Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Yeah, I thought this would be a fun idea. Basically, you write down the thoughts of your characters from any of the roleplays in this forum. Just a little past-time activity, if you will. Make sure you refference an important or, in your opinion, significant event, so when the character wrote this can be gauged.


Make your diary entries in italics, just because I'm going to do it XP, Or don't, I really don't mind.

11/7/2009 . Edited 10/12/2013 #1

Joey Valentine, Entry 1

Hey Diary!

So, uh, yeah, pretty much a usual day today... You know, tidal waves of abuse. I know I've asked this a lot of times, but... why me? Yeah, I've tried to live peacefully, but everyone just wants to have a crack at me, as if I'm some kind of trophy... what's so great about the emo kid, with the emo hair and the emo clothes? Whatever... New Days, Old Problems...

In other news, today I tried to be a hero... I could have killed myself just trying to save a life, but still... who would have noticed, eh? Oh yeah, it was a dog I saved by the way, belonging to this girl, Nyx... weird name, but cool at the same time... Yeah, she seemed nice, she didn't have a go at me... maybe I'll try to get to know her better...

Anyway, that's all for now, Diary! See's ya laterz

11/7/2009 #2

Joey Valentine, Entry 2

Hey Diary!

So, yeah, today was a pretty decent day all around, if you ignore the spitefull coments and cartons of juice throw at my head. But I digress, that's not what I'm here to talk about.

First thing this morning, after the usual morning routine, I happened to come across Nyx again today, sitting under the cherry blossom tree. I thought I would join her, because, really, she's the person I like around here... I suppose I'm just an antisocial git... But she admired my sketches, and I quite like her liteary style... It's neat. I got all that from one sentance...

Yup, then it was Art... same old stuff about Deneri and Van Gough... Couldn't wait untill lunch... I spoke to Nyx once again... We seemed to be hitting it off... Maybe, if I play my cards right, I can have someone to trust at the end of the day... And did I?

Well, sort of... I asked her for a drink, to which she took me to the park... and, unbelievably, she kissed me... Sheesh, aren't I lucky? Then she bit me in the neck. Hard.

Turns out, my hopefully next girlfriend is a Vampire-Wannabe... Oh well, she kissed me... Me... There must be something in me she likes, surley? My neck feels quite numb right now, but I think she had something on her teeth... anyway, I like her... although she didn't give me her number... Still, early days... Maybe we can make things work tommorow?

Anyway, that's enough for now, Diary! See ya's laterz

11/7/2009 #3

Iron's Grasp's Post.

Brutus, Entry 1

My hands are shaking as I write this. I'm not sure what possessed me to write this, or commit the actions I am putting to paper.

My name is... well, to be honest, I don't have a name. But I like to call myself Brutus.

I was created in the Were-Soldier Project, and have been trained since childhood in the arts of modern war. Gunplay, explosives, hand-to-hand, tactics, you name it, I'm trained in it.

All except how to follow orders.

It was a particularly hot day, and my team and I came under fire from numerous points and angles. I lost a lot of good men getting out of that ambush. So, I get back the Field HQ, and the Colonel tells us we need to go back and mop it up.

Now, I had become accustomed to the usual human bullshit, where they tell us what to do, we do it, and we get paid in room and board. Yeah, it's fair, right? We're out there risking our asses while they're sitting back here on their's playing cards.

But anyway, so back to the story. After the colonel tells us to head back, something in me snapped.

I moved faster than I ever had in a single motion. I reached for my pistol, brought it up, and put one between his eyes before could blink.

I think we all sat there in shock in the command tent for a few seconds, before the other soldiers realized I had just shot my CO. So, with some of my former project teammates hunting me, I fled the human military, arriving in relative safety to a place called Alabaster City, where apparently, humans, vampires, and werewolves coexist. How well this is going to work out, I'm not sure.

I'll be writing again soon,


11/7/2009 #4


Dear Diary,

Yesterday was pretty normal until midnight.

So when I was at this little bookstore in the down town district in Alabaster City, I had a vision and apparently it saved this girl, Natalie's, life. And guess who was the attacker? Corey. And guess how he was killing her? He was draining her. He's a vampire, just like me, but he was bitten and changed that way. He wasn't given a choice and his vampire attacker is unknown to him, but I have a feeling that maybe Aro might be able to find it hidden among his thoughts or maybe Markus might be able to jog his memory. Once he remembers, it'll be a good thing. He'll be helping the Council rid the vampire and human world of a killer.

Oh, and I just picked up the script for the Romeo and Juliet play. The auditions are going to be this Saturday so I gotta start practicing those lines!

Well, Daylight is soon and I should get some sleep.


11/8/2009 #5
Auburn Envy


Dear Diary,

Since when did I start keeping a freaking diary? I feel like on of those nerdy girls on TV who narrate the show with their diary...OH My GOD, what if this was a show and I was narrating it right now and didn't know? Shit where would it be safe from the cameras then?

I'm getting off track though, so Diary I met someone today (totally sounds like one of those shows). I was walking home after picking up some supplies to add to my Ways to Get Back at Crow boxand he bumped into me, which caused me to spill everything onto the groung so I had to follow and harrass him for not helping me pick everything up(plus the fact he was kind of cute didn't help him much). He really didn't want me there and when we got to where he lived he went in and went upstairs. Passing the time I sat down on the front steps (yeah I know, a tad bit stalkerish) and started singing My Chemical Romance's House of Wolves (Gerard is so hot, why does he have to be married?!?!?). Time went by and he started to sing along then it happened, images flashing through my head of a knife plunging into flesh, blood rising quickly the surface as it was cut from its home and then I saw his face and with it his name (I refuse to write it down). Yelling out his name I told him to stop, he must of because the images stopped just as he came threw the front door, grabbed me and jacked me up against the wall(at any other time it would of been alrig...shit, I sound like a hormonal teenager, stupid horomones) demanding how I knew his name. Long story short I was freed from the wall oh and he's a werewolf (somehow this doesn't freak me out as it probably should) not to mention my sister's killer (I almost stabbed him, but something stopped me from doing this). He didn't want me to come back but I never give up and maybe he can help me with these visions, maybe, just maybe he can help me get back to how I was.

