Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Auburn Envy

Delve into your character and who they are... What made them this way... When the first petal fell... Where the chaos, panic, disorder and misfortune began to spiral out of control? Why the outcome is what it is and more importantly, how it will turn out? Nevertheless nothing lies hidden in secret forever...For every cause there is an effect, every up is a down, every sunset there is a sunrise and for every rose there is a thorn...And those roses tend to be bloody when your dealing with black hearts.

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Mistress Brya

Character: Mika Lockheart

Place/Setting: Her Birth

Time: Past

Inspiration/Muse: My very own depression

Title: Twisted Fate

A winter breeze passed by a cave with a single glowing light inside. The ground was rough and messy, and only a couple spare blankets lay on it. Around a fire was a woman dressed in red with black hair and stone gray, a small frown gracing her features. On the other side of the fire was another woman, sweating slightly and holding a small pink bundle in her arms.

"I can not believe she is the lone survivor. And that little boy was so beautiful." Brenna murmured, glancing at the pink bundle. "You have lost four over the years...and now another." The mother held the bundle closer to shield it from the harsh weather around the cave. "Kainan. I would have named his Kainan. He is my son, no matter how short his life may have been."

"The child of a man who doesn't even love you. A man who doesn't know he has a daughter now." Brenna argued.

The woman looked at her. "Nor does he have to know. I love him, but I do not trust him. I want my child to know nothing of her father. I want to mention of him around her, nor of her brother. She does not have to know about the misfortunes in her life that I have to bare. I do not want that for her."

"You do know that eventually she will find out someday about some things." Brenna replied, crossing her arms. "I mean its bound to happen." No reply.

"What will you do if the father finds out? What will he even do?"

"I dont know. I just want her to be safe." The woman replied, staring at the babies face and caressing her cheek. "I need her to be safe. Even if it means giving my life to protect her. I refuse to let her die."

"The people are going to think bad things about her. You know there suspicions. Espeicially since she is the only one to survive. They have called your womb cursed because you couldnt have a child when others could. And now since this one has survived, she will be known as cursed as well. Because she came out of what was known as a cursed womb. Do you really want that for her?"

"I will protect her from the harsh words of others. Everything will be fine."

"Until you arent there to protect her anymore. Then what will you do? You have no other family to help her."

"But I do have some friends. Including you."

A sigh.

"What will you name her?"

The woman glanced away from the bundle and into the winter breeze outside the cave, glancing around for a brief moment. "There was one name that seemed to peak the interest of her father....and it did the same with me. We actually had a moment of peace because of that name. Not a single fight about it." She looked at Brenna. "And even though its tempting fate, I think I'll name her Mika..."

"Meet your new step sister, and step father Mika. This is Henry and Adaya."

Mika held onto her mother's hand as she stared at them. Adaya glared at Mika and held onto her father, who was trying to force her to to to Mika.

"She's cursed daddy! Don't make me go near her! Please!" Adaya sobbed. Her asthma kicked in and she started gasping for breath.

Mika mother sighed as Henry put the inhaler to Adaya's mouth. "I'm afraid Adaya isn't going to be calm when she is around Mika, love."

Mika looked down. "She can have my room, I'll sleep in the attic."

Her mother looked at her. "Aww sweetheart, are you sure? It's your chioce."

"I'm sure. Let her have my room. I'll be ok."

Adaya glared at her as Mika went up the steps, sighing.

"She's cursed daddy! I want to go back to our own home!" Adaya hid behind him. "I want her to stay far away from me! Far away! I never want to see her!"

Her father looked at Mika's mother with a saddened look. "You wont Adaya, I promise."


Mika stood at her step father's grave, sobbing. "I-I didn't even get to know you…" She cried. "And I didn't mean for Adaya to g-get angry at me…and c-call me cursed…"

She looked at the dead rose on his grave and sobbed harder. "Momma says my real daddy did this t-to you…I'm sorry I'm cursed…I-I'm sorry this happened to you…please come back!"

"He's not coming back." A voice said.

Mika turned around quickly, panicked. "P-Please…don't hurt me…I didn't mean…"

"Calm down child." The woman said. "You feel bad right now don't you? You feel like your curse has done this to him. That it's ruined everyone's lives around you."

Mika nodded sadly, looking away.

"What if I could take it all away? What if I could take that awful curse away? I could make it all better." The woman smiled.

Mika stared as if confused. "You can make it all…go away?"

"Yes, but there is one little thing you have to do for me." The woman replied, kneeling by Mika. "You see if I give you this gift, you cant give it back."

"I understa-"

"That's not it." The woman continued. "You also can never getting into any relationships."

"No friends?" Mika asked, tearing up.

"I never said you couldn't have friends. What I'm saying is you can have nothing more then just friends. And even your friends you have to be careful with. Let no one in your heart."


"Because if you do, the gift I give you will turn on you. Your friends will see emotions boil, and your anger will scare them off. If it doesn't, then your attack will."

Mika trembled. "I don't know if I want that…"

"Do you want this curse gone? Do you want to make your mother happy?" The woman questioned. "All you have to do is keep your heart locked up. Is that so much to ask?"

Mika sighed, looking up at the woman. "I…I want this curse gone. Please."

The woman smiled. "Very good." A man appeared beside her with a glowing earring. "Siruis, its time."

Siruis nodded. "Yes Phoebe."

Phoebe grinned. "Mika, my soul is now yours. You will accept it into your body and guard it. Forever!"

Siruis swung the sword through Mika and Phoebe's bodies and a scream echoed.

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Character: Corey Tempest

Place/Setting: Alabaster City, His Turning

Time: Past

Inspiration/Muse: None

Title: The Calm Before The Storm


It was summer now, and the last day of the school year. The city would be packed full of relieved teenagers, all eager to party the night away, getting drunk out of their brains, and ready to enjoy their time of paradise, without the iron fists of the Lakeview High School teachers clenching a choke hold over their out-of-luck students.

One such student, Corey Tempest, was fully enjoying his first day of freedom, spending it with his close friend, Joey Valentine. They were at Joey's house, in front of the TV, and the XBOX was up and running. The game: Halo 2

"Dude, you couldn't even hit the Aegis Fate with that thing" Corey taunted, his hands darting across his control pad.

"I don't need to hit the Aegis Fate, because the Aegis Fate is on my team" Joey retorted, with a chuckle, his hands moving equally as fast.

"BOOM! Headshot!" was Corey's reply.

Joey tutted. "You bastard..."

Corey grinned. "Gotta keep your head down, Saint Valentine"

"Yeah, well... When I come jamming those blades into your throat, you won't be laughing then" Joey said.

"You can talk the talk, but can you walk?" Corey stood up, and started dancing, swinging his arms from side to side. "Mmm, yeah that's right, can't touch this, bow-chicka-bow-chicka-bow-wow-wow, can't touch this"

Joey chuckled. "Sit down, you crazy fool... If that's dancing then I can fart chocolate smelling rainbows"

"Yeah, I'm the crazy fool" Corey said, with another grin.

"Just shut up and play the game, Tornado" Joey said, with a smirk.

* * *

"You sir, just got your ass handed to you by a true video game proffesional" Joey said, stepping out of the room, with a wide grin.

Corey stepped out, waving a hand. "Lies, lies... There was no way that last kill counted... I so blew your face off with that shotgun at the end there"

Joey snickered. "Sorry but my energy sword had the blood from your throat running like crimson lightning"

"Yeah, yeah, you must feel very proud of yourself" Corey said, noncommittedly.

Joey grinned. "That little bit at the beggining there, where you were winning, that was just the calm before the storm"

Corey tittered "Are you making fun of my name?"

"Now when have I ever done that?"

Corey smirked. "You got me there... What's the time?"

Joey glanced at the clock "7:52"

"That late?! Damn! I better get home before my parents worry!" Corey said, rushing to the front door.

"If you want my-"

The door slammed shut.

"-Mom can give you a lift" Joey mumbled.

Corey ran down the front yard, vaulted over the fence and started blazing down the street in a mad rush to get home, his boots clunking off of the sidewalk.

Corey lived a little while away, and he had to cut through a part of the city to get there from Joey's house. Luckily, Joey didn't live to far from the city.

Corey slowed down, leaning against the wall with one hand, to catch his breath. "Oh Jeez... Not good, not good... Strenous exercise... Should get monkey taxi... No monkeys..." He breathed, making no sense whatsoever. "Damn lack of time keeping..."

He rested his hands on his knees, leaning foward a little.

Then, he heard a garbled cough. "Hey... hey, anyone hear me?" A voice called from an alleyway, as Corey's eyes glanced to the sound.

"Hey... Hey somebody help me" came the struggled voice.

Corey looked around, as if hoping someone else would hear the man's pleas. Not seeing another person, Corey sighed, and pushed himself up, walking towards the alleyway. "I'm gonna get mugged, aren't I?" He mumbled, as he stood at the lip of the alley. "Yo! Someone want some help down here!"

"Over here!" A voice called out, in the alley, near a dumpster. Someone was curled up on the floor. Corey treaded closer. "Hey, dude, don't worry, I'm coming..."

The figure was hoodded, and quivered a little on the floor, as Corey eased over to them. "Dude, what happened?"

"Some bastard mugged me... beat the crap outta me so bad" The figure moaned.

"Hey, it's okay" Corey said, moving to help them up. "I'll getcha to the police station, okay, they can look after you"

"Hey, thanks" The figure said, as Corey lifted him to his feet. Corey was a little suprised at how light this man was.

"Don't mention it, bro... Why'd you even come down this alley?"

"I was looking for that kid they put that missing poster up for" The man replied.

"Oh yeah? Which one?"

"I don't know his name... He's got blonde hair though, and he wears a long silver coat"

Corey blinked...

...That sounded suspiciously like himself...

"...Bollocks" Corey muttered. He swung the man off of him, and tried to run for it.

The man slammed him into the brick wall before he could even consider that trail of thought, one hand against his chest, and one arm pushed against his throat.

"The level of trust human beings put in random strangers... It never ceases to amaze me" The man said, and flicked his hood back, showing...

...A teenager, with inhuman eyes, surrounded by black rings and a mane of spiky red hair.

"It's the selfless members of your inferior society like you that truly lower humanity's survival odds" James Saxon said.

Corey gasped for air. What was this guy talking about?

"What? Do I scare you? I should scare you... I am about to kill you, after all"

Corey somehow managed a squeak.

"Suprised? Don't be... You were foolish enough to fall into my trap. Death's a mercy, compared to the horrors that would face you in future if we never met... How lucky that I'm here to stop that future from happening... You should be thankfull, I'm getting you out of the game early... " Jay said, and leaned closer, his fangs exposed now, in the dull light.

Corey was almost literally crapping his pants. This guy's had too many fruitloops for breakfast, surely!

And then Corey felt the cold, hard stab of ice slice into his neck, like two frozen daggers had been stabbed into his throat, going deeper by the second. Then he felt like he was going so numb, he could feel himself going cold, as his lifeblood was drained away to feed someone's black heart.

Jay wasn't stopping, he was revelling in Corey's suffering, slowly but surley sapping life out of Corey.

Eventually, Corey blacked out, the bloodloss too much, but Jay held him up, continuing to bleed the fifteen year old boy dry.

Corey's skin went almost a pale blue, and he wasn't breathing very clearly, as Jay eventually stopped his cruel delight, and held Corey's limp body out at arms length.

"Such a waste... You could have had potential... But you were born on the wrong end of the food chain... What I didn't take from you, the rats can have" Jay said, and simply dropped Corey, who crumpled to the ground, as Jay walked away, leaving behind another helpless victim of his dark desires. The open wound on Corey's neck still oozed out blood, covering the rose necklace as it dripped...


It was morning, when Corey opened his eyes. He had a splitting headache and a parched throat, but he was alive.

He moaned, pushing himself up. He coughed violently.

He was still in the alleyway. He looked around.

"...what... what happened?" He mumbled, and the events of last night slowly crept up to him.

He blinked, staring straight ahead. He slowly raised a hand up, and felt his neck... felt the two puncture marks.

"...Oh my God..." Corey breathed.

There was a puddle on the ground just in front of him. He scrambled to it, his throat feeling like he was on fire and his dignity thrown out the window as he tried to drink the rain-sodden water.


He couldn't feel any easing of his throat. The water did nothing.

He looked into the puddle, slowly.

He opened his mouth, and for the first time, he saw his fangs.

"...No... I can't be..."

Corey gently tapped his fangs. They were real.

"...Vampires aren't real" He muttered, shocked almost to oblivion.

He started crying...

"I'm a monster..." He mumbled. "I'm alone..."


"Love is for the ones who are strong enough to admitt they're weak... and Love comes in many forms, and it can't be stopped..."

Corey smirked.

"I feel sorry for you... Alone, and unloved... Never to have another person you care about, worry about you, despite not wanting them to? It must be a pretty pointless existance, if you've only got yourself... So, when I'm 10 years older, and you're nothing but ash, I'm going stare at your remains and laugh... You're a vampire who never had the guts to be loved... Whereas I... I am vampire, who had the guts to love my sworn enemy... A Werewolf... And you know what?"

Corey grinned.

"...I don't care whether I'm weak or strong, because I don't need either of them... All I need is Pandora, and if anyone tries to take her... Then you'll see the so called "potential" you say I have... My freind, Joey, he once said something good, and told me... he said..."

