Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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COOL! :)

6/13/2010 #1,051
Secret Vesper

Thanks Joben!! I only get a good idea once in a blue moon, so I'm pumped :D

6/13/2010 #1,052
Secret Vesper

Okay, here's a general list of all of the characters for the Victorian Roleplay, since everyone seemed pretty interested. I just tried to post it and I don't know if it was too long or what, but it didn't post... and I'm too tired to type the whole thing out again, so bios of the families will be coming soon. go a head and ask any questions you'd like, but I'm not accepting character requests as of yet. And there are also the roles of servants that will be needed along with this.

~Evans~ human

Edwin Thomas (27) Gossip Collumn writer.

~Jones~ werewolf

Orville Paul (40) father- politician (Hentanimanga)

Victoria Ruth (37) mother (June)

Isaiah Ralph (20) son- betrothed to Hattie Van der Berg (Iron)

Constance Romans (17) daughter (Joben)

~Stones~ witch

Hannah Ann (36) mother- husband, Calvin just passed away (Imagination)

Ester Mae (67) great aunt on Hannah's side

Amilia Jane (17) daughter- to be announeced betrothal to Theodore Allcock (June)

Grace Rowena (15) daughter (Rainy)

~Thomas~ shifter

Simon Charles (43) father

Vivian Theodosia (looks 26, would be 40) mother-deceased- was human, now ghost that only Thaddeus can see (Rainy)

Cynthia Leah (32) step-mother

Thaddeus Ezekiel (20) son of Vivian (Vespy)

August Ulysses (Gussy) (5-7) son of Cynthia (Joben)

~Van der Berg~ vampire

Marcellus Stephen (54) father (Vespy)

Genevieve Claire (49)

Hattie Alva (18) twin daughter of Ophelia- betrothed to Isaiah Jones (Pein)

Ophelia Charity (18) twin daughter of Hattie (Vespy)

Lucias Mattew (16) son (Imagination)

~Allcock~ Guardian

Nimrod Byron (64) grandfather

Sarah Ann (56) grandmother

Theodore Alonzo (21) son-announcement to Amilia Stone to be made soon (Hentanimanga)

Gabriel Obediah (19) son- twin of Lydia (Imagination)

James Henry (15) son (Rainy)

Lydia Hope (19) daughter- twin of Gabriel (June)

6/13/2010 . Edited 7/8/2010 #1,053
Fear Die Rothaarige

Cool Vespy. The Van der Berg sound German.

6/13/2010 #1,054
Secret Vesper

it's dutch/german and I think a little austrian. I'm not as tired as I was when I put that up, so I think I'm going to put up some of the bios, at least one or two. In fact... here's one :D


Edwin is the top writer for the gosspi column in the news paper. He is willing to bribe both servants and nobles and is often seen at parties, not only as a good dance partner, but so that the balls thrown by nobles will be put in the column in a positive light. He is not only the provider of bribes, but also is more than willing to be bribed by nobles to keep things quiet, or to bring something forward. His favorite thing is to start rumors, whether they be true or not.


The Allcock's are from new money when Nimrod started a business in his youth that was booming. His son came to train in it also, along with marrying a beautiful lady. When James was a year old, both parents were killed in a boating accident in the river near their home in the country. The family packed up and moved to New York to live with their grandparents. Nimrod doesn't seem to care about flaunting their wealth, while Sarah Ann seems to enjoy it, making sure that people realize that they aren't someone to be looked over. They have a large, beautiful house, along with excessive amounts of servants. Nimrod and Sarah Ann both married for love since they weren't in the upper class when they wed to hide Sarah Ann's pregnancy when she was 15 from Nimrod. There have been rumors that they are decendednts from servants when a noble let it slip that they seemed to remember a servant with the name Allcock from their childhood. Theodore is kind, but rather nonchalant. He will do what needs to be done and has agreed to marry Amilia since she is a respectable, pretty girl from an old family, despite the rumors of their declining wealth. Gabriel and Lydia are very close, but total opposites (if two people are playing them, you will have to get together to descuss this) but both athletic and when fighting, are in perfect sync and never have to discuss plans and often go into action, without telling the other's what's going on. James is intelligent and a little dark at times, but he's really good on the inside... mostly.

Guardians: (my personal preference and what I would hope to use, but this is to be decided as a whole) Guardians are said to be the children of the archangel's. Certain familes were chosen by the Archangels of God and gave them part of their blood in their veins, ensuring that they are excellent fighters. They are stronger, faster and more athletically inclined than than humans. They are trained from birth to fight and defend the humans, who they believe they were sent to protect from the 'vermin from Hell.' They have old runes that can be used to protect, heal and do many other things for them, which must be drawn on the skin, but also ends up forming scars, so they are careful to draw them where they cannot be seen in day to day life when they have the choice. Their goal and one aim in life is to destroy all races which aren't human.