And after all this I came home, broke into Crow's room, made him look like Jefree Star and then had a music battle that turned into a duet(I totally won, you cannot lose with Eyes Set to Kill's Darling!). Anyways, I'm reading back over this feeling totally lame and blond, not to mention like one of those crushing girls I make fun of so nightie night.

Sera Crowe the Awesome One

P.S Now I feell really lame....

P.S.S If ANYONE reads this you will wish you were dead(that goes for you too Crow!)

11/23/2009 #6


I... it's hard for me to write. Especially since... since someone had just died.

Someone brought a gun to school and... Kara got shot.

Oh Kara... She wasn't supposed to die like this. I never had the chance to say I'm sorry.

I feel like jumping off a cliff. I really do. I might actually do that... but... I can't when I imagine it. I keep imagining my pain ending, but... everyone else would feel the pain of my death instead. It's like a pain transfer.

And even though death is the easy way out, I shall not take it. Not even if it would remove a vampire from this world... not even to end the pain.

11/26/2009 #7


Dear Diary...

Someone died today at school...

Her name was Kara. I didn't really know her that well. She was bickering over a gun that someone had brought in, and it went off. Whoever brought that gun in better know what they did... Kara was young, like us. She could have had a great future.

I didn't know her that well, so I can't say that her death has really, you know, put an iron chokehold around my heart, but I do feel sorry for her.

What's worrying me is May. She was utterly devastated by Kara's death. I remember some of the stuff she said about her, despite not really knowing each other. It's like a part of May just blacked out and faded away... Like something went missing...

I wanted to help her, to tell her it's okay, but I didn't know how... On one hand, I didn't want to sound like a jerk, but on the other, I... I didn't want to sound TOO freindly, if you know what I mean...

I just hope she get's over it soon. I miss the old her, the May I grew up with... The May I care about... It hurts when you want to help so badly, but you can't... even though you can help, you just can't find the strength to face your fears... One day, I'll face my fears, and I will help, so the hurting can stop.

11/26/2009 #8
Fear Die Rothaarige

Katrina (Kat) Valencio

Well Diary, I know its been awhile, but my life has been turned upside-fucking down.

My whole life seems to be have been a lie. Mother.......Father........Kate and John......they lied to me. I thought they were my parents, I looked just like Kate, everyone said so. I looked like Kate and acted like John...

But know.....I find out my true parents are a demon hunter.....Gabe...and a dead aunt Maxine...I wonder why she never told me she was my mother.....Maybe she didn't want to make me feel sad...

I'm worried. Gabe, he hunts demons, Vampires, and everything inbetween...Will he hurt Phoenix? Phoenix is the only person I've ever been to trust my whole life. He has always been there for me. He's the shoulder to cry on. The one that I act myself around...But he's a vampire.

Then there come Cerberus....He's the Werewolf who lost his parents to a bunch of vampires..I meet him when Knight (some evil vampire who wants to kill Gabe) kidnapped me. He's...something else...and I don't just mean a werewolf.

We seem to connect with one another. I feel for this young boy...I don't know what it is..When I see him, my heart seems to swell with happiness. When he's around I smile for some unknown reason. Maybe...just maybe I'm starting to love him.

I know Phoenix hates Cerberus, but he has a respect for him since he helped save me from Knight.

I've noticed a change in Phoenix as well. He's acting weird around me. Is my bestfriend falling in love with me?

I hope Phoenix aint falling for me...I love him, but like a sister loves a brother.

What do I do? I don't want to hurt anyone. I hate hurting people that I care for.

Diary, do you know what I should do?

11/26/2009 . Edited 11/26/2009 #9


Dear Whomever,


Today was just so... UNBELIEVABLE!

I met a real life vampire! And a nightcrawler, but he's dating some other chick I don't know the name of...


Okuay, I'm gonna tone it down a bit and write a REAL entry....

"Dear Diary,

Today I met a vampire. Not the sparkley one nor the dracula kind, but a true vampire. He... stole my heart. I know, I sound silly, but... this might be the real thing. Instead of reading it in a book, I'm actually living it. I know that I'm probably putting myself into danger, but I agreed to go out with him sometime. I don't know when and he didn't ask for a phone number so I am guessing he's going to contact me some other time. That and he know's where I live so... Yeah. Plus I'm not entirely sure whether the rules of the vampire apply to him. If he is allowed to cross the threshold though he wasn't invited or if garlic keeps them away... Oh I hope this last one isn't true 'cause... I like garlic."

Yes, that is a diary entry. I am not going to sign it because, well, I am just not gonna!

11/28/2009 #10



I think I just made the biggest fool of myself of my life... I thought I was going to have a heart-attack... metaphorically.

This nice, suspiciously smart girl was on Jacob's doorstep today, and we made her take the Unbreakable Oath, because she could somehow see who we were.

Eventually, Jacob and some other girl left, leaving us two alone... I'll be honest, I quite liked her, and I was, admittedly, a little hungry.

I must have sounded like such a douchebag! I can't believe some of the shit I said! I mean, yeah, I meant it, but still... It sounded so fucking stupid.

I thought I was just going piss myself in panic, thinking she might see through my vague attempts at getting to know her.

I walked her home, and knowing her for barely an hour or two... I kissed her on the cheek. Why?

I think I'm in love... But, I was pretending I was someone bigger than I actually was... I don't know... Would she still see me if she knew I was like this?

I... I don't care that she's human... But I don't know If I can go through with this... I'm scared I might wuss out... but I don't want to...

Oh the musings of Morgan Vextral, always indescive... I just hope I don't hurt her somehow...

Anyway, This is me, signing out *beep*

11/28/2009 #11
Iron's Grasp

Brutus, Entry 2

I can't believe I've managed to dodge CVAS for this long. It almost seems impossible.