Corey looked at Pandora. "...I'd rather die in your arms..."

Corey looked back at Claudia. "...Then walk the world without you... But, I gues, Grandma, you'll never know how that feels... Maybe I am weak, but even though you're here, holding my throat... I'll still be stronger than you"

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Mistress Brya

Character: Mika Lockheart

Place/Setting: Her house and first meeting with Fontaine

Time: Past

Inspiration/Muse: My depression, yet again

Title: Extermination

The house was covered with blood as I laid on the ground, bruised, battered and left for dead. "They're all dead." A man says as he accomplished his goal. "It's a shame to kill such a good weapon, she would have been great." He says with a sinister laugh. It echoed through my ears, staying there and never leaving for a minute. I continued to watch him through my eyes. The eyes of the one who would surely kill him.

Never shall I forget that man who was standing only a few feet away from me.

"Come on.." He says as the smell of gasoline filled my lungs as the house was lite on fire, the men walked out as I used up the last bit of my strength left in my body to get ready to make my move.

Never shall I forget the look on his face, the smile, the laugh. The way he was going to pay for everything he caused. That wasn't a threat, it was a promise. A promise I planned to keep.

The house went up in a huge fog of smoke, I coughed. Then I ran, more like stumbled to the back door as I launched myself onto the ground. Taking in a breath as I coughed hoarsely. The night air hurt my chest. I laid on the ground, sprawled out. My clothes were tattered and my body, the beast inside of me was enraged with pure anger, hatred. It wanted blood and knew exactly who.

The flash of red in my eyes confirmed it. I was the beast, the one he or they were after. When he couldn't have me he decided to kill me, he should have finished the job. He won't live for another shot at taking my life away, I'll make sure to take his last breath away from him.

Never shall I forget those flames which consumed my soul forever. I was burning alive, just left to rot and become a corpse, I wouldn't forget the burning that was in my heart as I felt my adrenaline kick in.

"You are a machine, you don't have emotions, feelings nothing, your made to kill and that's all you'll be."

Never shall I forget that night, the night my parents were murdered in front of my eyes. My eyes were on fire as I watched them burn, wither away to dust in front of my eyes. He would pay, dearly.

"He took away the only good thing in your life. Are you just going to let him get away with that?" A growl was given as a response.

Never shall I forget the smoke that stole my oxygen away. The way he suffocated me and tossed me aside like a piece of meat, he said that he would never do that. Oh, all the lies, they were going to make him beg for his life like a helpless child

"The rest was just a fragment of your imagination. You are nothing but a nuisance, a tool, a parasite."

Never shall I forget that nocturnal silence which deprived me, for all eternity, of the desire to live. I would never let one close to me ever again, the pain it caused. I would be silent, like the wind and kill just like it.

"You know what else, your nothing, nothing to anyone, and that's all you will ever be, Nothing."

Never shall I forget those moment which which murdered my soul and turned my dreams to dust. Everything else didn't matter but this. I'll be damned if I let anyone stop me... from completing this goal.

"You'll get your revenge, even with your final breath, you'll find a way to kill the one who made you suffer."


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Secret Vesper

Character: Linnet Bird

Place/Setting: Avalon and the Fey Realms

Time: Past

Inspiration/Muse: ummm... no idea... I've just known it for a long time, possibly time to share the whole story

Title: sacrifice

Lin smiled, feeling the pounding of the drums through her veins as she stood near the edge of the fire. She could see Ayal dancing close by with Katia, with her gills moving slightly at her neck and the scales on her skin shinning slightly. She knew that Ayal wanted to go off with his girl for the evening as she looked around at the dancing pairs. Her eyes fell on a figure on the other side of the clearing. She glanced over at Ayal, nodding slightly to him before she saw him and Katia slip off into the woods to celebrate the Flowering Moon together.

Lin slipped over, seeing it was a stranger to the fey. He was clearly one of them, but from a different part of the Realms. He seemed a little hesitant to join in the festivities here. Lin smiled as she could practically smell the human scent rolling off of him, he had been in the human world for some time before this.

"Would you like to join?" she asked, stepping up to him. He turned to look at her and she could see a set of horns set into his curls and goat ears stuck out from his head. The bottom half of his body was that of a goat and he only wore a vest over his bare chest. He seemed a little hesitant as she reached out taking his hand and pulling him out to dance.

After a few dizzying dances with the two of them whirling around, paired with the golden honey wine, Lin was a little unsteady on her feet, and so was her unnamed partner. She stumbled slightly as they danced, falling into his arms.

"Do you celebrate beyond the dancing?" the faun asked, softly before Lin looked up at him and nodded slightly. He smiled kindly at her, helping her stand before he pulled her out into the forests.


Lin woke the next morning, stretching slightly to see the faun man still there. He smiled to her, "You know what you've gotten yourself into, haven't you?" he asked her, stretching out beside her.

Lin nodded slightly, "I do, I have taken part in the Flowering Moon for almost 3 years now."

The man nodded, "Then you should well know," he said, brushing her hair back slightly, "That I should have been gone before morning light."

Lin nodded slightly, "I know that, why are you still here?" she asked.

He shrugged, "I'm a bit of a radical, besides, something told me to stay and give you this." He pulled a simple leather thong from around his neck. There was a small pendant carved out of a horn. "Give it to your first born." He said before he stood up. He bent, kissing her forehead lightly before disappearing into the woods.


Lin headed back to Avalon the same day. The Lady Vivian was used to her leaving and she walked right back to her room, putting her things away before changing out of her white dress into her priestess uniform.

"How is your father, Linnet?" The Lady asked, standing in the door way as Lin fixed her veil.

"Very happy," Lin said, "His younger sister is expecting her sixth child, you know how much he loves young children,"

The Lady laughed gently, "Then he will be happy with your news, yes?"

Lin looked over at her, "It is true?" she asked softly, "I thought... I mean..."

Lady Vivian smiled, "Worry not, my dear. You'll be a grand mother, besides, I believe your father was starting to worry a bit." she smiled, patting Lin's shoulder before leaving.

Lin sighed softly, resting her hand lightly on her stomach as she looked down at it.

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Character: Venus (Cassie)

Place/Setting: A few miles off the coast of Alabaster City

Time: Future

Inspiration/Muse: Opening of the thread

Title: Dark Omens


The privatley owned boat slided easily over the slight aggrivated grey seas, as the cool, salty air wrapped itself around the surgical white boat. The only sounds were the gentle rolling of desperatley escaping tiny waves and the tick tick of various equipment being used on the boat. The captain of the boat stared out to sea from the helm. The navigator, who was monitoring a strange sort of radar device, stood next to him.

"How long has this search been happening?" The navigator asked.

"Two years" The captain replied.

"This is hopless... We waste manpower by going such a pointless endeveour... The Nine should just appoint someone new"

"Why don't you tell The Nine that?... I'm sure they'd love to hear advice from a retrievial boat navigator" The captain retorted.

The navigator fell silent.

"Didn't think so..." The captain said, as he returned his attention to the sea.

"But surley... if it was out there, we'd find it by now?" The navigator continued.

A scaly, red reptilian hand clenched the navigator's shoulder. He turned around.

Venus, in her dark-red cloak stood behind him, her dark blue hair blowing in the wind. Her currently human face stared daggers into the navigators face, and she smiled that sweet smile that always said she was thinking of why you were still alive.

"We keep looking" She told the navigator. "No matter how long it takes, we keep looking... Although, you opinion has been taken on board"

The navigator gulped, and as he just caught the breifest sight of a flash of a blade from Venus's other hand, the equipment behind him began to emitt frantic signals.

All three of them blinked. "...I think... we found it" The navigator said.

Venus pulled away from him. "Captain, plot a course to the source of the emision"

"Yes ma'am" The captain replied, as she walked away. "You were lucky" he told the navigator.

The navigator nodded. "No shit..."


The boat drifted gently to a halt as an anchorweight was cast down. They were above the source of the radar's frantic emmisions.

"Send some divers and a harness down" Venus instructed. The captain began shouting orders as the navigator looked on.

A couple of suited-up divers leapt over the side of the boat, and a winch was hoisted down, and diver and device plunged into the dark waters, in search of their elusive quarrey.

As one, the captain, the navigator, and Venus watched them.

"Your worries of wasted manpower will soon be put to rest, I assume?" Venus said aloud, not looking at anything but the cold sea, but it was clear who was being adressed.

The navigator nodded stiffly. "Yeah..." He mumbled.


There was a tug on the harness chain.

"They've got it" Venus said, her eyes betraying her emotions as there was a glint of delight that flickered across them. "Hoist up the harness..."


The harness was retratced, and "it" was hauled onto the deck by the divers.

It was a heavy, wooden coffin, made of holly-wood, and was locked shut by a golden padlock. Iron chains were wrapped around whole coffin.

"Finally... The wait is over" Venus said, with a wicked smile. "Open it"

The chains around the coffin were broken off by combined mights of man and machine, and the padlock torn apart.

Venus, the captain, and the navigator stood by the coffin.

Venus opened the coffin.

the two crewmen either side of her gasped, as she grinned.

"I don't believe it" the navigator breathed.

"It... it's not possible"

"Took a good look gentleman, savior this sight while you can..." Venus said, as she reached into the coffin...

...She pulled out an envelope, and closed the coffin.

"Take us back to shore, Captain... The search is over" Venus said, as she walked away, off to a lonesome part of the boat.

"Yes ma'am" The captain said resolutley, as he and the crew scurried away from the coffin to do their various duties.

Looking around, and once she was certain she was alone, Venus used a lizardlike claw to open the envelope, and she read the few words on the paper inside.

She smiled.


My name, is James Saxon.

If you are reading this, I am dead.


...Everything is going according to plan...

4/19/2010 #6

Character(s): Unknown Witch Girl.

Place/Setting: The Dark Forest

Time: Past, before Necrobridge.

Title: Rescue Mission (PART 1)


The dark silhouette of a cloaked person moved through the Dark Forest swiftly and silently, only those aligned with Lilith's* or Verdun's** line would be able to hear. She took a glance over her shoulder and murmured a prayer to her Goddess, Hekate, for strength. She saw a flicker of firelight in the distance. She was getting close.

Since the war began, both the blood of the faeries and the witches have tainted these lands. No one had a clear advantage over the other, they were equally matched though the faerie side seemed to be getting weaker as time went by. Maybe because they had sent all their experienced fighters before they were able to train the next generation of warriors.

Both sides took prisoners and both made them into slaves. Some of the slaves were sold to the vampires or shapeshifters and all the others were used in the camps. The witches would bind the faeries and cut out their tongues so they wouldn't be able to use persuasion or manipulate their owners. The faeries do things much worse. They torture the captured, would erase all their memories of their life, and then bind their magic to the owner. After binding witch magic, the owner will have both their own magical abilities and the abilities of the witch. The witch would have nothing left. No name, no magic, not even the clothes on their back. They would just be possessions, zombies... people who had lost their soul.

The girl was in enemy territory to save one of her dear friends that had been taken away in the last battle. One that she couldn't bare to lose.


As she approached the front gates of the faerie's court, she heard voices growing louder as two faerie guards came close. The girl silently swore and hide behind a tree, pressing her back hard into the bark she murmured a spell of concealment.

"...of us are going to survive this war." The female speaker said in a grave voice.

The sound of metal boots against the stone floor stopped.

"I know. The Queen must be blind to not see that we are all going to die before this war ends. Hopefully the demon isn't as blind as our leader."

"Lytticous!" Shock filled the sweet voice of the female guard. "Saying such things of the Queen is..."

"Treason, I know, but true. If this war doesn't end soon, then we will all die."

So the faeries realized this as well, the witch thought, taking a peek around the tree. The guard's were facing away from her and were too distracted to see as the girl snuck past them and into the court.


The witch looked at the rough drawings of the camp that one of the prisoners at the witch camp gave her after some... convincing. She took the main hall until she could get into the secret passage that would lead her straight to the prison.

Along the way she heard the drunken guards celebrating their victory over Germund's Canyon even though they had lost many more troops than we had. The young witch didn't understand why they celebrated this. The witches at her camp didn't celebrate their victories, they mourned their losses and prepare for the next battle.

She was now at the last corner she would have to turn to reach the prison. The girl took a deep breath and entered the room, prepared for the worst.

Or at least she thought.


*Lilith was the first vampire

**Verdun was the first werewolf.

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Mistress Brya

Character: Mika Lockheart

Place/Setting: Rebirth Society Housing

Time: Hours before a special day

Title: Into the Abyss


She sees dark brown eyes. Wide with panic. They're her eyes. She's trying to cry out, but the sound is muffled. Because there's a large hand pressing down over her mouth.

The memory sharpened.

"I knew I couldn't count on you. No matter what you try, you're a disappointment."

She whimpers, it hurts.

"You're just like your sister. Two of a kind. Blubbering, pathetic, frigid." He spits out each word. "Just go upstairs. I don't even want to look at you."

She stumbles off the cot bed, crying out as her shin smashes against the wood unexpectedly.

Fontaine yanks her by her hair and stares down. He isn't done with her yet.