For more information on the Guardians, here's a website that give the description:

6/13/2010 . Edited 6/17/2010 #1,055
Secret Vesper


The Jones' are from new money, gaining their status from their political status from Orville. Isaiah is expected to follow in his father's footsteps, marry soon and produce an heir. Isaiah is less than thrilled to be marrying Hattie, just for the simple fact that while she may be the most beautiful girl in New York, there is virtually nothing known about her family. Isaiah is best friends with Thaddeus Thomas and constantly complains to him about this situation. Victoria is the mother, trying to keep peace between her conservative husband and her radical son. Constance seems to be a little forgotten, especially in the buzz since her brother betrothal announcement, but is happy for him. She knows that after Isaiah is wed, her mother will find her a wonderful husband and has always been close to her brother, who confides in her when he cannot go to Thaddeus. They have lots of servants and it has been rumored that Orville has been having an affiar, but with who... it is unknown, and if he is, it's not know whether it is a servant or another noble.

Werewolves- (my personal preference and what I would hope to use, but this is to be decided as a whole) werewolves do not begin to turn until they are between 10-13 (puberty-ish) They must change into wolves at a full moon for the night, not doing so drives them a little crazy. They turn into pure wolves, and either are human or wolf, not half. They are normal sized wolves, the alpha is usually larger and their fur and eyes match their hair and eyes as humans. When they are young, they cannot change at will and go into a frenzy, but after their first year, they can control themselves and can change at any time of the month.


The Stone family is from old money, mostly from Hannah's family, although Calvin (her late husband) could trace his family tree back to Maryland signer of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Stone. Because Hannah is an only child, she inherited all of her family money, but Calvin took care of the fianances. Unknown to them all, Calvin had a gambling problem and took many risky investments that did not pay through. He passed away at the beginning of the last fall/winter from influenza, despite his warlock blood. In his death, he left many unpaid debts, along with unknown depleted bank accounts. The Stone family has fired all of their servants but two sisters that are Amilia and Grace's ages as their ladies maids and a stable boy/carriage driver. They have also taken to selling peices of art and furniture and can only hope to make good matches for both Amilia and Grace to bring their standing back up.

Witches- (my personal preference and what I would hope to use, but this is to be decided as a whole) Witches aren't that different, each has their own specialty in the elements(wind, earth (which includes plants) fire, etc) and then in the fundamentals in witchcraft (potions, spells, hexes, etc) The aren't all powerful though, the more they use their powers, the more it where's on them. So they can literally become sick from trying to perfect a spell and taking it too far. There is also a board of witches that are in charge of the witch community. They are headed by the Maiden, Mother and Crone, the three faces of the board and the witch community (note, the Maiden and Mother are open for grabs, but there is no sure guarantee that they will come into play)

6/13/2010 . Edited 6/16/2010 #1,056
Secret Vesper


The Thomas family isn't from old or new money, Simon's great grandfather brought them into the wealth while he was alive and the old money families have accepted them into their class. Simon was devistated from Vivian's death, actuallying having loved her. He refused to marry again, until he realized that Thaddeus (who was six at Vivian's death) needed a mother figure. Simon married Cynthia when Thaddeus was 8, although Thaddeus has always called her Cynthia, never mother. Thaddeus would like to settle down and marry, but wants to for love, which his father deeply encourages. He wants a deeper relationship than a marriages for looks and money, but finds it difficult to actually get to know the girls beyond that since most are very shallow. He is friends with Isaiah and also with Hattie and Ophelia, being family friends since they grew up next door. He deeply adores the twin sisters and constantly tries to make Isaiah see how lucky he is to have such a girl. He sees the twins as sisters and is very protective of them both, while making sure to dance with both at balls when they have no partners. Thaddeus also has the ability to see Vivian's ghost, since she was human, when he needs her. (Vivian can either be a very important character or a very minor character, depending how she is played. She can only be seen by Thaddeus and the Stone family) Cynthia was married to Simon when she was young, just for the need that she needed a husband and while she is happy with him, and is very fond of him, there is no deep love between her and Simon as there was with Simon and Vivan. August was born after a long period when Simon and Cynthia thought they wouldn't be able to have a child. Cynthia calls him her 'little miracle'. They have just enough servants for their household to run smoothly.

Shifters- (my personal preference and what I would hope to use, but this is to be decided as a whole) Shifters are much like were's. they do not begin to turn until they are between 10-13 (puberty-ish) They must change at a full moon for the night, not doing so drives them a little crazy. Each has their own prefered animal that they usually change into, which is subject to change as they grow.When they are young, they cannot change at will and go into a frenzy, but after their first year, they can control themselves and can change at any time of the month.

Van der Berg

The Van der Berg family is native to Holland where Marcellus and Genevieve were born and raised. Marcellus is the younger son of a Baron and Geneveieve is the younger daughter of another minor nobility. They married in Holland before Marcellus' uncle named him heir of his business in America, since he had no children of his own. They moved to New York shortly after the twins were born in Holland and then Lucias was born in America. There isn't much known to the public about the Van der Berg's. They are very private, staying in most of the days, especially on sunny summer days, venturing out mostly at night or on cloudy and dreary days. They do not attend the church that each other family does, which is thought to be odd, but they are from royalty and lots of wealth. Hattie is known to be the beautiful twin. She is the gem of her age, and while she isn't thrilled about marrying Isaiah, she will do it because it was the way she was raised. There has already been arrangements made for their wedding to take place in her families garden at dusk. Ophelia is happy for her sister, but knows that she isn't jumping for joy to marry the boy. The two are close, and share a twin telepathy between them. The twins are very close with Thaddeus. Lucias is a little bit of the outcast, still growing into himself, but his sisters are close with him. The closest person outside of his family is James Allcock, whom he considers his best friend. They have just enough servants for their household to run smoothly, and they are the perfect servants, never seen and like ghosts, also, the perfect way to feed.