But of course, nothing lasts forever. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

So, the other day, I met another werewolf named Ramante. I was under the impression she was human and working for CVAS, so I shot her in the back of the head shortly after meeting her. When she didn't drop dead, I knew something was up.

I ran away, and eventually bumped into a Nightcrawler I had met earlier. He told me I might be able to find more werewolves out in the forest, so I went out there. Met Ramante again, and she returned my earlier favor, but we reconciled. I didn't find any other werewolves, but I did get to see a vampire building getting torched by CVAS.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think most vampires are bloodsucking sons-of-bitches like most werewolves do, but I've known a few that aren't like most. So, I figured at least a few of the people that went up with it were like them, so I took a little raid on the CVAS headquarters. I managed to kill a small group of guards and steal a rifle and some ammo before getting kamikaze'd by an insane werewolf.

I ran away again, and bumped into Ramante in a bar, and we swapped stories until CVAS finally tracked me down, probably through the tracer in one of their cars that I stole. Anyway, Ramante took out the tracer and we floored it out of town, making it to a safehouse of hers. Maybe I can actually do this. Eventually, even a mighty beast can be stung enough times that it dies. Hopefully CVAS is allergic to werewolf.

I'll try to write soon.


12/7/2009 #12
Fear Die Rothaarige

Manea (Nyx) Entry 1

I feel like my heart is breaking and healing at the same time. I think I'm starting to fall in love again.

His name is Vance. He's so sweet and caring. He saved me after Jay pushed me out of a 9 story window during a mission. He helped me and saved my life more than once. At first, I didn't like him. I hated him fo what he is. He is my enemy, and yet he has now become my lover. Vance is a Werewolf.

I haven't felt this way since...since Joey. I loved the bloody fool with everything I had....and when he left, or more like died....I felt broken. Worthless. I didn't want to go on living without him.

So I reinvented myself. I become something...someone new. I made myself the mercyless soilder that they need in a war. I left my emotions behind when Joey left me forever.

But now......Now things are changing. Since Vance came into my life, I feel alive again. I feel something like when I feel for Joey.

I don't know yet is it is love...maybe it's lust...But...I don't think it's lust. No, I know it is not lust. I'm falling for a Werewolf....and as of right now, I don't care what people think... Call me a slut or a whore so traitor. I don't care...Right now, I just want to feel alive......

12/7/2009 #13

Wraiths of the Sea - Alyss

(Elegant script, small.)

I mangaged to find a piece of paper and the crew member, Lynnette, was kind enough to lend me a pen and ink to write with.

I have left my home in Paris with my father and many servants of whom may be considered my friends since I was never allowed to leave the castle grounds. My father had always said the reason was to keep me safe, but as far as I know the people of France wouldn't raise a hand against me. This baffles me, but of course my father is King. He may do what ever he pleases.

As for me I can only do what my father lets me. The other citizens of Paris have freedom to leave their homes. They have the freedom to choose what they think is right though it may result in a hanging...

Today I had found a taven in which my father's rogue guards were staying at. One of them came up to me and truely gave me a fright. He tried to attack me. A young man named Finn saved me from this burly man. I am thankful. But there is something else as well...

He is just so familiar. Like I knew him from somewhere before...

I shall write more later, but I am running out of room.


12/8/2009 #14
Luna Goddess of the Night

Dear Diary,

I have moved to this dreadful Abalaster city, to find it crawling with crimelords. Sure, there are plently of tasty meals here and there, but I want the blood of someone pure. Someone whos' blood is rare to taste, but great to enjoy.

Why did my love have to leave me, and why did he send me here in his note? I guess I'm about to find out....

12/11/2009 #15

Gareth Knight

I'm still dead. I walk these streets unseen, yet I can see everything. I feel cold... I'm always cold.

There's a saying that Death is just the begginging of a great journey... But I want my journey to end.

Either that, or for somone, anyone, to see me, to let me know I'm still here, that I still exist... That I'm real...

I'm still cold... I'll always be cold... Just like I'll always be here... I want to talk to someone, I want to know what it's like to be known again.

The people that say Life Sucks... Try experiencing Death, it makes Life seem like the true paradise...

What is Hope? Hope is the belief that something good will happen when it never will... Why do I still Hope?

What is Faith? Faith is staying strong and sticking to your beliefs... Why do I still have Faith?

What is Love? Love is knowing that you're living for something worth dying for... Why did I never Love?

I had a heart, and I never used it... Now it's broken, in all ways... I was shot in the heart, and never gave my heart away...

My name is Gareth Knight, and if anyone can hear me, please... speak to me... I beg you.

I'm a fallen angel with broken wings...

12/12/2009 . Edited 12/12/2009 #16

Joey Valentine, Entry 3

Hey Diary!

Man... It's been so long since I wrote to you. I bet you're beggining to miss me, eh? But I digress.

To put a long story short... Nyx was more than I ever believed... She wasn't just a Vampire-Wannabe, she was... she IS a Vampire...

...And I fell in love with her... And... She fell in love with me... I never thought I'd feel this way again... Kirsty was okay to be with, but I've never felt as grateful to be alive as I have around Nyx... Although, it's harsh to say that since that fateful day at the park, a lot of things have happened... Not all of them good things.

Oh boy, where do I start... I'm not a human anymore, let's get that out of the way... Yeah, it turn's out I'm a Hybrid... Mom was a Vampire, and Dad was a Werewolf... Now, as far as I've heard, that's "biologically impossible"... Well, apparently not... Jeez, what the fuck am I? I don't have a heartbeat anymore... Even Nyx has a heartbeat... I took enough tranquilizers to kill a large elephant...

Oh, yeah... I kinda destroyed Nyx's entire life with just one phone call... Yeah, a great boyfreind I am... She seemed distant one day... and her silence, it was just ripping me apart... so much that I snapped, and got into a fight... But before I did, I threatened to break down Nyx's door for the answers... She was a little suprised when I turned up to do just that, crutch and baseball bat...