"This never happened. It you ever say it did, you'll be sorry for the rest of your life. Because then everyone will know how you came in here and made me do bad things to you. Everyone will know what a terrible little girl you are."

The large hand is pressed back down over her mouth. Pressing so hard that her teeth dig their way into her lower lip, busting, the metallic taste of blood erupts into her mouth.

The sound of shredding fabric echoes into her ears. There's more ripping, the whimpering has grown louder. A growl is transmitted out of their other person. The whimpering dies down as the feel of a tongue is lapping against her skin. Getting the blood from her mouth. She hears a grunt as the ripping of fabric stops.

Sweat, heavily sprayed cologne id in the air, besides the hint of blood. There's also another scent...


The fear was strong and instinctive as it was coming from within her.

She sees brown hair covering up the emerald green eyes that she adored immensely. This time, those eyes were taking her breath away with a darkened, demonic look.

Hands roam her body, she squirms before a hand goes across her face. "Still" The voice warns. She shivers, chocking on her breath, realizing she's been gasping for air the entire time. The hand reaches over, grabbing the bandanna. Her face pulls back, pulling on her already bruised wrists. Bound to the headboard by bonds.

The bandanna is balled up in his fist. She begins to thrash, violently, before being hit again. "Still' The voice warms again. She struggles, blood coming down her face, streaking the pillow. The face comes down over hers. Forcing her to kiss back. She whimpers, then she screams. "No!" The bandanna is stuffed in her mouth.

4/21/2010 #8
Auburn Envy

Character: Unkown Hybrid Girl

Place/Setting: Alabaster City, Lover's Lane

Time: Future

Inspiration/Muse: All Over You by Spill Canvas

Title: I'm All Over You, I'm Not Over You

A pale girl walked down the street her black Converse hit the sidewalk in time with the song that blared through her iPod headphones, silently she sang the song unaware of her surroundings. Finally, her white hair bothered her too much as she looked down watching the sidewalk go by and irritated she shook it out of her almost yellow eyes. Stupid hair, stupid music, she thought as she ripped her earphones out of her ears as Wonderwall by Oasis came one, she was so not in that kind of mood. Screaming, angry music is what she needed, it fit her mood all too well since all she wanted to do was to scream into a fluffy pillow or take his stringy little neck and strangle the life out of it or maybe kiss it….Mentally, she scolded her self. That douche bag had cheated on her with some little upperclassman, some little junior who thought she was the shit because everyone had taken a turn on that bike, stupid tramp. Therefore she shouldn't want to kiss his smirking lips and her heart shouldn't beat venom through her veins because of how much it longed for him. She sighed, raking her fingers through her short chin length hair, at last she looked around at her surroundings and literally took that same hand and hit herself on the forehead.

Lover's Lane, the one part of town her parents had banned her from, hell even her godfather had banned her from going down here. There were so many bad memories and though she might not have been in danger the memories it would stir up for her family were just too hard, it might bring up old resentments and sorrows. Turning on a dime she started heading back, the distraction of finding out where she had been heading had pushed him out of her head, for only a moment though. He was like a virus and this love that still rested in her chest was an infection that there was no known cure for, only time and she loathed that she still could love that selfish son of a bitch. Distracted she hadn't noticed when a set of footsteps had started to follow her but breaking out of her mind she paused in her breath and her steps, the moment she stopped the other pair did too. Biting her lip, a fight would just be the cherry on top to all the shit that had been going on in her life, she started walking quickly, almost running. Without warning she turned around to see whoever or whatever had been following.

They hadn't anticipated her stop and they went forward a few extra steps, just enough that they were just on the edge of a streetlight that bathed everything in a yellow mockery of the sun's rays. Soft light showed the edges of his figure and she tensed visibly, it was him. Knowing she had identified him the dark haired man child stepped into the light and smiled sheepishly, "Hey hun, fancy meeting you here."

The top of her lip lifted up into a disgusted sneer, no matter what her foolish heart said he shouldn't be here and it was just plain creepy even for her and she was the queen of creepiness. "Do not call me hun, you lost that privilege when you fucked that whore," her eyes, the yellow was more pronounced now in her irises, looked him over, "Why the hell are you following me, don't tell me your into stalking your ex girlfriends?" Her heart beat faster, maybe it had all been a false rumor or a bad dream and he wasn't stalking her, maybe he was just trying to find the girl he loved.

"She was not a whore, she was a pretty good fuck though," his hands were in his back pockets as he walked near to her, near enough that she could touch him, and see that smug smile on his beautiful face. It caused her heart to harden a little but then he stroked her cheek gently, like he still loved her despite his brash words, "I missed you."

Yellow faded out of her eyes and then widened, "You did?"

He smiled so lovingly, his words had to be real, as he cupped her cheek he kissed her forehead gently, "So much, I love you don't you know that?" With those three magical words her heart melted and she was about to say something when he continued on, "I want to make up for lost time and they don't call this Lover's Lane for nothing."

Her eyes narrowed, yellow flooding into them, that horny little bastard! "That's all you wanted? Go fuck someone else you ass," she tried to get away from him and his toxic presence but the hand that had caressed her gently slid to her throat and jacked her against the wall.

His eyes were wild as his body pressed against hers, trapping her and for a split second a bubble of panic rose up in her throat, "Don't be a prude, you know you want to." Her teeth ached as he spoke and when his hand slid up her shirt towards her bra she growled as if she were some type of animal and a wall of energy hit her ex boyfriend and would be rapist and threw him to the other side of the street. He stuttered stunned, moving farther away from her as she moved closely. Her eyes were a wild yellow and held death.

"No I don't want to," she moved her hand as if she were choking the air and he started clawing at his throat and gagging as if he was being choked, though nothing touched him. "And you better remember that," throwing her hand to the side he was released from his invisible chokehold and also moved five feet by seemingly nothing.

Looking at her he stuttered, "Wha-wa-what are you?"

For a moment she kneeled down in front of him, the coward actually flinched, "I'm one scary ass witch, be careful who you try to fuck from now on." With that she went away, the rest of her walk home was a blur.

Next thing she knew she was slouched against the door of her family's home, amazingly a tear dropped for her eyes. After that scene the love she held for him shriveled up and died, but it still hurt. Just as she stood up the door opened silently and in the doorway stood her mother, her still young face was worried and hazel eyes held concern for her only daughter. "…What happened?" She asked simply enough but it had her daughter telling her everything, she didn't mention how she wasn't even supposed to be down there in the first place she just held her sixteen year old daughter in her arms as if she were a little child again.

When she had finished the story her mom leaned back slightly looking at her daughter's wolf like eyes, "You know when your dad hears he's going to cut that guy's dick off?"

This made her smile, as she wiped away tears she hadn't been aware had fallen from her eyes, she had finally cried about all the bad that had happened with him even before the breakup, "Can I tell him?"

Her mom smirked, "Of course," she poked her head back into the quiet house, "Oh Steve, your daughter has a problem she needs to tell you!"

A voice called from upstairs, "Do I have to kill someone?"

Mother and daughter smiled identically, it was eerie, "Maybe."

4/24/2010 #9
Mistress Brya

Character: Mika Lockheart

Place/Setting: Forest outside Alabaster City, Mystic Falls

Time: Future

Inspiration/Muse: Relationships

Title: The Beginning or The End

Never would have really thought my life would have ended up like this, two of the closest people to my heart, battling over me as I was dangling over a cliff, desperate for some type of relief. The sound of the rain storm has gotten louder and I've been drifting in a oblivious creek for three days. Am I dead? I question only to not hear any type of answer what so ever. After that explosion I don't think I'll be able to hear anything any more. It was massive, making the entire house shatter to pieces. I remember someone calling my name. Wait, what is my name? My memory is completely gone, all I know is that I'm me and that's it really. Who would have known a little girl like me could cause a explosion like that. I told them I didn't know anything but they just kept me in the room, locked away from the world with nothing to see except a glimpse of light seeping through the cracks in the darkened dungeon that was my home for more then six years. The torture, beatings, and abuse that went on in that room was relentless to say the little.

The yelling and screaming and pulling of my hair, that was now to my knees seeing that I have a hard head, or so they say. I guess this is the end. I hear more rushing water approaching, too weak to move I just listen to the droplets of the rain storm that is now nothing but a lullaby, telling me that it's time to sleep. I've slept for three day, I don't think it would be good for me to fall asleep again, but the water is so soothing. Lulling me into a deep slumber, that I know I will never wake up from again. The rushing sound of water is getting much louder, I am now wondering where all that water is coming from, but I'm to tired to try and get up again. The sound of the water came approaching faster as I finally felt the little ground below me disappear suddenly. I felt as if I was floating, just as if I was on a cloud. Visiting my mother and father and baby sister again would be a blessing from god in any way shape of form, but when I plunged underneath the water again I knew I wasn't dead. God wouldn't give me that day of judgment anytime soon, he wanted me to suffer and here I am suffering.

Fighting for my very life that doesn't have any value anymore. I'll never win the battle he has placed at me. Checkmate, the match was over and my fate was sealed. The splash was the evidence to me, it made my entire body hurt as I knew for one thing was sure. I was alive and in pure pain because of my killing edge. It was racking my body in pure nerves. I couldn't really focus on anything but the amount of hate that was building up in my body. All the flash backs of what happened how the bomb I sent into the house, destroyed it, the impact even damaging me. But I didn't regret any of it. None at all. I wanted those people to die, bath in their blood and have all the torture they inflicted on me go back on them.

Karma, that's what it is. Everything you do to someone gets done to you, but Karma is always mean to me. I won't wake up from this dream, I'll just be in darkness. Never ending darkness. Kicking and swinging my arms around as the mist from the waterfall blocked me from seeing anything as I continued to sputter and franticly move around. I felt a tug of darkness coming as I suddenly hit something. A burning feeling filled my body as it added to my killing edge. The feeling of total betrayal from my family leaving me to die and be taken away just like that. Like a piece of lamb on the chopping block. The anger continued to swell as darkness suddenly took over. Maybe I'm suppose to die, no one ever really wanted me. Not even my grandparents who damned me from the beginning. The darkness became evident as I didn't know my body had finally went under the water and I was going numb everywhere.

I stopped swinging my arms, why try to save myself when there's nothing out there trying to same me. I just continued to let my oxygen be sucked out of me as the water suffocated me, this would be the last thing I would remember before my very soul gets stolen from me. I guess the heavens is the only place I'll be going to, but I doubt god would be that nice to me. He'll let me parish and send me to hell, I killed one of his sons and daughters out of pure vengeance and greed. He would surely send me there to die a lonely death. No one would love me, I'll never be anything for anyone. Those hurtful things will always replay in my mind. All the promises and nice things were only to get what they wanted, All they did was lie. Lying to make me feel better when they didn't give a damn.

I'll be nothing but a nuisance, a tool, a parasite. I'll never accomplish my dreams, they wouldn't come true and now I know for sure they won't. Never being able to have kids of my own, live my own life. Having it taken away from you in all of the matter of just 60 seconds. The life that I was promised to have would never happen for a low life person like me, my entire existence wouldn't mean anything to anyone. Try? Ha. There's no point anymore, I'll always be nothing more than a failure. That's what those people my so called grandparents told me and the same as the one's who tortured me. I won't make it past my next birthday. I guess the saying is exactly right: Life's a niche, and then we die. It's true.

4/24/2010 #10

Character: Matt and Amy West

Place/Setting: Alabaster City peripheries, near the forest

Time: Past

Inspiration/Muse: None

Title: Hero


It was a glorious evening, and the sky was cloudy around a blood red sun, like shards of red peircing the heavens itself. It was not too cold and not too warm, it was just right in the Goldielocks temperature. The surroundings buzzed with the sounds of birdsongs, and the distant, but low hum of the city itself, and a rythmic tapping of sorts... a foot, bouncing off iron...

...Laying in a hammock, on the veranda of his family's house, was the care-free and ever-optimistic Austrailian surfer dude, Matthew West. His sandalled foot bounced off the iron holding of the hammock, as the headphones in his ears played the melodies of his favourite band, The Offspring. He bopped his head a little, hands behind his head, and one leg crossed over the other. His eyes were shut. The wind occasionally gave a pleasant tickle to the skin on his legs, which were exposed by his shorts.

Just a little further from the house, where he could watch, was Matt's younger sister, Amy, who was just enjoying the nature of the world around her... The flowers, the animals, the insects, everything that was a plant or that moved. She pushed a stray strand of hair aside with muddy fingers.

Matt sighed happily. Life was good, and easy. Education during the day, hanging out with his best freind, possibly girlfriend if he played his cards right, Eliza Hunter during the afternoons, and then either surfing or skateboarding on the weekends. However, today was a day of rest for the "Thunder From Down Under"

Matt yawned in the hammock, as he accidentally drifted into sleep, the punky guitar sounds seeming to be like rapid lullabies to him, as his consciousness drifted to black.

Meanwhile, a twig snap caused Amy to stop looking at the incredibly interesting frog she had found, and look towards the sound, which was closer to the forest. Uncertain, she picked up what she thought was a threatening looking stick, and advanced. Matt had often told her stories of the savage beastmen of the forest, and Amy always denied believing him... But peace of mind wouldn't hurt, right? She held the stick firmly in front of her, as she broke the tree-line, and stepped into Alabaster's mischevious forest.

