Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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I thought I had privately claimed her, to be brutally honest.

Aww, for fucks sake, those were the only two I wanted... screwed my RP plans and evening up... =S

6/17/2010 #1,081
Fear Die Rothaarige


Cookie Joben as a way of saying sorry?

*Holds out cookie*

6/17/2010 #1,082

Nope... *sigh* I had plans for her too.

6/17/2010 #1,083
Fear Die Rothaarige

Do you want her? You can have her, I'll find someone else even if she's the one I was hoping for.

6/17/2010 #1,084
Secret Vesper

Oh crap! I'm sorry Joben!! I forgot you did!! and it's even written down in my notebook...

Pein... do you mind?? I mean... he left me a note asking me if he could have her.

6/17/2010 #1,085

Well, I wouldn't want to cause a fuss but yes.

6/17/2010 #1,086
Fear Die Rothaarige


I';ll try to find someone else, or sit this rp out....

6/17/2010 #1,087
Secret Vesper

there are plenty of good characters that I see, I'm sure you'll find another that you'll like.

6/17/2010 #1,088
Fear Die Rothaarige

All the good ones are already taken...

Hell I don't really like Hattie at all...

6/17/2010 #1,089
Secret Vesper

... Well, in my perspective, I believe that all of them have a lot of potential, if you just look, but if you don't believe so then maybe you're not opening your mind to all of the possibilities.

6/17/2010 #1,090
Fear Die Rothaarige

I can't really focus right now. Lifes been getting worse and worse and I've been debating taking a break from FF for a while... or permently depending on how everything works out.

6/17/2010 #1,091
Secret Vesper

then that's your choice, but don't go bashing characters that I put a lot of time and effort into just because you don't want to think. I take that very personally when people do, because honestly, I was quite happy with these characters until you went and told me that all but two were suckish.

6/17/2010 #1,092
Fear Die Rothaarige

Sorry Vespy. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Probably about to disappear for a while. Gonna cry over the fact my dad thinks I'm a whore.

6/17/2010 #1,093

I should be able to increase my activity to a reasonable level tomorrow and beyond as my exams are finally OVER!

6/17/2010 #1,094
Secret Vesper

awesome, if you want to claim some characters, until everyone get's a chance, I'd prefer you only claim three, the list is way up there *points*

6/17/2010 #1,095

Could I claim Lucias, Hanna Ann and Gabriel please? This looks like it'll be a great RP.

6/17/2010 . Edited 6/17/2010 #1,096
Secret Vesper

Thanks!! alright, sounds good to me, they're all free according to my list. Umm... I'd like each family to look somewhat alike, I mean, parents don't have to but children look a like and children look like parents, you'll have to get in touch with the others in your family, once they're all claimed.

6/17/2010 #1,097

I'll be sure to do that. I'll scan over your summaries of the families so I know what's required of me.

6/17/2010 #1,098
Secret Vesper

:D thanks, I'm glad that you're excited.

6/17/2010 #1,099
Iron's Grasp

Can I have Isaiah?

6/17/2010 #1,100


6/17/2010 #1,101
Secret Vesper

nope, she's all yours, but just make sure you realize the only character she can talk to is Thaddeus, her son.

and Isaiah's your Iron.

6/17/2010 . Edited 6/17/2010 #1,102


I get it, I can have her watch over people too and only talk to her son and... oooo, I just love playing a ghost. Espicially one named Vivian 'cause I have a character just like her except she is in Japan and she can only talk to what's-his-face (one of Joben's charries).

6/17/2010 #1,103


Ah... Vivian/Jack... still one of my favourite pairings.

6/17/2010 #1,104


They are so perfect and adorable... *sigh*

6/17/2010 #1,105

Apart from the fact one's alive and one's dead :P

6/17/2010 #1,106
Secret Vesper

haha, yeah, she can follow people around all she wants, Thaddeus is going to probably be calling on her a lot cause he fell in love, but isn't allowed to marry the girl.

6/17/2010 #1,107


Oooohhhhh, really now... I gotta think hard about what's gonna go down.

6/17/2010 #1,108

Can I claim James Henry?

6/18/2010 #1,109

Tonight, we're all in for a very special treat.

TWO New RPs will be opened tonight if all goes well.

The first draws it's inspirational grattitude to Iron, as I'm finally about to start bringing in the Viking idea.

The second is rather special, it's based on the exploits of a pack of wolves. Kinda like Larka, I guess.

6/19/2010 #1,110
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