Oh, by the way, I was mauled badly by a werewolf, that wanted vengance for Nyx killing it's mate... Yeah, I'm lucky to be able to walk, but apparently, no matter what happens... I'm going to die when I'm 21... Oh joy... I'm 20 in a couple of weeks.

Anyway... Nyx and I went out to The Drop, and she seemed distant still... I wrestled out of her what was wrong... She told me what her parent-figure, Father Kieth, had done to her... Now, I'm not one easily angered into violence... But I have never wanted to completley beat the living shit out of anyone untill there eyes were bleeding before that moment... Father Kieth is now my mortal enemy... I hope I get another shot at the sadistic, blood-sucking bastard... You mess with Nyx, you mess with Joey Valentine, and now... now... Nobody messes with Joey Valentine... Not anymore.

I begged for Nyx to come home with me... I begged so much, I struck a nerve... She knocked me out, and took me home...

And that, Diary, that was when I made the stupidiest, most bullshit mistake of my life... I called CVAS, The guys that catch all the Paranormals... I met with the big man himself, Captain Constantine... He kept telling me I made the right choice... I told him Nyx's home was a Vampire hive, full of the Enyo cult that I'd been hearing about... I left, and they went about their duties... And the next part of my great and majestic plan... Fell flat on it's face... I tried to lure Nyx away from the house, telling her there were Vampires at my place, coming after me... She didn't respond... I didn't know what to do.... But it was only then, and only then... That I decided to grow a pair, man up, and try and change things... I grabbed an old hunting rifle that I once got, and headed to Nyx's place... The whole place was on fire, and covered in CVAS soldiers... Nyx was on the floor... I thought she was dead... I just... gave up... I raised my gun, and fired at Captain Constantine, not giving two shits about whether I lived or died anymore... They shot me... I felt nothing, I was too angry... I just wanted to see each and every single one of them dead and dying... The kept shooting, so did I... I heard them threaten to use the Chaingun on me... But they fired more... I was starting to feel drowsy... I went to my knees... I closed my eyes, and everything went black... The last thing I saw was Nyx close her eyes... At least she was alive, for now...

I woke up in a jailcell... I can't quite remember how it all happened... but I was thrown into the same cell as Nyx... She questioned me, demanding answers... I gave her lies, and it ripped me apart... But I couldn't bare to tell her that the great, emotional kid that she fell for... Was the guy that had just shattered her whole life like glass... I couldn't tell her... and... She believed me... I thought the lying wouldn't be so hard then, but it just made it even worse... I was screaming on the inside... She saved she loved me... I snapped, I couldn't hold it back anymore... I told her it was all me, it was me who sent her world crashing down to her feet... I wasn't going to lie anymore... Suffice to say, saying she was bloody enraged would be an understatment... I had never, ever, even in movies, seen fangs extend that far... Was I scared? Was I relived? Was I angry? I was all of them... She drained me, almost completley... I felt so cold, I thought I was dead... just a ghost with a shell... I sat there, pretty much paralysed by pain and bloodloss... I told her, whilst laying there... How I really felt... How I just wanted to help, but went too far... I almost begged her to finish me off...

...She didn't... She said it was okay... I was speechless... How do I deserve her? I don't know... They released some sort of nerve gas... I woke up in a chair, and those CVAS hotshots, they told me about my blood... And how it was making Nyx Turn... They made me... relive a dream... There were four of them in the room... The Captain, some scientist guy and girl, and this black haired guy... I vowed I would kill them, kill them all, for what they made me do...

I should tell you, I was having this dream... It was terrible... I had it three times, before it came true... They made me go back to the cell... and... I thought it was all going to be okay... But... You can't change fate, and it looks like the future is set in stone... I went into that cell... And I shot Nyx. In the head. I killed her. I killed the one thing I lived for... I took away her life, in all ways of the word... I didn't deserve to live, I was wretched... All these things happened because of me... She always said she was the monster... It turns out it was me all along... It hurt... So much... I turned the gun on myself...

...And heard her voice... I thought the angels were beckoning for me to join them... But it turns out a bullet to the brain, even a silver one, doesnt kill Nyx... They were right... She was Turning... I don't know what's going to happen, and I'm kinda scared, I admitt... What's going to happen? Will she lose her sanity? Will she die? I don't know... Ignorance is bliss, yeah, well fuck that...

I'll spare you the details of the escape, but, suffice to say, I thoruoghly enjoyed taunting Father Kieth, as he was stuck in his cell, like a lab rat... bastard... But, basically, now we're here, at some motel, 200 miles away from Alabaster City... 200 miles away from where it all began... And I still have questions, and secrets... Things I've given up asking the answers for, and things I'm afraid to Nyx...

The questions; Why does she still love me? I really don't understand... I've destroyed her life, single-handedly, and she still stands by my side... I know I'm lucky, but I don't deserve to be so... The things I've done, they're unforgivable... But, why? I just... I don't know... I just don't know... It doesn't seem real...

The other question; Where do we go from here? We could go anywhere, but as Nyx said, how far can we go before we stand and fight... I don't know... I guess we'll go with the flow...

And now, the secret; I saw another vision, another dream... But this time, it wasn't Nyx... It was some spiky red-haired guy... and it wasn't me that killed him... He killed me.. I tried to change the future, and I failed... But, there's something I remember... My dream, and when it came true, it was a little different... There was more talking there... and, in my dream, before I.. before I shot her, I calmly told her I loved her... In reality, I screamed it... That was only a small difference, but what if it could get bigger? Maybe I can change the future... The things I see, maybe they don't have to happen...

I can't tell Nyx about this... She's been through too much... I want her to stay safe, to stay calm... She doesn't need to know there's a chance I'm going to die soon... And that means she won't try to stop it from happening...

...Yeah, and so, I fell in love with a Vampire, and in return, she fell for my desire... My Girlfriend's A Vampire... And I love her... And I'm going to cherish her untill the end, and after...