She heard a snort, like an animal breathing sharply, and she trudged on through the mud and grass, her dirty white sneakers not making much noise as she stepped lightly. The snuffling and growling grew louder and louder as she continued towards the unknown creature. She came to a bush, and crept up to it, and gently pushed aside the branches... and then she blinked.

A strange beast, seeming like a cross between man and wolf, was sitting with it's back to her, it's grey fur almost like camoflage against the lack of light shining down upon where it sat. It kept grunting and snorting as Amy watched the animal silently, holding her breath back.

The the creature lifted up it's clawed hand, and Amy winced when she saw the deer's head that it was holding. She watched the creature hold the head to it's own face, and take a chunk out it, and the blood started to guiltlessly drip down from it's savage jaws. It was at this point, Amy could not help but gasp.

The creature blinked, and slowly turned it's wolfen head to look straight at her. It growled, and stood up, and turned to face her. Amy gasped again, and started backing away. The creature roared at her. Amy squeaked, and turned heels and ran, ran straight back to home. But she wasn't going alone, as the creature followed her. She called out to he brother. "Matt! Matt!"

Alas, Matt was blissfully unaware of his sister's plight, as the wind gently rocked his hammock, and he snored on through dreams of granduer and splendouer and beer and women and no worries, mate.

Then, just on the oustide of his hearing, he heard a soft noise. He blinked slowly, and slowly removed his headphones from his head, and glanced to the side. He narrowed his eyes, trying to adjust to being awake again. "A...Amy?" He muttered, hazily.

Then a terrified scream penetrated his previously unharried mind, and he watched as he saw his sister burst out of the forest wall. He blinked, sitting up, looking at her.

"Amy... Wh-what's wrong?" He asked, still a little blurry.

Amy tripped, with another scream, this time one of slight pain and high fear, as she looked back hurridly, and watched the grey beast emerge from the forest like a phoenix does from the ashes. It stalked towards her, a merciless predator about to pounce onto his prey.

Matt blinked. Then a sudden switch in his mind was flipped, as he went from sipping XXXX GOLD in Anna Bay to protecting his sister at all costs.

"Run Amy!" He called, as he sprinted across the front of the house, and vaulted over the fence, and just gunned it flat out like a lizard drinkin' towards the beast which was almost upon his deathly-scared sister. He launched himself, barreling into the side of the creature, and knocking it away from his sister.

"Amy, get inside! Call Dad!" Matt shouted, as he tried grappling with the creature. Amy scurried away, and darted towards the house.

The beast shoved Matt off it's body, and turned it's attention on him. Matt breathed in, as he stood ready... He didn't believe he was going to do it, and he was, without a doubt, freightened for his life, but the hell was he gonna let that bushwhacking bastard try and eat his sister.

And so, Matt West squared himself up, to fight there savage werewolf that stood opposite him. Two trails of thought were going through Matt's mind;

"Oh fuck fuck fuck shit fuck fuck...." and "If I survive this, I deserve a bloody beer"

"Uh... Nice doggy?" Matt tried. The werewolf growled loudly at him, and advanced closer. "No? Okay..." Matt muttered. "Uh... My, what big teeth you have?"

The werewolf was not amused, as it took another step closer. "Oh... stone the fucking crows... Come on then, ya drongo!" Matt growled back, and stepped foward, aiming a punch at the creature's ribs, and connecting, and almost immediatley wished he hadn't, as he winced, and shook his hand. The werewolf's skin was almost rock solid. It tried to swipe it's blooded claw at the boy, but Matt ducked just at the last second, but the beast was quick on the take, and shot it's other claw towards Matt, who rolled out of the way of the attack by a hair.

"What made you spit the dummy, mate?" Matt taunted, as he breathed, and got off from his knees to his feet. He kicked at the beast's legs, and bobbed behind the werewolf, ignoring the pain in his own feet now. "Come on" Matt muttered. "Give a bloke a fair go" He thumped both hands down on the creature's back, once again wincing. This time, the werewolf spun, and before Matt could react, it slammed it's claws in a sweep against Matt's side, sending the Australian back a good few feet, as he skidded against the ground with his face.

"Bugger" He muttered.

Then he blinked, as he saw, lying next to him, was Amy's stick. It was sharper than she knew, and Matt eyed it. He could hear the werewolf stepping closer, and he reached out and grabbed the stick, and stood up, turning to face the animal, his face full of resolve and determination. He grinned. "Let's dance the final fandango, mate... Come on, give it a burl" He said, trying to taunt the creature, and build up his own confidence. "I might be a larriken mate, but you're not the full quid... Rack off hairy chest!"

The animal was not intimidated by Matt's insults at all, and even if it could understand english, I would probably have no idea what Matt was even saying.

It stepped towards him quicker, intending to slash the life out of him. It swiped. Matt dodged nimbly, as he zoned in on the fight. Matt continued to dodge, either by physical skill or sheer luck that the werewolf hadn't totally stonkered him yet.

Eventually, Matt seized on an oppurtunity, and stabbed the sharp end of the stick into the werewolf's face, ever so narrowly missing it's eye. The wolf howled, showing it's first actual sign of weakness.

"You ripp-" Matt started to mutter, when the werewolf cannoned itself into him, and grabbed him, and threw Matt around itself and back, into the dirt driveway, Matt skidded face down into the mud, and turned over, to get back in the fight, and then rolled to the side to avoid a claw coming in at his guts. He rolled back over to avoid the blow from the other claw, but then the werewolf grabbed one of Matt's shoulder's, and growled into his face.

"You need a tic-tac, mate, if you don't mind me sa-" Matt forced out, and then winced, as his face contorted in pain. The werewolf had laid a clawed hand on Matt's chest, sunk it into the flesh, and started to slowly drag it down Matt's torso.

"You bastard!" Matt barely breathed, as he felt the immense pain, and felt his red hot blood pouring to the surface and running down the sides of his chest. He looked at the werewolf, and watched as it opened it's vicious maw, and leant it's jaws closer to Matt's neck. Matt shut his eyes, and just waited.

A bright light shined. At first, Matt thought "Bloody hell! It's true!" untill he heard the car horn and a few gunshots, and he felt the immense weight of the creature on top of him suddenly leave, as the creature, feeling intimidated at last, departed into the forest, leaving a bloody and barley breathing Matt lying on the driveway. Matt's vision went blurry. He heard people shouting his name, he saw his mom, dad and his beloved sister rushing towards him, he felt arms pick him up, and then everything faded away to grey, as he felt sure he was off to join the choir invisible...


...Matt opened his eyes slowly, blinking. Through the blurry, water-like vision he had, he could make out bugger all. He let his eyes adjust, and he could see a white-tiled ceiling. He blinked somemore, and then heard voices.

"Hey, Doc... Doc! He's waking up!"

"What? Are you serious?!"

"He actually pulled through?!"

"I don't believe it... I was for sure those wounds were near-fatal"

"Not fatal enough for someone of the Havenwood clan, me old mucka!"

Matt smiled softly, recognising the last voice as his dad's. He blinked, and tilted his head to the side, wondering who was gently feeling his hand.

He looked into the tear-lined eyes of his little sister, who was staring at him, in utter shock.

Matt forced a painfull smile. "Hey, sis... How's it going?" He whispered.

Amy's eyes widened as she heard his voice, and a smile slowly formed on her small face, and suddenly she launched herself on top of him, and clamped her arms around him in a tight hug as her tears of sadness became tears of utter joy, and she let them flow across his battered chest. Matt just ignored the numbing pain completley and just did nothing but hug his sister back, the sister he almost gave his life to save, and then his own blissful tears began to escape from the cage of his eyes. He could hear voices around him, but the only one that mattered then and there was the one belonging to the little girl latched to his chest.

"I was scared, bro" Amy whispered. Matt stroked her light brown hair with a very faint smile. "No worries, sis... You're safe now"

"It wasn't that... I thought you were gonna die" Amy whispered, and choked a little, as she said the last word. Matt put his hands to her cheeks, and made her look him in the eyes. He smiled at her, with a slight gasp of breath.

"Amy, I'm not going... anywhere" He said, with a smirk. "Those waves don't surf themselves, you know? As long as there's waves, there's a West... Besides, you just make a big mess without me cleaning up after you"

Amy giggled softly, and laid her head back down, against his shoulder. "I love you bro... you're my hero"

Then, that one word kept drifting in from all directions, like it was a magic word.

"That kid's a freakin' hero-"

"-Just to save his sister? What a hero-"

"-took a shot at some hero glory-"

"-Looks like he's not a fallen hero yet..."

Matt smiled, and shut his eyes, as he continued to gently stroke Amy's hair.

"Hero, huh..." Matt thought, and smiled. "...Yeah, I can live with that"

A doctor came over to Matt, smiling "How ya feeling son, you need anything?"

Matt grinned. "Yeah... a bloody ice cold beer would be bonza, mate"

4/26/2010 #11
Mistress Brya

(I'm so happy I thought about this topic...)

5/5/2010 . Edited 5/5/2010 #12
Secret Vesper

Character: Linnet Bird

Place/Setting: Avalon

Time: Past

Inspiration/Muse: ummm... no idea... I've just known it for a long time, possibly time to share the whole story

Title: The Highs and Lows

The morning was cool, nice and cool with the mists deeply hiding the mysterious Isle of Avalon. These were Lin's favorite mornings as she sat in the courtyard, her back against the wall.

"Mama!" came a bleating cry as a small dark haired boy tottered acrossed the mosaic towards Lin. She smiled gently as her son, her pride and joy, came over to her. She opened her arms as he came closer only for him to stop and give her a wicked grin, one that perfectly mimiced her elder brothers, "No!" he said, grabbing her hand and pulling on it for her to get up.

Lin smiled, standing up and brushing her skirts off as she followed the tottery 2 year old over to the other side of the mural where he pointed to the woman in it. "Mama?" he asked as Lin smiled, shaking her head gently.

"No sweetie," she said, "That's not mama," she looked at the woman and wasn't suprised that he had thought it was her. She was dressed in a blue dress, something Lin wore alot of when she wasn't in her priestess uniform, both had long dark hair and were very thin and young. Infact, most of the new priestess' thought that Avery was her brother, not her son.

"Mama!" Avery commanded, annoyed that he was being ignored as he pulled on her hand again. Lin looked down and smiled as Avery pointed to a small bird in a tree and smiled. Beneath it was one of the wild goats sleeping. Lin couldn't help but smile at the irony of seeing a bird and a goat together, especially just as Avery's horns were starting to bud from the crown of his head. Her son let go of her hand and wandered over to the goat who looked up, it's dark eyes intent on the little fey boy. Lin paused as the goat stood, butting into the boy's chest slightly with it's head, right where Avery's charm was. The boy laughed as he threw his arms around the goat and Lin smiled, realizing it was the unnamed man, the father of her child.

The rest of her morning was spent watching Avery and his father running all over the mosiac. It was unusual for a father to come back to see the child, but it was also unusual for the child to be a quarter human and growing up in Avalon away from the rest of the fey.


Lin woke early the next morning, hearing Avery fussing next to her. She got up, moving to see what was wrong as the little boy coughed. She watched worriedly as he continued coughing, "What is it, sweetie?" she asked, rubbing his back lightly and giving him a hankerchief as he coughed. Lin pulled the cloth away before noticing there was blood on it. She put her hand to his cheek, feeling his fever. This was weird... The fey normally didn't get sick... at least, not sick in a way.

"Come on, Avery," she said softly, picking him up, "We're going to go see Auntie Vivian," she said, hurrying out of the room and towards where Vivian and the other head priestess' stayed for the night to get the healers.


"Linnet," The Lady Vivian said, her hand resting on the girl's shoulder as she jerked awake. "Linnet, you've been here for almost two days," she said gently. "You should go get some rest,"

Lin looked up from where she had been resting her her head on Avery's bed and shook her head, "No... what if something happens while I'm gone?" she asked worriedly.

Vivian smiled gently, "I'll sit with him," she said, "There's a cot set up just in the other room, I'll come get you if anything happens at all,"

Lin sighed slightly before looking at her sleeping son. He hadn't been getting better, in fact, he seemed to be getting worst the more they tried to help him. Vivian nodded reassuringly at her as Lin nodded and stood up and headed out to the cot that was set up for her. She paused, looking back at her son for a moment before she left.


Lin watched, his breathing was getting softer and softer as the night went on. She glanced away for a moment to see the horizon turning pink slightly as she sighed, turning her attention back to Avery. Smoothing his wild curls away from his forehead as his breathing got even softer.

He was leaving her and she knew he was. It was fey tradition, they always passed on during sunrise and he hadn't woken for two days. She knew it was going to happen, but she kept pushing those thoughts away, not letting herself think about it. They fey didn't get sick, they weren't supposed to... and yet here was her son, sick almost to the point of death before her, and she couldn't do a thing about it.

The sun was just peaking over the edge of the horizon when she watched him exhale for the last time. Lin watched it as his chest stopped moving before she collapsed next to his bed, crying bitterly.


Two days later, the priestess' buried the child. The Lady Vivian stood and gave thanks to the Goddess for bringing such a joy into all of their lives, saying that he would be missed and giving thanks that he was with the Great Goddess now, watching over them all. Dante, Ayal and most of the fey that knew Lin had come out and were standing on one side of the grave.

