Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Mistress Brya


Demetria: Candice's mother

Samuel: Her mother's right hand man. Eighteen. He knows Candice is a witch, he's one himself.

Henry: Candice's best friend from childhood. Sixteen. A servent in Candice's mother household, a human.


Changeling Chronicles:

Scarlett Harper: Aubrianna's mother

Collin Harper: Aubrianna's nine year old brother

Jennifer Harper: Aubrianna's eleven year old sister.

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Alabaster City/Blood Apocalypse:

Jacob Shade: The Gravedigger of the cemetary

3/21/2010 #32

Changeling Chronicles: (Profiles Under Construction)

Dhardan: King of the Higher Court.

Aerona: Queen of the Dark Court.

3/21/2010 #33
Mistress Brya

Alabaster City

Nicholas Richardson - The kid that lives at the farm down the street from the house Mika, Seraph and Amelia are staying at.

3/30/2010 #34


Jakka: A raven, freind to Dalton and Lexi

Reyja: A fox, friend to Dalton and Lexi

Beor: A bear, freind to Dalton and Lexi

Tybalt: A wolf, freind to Dalton and Lexi

3/30/2010 #35

Blood Apocalypse:

Seth: A Werewolf border guard.

4/7/2010 #36
Mistress Brya

Black Hearts, Silver Bullets

Gwendolyn Register: Jaylssa's father's newest girlfriend, she doesn't like Jay and wants her out of the picture.

Nicole Yellmen: Jaylssa's father's ex girlfriend who he recently broke up with. She despises Gwendolyn since she used her to get to Jaylssa's father.

5/9/2010 #37
Fear Die Rothaarige

Bloodiest Rose:

Sarah Beth: A bartender in a local pub.

Maria Salavtor: Daughter of a local wealthy business man.

6/4/2010 #38
Mistress Brya

The Bloodiest Rose

Giovanni Spencer: A very wealthy business man and Michelle's father.


Travis Bolton: Holly's Host Father

Beatrice Bolton: Holly's Host Mother

Liberty Bolton: The Bolton's Eldest daughter, 18

Parker Bolton: The Bolton's 14 year old son.

Savannah Bolton: The Bolton's youngest child, 10

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The Bloodiest Rose:

Callie: A bartender...

6/6/2010 #40
Fear Die Rothaarige

Acestral Shadows:

Joel Wolfe: Alex's father, Alpha of the local wolf pack

Mark Dixie: Alex's intended mate

6/22/2010 #41
Krenshar White

Ancestral Shadows:

Credilus Drin: Vampyre Wizard, hates werewolves, and will soon have a bounty on him for murdering 7 were-wolves in a bar. has many undead minions. This was, of course, a set up, by Adrius, but soon, he won't know he didn't do it, once Adrius is done messing with his head.

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Fear Die Rothaarige

Necrobridge: Marie Fable. Age 4. Daughter of John and Kate Fable.

7/27/2010 #43

Night Life

Navarro Casillas: A previous life of Nate Crowe

7/31/2010 #44
Mistress Brya

The Bloodies Rose:

Jeffory Jones - The Head Examiner in the Bloody Roses Cases as he's assisting Charlette.

9/5/2010 #45

The Bloodiest Rose:

Oni - A teenage beggar boy

9/5/2010 #46

Wraiths Of The Sea:

Asterion - The Minotaur that Zack rescued from the island, along with Emily

10/7/2010 #47
Iron's Grasp

Bloodiest Rose:

Nellie Harker - Sweeney's wife, committed suicide 15 years before the events of Bloodiest Rose. (Not actually being played, only mentioned)

10/9/2010 #48
Mistress Brya


Victoria - Twin sister to Sophia, is more so considered the meanier twin. Specializes in Dark Magic. I

Sophia - Twin sister to Victoria, is considered the nice and sweet twin. Specializes in Pure/White magic.

Leonardo - Sophia's husband, White Angel, very laid back, but rather blunt about the whole witch buisness

Rosemary - Daughter of Sophia and Leonardo, age 8 1/2, Half angel with ability to cure and nullify bad charms if she concentrates hard enough

William - Werewolf, that guards the outside edge of the village, was taken in by Sophia when he was wounded, age 19

Benedict - Witch like Candice, Samuel and Emeline, able to create kinetic forces, the flame in his eyes are yellow, age 20

12/18/2010 #49

Alabaster City:-

Alvin Micarin - Owner of the Blacksmith

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Secret Vesper

Night Life-

Vari- Kalya's younger sister, four years younger than her

Abhi- Kalya's younger brother, twin of Aja, 12 years younger than Kalya

Aja- Kalya's youngest sister, twin of Abhi, 12 years younger than Kalya

** All three have been living with a friend of the family, Nalina in India.

3/19/2011 #51
Secret Vesper

Black Hearts and Silver Bullets:

Max Toft: Big Daddy- Evelyn's old pimp and gang leader.