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil for thou art with me"... Aparently, Gabriel Valencio, my ancestor, used to say that all the time... I'll live in his legacy... I'll protect the name of Valentine... I will not tarnish it... I will carry on, no matter what! I've got too much now! I won't lose, I swear! This is my life, and I'll live it my way!

And I'll live it with Nyx... My Vampire Girl... And heaven shall bless the stars that shine not the longest, but the brightest... I'll shine like a star in this dark world! I'll do it all, just for Nyx! I will be her knight! Nothing will stop me, not even Fate! I won't fall, never! I'll carry on! We'll carry on! Joey Valentine, and Nyx... We'll carry on...

My name is Joey Valentine, and this is my life... And I'm lovin' every minute of it.

12/13/2009 #17
Fear Die Rothaarige


My life has been turned upside down. Everything seems to have been shattered in one Joey. I know he did what he did because he loves me....but....Maybe he went alittle over board.

CVAS. Thats who he called. They burnt down my home. They killed Hades. Everything that I had known, my life as I had known it for years....I watched go up in flames.

I thought I could hate Joey, for a moment, I wanted to...But I couldn't hate him. He means the world to me. Everything about him I love with all my heart.

He's so different than any guy that I've ever meet. He's sweet, careing. He dosn't just want sex, like some other guys I've dated.

Joey loves me for me. He dosn't care that I'm a vampire. He dosn't care that I was raised by an evil cult. He dosen't care about all the countless flaws that I have.

He just want's me pure and simple.

Life aint simple. Never has, and it seems, never will be.

Joey and I, we're running for our lives. Will we ever be able to stop running? I want to be with Joey. I want us to have a life together, without worry.

But now.......I know that won't happen. I will do anything to keep Joey safe from anyone that wants to kill him. I would, without a seconds thought, give my life for Joey.

I know he wonders how I can love him after everything that I've ever known, was destoryed because of him.

And truthfuly, I wonder how I do love him. Some of the.....stunts he has pulled has made me want to tears him apart, limb by limb. Other things have made me never want to stop loving him.

I'm in love with a Hybrid. And the Hybrids name is Joey Valentine.

12/13/2009 #18

Gareth Knight

Silent whispers echo across the streets, as I beg everyone that passes to speak to me, but I'm met with with ignorant silence.

Why did this happen to me? Why can't I pass away, fade away... I want to go higher, or down below... I don't want to stay here anymore.

Why do I still clutch hope vainly? No-one can see me, and they never will. There's no point to my being here, so why am I still here?

I'm nothing more than a shadow, and I'm barely that... My spirit forever walks these roads alone... I can't stand it anymore!

Why can't I be heard!? Why can't I be seen!? Why can't I be known!? Why do I have to face the pointless misery each and every single day!?

What did I do?

Why am I this way?

Who did I hurt?

Those questions have no answers... They drift without response across the city, and only I hear them. I want to give up, I want to let go... But why won't the world let go of me?

No-one hears the screams of the silent, as they echo in vain across the dark shadows of my mind, and as my heart reaches for someone, only to be swept away by another unnoticed glance... Who will help me? Who will be my freind? I can't go on alone anymore... My mind is breaking, and my heart is dying... But I'll never leave...

My spirit forever walks the world alone, silent and unseen, as it always has, and always will... From the day I died to the day the world ends... Because I'm a fallen angel with broken wings...

My name is Gareth Knight. I am dead, yet I live... If anyone can hear me, I beg you to talk to me... As each day passes, I need you more and more... Please help me...

Help me believe I'm still here... That I'm still real...


The tears of a ghost fall can never be wiped away...

12/14/2009 #19
Luna Goddess of the Night

Asuka Marie

Dear Diary

Today wasn't a total and complete loss. Got to meet a few new people. Others just ignored me. Well, maybe I should introduce these two, and explain why these two are important.


She seems friendly enough. Says she a succumbus, sex demon. Maybe she could teach me a few things. But she took me in when I needed a place to stay, and showed me more kindness than others back home. Home, I really miss home. Anyways, Cosette will probably become more than a friend, she will probably become an ally, which we need plenty of in this city, it seems. No matter, though, I'll have to repay her kindness someday.


He came to me when I was nearly starving, needing sustenence. He has the human scent written all over him, though. But he seemed pure enough. He allowed me to take what I needed from him, which I am thankfull for. That, and he seems to like me a tiny bit. That, or maybe my senses are dulling a bit. Must be the air, or the thrall of another like me. He seems afraid a bit, too, like I'm going to hurt him. I don't hurt humans, though. It's against my code and my vow. He's just someone who probably cares about others, which I am grateful for that, too. I'll have to repay him soon, too. Wonder what he would like, along with Cosette.

They have become my friends, and will probably become my allies, and I couldn't ask for better


12/26/2009 #20

Matthew West

The Ramblings of a Teenage Surfer-Boy...

Yeah... where do I begin... Well, I managed to land myself smack-dab in the middle of Paranormal-Central, population 3.

So, I was just mindin' my own business, you know, and I come across these two girls... Now, I wouldn't be a man if I didn't at least try to talk to them, which is what I did.

Yeah, it turned out Cosette is sex demon succubus, and Asuka is a wolf/vamp hybrid... Have I got myself into some serious shit right here? I mean, are CVAS likely to come kicking my door down, asking me questions and poking me with sharp objects?

Who cares if they do... I have freinds now, people who don't look down on me, just because I like to relax, to enjoy life at my own speed... Hell, Cosette's bedroom looked like my dream pad! That's cool, yet weird at the same time... but still, yeah... and then there's Asuka.

Yeah, I went to be the general, you know... The kid who has to save the day, and stuff... I let her bite me... that was a truly bogus experience... Then I think I was flying, I can't remember... Anyways, I ended up at Cosette's house, slightly wasted, and then Asuka showed up... Then it all went a little weird.