Lin stood next to the Lady Vivian, watching as her father and brother buried her son, her Avery, her little goat boy. She had cried so much since his death that she felt as if she couldn't anymore. All of her emotions, everything she had, was being buried with that little boy, the sunshine of her life. She felt as if in one fell swoop, she had been pushed into the darkness, away from everything, into just an existance, nothing more. She didn't live, she had nothing to live for anymore now that Avery was gone.

She clutched the necklace and charm that Ayal had made her take off of him when they buried him. He made her take it and put it on her so she would have that from him. Ayal had done that, even though she had fought him the whole time, knowing that in the end, she would be happy to have it.

Now, the crowd was starting to disperse. A few people came over and murmered their condolances, although, most of the fey didn't know how to treat such a thing. Their children didn't die young, it just didn't happen. Then the priestess', most of them didn't have children, they would never have children, despite following the Goddess, so they didn't know what to do either.

Soon, almost everyone was gone, the silence was suffocating as Lin stood there, stairing at her child's grave. Suddenly, there was a small bleat and she looked up quickly, expecting to see Avery, running towards her as usual, his smile large and sweet. But this time, it was the wild goat she and Avery had seen... what was it... five days before? Father and son, playing on the mosaic, running and chasing each other around in circles. The goat bleated again at her before bowing it's head slightly in a mournful way before it turned and disappeared into the mists.

5/8/2010 #13

Character: May Bloom

Place/Setting: Alabaster City

Time: Future

Inspiration/Muse: The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong (Not all of it, but a part that really stuck out at me...)

Title: Blackout.

Another blow of sharp pain shot through her head again, making her wince. She had been having lots of major headaches and blackouts lately that she hasn't been to school for the past two weeks. She knew that vampires don't get sick, and she knew for a fact that she heals quickly. Her immune system should have fixed this by now.

There was something terribly wrong.

May walked over to the bathroom as best she could without stumbling too much and grabbed the Advil bottle. She cracked the lid open with her vampiric strength and swallowed down the other half of the pills. It's not like she's going to die from internal bleeding... It should be just fi-

The next wave hit her like a sledgehammer to the back of the head, making May double over and collapse in the pain. She squeezed her eyes shut, clutching her head and trying not to scream in pain.

What the hell was happening to her?

She opened her eyes, black dots danced across her vision, slowly extinguishing the light of the world around her. Her stomach then felt the pain, feeling as if she were burning from the inside out.

She struggled to stay awake, to keep from fading into the darkness. Oh God, if she gave up now Gavin would never forgive her.

But this was a fight she couldn't win.

As she closed her eyes for the final time that day, she felt a strong mind unusually close to her. A mind whose thoughts were quickly becoming her own...

6/13/2010 #14
Secret Vesper

Character: Kalya

Place/Setting: Ooty, India, the "bar" where Kalya worked and her mother worked before her.

Time: two years in the past

Title: A Favor

"Kalya!" the sharp male voice snapped through her thoughts like a whip as she looked up from where she was fixing her sari, the only one she had at the present moment.

"I told you to get out there an hour ago!" the man said, his face turning almost a shade of purple with how upset he was as the smaller girl scurried past him. She didn't glance back, knowing that it would end badly as she came out with a smile, posing as the drums started to play. She began to dance, her movements naturally better than the others, but that was because she had been trained by a woman who used to be a professional dancer until she was hurt. She didn't blame the other girls, she couldn't afford to, not since her mother had passed away and she had her three younger siblings to take care of, she needed these girls on her side.

When her performance was done she slipped into the back, quietly as she checked what she looked like in the mirror. That was the only good thing about working at this bar... now she had to go back out and serve tables again.

"Girl," the owner said, stepping into the crude doorway so she couldn't leave. "You were talking to me about raising your wages." he stated it, it wasn't a question. She had been bugging him about it for a while now. Her sister was going to start school again in a few weeks and the twins needed clothes, plus she needed money for someone to watch the twins when she and her sister weren't home.

"Yes, sir," she said, hopeful that he had changed his mind. She had offered to take on more hours, to stay late, to come early, anything if she could earn more money.

"Come with me," he said shortly as he turned and instead of leading her back to the dimly lit bar where she should have been going, he led her to the back rooms. She followed him closely, having never been to this part of the building before, but having a creeping feeling she knew what it was.

The man grabbed her arm roughly. "Now you be good and do everything this man tells you too. I do a favor for you, you do one for me." he said with a grin, his rotten teeth showing as Kalya tried to back away from him a little. "You're in no place to argue. You want higher wages, this is what you have to do. He wants a pretty, sweet thing like yourself and he'll tip well, if you perform well." he spat out the last part as Kalya flinched slightly. "Fix that sari, girl," he said as he let her go and waited as she quickly adjusted the 6 yards of fabric around her body again before he opened the door.

Kalya followed her boss in, keeping her eyes down, her hands clasped before her to hide that they were shaking as her boss bowed to the man. "Sir, I have brought you one of my prettiest." he said, motioning for Kalya to come up and she bowed slightly to him, keeping her eyes down. "She's very demure, and will do anything you ask of her."

"Very good," said the other man, although his accent wasn't Indian. She risked a glance up at the man. He had pale skin, like the people from the north and blonde hair. He was dressed well and looked almost kind as his eyes traveled up and down her body. Despite the dark room with a made up bed and the chair the man was sitting on, it didn't seem like she was getting into anything that bad. He seemed kind as he smiled gently at her when he noticed her peaking up at him.

"You may go," the man said to her boss before he bowed out, closing the door firmly behind him so that Kalya was left alone with the strange man. "What is your name?" he asked, motioning for Kalya to come closer. She stepped forth and knelt down next to his chair, careful with her sari and the dirt floors.

"I am Kalya," she said softly, looking down again before she felt his hand under her chin, forcing her gaze up. She took a breath, looking up at him as she watched him look over her face and body again.

"Yes, you will do." he said with a nod before an odd glint came over his eyes and he jerked her up, standing himself and pushing her against the wall, pinning her there with his own body. The indian girl gasped as she struggled slightly before he sealed her lips with his own as she felt him moving her sari away. Despite how much she fought, he didn't stop, only became crueler, until it came to the point where he slapped her numerous times. After a few minutes, she realized she wouldn't get away and stopped fighting with the man who was so much bigger than she was and let him have his way.

6/16/2010 #15
Mistress Brya

Character: Mika L.

Place/Setting: Rebirth Society Housing

Time: Moments before a special day

Inspiration/Muse: Not being able to sleep and having this in my mind for a while

Title: Infinate


11:55 p.m.

The screaming was over before it had begun. The numerous blows to the head rendered her nearly conscious it seemed. She saw black spots in her vision. Everything hurt. Her head especially but not to mention the pain else where. She lay there limp.

What just happened...

Mika tried to put the pieces together. She had been chosen and that made her happy. She worked too hard not to be chosen and Fontaine told her he had an additional prize for her. She smiled, it was nice to be accepted and special for once in her life. Mika's heart was hammering so hard in her chest she felt as if it would explode. Being chosen as the first subject for the Rebirth Society, for their brand new assignment. She followed him. Of course, being infatuated with the man for a long time. She arrived in the room, and that's when it happened. Everything seemed to go so fast she didn't have a chance to stop it. He was on her before she managed to say anything.

She remembered faint things now and that's where she began to cry again... 

He ripped her shirt, and pants. It all happened to fast. It seemed no one heard her screams as she shouted for him to stop. The gag did nothing to that ear shattering scream when she felt as if she was being carved into two. The pain was unbearable, and she continued for him to stop. But she saw no  end coming. That's when the thrashing began. Once that started the beating begun. She felt the hand come across her face, knocking the breath out of her. He snarled. He wasn't finished with her yet. He continued on his quest and she was nothing but a small puppet. Mika tugged at her hands, the bind was too tight and her wrists began to bruise. 

That's when Mika's knee came up with a devestating blow to the lower area, this causes Fontaine to collapse on her in pain. Mika's eyes widened as her breathing was cut off for a moment. Maybe then he would get the picture. But when that demonic, hardened glare entered his eyes, she knew she was wrong. That's when the final scream happened. The fist hit with so much force that blood exploded out of her nose, her lip was already bleeding from the first blow. Her hips buckled and she struggled relentlessly. Fontaine chuckled, looking down at his prey. His hands moved to her hips, where the real pain begun.

Sharp nails dug into her dark skin as he moved. Tears now poured as she continued to struggle. Though it was pointless now. He increased the hold, annoyed with the struggling as he only moved rougher and faster. More bruises began to form, across her face, chest and stomach. Her struggling was now done as she closed her eyes. She let out another short but was then clipped in the jaw where her top row of teeth bit into her lowerlip, causing the metallic taste of blood to enter her mouth. So much blood loose now and the pain was evident with the contorted look on her face. Her eyes were now hazy and she let the pain and bloodloss overtake her body.

Which left her to where she was now...

Sprawled out over bloody sheets, her blood on the sheets. Fontaine had finally finished, after having another go when she was conscious. She didn't fight it, she accepted it, even with the pain that followed. He looked down at her, running a hand over her cheek. "Such beauty..." He murmured softly, at her. She didn't move, hoping that if she played as if she passed out, he'd leave her be. Which was what he did. He left her alone. The pain only increased when Mika began to move. She whimpered as she pulled her knees into her chest tightly. Rolling over slowly, Mika hissed in pain and looked over at the clock. 


Her eyes widened. Tears began to form. 

...12:00, January 4th

"... H-happy B-b-birthday..." 

A strangled cry escaped her lips, tears pouring down her face. She continued to cry, until she ended up falling to sleep, sniffling.

7/16/2010 #16
Iron's Grasp

Character: Xander

Place/Setting: Xander's Hometown

Time: Seven years pre-Alabaster City

Inspiration/Muse: The original Diamond Head and the Metallica cover of Am I Evil

Title: Avenger


8:47 P.M., Day 1

Martin Harley, a S.W.A.T. marksman, had suited up.

There was a situation on the rural outskirts of town. A mob of 27 men had abducted Melissa Harley, his mother. They were dispatching the team, but they didn't know if they would make it in time.

The helicopter flew over his mother's small home. As they began to rappel down, they tied his mother to a large post sticking out of the ground. Tears slid down her face as she was drenched in gasoline.

With that, the mob's leader flicked his cigarette into the puddle of gasoline at her feet. The blaze shot up, burning Melissa. She screamed as Martin reached the ground, unclipping as fast as he could.

The mob had already begun to disperse, but there was one straggler still not hidden. Time seemed to slow down for Martin as he took careful aim. Nothing disrupted his concentration. The perfect amount of lead on the target. Accounting for drop, he aimed just above his target.

The bullet penetrated the man's skull, spilling blood and grey matter onto the soil. The rest of the S.W.A.T. team were trying to unsuccessfully put out the fire. Soon, the fire was doused, but not quickly enough to save Melissa. Her face was blistered and burnt. Around her neck on a length of wire was a charred wooden sign reading, "WITCH."

Martin cut her bonds, letting the body down quietly, avoiding its lifeless gaze.

"I...need a minute," he told the team, and they began heading back for the helicopter.

The marksman's jaw tightened. "Mother...I promise, I'll make them pay."

With that, he took off, ignoring the S.W.A.T. team shouting and radioing for him. He had hunting to do.


5:32 P.M., Day 33

Martin lined up the shot into a living room, squeezing the trigger on his rifle. The man's head burst.

He moved immediately, ditching all his gear but his pistol. He wouldn't need it anymore. That was it. 27 men dead, and one mother avenged. Now all there was to do was add another to the total.

He hailed a cab, and drove out to the small home his mother, until recently, had lived in.

He paid the driver, and climbed out. He began walking towards it. He forced the door open, and took a look around. Just as it had been before she died.

He sat down at the kitchen table, musing on the pistol.

One quick pull on the trigger, and he'd end it. No more pain. He'd see his mother again.

"Am I evil?" he asked himself out loud, playing with the pistol, aiming it at his head.

Then he heard footsteps.

A man in reflective glasses and a smartly ironed and pressed black business suit and red tie came down the stairs like there hadn't been a murder committed on the property a month ago.

"You're Martin Harley," the man said. It wasn't a question. It was a statement. "You've earned yourself quite a reputation with the S.W.A.T. team, but your vigilante work has just ensured you'll do life, or get the death sentence. Or, I assume that pistol isn't going to be used against anyone besides yourself. But I'm offering you an opportunity. My organization has need of men like you. I'm offering you amnesty, a chance to begin a new life."

Martin looked at him questioningly. "What do I need to do?"

The suited man said, "All you need to do is agree. You'll be hunting much more dangerous game than humans."

Martin considered it for several minutes, a tense, awkward silence building between the two.

"I'll do it," Martin said.

The suited man said, "Excellent. Follow me outside and we'll take you to your new home."

Martin followed the man, ready to start anew.

On that day, Martin Harley died. He committed suicide. Not bodily suicide, but his soul died. In its place was a monstrosity, a feelingless spirit with no conscience. His name was Xander.

7/16/2010 #17

Character(s): Company 93

Place/Setting: The Wasteland

Time: During Paranormal Wasteland

Inspiration/Muse: Being left alone with no internet for two days

Title: What It Takes To Survive (Paranormal Wasteland Trailer)


"...So many years..."