Vampires- (my personal preference and what I would hope to use, but this is to be decided as a whole) these wouldn't be the all powerful vampires that are used anymore. But they aren't weak either. The sun weakens them, especially direct sunlight, hence why they don't go out during the day much. They are unable to step inside of a church or touch a cross or holy water because it will burn them, not kill, but it will take longer to heal than normal wounds, the same is true with sunlight. They all have some sort of OCD to a certain degree, the most common is having the urge to count things. The easiest way to stop a vampire is to spill a bag of rice in their path, they must stop and count it. They also must feed at least once a day, but not draining the victim. The victim also become attatched to the vampire, so usually they have two feeders that they rotate daily.

6/13/2010 #1,057

Hey, for the witch thing: Will that include the elements Aether and Metal?

6/13/2010 #1,058
Secret Vesper

hmm... I hadn't thought about that yet... I'll have to think on that and see...

6/14/2010 #1,059
Fear Die Rothaarige

How many chari's are we allowed to have?

6/14/2010 #1,060
Secret Vesper

depending on how many people join, I would say to start requesting two. Some of the people don't have to be major characters, like August and Vivian, they won't be around much. And if there's ever anyone that just isn't getting played, we can give them a reason for not being around, like they're touring Europe or on vacation or something. I already know the two I want, and then servants are free and open range that you can make up.

6/14/2010 #1,061
Fear Die Rothaarige

Okay. I know the two I want.

6/14/2010 #1,062
Secret Vesper

okay, well I'm waiting for everyone to get a chance to look at who they want before I take requests. and as a reminder, no one can tell by sight, smell, etc etc and so forth that anyone is something besides human.

6/14/2010 . Edited 6/14/2010 #1,063
Fear Die Rothaarige


6/14/2010 #1,064

Currently claiming... August Ulysess

6/14/2010 #1,065

Can I have Ophelia Charity and Grace Rowena?

6/14/2010 #1,066

Vespy told me she was claiming Ophelia.

6/14/2010 #1,067

Okie-dokie! I just want Grace then :)

6/14/2010 #1,068
Secret Vesper

alrighty, You're requests have been noted, but like I said, I want to give everyone a chance to look and see, along with June on who is wanted and such. and it's on a first come first service basis on who gets the characters.

6/14/2010 #1,069

Okie-dokie! :)

6/14/2010 #1,070
Secret Vesper

oh and I'm letting everyone get two characters first and then you can get more if desired.

6/14/2010 #1,071
Fear Die Rothaarige

Resquesting Constance Romans and Ophelia Charity.

6/15/2010 #1,072
Secret Vesper

Once again, I am not accepting requests right now, so please stop trying to request people, I'm not going to start until tomorrow.

I'm glad you're all excited, trust me, I really am, but please, pay attention to what's been said, I'm not going to start taking requests until tomorrow when a majority of the people are on, I will announce when I will be taking them and all requested before are not claimed. It will probably not be until about 4-ish fanfiction time, but I'm not swearing by it. All requests that were made today and yesterday do not count by me.

6/15/2010 . Edited 6/15/2010 #1,073
Secret Vesper

okay, I'm now accepting requests for Victorian, which has come to the name, "Look behind the facade" or just Facade, cause that's what I'll call it. Now, please ask for your requests, don't tell me, because I know there are a few people who want the same characters. Please refer to the sheet that has been posted to see if the character you want is free, because I've already talked to a few people privately about characters. Also, if I come speak to you privately about a character you choose, don't worry, it just means that there's one or two small things that I didn't add to the family bio's that you would probably like to know. Alright, may the fun begin!!

6/16/2010 #1,074
Fear Die Rothaarige

Vespy is Constance Romans and Hattie Alva avaliable?

6/17/2010 #1,075
Mistress Brya

Umm... I don't know now... I think I'll pass for now.

6/17/2010 #1,076
Secret Vesper

Alrighty Chibi, just let me know if you want anyone.

Yeah, they're open, Pein, you're going to have to talk to June, she's playing Constance's mother and then I'm playing Hattie's twin, so we'll have to get together, I kind of figured they'd look somewhat a like, but Hattie is the beauty of their age.

6/17/2010 #1,077
Fear Die Rothaarige


6/17/2010 #1,078

Damn... I thought was gonna claim Constance. D:

Anyways, For the moment... Agustus, maybe more once I review the list

6/17/2010 #1,079
Fear Die Rothaarige

Beat you too it Joben. :D

6/17/2010 #1,080
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