Yeah, we were getting on, but then she seemed to change, become distant... I wasn't sure what I did, but whatever it was, I wish I didn't do whatever it was I did, which I'm still not sure I did do, but I must have done... If you get me... Anyway, thinking I'd outlasted my welcome, I went to leave... But Asuka stopped me, saying she didn't want to be alone anymore...

Now, it's only been a couple of hours, but I already quite like her... I mean, there's, like something about her, something... that I feel like... I don't know... I guess I'll have to end this entry on a cliffhanger...

World... Am I in love?

Yeah... climactic...

Matty W.

12/27/2009 #21
Luna Goddess of the Night

Asuka Marie

Dear Diary

I'm thankful my friends back at home left me this diary, so I can record my secrets in. Anyways, moving on.

You know, I haven't even been here long, when I hear whispers of some group that is bloodthirsty, ruthless, some group called the CVA or something like that. From what I heard of them, someone needs to stand up to them, and free any prisoners they may have in their dark halls. At least, that's what my sire would have done. Maybe I should follow in his footsteps and stand up for the others?

As for Matt, well, I don't know what to say about him. There seems to be something there. Curse my senses, they pick up on every little thing. Then there's the whole mind-reading thing our kind at home have. I never asked to have these powers. But I have them now. And I've used them to the best of my abilities. As for my attitude to him earlier, I picked up on his thoughts, which were right. But I am grateful I have friends who like me for who I am.

Not much else to say for now. So I guess I'll sign off!


12/27/2009 #22
Secret Vesper

(okay, really random because the ramblings of Sam amuse me greatly)


Alrighty... so Jimmy left me this book and told me to write in it when I wanted to talk to him, which is totally rediculous since I could just call him since he's still alive!! Stupid humans figuring out ways to live forever...

Okay, so I don't really want to talk to him, because he would just sit there and probably be all philosophical... but that's not the point. It ends up that the mercinaries are now called something like CVAS or something equally as stupid and it's their goal in life to kill all supes... why?? I mean seriously what did we ever do to them? wait... I'd rather not have that answered... But it's not like they haven't done equally horrible things back!!

Alright... mini rant over... umm... I guess I could talk about Nathan... but that would be weird telling Jimmy about that... in fact, I don't even know about that so...

I like scaring guards! That was fun... my gosh... he started singing!! Hehehe...

hmm... I don't really have anything else to say... Like I had anything to say at the beginning, but this was more amusing than my log sheets for Carlos... so maybe I'll do this again... maybe... Or maybe I'll just call Jimmy when I want to talk to him like a frickin sane person would!!

12/28/2009 #23

Joey Valentine (Alabaster City cannon)

If anybody's reading this, then I'm probably dead, by suicide if not by murder.

It's all so fucked up now... When she left me, it's like my soul was ripped from very essence...

I always anticipated her to do it, and after all I've done to her, I wouldn't be suprised when she did...

How wrong I was... To say I'm heartbroken would be freightningly accurate... I havent said a word since then...

If you don't know who I am, let me explain...

My name is Joey Valentine, and I'm not a human, nor vampire, nor werewolf... I'm something in between... I'm a Hyrbrid.

My eyes are eyes of a vampire and a werewolf, a few weeks ago, after I was attacked by a werewolf, my heart stopped beating completley.

A few days later, I was hit by enough tranquilzer darts to kill an elephant, and I kept walking on...

...I destroyed the home of the one I love, and shot her in the head, because of a dream...

...CVAS are after me, for what I am... She left me, for what I am... Everything wrong in my life, is because of what I am.

I don't know what's going to happen... I've seen a dream, of myself, murdered by a red-haired guy, who said he was the future...

...I dont want to see the future... I've lost everything, and there's nothing to get back... Each minute that passes, is a minute closer to death...

...Why the fuck should I wait?

My name is Joey Valentine, a freak to the end, who should never have been born, so now I'm going to undo what nature should never have done...



Tell Nyx... I'm sorry... You should never have met me... I've just ruined your life, and in doing so my own... Don't cry for me, because now everything will be better.

- Love, Joey.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for thou art with me"

12/30/2009 #24
Fear Die Rothaarige

Nyx (Alabaster City)

I've screwed up big time.

I left to protect him. I was so stupid to do that. I didn't think it through like I should have. It was a rushed desion. I didn't even realize what I had done intill I was miles away from him.

The ironic thing what that I was convinced by a Werewolf, or atleast I think thats what she was. I didn't have much of a chance to study her.

Some how, through her babble, she made me see the mistake that I made with Joey. I left the bloody fool alone. I shouldn't have done something so careless.

I don't want to think about what he could be doing because I left him. I hope that he keeps level-headed long enough for me to find him and beg, for him to forgive me. To come back home with me, maybe not home, we don't have much of a home, but I'll be damned if I let go of him so damn easliy.

Joey, my cute and cuddly emo Hybrid, please hang on for just alittle longer. Please....

For me.....

Hang on....Just please hang on.

12/30/2009 #25
Secret Vesper


Day One in Necrobridge

Today has turned out to be a most interesting day. First, I am writting this for the Lady Vivian. She asked me to write down what happens to me each day so I do not forget anything in my report when I arrive back at Avalon again, whenever that may be. Although I know not when I will see her again, and I do not know what shall happen between then and now, I have a strong suspicion that she will not hear everything. This, I am sure, she knows.

First, I became lost. Necrobridge is much larger than Avalon and I quickly became lost looking for where I was to go, which I might add, I was never told specifically. That was when I met Axel and another girl, I believe her name was Elaine, but I fear I cannot remember. She disappeared soon after I met her.

Axel has proven to be a true gentleman and I think we get along greatly, but I know not how he feels of this. He is half human, like myself, only his father was a vampire. This is, of course, about as far as you can get from the fey I come from, but I do not mind. He brings me new ways of looking at things and definately knows his way around the city.

We went to the library. How jealous Lady Vivian would become to just see this place! It is large, with hundreds of books and then behind that there are old scrolls, like the ones we have in Avalon. Who knows how much information we have been missing out through the years because we do not have such an extensive library, or a way to get a hold of such books, for even a while.

