Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Got an OC who's not that heavily involved, or is but is only really in the backround, or to provide story? Enter them here, because we need a topic for everything! Who knows, these guys and girls may develop their own stories as we go along...

11/16/2009 . Edited 10/12/2013 #1


Rog :- A bully from the School in Alabaster City.

Logan Valentine:- Joey Valentine's father.

Melissa Valentine:- Joey Valentine's mother.


Deacon:- A soldier on the Vampire side.

Silverback:- A commanding officer on the Werewolf side.

11/16/2009 #2

Wraiths of the Sea:-

Larson: Bartender for a tavern in Tortuga.

12/11/2009 #3

Alabaster City:-

Sigma: A CVAS Agent, responsible for the capture of Sam and Nathan.

12/21/2009 #4
Secret Vesper

Alabaster City:

Embry and Josh: two vampires that were turned by Carlos when she was about hundred years old in her vampire life, most likely the only two guys that will come from her old life. Manage to do things that help all the time, without realizing it and not always the smartest, if Sam won't tell you something, go ask them, they'll spill about anything of her past, even if they shouldn't.

12/26/2009 #5

Alabaster City:

Wilkinson: A small time CVAS soldier, who's high-profile mother works at Willow's Peak.

Zero: A white haired CVAS Agent. He was in Matt's dream.

1/3/2010 #6

Alabaster City:

Brian West: Father of Matthew and Amy West. Works for CVAS.

1/6/2010 #7

Alabaster City:

Tina - The girl May bit in preschool.

Ms. Rennette - The Geometry Teacher at Lakeview High.

Lunch Lady Doris - The lunch lady at Lakeview High.

1/18/2010 #8

Alabaster City:

Amy West: Matt's little sister

1/24/2010 #9


Samantha "Widow" Summers: Spyder's little sister.

1/26/2010 #10


Jonin: A werewolf boy, adopted by Dalton.

Arias: A vampire girl, adopted by Dalton.

Nestu: A human boy, adopted by Dalton.

Silas: A human girl, adopted by Dalton.

Dezyn: A teenage neko boy, adopted by Dalton. Dalton's second in command.

Willow: A human girl, adopted by Dalton.

Lexi: A girl of unknown species (currently), adopted by Dalton. (May get her own profile)

1/30/2010 #11

Alabaster City:

Vulcan: A CVAS Agent, tasked with the capture of Dexter.

1/30/2010 #12

Willow's Peak:

Lauren Lexington: Wife of Lucien Lexington, former CVAS.

Deckland Coblar: Adoptive father to Ramante Coblar.

1/31/2010 #13

Willow's Peak:

Garolo: A Bluastchink, that prowls the waters around Willow's Peak.

2/2/2010 #14
Mistress Brya

Alabaster City:

Amelia S. Lockheart: Mika and Fontaine's daughter. (May get a profile later on...)

2/6/2010 #15
Mistress Brya

Alabaster City:

Black Widow Squadron:

Talon Creed: Has the marking on his shoulder blade, he's one of the higher ups, 2nd in command, Mika's best friend and old fighting partner.

Stella Frederick: Has the Marking on her shoulder blade, marking her as one of the higher ups. 3rd in command, fighting partner is Cassidy.

Cassidy Denizen Next person in command, she is the leading Strategist in the group, has the marking on the middle of her back, fighting partner is Stella.

Daniel Jameson: Strategist in training behind Cassidy. Has the marking on his wrist, his partner in battle is Xander.

Xander Whitten: Is a scout for the black widows, who doesn't have a specific job but scouting, has a marking on his wrist, meaning he's been in the gang longer than Tammi who is also a scout.

Tammi Taylor: Is another scout of the black widows, her battle partner is Owen, and her marking is on her Stomach.

Owen Dangan: Has the legendary marking on the back of his right calf, he's a widow, meaning he only stands as a decoy to attract their prey, battle partner is Tammi.

Echo Branson Has the marking on his right calf, battle partner is Geneva.

Geneva Henderson: Has the marking on her right ankle. Geneva is Mika's best girl friend who accidentally got involved with the widows. The marking on the ankle means that they just recently got involved.

2/7/2010 #16

Willow's Peak:

Martha Wilkinson: One of the top researchers.

Jupiter: A Former Agent, now one of the high-ranking guards at Willow's Peak.

2/8/2010 #17
Secret Vesper


Avery: Lin's son, passed away 3 years ago when he was 2

Ayal: Lin's older brother, full fey, looks exactly like her father.

Dante: Lin's father, full fey, has antlers

Vivian: Lady of the Lake, Lin's mentor and an parent figure to her.

2/9/2010 #18

All Roleplay Threads:

Relic: The Grim Reaper. He appears to characters who have died, in order to carry their souls to the after life. He is the ruler of all Shinigami, and can take many guises.

2/16/2010 #19

Masters of Nightfall:

Kimiko: The Scholar who gave Vivian her uniform and taught her how to read and write and gave her her books about fantasy.

Hiro: Vivian's old friend.

2/16/2010 #20

Alabaster City:

Roman: A CVAS Agent, in charge of the apprehension of Were-Soldiers, plus Ramante Coblar.

2/17/2010 #21

Blood Apocalypse:

Raize: A vampire, alligned with Jay.

Raptor: A vampire with a white mohawk. Aligned with Jay.

Skitch: A vampire, Raize's partner.

2/19/2010 #22
Fear Die Rothaarige

Alabaster City:

Lark: Leader of the Rouge Werewolf pack.

2/21/2010 #23

Necrobridge (Possibly more):

Quintin Valiance: A ghost philosopher, Master Of The Trials.

2/21/2010 #24

Willow's Peak:

Bryant: A young man who's death was predicted by Danny Haven.

2/25/2010 #25
Secret Vesper

Alabaster/or wherever:

Roni White: random charrie Vespy thought of during a spanish test... let's see how this goes...

2/26/2010 #26

Wraiths Of The Sea:

Harker: Werewolf Crewman under Zack.

Cooper: Vampire Crewman under Zack.

Demigoth: Vampire Crewman under Zack.

Barrdan: Werewolf Crewman under Zack.

2/27/2010 #27
Mistress Brya

Wraiths of the Sea:

Darcy - Kuron's baby sister

2/28/2010 #28

Wraiths Of The Sea:

Tungsten: A dwarf, the Ravenfang's cook.

3/8/2010 #29

Night Life:

Azzan Ustreliax: A demon from hell, bonded to Lou.

3/19/2010 #30
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