there is a layered aura surrounding the person that tells their health, stamina, morals (alignment) 

- can monitor their heartbeat as recently discovered. 

- see a broad halo around their heads that gives a power level reading. 

- While at first, people with high powers are unable to use the Sight since their halos were so blinding 

- eventually the next step to learn is to tone it down and to change the measurement to size instead 

- able to eventually completely ignore any auras altogether should he/she choose to.

-can also see weak spots, which glow a dull red on their bodies.

These are not all learned at one time, they take sometimes years to gain, master and perfect. If the powers are ill-used. They can render the user blind and sometimes fatal, by a mysterious disease.  

6/6/2010 #996
Secret Vesper

okay... so I thought of this a week or so ago, and it just popped into my mind with a bunch of details last night at like 12:30-1 am so I had to get up and write it down before I forgot it... It would come the night that I had to be up early... okay, so just read through and send some feedback, I've got time for a short general thing and I'm still working out some of the details which I can add if you all sound interested to put it up as a thread or something.

In short, there are the wealthy families of the Victorian era, a time period where everything was about apperances, especially for the wealthy. But each family has a few skeletons in their closets, some literally.. Not only are they hiding the normal secrets, like affairs with the servants and unpaid gambling debts, but also the unknown world of vampires, werewolves, witches, ect, so on and so forth, not only keeping it hidden from the gossip collums in the paper, but also each other.

The way I see it, there will be a few households, which I'm working on coming up with, and each household has the family (obviously), at least one paranormal and one normal secret and then the servants. There are already betrothals, friendships forged, enemies made and hidden agendas in each family along with the problem of old and new money. And, they can't tell who is what, like in the normal roleplays, where they give off a smell or look different or something, they all appear to be humans to one another, nothing different.

That's pretty much what I have so far, with a few more idea's but since I don't have idea's formulated around those yet, they don't make much sense... And, plus, I'm running out of time since I have to go babysitting in half an hour... just give some feedback and I'll answer any questions you have when I get home!!

6/10/2010 #997
Fear Die Rothaarige

This could be a lot of fun.

6/10/2010 #998
Secret Vesper

glad you like it, I kind of figured that it might be interesting. The way I see it is I would put together the families, a small background and then give a small thing with who was betrothed, who was friends, enemies, business partners, just a small thing with more than enough room to interperate and then you can choose who you want to be. Each family would be a different race, so there would be the vampire family, the witch family, the shifter/were family (still working on that) umm... maybe a family that I the idea from a book I read once where they're almost super humans, very good with fighting and they were sent to destroy the races besides the humans and them. They're like guardians or hunters. But I'm totally into imput for what kind of races wanted, plus, there will also be servants and then I have a the writer of the news paper gossip collum that are more than welcome to put whatever race you want to them.

6/11/2010 #999
Fear Die Rothaarige

Sounds cool. I'm happy to help if you need it.

6/11/2010 #1,000
Secret Vesper

thanks, well, I've got a note book (which looks really confusing) right now full of stuff, I have five families sorted out, I just haven't decided on races yet, if there's any suggestions, I'd be completely open to them

6/11/2010 #1,001
Fear Die Rothaarige

Hm... What about a family made of mix-match creatures? Like the mother could be a vamp, father a were, they could have children of their own, and they could have adopted a few children of different races. Kinda like a foster family.

6/11/2010 #1,002
Fear Die Rothaarige

This is my new idea.

A group of 13 children, most who are rich kids, who have never had to lift a finger in their lives, are shipwreaked after a powerful storm blows their boat out of the cove that they had taken shelter in while celebrating the end of school, and crashed them onto an unknown island somewhere in the ocean. Now, lost and alone, these children will have to learn to survive intill help comes... if it ever will. They are not alone on the island, something lives on it with them, watching, waiting for one of them to make a mistake.

This will be kinda like what Chibi did with assigning chari's, a list of names will be posted later on, if this thread idea is supported. You'll be asigned a chari, and a chari can be requested.

6/11/2010 #1,003
Secret Vesper

Umm... as much as I like the idea, the whole point is to hide that they're vampires/weres ect from the others because none of them get along. They're idea is to keep their bloodlines pure, so the vampires only marry vampires, the were's only marry were's, the only will marry humans outside of their bloodline since humans don't change their gene pools, if a vampire marries a human, their children will be either pure vampire or pure human, nothing mixing it.

6/11/2010 #1,004
Secret Vesper

sounds pretty cool Pein.

6/11/2010 #1,005
Fear Die Rothaarige

Oh.. Well.. *Thinks*.... family of Shinigami? Their basicaly like the grim reaper.

Thanks. Any ideas for my idea?

6/11/2010 . Edited 6/11/2010 #1,006
Secret Vesper

that might work...

I know I want to do vampires and witches. I want to put weres in too, but also shfters, my version of shifters is quite like weres though, so I don't know if I want to put them in one family, grim reaper could be cool, I don't know much about them though, can you fill me in a little??

6/11/2010 #1,007
Fear Die Rothaarige

Here's the wiki entry. Its not much, but since they don' have much info, it lets you play around with the species.

6/11/2010 #1,008
Secret Vesper

umm... well, you'd probably want the wide variety, the popular girl, the jock, the nerd, the musician, the goth, the prep, the outcast.

Or you could also make them mostly the same, friends before, so 8 are the popular rich kids and then the other five were the ones that had jobs on the boat and would be kind of the others, it could make things a little interesting.

6/11/2010 #1,009
Fear Die Rothaarige

Thanks Vespy. I like that. Thanks.

6/11/2010 #1,010
Secret Vesper

good to know, depending on how you wanted to do it, the rich kids could be vampires/weres/witches ect ect and the workers could be human, not knowing about their employers secrets.

oh and I kind of like that grim reaper-ish idea... maybe I'll play with that a bit... I still kind of want to put in the hunters/human guardians, but I don't know as a wealthy family or what yet...

6/11/2010 . Edited 6/11/2010 #1,011
Fear Die Rothaarige

I like that. I'm working on names and general info on them.

What if the hunters are like a cult?

6/11/2010 . Edited 6/11/2010 #1,012
Secret Vesper

yeah, it's pretty cool, I might use them... or take another spin on them, I'll have to think about it.

if you need help with yours, just let me know.

6/11/2010 #1,013
Fear Die Rothaarige

Can you list some professions that make BIG money?

6/11/2010 #1,014
Secret Vesper

Lawyer, doctor, orthodontist, CEO... ummm...

6/11/2010 #1,015
Fear Die Rothaarige

I've got most of them...

Did you see where I said the hunters could be like a cult?

6/11/2010 #1,016
Secret Vesper

no, I didn't, thanks for pointing it out. Have you ever heard of the Mortal Instruments Trilogy?? I kind of want them to do the same as them, it's a highly organized group of families, each has a mark and their goal is to protect humanity from the viciousness of the the other races. They're not really a cult in the sense of the word, but yes, a highly organized group.

6/11/2010 #1,017
Fear Die Rothaarige

Never heard of it. That sounds like that would be good.

6/11/2010 #1,018
Secret Vesper

yeah... I just don't know if I want it to be a family or a group of servants, or I have the gossip collum writer, that would be interesting...

6/11/2010 #1,019

I've read the Mortal Instruments series, and can see what you mean. You could maybe have a main set of "pure-blooded" families, and have servants at a lower hierarchy?

6/11/2010 . Edited 6/11/2010 #1,020
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