That was when things became interesting. Axel ran from the library, but I found him later in an ally. He seemed to be in pain, so I tried to help, but he needed blood. I did the only thing I could think of, what I had been trained to do for others. When he was done, I was now the weakened one. He bought me something to eat and then went to take me to an inn to stay at for the night. But when we arrived, we found the inn keeper had been killed. I did not know what to do in such a situation in this new world, so I closed his eyes and said a small prayer before we left. Axel assured me that the night watch would take care of him and I hope they do.

We are now at Axel's home. It is small, and oddly shaped compared to the other buildings here, but it reminds me of home. It is so kind of him to open his home to me. I do not know where I would have gone if not for him. I only worry now. Tonight is the Flowering Moon, I can feel it in my veins already. I already know that most of our celebrations are looked down upon by humans, but I do not know how this will appear to him. I pray that I can keep a hold of myself, but I fear I will have trouble. I used to have such troubles back at Avalon, before I knew what it was and participated. Now I know what I am missing tonight and I worry what will happen.

Goddess keep me safe and all I hold dear, give me stength to follow your will, whatever it may be and the knowledge to know what to do in trying times.

Linnet Bird

1/1/2010 #26

James "Jay" Saxon

The Hybrid... His blood... it's fantastic! I've never felt so energized, so powerfull before! Nyx was a fool to have wasted the power I can feel running through my veins! I can feel new powers inside me, growing after every moment... It's fucking glorious!

My numbers seem to be growing... more and more are disatisfied with the Council's policy of non-committance... So far, the only thing they've done in anyway to help end the war is order the execution of a captured mutt! What does that achieve? It improves morale, and serves an example... but we need more... she is just one insignificant blip in the grand game of this war... We need to take the dagger directly to the heart of the enemy! And with these powers growing inside me, I am confident we will overthrow the werewolf menance... we will massacre everyone who resists... Men, women, children, freinds and family, we will slaughter them all, to prove that we, the Vampires... no, The Vampyres, are the truly superior speciess... Those lycans who surrender will become our slaves once again, but this time, history will not repeat... We... I... Will not make the same mistakes as our ancestors... the lycans will never revolt again... We shall have complete control over the mutts, and force them to do our bidding... They will be our slaves... and with them under our domination, we can return our sights to humanity once more.

Humanity is a plague, consuming more than it needs to survive. For a Vampire to survive, we need only blood... We will restrict humanity, and keep them down to basics. That way, less harm will be inflicted on the world... And there will always be food, and entertainment, for us... We will be their guardians and their executioners... we decide who lives and who dies, and who is graced to become one of our own... We will provide rational ammounts of food, in order to ensure their survival as an individual, and ensure that they are paired up, to ensure their survival as a species... Under our new order, Humanity will become perfect, whilst we Vampires rule over them with an iron fist, ensuring the safety of both of our races as a whole... Together, we will create a better future, and I, I am the prophet.

I am the answer... The Hybrid blood that I have tasted has granted me with the powers I have always sought for... the power to change the world... I am the answer to the war, I am the bringer of the new future, the prophet of harmony. Despite some of my past greivances and hostile acts, I believe that the completion of this heart-felt campagin will completley absolve me of all my sins and crimes, as I will be heralded as the bearer of justice, a beacon of hope to the fractured masses. I will lead the world into an age never seen before... an age where the streets will be safe, and everyone will be happy, or they will face the consequences of disrupting such a perfect utopia. I will be at the helm, all the way, and I will see everything through to the end, And I will be sure to be the one making the right descions. Anyone who opposes me will be branded an enemy of the cause, no better than the slacking Council leeches. They will be swiftly removed from opposing us, by force if neccessary. I cannot have anyone damage the fragile harmony I have only just begun to build... to rebuild... We will be the dominant species once more, and we will not tolerate insolence or opposition. If it hurts the cause, it hurts the world. We cannot risk the world, It is our home. Even if the opposition is one man, he must be stopped, at all cost, lest he multiply his number of followers. We must tackle these problems at the source... That is how we will manage our perfect new haven.

...You know, some would call me a fool... an egotistical madman... a power-hungry tyrant... Perhaps, years ago, there was a time where that was true, but those times are no more. My mind is cleared. My blood runs without fault, and the hunger has never seemed so distant. I can see everything, and I can see that this was my purpose, my destiny, to become the new leader in this broken remnant of civilisation... I will hoist the flag high, and I will be the hero, who leads all of us towards victory... Does that make me an egoist? Power-hungry? Foolish? Perhaps, in the eyes of others... but they will soon have no factor in these coming days... Soon, I plan to make our move...

I will gather our forces, call a meeting of the vampires, in order to rally more followers to this cause, and spread the word... We will be the first generation of saviors, and though our methods may be morally debatable, we will ensure that they are methods that result in a perfect outcome... Where my father before me failed, I shall succeed in ways he could never fathom, never even imagine... I am his living legacy, a tribute to the unwavering spirit of the Enyo cause, and I will bare the torch of leadership with pride, as I march the world of today into the splendour of tommorow. I am the answer...

...My father doubted me, back when he was alive... While there was a certain attachment to him, I can't really say that I felt love for the man. Love seems like such as waste of thought... One should worry about the future, not the present. If we all relied on love, there would be none of us even here anymore... That is why we cannot allow things like love to distract us. Certainly, one cannot go without temptation, but if we are to succeed, we must be stoic in the face of temptation. We will give into our feelings when the time is right. Father failed to see the reasoning in such philosophy, or had appeared to have forgotten it's true meaning. Regardless, it was his downfall. He was killed by his own favourite girl.