4/16/2011 #52
The Beautiful Tyrant

Alabaster City and Night Life:

Aabal: An old friend of Alexander Benoit, who served time with him in a French prison. Aabal is an angel and 'Aabal' is not actually his real name.

4/16/2011 #53

All Threads:-

Baltimore: A dwarf, and leader of the Three Foot Theives. Cunning, shady, and somewhat possessive and greedy, but he has a good heart. He has black, slicked back hair and no beard. Reads with a monacle. Has a scar on his right cheek

Tallahassee: A dwarf, and the brainbox and science expert of the Three Foot Theives. Has a grey buzzcut and a whispy grey-black beard. Looks like an old prospector.

Springfield: A dwarf, and the master marksman and archer of the Three Foot Theives. He has short black hair and a short black beard.

Juneau: A dwarf, the journal-writer, cultured and poetic member of the Three Foot Theives. Shaggy but smart blonde hair, no beard.

Honolulu: A dwarf, and the magician and conjourer of the Three Foot Theives. Has long grey hair and beard, with a bluish tinge.

Raleigh: A dwarf, and the melee combat master of the Three Foot Theives. He is bald, with a short black beard and an eye-patch over his right eye.

Chicago: A dwarf, and the accountant and money recorder of the Three Foot Theives, also a jewlery expert. Bald and beardless.

Sacremento: A dwarf, and the master sneaker and stealth expert of the Three Foot Theives. Shaggy black hair, no beard.

Knoxville: A dwarf, and the... comic relief, chewer of things, and general ignoramus of the Three Foot Theives. Short light brown hair, no beard.

Des Moines: A dwarf, and a charismatic actor and womanzier of the Three Foot Theives. Shaggy light brown hair, no beard.

4/27/2011 #54

I was wondering if I could include my character Eric's adoptive sister Elise in Facade for just something I would like to happen with him, maybe not for a while but I would like to just be able to have her here and be done with it until I am ready to use her.

5/2/2011 #55
Secret Vesper

sure, you can add anyone you like, as long as they're approved. if you're going to use her for a long term plot or something, she'll need a character sheet.

5/2/2011 #56

She will not be used long term, she will be more of a short term plot device, but if she does become a major I will add a character sheet.

5/2/2011 #57
The Beautiful Tyrant

Unholy Knights of the North -

Daenerys Arnission- Wife of Stannard and daughter of a late Norwegian nobleman. She is somewhat short, has auburn hair that falls down around her waist, and a beautiful set of deep brown eyes. Among the Clan of the Raven, she definitely stands out, as most clansmen of the Raven have the trademark raven-feather black hair, and those of Stannard's family have the beautiful lavender-tinted eyes of his lineage.

Arnold Arnission- The eldest legitimate son of Stannard, some thirty years of age. He wears his black hair in a braid that goes partway down his back, and he has the lavender eyes of his father. He most resembles his father with his tall and broad form, though he resents the man. Secretly in league with certain anti-slavery leagues from the southern edge of Norway. Lives on the island fortress that his father owns./ He may become a more active character later on, at which time I'll set up a sheet for him... To be decided, I suppose. /

Karion Arnission- The younger brother of Arnold. He carries all the natural traits of his lineage, though he wears his hair out and it is cut short, just above the ears. He has a slightly slimmer form then his brother, though he is equal in height. Unlike most of the Arnission children, he yearns for his father's approval, and even though he is only in his mid-twenties or so, he has managed to earn the respect of several clans under the banner of the Raven. He does not share his brothers views of slavery, and has adopted his father's hatred for all things inhuman. He resides in his the island fortress of his father.[ Open ]

Saria Arnission- The eldest daughter of Stannard. She is attractive, slim in form, and carries all the traits of the Raven lineage, including a certain arrogant pride, though she believes strongly in duty to her family, one of the reasons she was married off to a certain Norwegian noble at an early age. She lives on the mainland of Norway, somewhere in the north. She is a twin to Arnold, so she is the same age as he.

Alina Arnission- The younger sister of Saria and a close friend to her brother Arnold. Her form is slim but athletic, and she carries the traits of the Raven lineage, though none of the pride and all the humility of her mother. At an early age, Alina was boyish, and has long since learned ways of battle from her close friend and brother Arnold. She works actively and secretly with anti-slavery agents, the same as her brother Arnold. She is twenty-two years of age.[ Open ]

Dari Arnission- The youngest of Stannard's children. Dari is merely eleven years old and shy, rarely seen by the public, and holds close relationships with her siblings and mother. She most resembles her mother out of all her siblings, but she still carries the lavender eyes and raven-black hair so natural in her family.

6/10/2011 . Edited 6/16/2011 #58

Alabaster City:-

Captain Joel Rawlings- A Police Captain in Alabaster City, Olive Black and Brooklyn Masters' superior.

Veni, Vidi, Vicious:-

Madarius: A wealthy slave owner in Rome

6/16/2011 #59
The Jasper Raven


Victor Zenophon: Vladimir Rafe's sire

6/24/2011 #60
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