There was a city, a ruined city, the buildings and skyscrapers all crumbling into decay, walls torn open, and debris scattered across the streets, as nature tried to reclaim her land, tree roots, plants, and rocks forming through the city, turning the place into a literal urban jungle, whilst the harsh sun beat down like a hammer of fire. The city was in the distance, as a sign comes into view, it's edges covered with claw marks, and blood... Welcome To Alabaster City.

"...The mistakes of the past, have destroyed the present, leaving no hope for the future..."

A group of people, its number fairly medium sized but specifically uncertain, stare at the sign. Standing at their head, is a man. A man with silver coloured horns sticking out from his forehead, and curling up and around the top of his skull, and black hair. He stared at the sign with demonic eyes.

"...But if we can't even survive the present, perhaps the future doesn't belong to us..."

He rested an assault rifle on his shoulder.

"...But what if we could change things?"

The man sighed. "Let's move... we have to get to the other side..."

"We, are Company 93, a remnant of what was once considered a safe haven..."

"If we move fast, we can be across before sunset..."

"...And this is what it means to be a survivor"


Muzzle flashes, and gunshots, screaming people.

"Go go go!"

Vampires, in their twisted demeanour, poured out from the darkened buildings, their bloodthirsty eyes set on those living morsels of prey.

As the unarmed and weak ran for their lives, those who volunteered to defend them fought back their fears and backstepped in follow, not letting their feral enemies see their backs.

Slowly but surley, the vampire's numbers started to drop... and then, a peircing howl shattered the grim after-silence.

The people came back, running past the volunteers in a mindless frenzy, as Werewolves, overgrown, rabid and chaotic, bounded down upon them.

Some screamed, and wussed out, running for their lives... the line broke, and those who had the courage to stand and fight for those that needed protection... were savagely torn apart, limbs ripped from their bloody sockets, claws dragged across bellies, letting entrails fall onto the cold ground, and infectious fangs sunk into clean meat, never to see the light of day again...

Those that ran, ran in a frenzy, spliting down alleyways and side-streets, all cammarderie lost, for the sake of personal survival... But not every vampire was dead, and soon, the city, once a place of reffuge, became a death-trap for it's visitors...

Eventually, the few that could survive both, huddled into a place known as Victory Square, where they cowered under the statue of the ancient soldier, which defied nature and logic with it's refusal to fall, or crumble, or even crack. The survivors waited for the inevitable... and watched as Vampires and Werewolves, once an eternal struggle, now clashed with nothing but instinct and bloodlust to fuel them.

In the end, only one battered and blooded werewolf remained, and it slowly turned to the survivors... and so again to the chase renew, untill those few found the remains of their martyred guards, and picked up their weapons, and fired upon the werewolf... killing it.

...The survivors burst into hysterics of laughter, and collapsed in joy that they were alive.

There was a grunt behind them.

They all turned around...

...There was a solitary vampire. It hissed, and leapt upon them, as they surely ran out of bullets, their screams echoed across the city and beyond.


The screams reached a campsite.

A white haired man with cat-like ears, and a black eye patch looked at the city from a clifftop, the horned man from earlier standing next to him.

"Damn..." The cat-eared man remarked. "...You made a good call, waiting untill morning... I think that was Company 91..."

"Don't rush things, never try and take the short approach... The smallest mistake, and you're dead, and there's no coming back"

The horned man nodded. "Sucks for them, I guess"

"We've got a long way to go... Two continents, five countries... And nothing but a death threat between here and there... Deserts, cities, jungles... They've had years to establish their territory, and now we're the strangers, the invaders..."

"Come on, let's get back" The horned man said. "There's nothing to do here now..."

"...But we are not helpless..."


"Are you crazy!? That'll never work!"

"I must say, you're quite charming for a bastard"

"If I can't go with you... I need to tell you something"

"They're coming!"

"I won't die... like... like this..."

"We've been tricked!"

"I used to live here..."

"Not every relic is crumbling..."

"Dead is dead"

"...This is it..."

"I won't see her die!"

"Everyone's gotta step off the stage sometime..."

"The magic never died... We just lost it..."



The sun rose on the horizon, as Company 93 stood ready, walking down the road to Alabaster City... For some, it lead to oblivion, death, and misery... for some, it lead to safety, security, and false-hope... but for others...

"We will survive"

...For others, it lead to destiny... Company 93... Will they change the world, or die trying? And who... Who of the Company, will see the uncertain end... Who will survive...

"We are Company 93... And we've had enough bullshit for the past two centuries!"

...The Paranormal Wasteland...

9/1/2010 #18
Secret Vesper

Character: Sam

Place/Setting: Sam's family house

Time: When Sam was 17

Title: Sibling Rivalry


Sam walked down the street, her bag slung over her shoulder. It was a beautiful fall day, she had just finished with her ballet classes and nothing could get her down. She looked up at the large house she called home before knocking on the door. She waited a moment for someone to come let her in, but no one did. She paused but shrugged as she pushed the door open. Most of the time one of the maids just couldn't hear the knocking. It didn't matter, their door was always open anyways. She headed upstairs in the silent house, noting briefly that the parlor door was shut. Her mother or father must have guests.

She went upstairs and put her bag away, checking her reflection for a moment before smiling. She looked presentable. She started downstairs again, her footsteps soft as she approached the parlor doors. She knocked lightly before opening them.

"Mother, Father?" she called as she looked around the darkened room. She blinked a few times, her eyes slowly adjusting to the lack of light. She could see their shapes in their normal chairs. So why were they sitting in the dark? And why weren't they answering her? She slowly approached the large figure that was her father, reaching out to him.


She felt something sticky on his sleeve and pulled her hand back quickly. She looked down, her eyes still unused to the dark, squinting to see what was on her father's suit jacket. It was dark on her fingers and when she raised it up to her nose it had a sharp metallic smell.


She reached over and touched her mother's shoulder finding more of the sticky substance on her mother's bare shoulder. Only, there was more than on her father's arm. She stepped back as her eyes adjusted and she saw the dark liquid on her mother and father, trailing down from their necks, their lifeless eyes staring at her. Her hands began shaking as she turned to hurry from the room.

"Claire! Joann!" she called for the maids before she heard a footstep behind her.

"Samantha," the man's voice said as Sam turned quickly back towards her dead parents.

"Michael? Oh thank God, Michael, someone's killed Mother and Father." she said hurrying over to her brother.

"I know."

"Whatever will we do? We must call the police and quickly. Perhaps they can figure out what happened."

"We don't need to do that, I know who did it."

"Oh, then we must tell them so the men are captured."

"The man who did it won't be captured."

"H-how can you be so sure?"

"Because the police won't suspect vampires."

"Michael, this is no time for joking! There's no such thing as vampires. Come, we must go tell the police. What if Claire and Joann met the same fate?" By now her eyes had adjusted to the lack of light and she could see the blood on her brother. "Michael... why are you covered in blood?" she asked, stepping back but her brother now had an iron grip on her.

"Stay still, Samantha, this will only hurt for a bit." He said gripping her shoulder.

"Michael, what are you doing?" she asked fearfully, "Michael, you're hurting me."

"Unlike Mother and Father, you're actually amusing enough to keep around. You'll make a good vampire with your grace and looks. Especially once we get rid of that sweet streak."

Sam struggled against her older brother's grip. "What are you talking about, Michael? Maybe we should go out and find someone..."

"Stop, we're not going anywhere. Mother and Father would have tried to stop me, so I had to kill them. But you, I can work with you." he said, pulling his sister closer before biting hard into her neck. Sam fought against him, but was no match against his strength, especially when he started draining her blood.

"Michael... stop..." she said before passing out.


The next few days passed as a jumble of pictures. She saw her brother looking over her once, a Hispanic man standing by his side.

"Will she cause trouble?"

"I don't know. If she does, you know what to do."

Sometimes when she opened her eyes no one would be there, other times her brother would be there, but usually not. The Spanish man was usually sitting there. But no matter what she saw or heard, she was in constant pain. It felt as if someone had taken all of her blood and replaced it was acid. Her whole body burned as she laid there. She got moved once, but it was after dark and she couldn't see anything.


It was dark when Sam opened her eyes. She was laying on a bed and the pain had subsided finally. She blinked a few times as she turned her head and saw the Hispanic man. He was motioning outside of a door before he turned his attention to her.

"How are you feeling, dulce?" the man asked, his accent heavy.

Sam blinked looking up at him before he helped her sit up. A moment later Michael walked in.

"Ah, good, she's up finally." he said as Sam's jaw set in her 'stubborn look' as her father had always called it. "Samantha, we'll have to get you some new clothes and into training as soon as we can." Sam didn't respond before her brother looked at her. "Samantha?"

"You killed mother and father." she said simply.

"Yes, we all know that, now moving on."

"You killed mother and father and turned me into this... thing!" she exclaimed as she launched herself from the bed at her brother at inhuman speed, slamming her brother into the wall. He caught a hold of her wrists and turned her so quickly that she became dizzy.

"I didn't get a choice either. I'm actually surpised you didn't turn earlier since Mother was a vampire herself-"

"You're lieing!"

"But it doesn't matter now. You are a vampire and nothing you can do will change it." Sam continued struggling against her older brother before he sighed and pushed her hard before she landed in the Hispanic's open arms. His grip was like a vice. "Keep an eye on her, Juan Carlos. She'll need an attitude adjustment and do whatever you have to to get it." Sam struggle against her captor's arms. Despite her new found strength, she couldn't break free.

Juan Carlos nodded before Michael left the room. The man released Sam the moment the door was closed and she turned, ready to attack him before he slapped her hard across the face. She landed hard into the wall behind her. "You will address me as "sir" when you speak to me. You will not attack me or any of the other vampires in my clan and you will do what you are told without question. Am I understood?"

Sam moved to get up before throwing herself at him again. She was thrown into the wall again, this time harder so she saw stars. "You'll learn."

9/7/2010 #19
Secret Vesper

Character: Viola Lemkin

Place/Setting: Auschwitz

Time: November 30, 1943

Inspiration: The National Holocaust Museum

Title: A brother growing up


November 30, 1943 started out like any other day in the Hell that was Auschwitz. We got up early to stand for hours as we were counted. I believe I spaced out at one point because I guard kicked me in the shins as he walked past. I was going to get a lecture from Kurt when I arrived at the chambers. He was constantly worried when I spaced out, fearing that the doctors would think I was mentally unstable and send me to my death like so many others before me. Especially since I spaced out at last once a month. I had and have no mental problems. But you try standing for hours on end without doing a single thing. You're mind will start to wander, no matter how strong your resolve is.

We were given the usual stale hunk of bread as we headed off to our "jobs". I glanced around, trying to find my siblings. I had to see them once a day to make sure they were all safe. I spotted Danny as he headed to the carpentry building and Becca as she went to the sewing building. But I couldn't find Eli. I looked for a few moments longer before I could spare no more time or I would be late. If I was late, Sir wouldn't be happy and I would be punished like I had been before. I pulled my thin jacket closer as I hurried the best I could to the gas chambers.

I could already see the people being lined up outside, unknowingly waiting for their death. Kurt was waiting for me, as usual, but had been pulled into conversation with another soldier. I was spared the lecture, this time, only gaining a glare from my unlikely savior.

We started the process. Too many people for me to count were being herded into the changing room. A few prisoners like myself and a few guards instructed the people to undress and informed them that they were to be given a shower to help prevent lice. Sir had opera playing already, but I could still hear the screams as we started sorting through the clothing and valuables that people had left in the room.

When we were done and the gas chamber was mostly cleared, they sent for the next group to be brhough in. I was on auto-pilot by this time before I heard a voice calling my name. I turned in shock to see Eli, sweet, little, innocent ten year old Eli.

He gave me a tentative smile as he struggled with his shirt with the hand he had hurt the week before. I moved over to help him as he prattled on about being told he was going to get a shower and be clean.

"Are you going to come with me, Vi?" he asked.

I sighed, shaking my head, "No, I'm not." I said, continuing to help him undress before I took the Star of David off from around his neck. He had been the only one who got his through the sorting platform, somehow.

I pressed it into his hands. "I want you to do something." I told him seriously. His dark eyes that were so much like mine and Papa's gazed up at me. "I want you to kneel down right now and say your prayers."

I saw Kurt leaving to see if everything was all set in the next chamber before turning my attention back to my younger brother. Eli nodded and I watched him as he dutifully said every last Hebrew word. When he was done, he stood up again.

Sir had started playing opera. This time, I knew the music well. It was from "The Music Flute", an opera by Mozart. My father had taken me to see it one year for my birthday. I had gotten the recording for Christmas the year before and had played the aria that was now playing over and over because of my love of the pure and angelic voice. I knew that I would now never be able to look back on those memories the same way again.

Eli smiled up at me. "You must like working here since you get to listen to such pretty music." he said as the doors to the gas chamber beyond opened. I took Eli's hands in mine, kneeling before my little brother.

"Eli, I want you to listen to be very carefully." I said seroiusly. "It's going to be scary in there for a while. I want you to go in and find a place to kneel down. Kneel down and start saying your prayers over and over. Promise me you'll do that and don't stop, got it?" I asked.