Nyx. One of the most important pieces in the game. Without her, we would never know of the existance of the hybrid. She is stubborn to the end, or was... She has not been seen for a long time, although I can always sense the fragments of her presence, strangley around my former partner, Manea. Manea was too liberal for our cause, and so I had her disposed off, and she sold her services to the mutts. She is the worst of the backstabbers in this war, along with Nyx. Nyx had the petty weakness of heart to fall in love with emotional, yet empty words from the former human, Joey Valentine. Her weakness was most certainly her downfall, as Joey's death must have broke her heart. If ever she is found again, she will be much easier to control, to manipulate. Her greif will make her distorted, and I will use this to my advantage, and I will make her my loyal servant, commanded only by me, her only superior...

...However, I doubt that will be the outcome. She must now be disposed of, because, somehow, I have under my custody, the hybrid himself.

The Hybrid. The centerpiece of the game, maybe even the board itself. Joey Valentine is unique. He was born a hybrid, to a werewolf father and a vampire mother, both pure bloods. His existance is an impossibility, yet here he is, before my very eyes. His blood is the key. But how could so much power come from one so... weak? He shows no signs of paranormal features, except for the lack of a heartbeat, a trait mostly used by vampires... but yet, I can feel his blood still circulating through his veins... What is a Hybrid? It is apparent as to how it can be described, but what is the true meaning of a Hybrid? What power could be locked behind that weak heart, that feeble mind... It is pitiful, that the war's source is a mere boy... and a pathetic excuse for one too... How could this boy have killed my father? My father was a fool, and must have let his guard down... How else could such a poor specimen of humanity be responsible for slaying Father Kieth? It just does not seem possible. He will serve his purpose, eventually, and then he will be set aside, and only I will be able to access his truly rejeuvenating blood... In fact, his blood is so perfect, it almost seems to be my own!... But I digress, He will be the forgotten angel of the movement, the one kept in the shadows.

Joey Valentine started the war. James Saxon will end the war.

To think, that it was his lust for Nyx, that caused this conflict in the first place? It merely goes to show the weakness of the human mind when given any power. Joey Valentine is a living reason as to why people like me, the Vampires, must take control, so that no more pathetic and disastrous ideas crop into the minds of humanity. Joey Valentine was the question. I am the answer. The final answer.

But, as I am crowned king of this brilliant utopia, who shall be my queen? Every vampire I have met, they all seem weak, bar one... she is still weak, but there is a sense of unreleased strength inside her... I talk, of course, of Scarlett... She is still loyal to the Council, or so I believe, but her general ease around others, and her willingness to help, it could be harnessed, to better the cause in ways I could not imagine... But first, she will need to open her eyes. She is still blind to the plight that faces us. If I cannot get Scarlett to see the truth before her eyes, then I will soldier on regardless, and find my queen elsewhere... This is not love, this is selection for power. My power. The time is coming. The future is near.

I am the future. This cannot be denied. I bear the best intrests for all races, and if I do not achieve these interests, the world will merely crumble into even deeper decay. This is why I am the future, because I will erase the past, and abandon the present, just to embrace the future.

The world will remember my name. I am James Saxon. I am the future. I am the future of us all.

1/11/2010 #27
Fear Die Rothaarige

Katrina (Kat) Valencio

Dear Diary,

I don't know what I did wrong. Everything I do, it seems to make a drift larger and larger away from the people that I love. I don't how I do it, I just do....and I can't stand it.

For almost my whole life, I have been lied too. I know that now, and I hate it. I drove my family away then, now I'm doing it again.

Phoenix left. And its my fault. He left because I couldn't love him like he wanted me too. He wanted us to be together. I loved him and I still do. But....Not like he wants me too. He's like my brother. I could never think of Phoenix in any other way. And he left me.

I thought things with Cerberus were going good. I gave myself to him, body and soul. I loved the feeling of being one with Cerberus, it made me feel like everything was okay. We didn't do anything like that alot, just a few times.....Then we had a big fight.

I for some reason opened up to Gabe about my feelings and how I see ghost after I was possed by someone, I don't know who...yet. We talked adn Cerberus over heard somethings and he took them the wrong way.

And he, like Phoenix left me. I cried for him not to go. I cried and I cried. I blame myself, because its me to blame.

He's been gone a week. Seven days. Seven days longer than I want him to be gone.

I need him. He's my Cerberus. My own Werewolf. I love him with all my heart, my body, and my soul. I just want him back. I need him back.

Cerberus, please come back. I don't know how long I can wait for you.

1/16/2010 #28

Abigail West

Entry #1


Mom gave me this for my birthday, which is today, because she used to always write in the one she had as a teen. I don't really like to write, but I guess it's nice to put all my secrets somewhere else than just my head.

Well things are fairly normal this week, but last Saturday I hear a faint whispering though no one was there. I doubt that was anything, but it still gave me a fright...

I have to go now.

1/17/2010 #29
Auburn Envy

Sera Crowe Diary Entry 2

I'm in love with my brother, is that normal?

I know, no formal 'Dear Diary', no 'guess what I learned in school today?' just the nitty grity stuff. So, again I ask is that normal? It's not as if I can help it, let alone do I want to it's just I wonder. What if we were walking down the street holding hands one day and some nosey old person starts talking to us and we tell them our names and they're like, "Oh, your married?" I'd have to say, "'re siblings..." Jaws would drop and the classic What the Buck expression would appear on their face. They'd scurry off with their walker and oxygen tank before I could explain that we weren't related by blood, that I was adopted. And our kids, they're teacher would ask about their grandparents and they'd explain they had one pair. They'd be all sympathetic and asked what happen and our kid (who'd probably be soo cute) would look up and say, "I only have one grammy and one poppop because Mom and Dad have the same parents." CPS here we come...

You know I don't care, I love him, he loves me and the rest of the world can go suck a dic- I mean lemon.

I'm so tired I'm thinking in a British accent hehe...Damn movie with all your British actors. Reminds me of the time I watched too much anime and then it sounded like everyone was talking in Japanese. Okay then, I'm going to go sleep before I say something really

Sera Crowe

P.S Does anyone know what's up with the word snogging? Seriously, it just makes me giggle.

P.S.S And that was me saying something stupider.

1/24/2010 #30
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