Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Fear Die Rothaarige

Welcome to the Night Life. This is not your regular club scene. Here, one wrong move could mean life or death. Here, you party till the you drop. Get drunk, do drugs. Anything, just don't anger the BloodLine.

The BloodLine, an exclusive group of VIP club goers who are different than all others. They rule the Night Life....and the after life.

Get welcome to one of there BloodLine Parties, and nothing will be the same.

Watch ever move you make as you try and make it through the night to go sleep off a hangover. And remember....Not everyone is who or what they seem....and surviving the night, is a game that not everyone wants you to win...Have fun...

Chose your species. Chose your beliefs. Chose your path. Prepare for The Conflict. Enter Night Life, and live... with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses.

1/8/2010 . Edited by JobenX, 8/7/2010 #1
Fear Die Rothaarige

Aingeal was sitting in a booth in the club called Night Life. She downed another shoot of Sake as she scaned the crowd for anyone that she could us.

1/8/2010 #2

Matt stepped inside the club. He'd only recently heard about it. Apparently, it was different. He was wearing a white leather jacket to keep warm, and brown khaki pants, to replace his board shorts.

He stepped up to the bar.

1/8/2010 #3
Fear Die Rothaarige

Anne looked at the bar and someone of interest. She got out of the booth and went over to the bar. She had on a tight black mini shirt and fishnets. She had on a pair of high-heeled boots. Her shirt was a tigth black and red shirt with a simple demium, half jacket thrown over.

1/8/2010 #4

Matt tapped the bar, smiling at the bartender.

"XXXX Beer, mate... Hometown beer" Matt said, a natural Australian. He waited for a drink.

1/8/2010 #5
Fear Die Rothaarige

(Is his chari profile in the thread?)

Anne walked up to him. She smiled at the bartender. "Sake." She said. She looked to Matt.

1/8/2010 #6

(His profile's in the chari thread, yes)

"And a Sake for the lady" Matt said.

1/8/2010 #7
Fear Die Rothaarige

"I'm Aingeal, but you can call me Anne." She said to Matt.

1/8/2010 #8

Matt smiled.

"I'm Matt, but you can call me Matt"

1/8/2010 #9
Secret Vesper

Kalya walked into the club. She had heard about it, along with the shady business it did, not that any normal person would know about that... she pushed her long her back behind her shoulder. The henna on her body showed brightly in the lights of the club, contrasting with the sari she had on, putting it on in a new way so that it was shorter, showing not only her stomach, but also her legs.

1/8/2010 #10
Fear Die Rothaarige

"Well Matt, welcome to the Night Life." Anna smiled at him, her seductive smile.

1/8/2010 #11

(Hmm... should I throw another charri in?)

"Gee, thanks" Matt said, smiling back.

1/8/2010 #12
Fear Die Rothaarige

"What do you think of this place?" She asked as she threw back a shot of Sake.

1/8/2010 #13
Secret Vesper

(we'll see how this works)

Kalya headed over to the bar, looking up at the drinks they had, but not really planning on ordering anything.

1/8/2010 #14

"It's not bad... but nothing particularly strikes me as interesting... yet"

1/8/2010 #15
Fear Die Rothaarige

"You just have to know where to look."

1/8/2010 #16

"And where would I look?"

1/8/2010 #17
Fear Die Rothaarige

"You tell me."

1/8/2010 #18
Secret Vesper

Kalya glanced over to her left, seeing a girl and a guy talking. She brushed her hair back behind her shoulder, the henna on her hand catching the light again.

1/8/2010 #19

Matt looked at her.

"Well, If I knew, I would tell you, but I don't, so I can't, so I won't"

1/8/2010 #20
Fear Die Rothaarige

"Follow me." Anne said after one last shot.

1/8/2010 #21

Matt raised an eyebrow.

"You say that to all the attractive surfer boys who buy you drinks?"

1/8/2010 #22
Secret Vesper

Kalya rolled her eyes at the two flirting before ordering a drink.

1/8/2010 #23
Fear Die Rothaarige

"No. Only the one that I find interesting."

1/8/2010 #24

"Really? Well, far be it for me to seem... uninteresting" Matt said, smiling, and drinking his beer.

1/8/2010 #25
Fear Die Rothaarige

Anne smirked. She lead him to the dance floor.

1/8/2010 #26
Secret Vesper

Kalya smiled as she got her drink and sipped it as she turned to survey the club.

1/8/2010 #27

Matt smirked, as he was on the dance floor.

"Lucky I like making a fool of myself"

1/8/2010 #28
Fear Die Rothaarige

"Lucky for both of us." Anne said.

1/8/2010 #29

"Oh really?"

1/8/2010 #30
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