He gazed at me questioningly before nodding and putting his Star of David in my hands for safe keeping. I walked him to the door before pulling him into a tight hug.

"I'll tell Mama and Papa you send your love." he said as he pulled away from my grasp a little. I felt my breath catch as I hugged him once more and kissed the top of his dark curls.

I stepped back as I watched my little brother straighten his shoulders and walk into the as chamber, knowing that he wouldn't come back out alive. In that instance, I saw what a great man he would have been. Instead of seeing him grow up to be that man, I got to listen to my once favorite opera play as my little brother who I had sworn to Mama that I would protect no matter what, was saying his last prayers in fear as he died and went to join our parents.

10/2/2010 #20
Iron's Grasp

Character: Carson Riggs

Place/Setting: Company 93's Camp in the evening

Inspiration: A few songs I listened to for character muse

Title: Stained Red


Carson sat apart from most of the members of Company 93 at dinner. He preferred to sit with those who didn't ask him questions. He ate his own food without speaking a word to anyone else. When he was done, he sat back, absently fingering at a pair of dog tags he'd pulled from a pouch on his vest.

"What've you got there, Riggs?" asked one of the more vocal men gathered around the fire.

Carson immediately stuffed the tags back into his pocket. "It's nothing," he said.

"C'mon..." the man wheedled. "I'm sure you can tell us."

Carson looked at him. "No." The man looked a bit crestfallen.

"Is it that important to you?" the man asked.

"Yes," Carson said. "This is all that's keeping me connected to my old life. My only tether to what happened before I forgot who I was." An awkward silence hung over the group.

Finally someone spoke up, "They yours? Or someone you knew?"

Carson said, "I'm done talking for the evening. Convene as you will, I'm sure you'll all come up with stories about them to entertain yourselves."

As the men began chattering quietly amongst themselves again, Carson reached into the pocket again, removing the dogtags. He ran a finger over the name on the tag. "I'll make sure you didn't die for nothing. I'll make sure they pay," he muttered quietly to himself as his fingers passed over the name again.

"When that time comes, nothing will stop me. I'll paint the world red with their blood, and then we can be together again."

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Mistress Brya

Character: Candice

Place/Setting: Prior to The Bloodiest Rose

Time: Late 1800s

Inspiration/Muse: Having no computer

Title: Circumstance


Glass Shattered. A shriek. Padded footsteps

"Calm down..."

It wouldn't help. It was too late, far too late. She was nothing more than a crumbled mess on the floor it seemed. Crying hysterical. It seemed as if both of them were at wits end. It kept happening, no matter how many times they tried to prevent it, they lost what they both treasured most. It seemed as if this had been the final straw. Loss of pride, and failure at motherhood. Nothing seemed to prepare them for what happened next. Shadows were caste on the walls of the house, in the outskirts of New York City. A lone night on in a two-story house.

Accusations. He said, she said. A misunderstanding. Finger pointing. Lots of shouting. He couldn't fully grasp the pain she felt, how utterly pathetic and useless she was. It seemed as if it wasn't destined to be, but t hey thought that this time it would be different. It lasted longer than the others, no disease. Healthy, strong, the highlight of their lives. The door was slammed with pure brute force, in his face. The walls trembled. She didn't understand the pride he lost, the purpose of being a man was taken from him again, and he couldn't do anything about it.A man was suppose to provide for his family, and it seemed as if he couldn't do this one thing correct. He leaned his head against the door, eyes closed. He knew she was in the far corner of the room, collapsed on the ground, in full-blown tears.

"Don't be like this…"

"Go away!!"

He opened the door, trying to reason with her. They could always try again. She shook her head. She had given up. There was no point in trying again, so it could blow up in her face, like the previous times. She refused to have her heart ripped from her chest. He approached her cautiously, and she screamed at him to go away. Leave her in her misery. He wouldn't allow that, they've been through so much together and with that he picked up the fragile woman from off the floor. She struggled but this was an uphill battle she was fighting and gave in. The young witch closed her eyes and listened to him, but then she backed away.

More accusations, stuff was thrown. He grabbed her hands and she pulled, starting a grapple inside their bedroom. Tossing and turning until she was pinned beneath him, both breathing hotly in each other's face. She deflated, beginning to cry all over again as he hugged her close and brought her into his lap. Whispering in her ear. She got up suddenly, arguing about the future, he tried to reassure her but that's when something else was thrown. First a pillow, then a lantern and finally a book. The book his brown and both of them stood there, shell shocked.

"No! Wa-!"

He walked out.

She fell to her knees in front of the bed, crying until she had fallen asleep, sniffling. He reentered the room sometime later, finding her on the floor at the foot of the bed. Effortlessly, he picked up the young woman and placed her in the bed. His name escaped her lips as he watched her, but his decision was already made. Pushing her hair out of his face and kissing her brow, he pulled the blankets up to her chin and walked to the door, glancing back for a moment before leaving. A note left on the dresser. A small absence would suffice, and maybe this would strengthen their bond.

10/3/2010 . Edited 10/3/2010 #22

Character: Lexi

Place/Setting: Prior To Necrobridge

Time: Past

Inspiration/Muse: Extensive Character Development

Title: A Gift For A Curse


Soft snow fell from the heavens and landed on the whitewashed ground of the forest, the trees either covered by frost, or completley dead, and nothing but twigs. It was icily cold, but somewhere there chilly early morning breeze carried with it on the wind that rusty, metallic smell of freshly spilled blood, and the deceptive warmth of a corpse slowly growing cold. The breeze also carried the dusty smell of burning wood and flames, yet for all the smells carried on the wind that morning, the only sound was the delicate, yet earth-shattering cry of a small child...

The walls of the house had been broken. Everything that could be destroyed now lay in ruins. Anything that wasn't broken was burning, the blacken mist twirling around it like a plague. The roof was gone, burned away to expose the once peaceful home to the cruel unpredicatability of the skies. Smoke and steam rose up, and snow and sorrow fell down, and all of them were carried away by the wind, to be forgotten to all but one.

The little girl sat sobbing at the back of the house, hiding behind the untouched cellar door, which admittedly, was slightly ajar. Through the crack in the doorway, she could see a small limp figure, lying helplessly on the floor, face down, an arrow protruding from the body's back. It was her brother.

She had not been able to take her eyes off of him. Not long after the vicious attackers left the house behind, she had began to softly call out his name, but she never got any response, just the grim silence of the dead. That was when she began crying, and now, she lacked the energy to cry, but she could not stop staring at the body.

After a moment, she finally stood up, and slowly walked fowards, pushing the door open, and stepped out. She kneeled beside her brother, who was just as cold as the snow that was falling on them. She stared down at him, her eyes sore from all her shed tears. She leaned down, and ever so softly kissed his forehead. She winced at the icy coldness, as she stood up, looked away, and walked through the house, to the entrance.

The wall was torn apart, the door was gone completley. The entrance to the home was nothing but a shattered gateway to a lonely graveyard, with no graves or gravestones, just cold bodies.

Two more bodies were in front of her, and they were all that was left of her life. Seeing the two lying there, unmoving, meant that there was no turning back, no way to ever make things the same again. She fell to her knees, and curled up to herself, between the bodies of her mother and father...

Time passed. It could have been an eternity, it could have been a second. It didn't matter because it seemed like both in so many ways. But as time stopped passing, a figure walked out from the trees in front of the house, causing the girl to look up.

Then, things began to change her life, forever...

Faint lights rose up from both her parents, in the shape of their bodies. She watched, wide-eyed as they looked around, seeming confused, untill the figure stepped inside the boundaries of the house, and they suddenly seemed to understand. The figure themself was completley covered in a black robe, a hood obscuring their face. In one of their hands, was an ornate sycthe, with a deep, eternal black shaft, and an elegant shining silver blade.

The figure swung the sycthe at the light above her father, and the strange shadow of him seemed to break in half, and then suddenly fade away. The same thing happened when the figure swung the scythe at the light above her mother.

Silently, and emotionlessly, the figure walked past her. Curious, yet afraid, the girl followed them... and saw where.

There was the same light and the same shadow above her brother's body, except this time, he looked afraid, terrified, and watched as the figure drew closer. The girl's eyes widened, as she watched.

The figure raised it's sycthe once more...

"NO!" Lexi screamed.

The figure paused, and looked over it's shoulder at the girl, who had just charged headlong into their leg, knocking him aside a little, and began pounding uselessly against them.

"Leave my brother alone!" She screamed, her words penetrating the deathly silence like a blade shattering a window. The figure hesitated once more, before swinging the scythe at the freightened visage of the boy, making him fade away.

The girl had not seemed to notice, still frantically pounding against them. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of white light...


Lexi opened her eyes. There was nothing around her, but whiteness. The only trace of anything natural was the figure standing before her. Nervous and scared, she looked up.

The figure crouched down to her level, and pulled their hood back, showing the face of a young man, who had jet black hair and completley black eyes. He smiled at her. The scythe was on his back.

"What's your name?" He asked softly.

"...L...L-Lexi" She stammered.

"Hello Lexi... I'm Relic" He replied.

"What... what did you... do with Mommy and Daddy? and Leon?" She asked.

"I helped them go to a better a place" Relic said.

"By hitting them with a stick?" She asked, uncertainly.

Relic smiled softly. "Yes... I cut their spirits from their bodies, so that they could be free"

"Free from what?"

"The world... Free from darkness, free from sadness" Relic said.

"...Why?" Lexi asked. "I need them..."

"They're dead, Lexi... The dead can't be brought back, not without destroying time itself" Relic said.

The girl was suprisingly understanding. "So... they had to die?" Lexi asked.

Relic nodded. "Yes"



Lexi fell silent.




"...What about me?" Lexi asked.

Relic smiled. "There's something special about you, Lexi... You're different"

"I am?"



"I can see everything that's going to happen, and everything that's happened, and it's my duty to make sure what happens, happens, and those who die, die" Relic said. "But I can't see you anywhere... It's like you don't have a place in time"

"What does that mean?" She asked.

Relic smiled. "It means, you're like me... You can do extraordinary things... You can affect the balance of life and death with just a thought... You can ferry souls to their final rest, and bring them back from oblivion... You are an Angel, but not just any angel, you were born one"

She looked at him with wide, shimmering eyes. "...I'm an Angel?"



"I don't know..." Relic admitted. "I'm supposed to be the only one... Relic, The Ancient, The Lord Of The Shinigammi, Death Itself... The Spirit Of The World, The Final Being... All of those things, and now there's you... But you're much more special than me"

"Why?" She asked.

"You can change the world without destroying it... Something I can't do... You can change fate... This is your power..."

He held his hand out to her. "Take it" He said, with a smile. "You can make the world a better place... if you wish... so long as you believe" He told her.

"Believe what?"

"Just believe"

Lexi stared at him. "...Can... Can I bring my family back?"

Relic shook his head. "I'm sorry... but it's too late"

Lexi was silent for a moment...

..."What if I don't want to be an Angel?" She asked.

"You don't have to be" Relic told her. "You can be you... But there will always be a power inside of you"

Lexi fell silent once more... before nodding.

"Will I have wings?" She asked.

Relic chuckled softly. "You can... Angel wings"

Lexi smiled softly, and held out her hand, taking his.

As soon as they touched, Lexi's eyes were showered with visions so fast, she could make nothing out, apart from herself. She could see herself as a teenager, in a white dress, holding onto a beautifully decorated golden scythe, and a pair of majestic white wings protruding from her back. A smile played on her face, and she actually spoke.

"Never give up, Little Lexi... Never let go and never stop loving... Make this life your own, and enjoy every step, and every breath, and you'll make dreams come true... Embrace life, embrace it... and you'll always be able to smile, and help... Go now, Little Lexi... Destiny's waiting, and so is your new life"

The visions faded, and she was back to looking at Relic again. "There is one cost, however... even I payed it... A gift for a curse"

Lexi listened.

"Your old life is gone, Lexi... You can't bring it back. You can't quit, try and turn back time, and set things right... This is who you are, forever"

Lexi nodded. "I understand"

Relic nodded. "When you wake up... you'll ever so slowly remember what happened here... what you do from there, is up to you"

"Okay" Lexi said.

Relic nodded. "Sleep now, Lexi..." He said, as everything suddenly went dark... and Lexi was asleep.


She was awakened by a someone shaking her.

"Hey, come on, wake up!"

Lexi opened her eyes, and the man, for it was a he, sighed in relief. "Thank the Seven Suns" He said. "Are you okay?"

Lexi nodded.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Lexi... my name is Lexi" She said.

"Lexi, alright... my name's Dalton... We should get you out of here" He said, picking her up.

She just nodded, too weak to resist...

"Mister Dalton?"


"Will you look after me?" She asked.

"...I'll try" He said.

Lexi smiled. "Thank you..." She said, softly.

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Secret Vesper

Character: Viola Lemkin

Place/Setting: Auschwitz

Time: Past

Inspiration/Muse: Sitting in Math Class thinking about the discussion we had about the Holocaust in my history class

Title: Trip to Hell


I remember the day that we were moved. Soldiers came into the ghetto and told us we were leaving. We had one hour to collect our belongings and appear at the gate again. I hurried the little ones home, leaving them with Mama as Daniel and I hurried to pack. I remember shoving clothes into a bag and then Mama's jewels. I was being told to hurry as I grabbed a photo from when Eli was born and hid it in my journal before ushering Eli and Becca out the door. Daniel helped Mama as we carried the few bags we had.

When we reached the gate, the soldiers told us we had to walk to the train stations. Daniel immediately put up a fuss.

"We can't walk all the way there! It's nearly 15 miles and we have the sick and old to keep." Many of the others started raising concerns. What about our yeddas? And the old men? The very young? And the sick?

A shot tang out through the air and some screamed. Children began to cry as our Rabbi's wife spoke up.

"Sir, we have done no wrong. We hare but voicing out concerns for our community. I myself have an aging yedda that I would like to see safe."

"You will walk." the soldier said, "Or you will die here."

And with that, the matter was settled. Our march began towards the railway station. Some died along with way, with no one to give them their last rites or to even burry the body. We arrived at the station after three days. I was thanking God that Mama had made it.

We were then herded towards the train cars. They weren't like the cars that papa and I had rode in when we went to the opera. No, theses were like the cars I had seen cattle and livestock being herded into by the farmers. That's what it felt like. We weren't people, we were cattle. They crammed as many of us into the cars as they could. I kept Eli and Becca close to me as Daniel watched Mama. When the car was filled, the door was shut and we ascended into darkness.

I'm not sure how long we were in those cars. Mama caught an illness from another person, so we tried to best we could to make her comfortable. One day, there was a child who was crying for hours. The parents apparently didn't care or were too sick to notice. Or they might have been dead.

I remember Eli came up to me one night.

"Vi?" he asked softly. "Vi, Mr. Ruben isn't moving."

I blinked, unsure what to say to my younger brother.

"Is he sleeping?"

I looked at the older man. Despite the lack of light, I could tell he had died.

"No, Eli." I whispered back, "Mr. Ruben has passed on. Why don't we give him a nice prayer?"

Eli nodded before he knelt down next to him and bowed his head as he had been taught.

Another night was scary. A woman who had lived down the street from us for the past two years, started to scream. She had gone into labor with her first child. We called for help from the guards, but none came. Her screams lasted through the night. Near the morning hours, an older yedda came up to me, sitting down.

"It's over," she said softly, "The child won't come and she's loosing blood. Both of them are as good as dead." She spoke simply as if it was the most common thing in the world. "Dead just like we will be soon.


Eventually we got to the station. I was starving. All of us were. I remember it was dawn when they let us out. I carried Eli while Becca followed me closely, holding onto the edge of my jacket. Mama was helped out by Daniel before we were hustled into line.

"Men to the left, women to the right," Came the short call.

I looked up at Daniel before handing him Eli. I slipped my arm around Mama's tiny waist as we parted ways. We waited in a long line before we entered a large gate reading, "Work will make you free." I couldn't help but snort, my cynical side showing. We wouldn't be free of this place until we died, even if we worked our hardest.

Mama hushed me as we were told to leave our belongings. I slipped my journal from my bag to my pocket. I refused to lose that photo or my journal. How else would I record my life?

We were then led to a room full of women, soldiers and doctors. One directed Mama the opposite direction than Becca and I. She kissed my cheek and Becca's forehead, promising to meet up with us again on the other side.

After Mama left, Becca and I were told to strip for our physical. We were given new clothes that reminded me of pajamas. However, we weren't allowed to put them on yet. Instead, the doctors came over and started instructing us.

We were asked a million questions and my skin was covered in goose flesh from standing in the nude for so long in the cool room. Finally, they started the physical. We were poked and prodded, told to bend this way and that for I don't know how long.

Eventually they seemed happy with the results and pointed us to the next station after we got dressed. I kept Becca close to me and headed into the next room.

We were in a long line. On the other side of the room was a line for the men and boys. I desperately tried to find Daniel and Eli until Becca pulled me out of my thoughts. I now became aware of the buzzing and crying a head of us. Becca and I were beckoned to come up to the table by a guard.

Now I saw. They were tattooing numbers on us. We were asked where we were from and I quickly responded Austria, despite the Germans having taken over it years before The guard didn't seem fazed as he pinned two gold triangles on Becca's and my clothes so it almost looked like the Star of David. They were labeling us as Jews. They then gave us each a number that was pinned to our clothes for identification. That was who we were from now on, I was no longer Viola, I was a number. Becca clung to my hand as we were sent on and into our new home from Hell, Auschwitz.

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Secret Vesper

Character: Savannah Whitlock and Ophelia Van der Berg

Place/Setting: London, England

Time: Past, present and future

Title: Mama who made me


Mama who bore me

Mama who gave me

No way to handle things

Who made me so sad

There was a knock at the door, causing Savannah to freeze once again, like she did every night. It was soft, so soft that one would only think it could belong to a woman. Savannah drew her blankets up closer around her, shutting her eyes in a vain hope that it would go away. The door opened quietly, the hinges carefully kept greased so it would not make a noise.

"Savannah? Darling?"

She froze at the man's voice, praying that he would think she was sleeping. If she were sleeping, maybe he would not bother her. Maybe, this time, he would let her go a night without screaming. Without feeling. Without having to live with the disgust afterwards.

"Savannah," a large hand roughly shook her shoulder. "I know you're not asleep. Now open your eyes."

The girl grudgingly did as she was told, looking up at the large man above her. He smiled kindly, but she knew what was behind that smile. He sat on the edge of her bed, smoothing back her caramel tresses.

"You are very beautiful, Savannah." He said softly, "Your husband will be very lucky to have a beauty such as yourself share his bed and life."

"Thank you," she whispered, trained to always be polite.

"Get up, my dear. I want to see this new nightgown you have."

She slowly tried to slip out of bed on the opposite side. Instead, he stopped her, pulling her to come out past him so she had to crawl over his lap. Savannah moved to stand before the man, very conscious of the thin linen covering her body and her bare legs.

"Turn so I can see it all."

She did as she was instructed, moving in a slow circle, knowing he could see every bit of her body, even in the pale moonlight and dying fire.

"Beautiful," he motioned for her to come back to him, "Come, now give me a kiss before going to bed."

Savannah swallowed slightly, moving stiffly up to the man and giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Come now, that's not a proper kiss."

Her chin was grabbed, gentle as always as she was pulled closer to his the man on the lips. At first, it was soft before suddenly growing hard. He whipped her around, over his lap and pinned her onto the bed. His large hands fed up under her nightgown, pushing it up as Savannah struggled against the man nearly twice her size. After a moment, she stopped fighting against him, lying still as her nightgown was yanked from her body.

"Please… Papa… don't…"

Mama, the weeping

Mama, the angels

No sleep in Heaven, or Bethlehem

"John," came the hiss of a whisper. "She can't be allowed to follow through with this. She does not even realize what happened or what's cause it. This is your fault, you know that? If you could have just stopped we wouldn't be in this predicament."

Savannah listened silently from where she was in bed. Her hand was resting on the small bump that was just beginning to form. While her parents did not know she knew, she did. She had heard the whispers behind closed doors. She knew the look of fear and panic on her mother's face when she complained of not feeling well, or when she told her that her monthly visit hadn't come last month, or the month before and she was last this month. She would not have minded, if it had not been her father's child. But she had decided to treat the child well. Its parentage was not its fault. She would make sure it had the best life she could possibly give it.

"I told you. Take her to the doctor's I told you about. He is expecting her. Take her soon, it is dark now. I'll have a handsome cab called so get her now."

There was a soft sigh, "Alright, I'll get her." There was a light knock on the door, different from the one that came most nights. "Savannah?" A woman opened the door slightly, "Come, dear, we're going to take a little trip. Get dressed."

"Where are we going, Mama?" she asked, slipping out of bed and going to her wardrobe.

"Just to a doctor's who can help you feel better."

"Will the child be alright?"

Her mother fell silent. "We'll all be alright." She said softly, pulling the skirt up a little higher and buttoning it to hide any signs of her bump. "Now come."

She followed her mother out into the waiting handsome cab, her shawl wrapped tightly around her. They bounced through the city. Soon they were out of the wealthy districts and going past downtown.

"Mama?" Savannah piped up when the cab stopped. Her mother stopped and exited, pulling her along with them. "Mama, this isn't our doctor."

"This is a special doctor." She said softly, knocking three times on the door. It opened a moment later to a short squat woman.

"Mrs. W, I presume," she said before looking at Savannah. "You can come for her in the morning and it will be done."

Savannah looked up at her mother in alarm, "You're not staying with me?"

"No, this is something you must do alone."

"What am I doing?"

Her question went unheard the woman spoke. "My payment?"

"Half now, and half when the child is gone." Her mother said, giving the woman an envelope.

"What? Mama!" Savannah cried as the woman stuck the money into her bosom and started to drag Savannah farther into the house.

"Mama, wait! Mama!"

Some pray that one day

Christ will come a'-callin'

They light a candle

And hope that it glows

Ophelia looked out her bedroom window. A wine glass sat next to her as she watched the stable boy at work. She could see his muscles through his thin shirt as he toiled over his last chores of the night. She stood, lighting a candle in her window, like she always did. Maybe, just maybe, tonight would be the night he saw it. She slipped out of her skirt and then her blouse, knowing that the candle would illuminate her body.

If Jakob looked up at her just once, he would see her. He would be able to see her thin body and curves that flowed from breast to hip. She slipped her stockings off and then attempted to get her corset off by herself, not wanting to call for her ladies maid.

After some work, she hung up her corset and moved over to her window again. She grinned, able to see Jakob finishing his chores. She untied her camisole and slipped it off before doing the same with her drawers.

Now she was standing before the window in the nude. She reached over to pick up her hairbrush, pulling it gently through her long curls. She stayed there before her window, hoping that Jakob would look up and see her.

Finally, she saw him go inside. Sighing, she put her brush down. She moved back from the window before pulling her nightgown on. After turning the gas lamps off, she crawled into bed, turning to face the window and the still it candle as it burned in the window.

And some just lie there

Crying for him to come and find them

But when he comes they don't know how to go

Savannah lay in her bed; she could hear her parents whispering again. A second dead child, dead by their hands, again. And yet, here she was. Back again. Despite dying during her 'procedure,' she had woken up in her bed what seemed to be the next day; before her parents had put out that she had died. There had been yelling and screaming and whispering behind closed doors since. The only person who had not seemed completely repulsed at what she was now was her brother, Calvin. However, he had to leave to go back to school.

She turned over in; pulling her blankets up as close as she possibly could to her. Her parent's words echoed in her head.

You would really let me do something that you knew could possibly kill me?

Better to die with your reputation than live without it.

Savannah choked out a sob. Not only for herself, but her child. They were both dead now. But she, for some unknown reason, had been given a chance to go back, to continue living her hell of a life. And her child, who had yet to even taste life. There were so many things she had wanted to show it. A summer blue-sky right before it turns to night. The city on a crisp spring day after it rains. The fresh snow that has not been touched by carriages and horses yet. The park in autumn with the beautiful leaves that swirl and dance in the wind.

Mama who bore me

Mama who gave me

No way to handle things

Who made me so bad

"The stork brought your cousin Alexandra another child, a beautiful baby girl." Ophelia's father said as she sat dutifully across from him in the sitting room.

"Papa," She sighed, "Do you really think I am still so young to believe that the stork brings babies?"

"What? The stork brought you."

"No, it didn't, Papa." She gave a sigh of exaggeration, "I remember when Lucias was born. There was no stork then."

"Of course there was-"

"No, there wasn't." Ophelia moved to sit at her father's feet like she used to when she was little. "Please, Papa, tell me what happens. So I know and I'm prepared when I'm married."

"… It's something for your husband to tell you when you marry." Her father finally said. His voice was stern and Ophelia knew that she would get nothing out of him.

"Yes, Papa," she replied as she stood. She gave him a peck on the cheek before leaving the room.

She wandered upstairs to the library, glad that her father was busy making sure their guest was comfortable. Now she had the library all to herself, including her father's books. She immediately started pulling out book after book. Some anatomy, some psychology and a few of her mother's novels that her father called 'frivolous romance novels.' Surely, there would be something in these. She took them with her up to her room and settled down to start pouring over them all…

Finally, Ophelia closed the last book. She paused for a moment and then grinned. Glancing out the window, she spotted Jakob, polishing the carriage for her trip to the theatre that night. She smirked. Tonight would be her nights. She did not care about children, but what she had just learned sounded like fun. She threw open her wardrobe. She would look her very best tonight and find a way to sneak away for a night of fun with Jakob. Yes, tonight would be very fun.

Mama, the weeping

Mama, the angels

No sleep in Heaven, or Bethlehem

"No is no, Ophelia. You will not see Jakob Gershom again." The door slammed shut as Marcellus Van der Berg left his sick daughter in bed.

Ophelia growled softly in anger before she slowly got up. She was still weak from her sickness and was moving carefully as she grabbed a small bag. She threw a few skirts and blouses in it before finding her money and putting it all into her bag. She grabbed a pen and paper before sitting down at her desk and began to write. She sealed the letter and left it on her nightstand before she went over to her window. She looked down the trellis before climbing out her window and down. She headed for the garden gate, taking one last look before disappearing into the night.

"Oh really, Marcellus." Came a woman's voice through the door. "You are really too hard on her. Every young child has a fling with someone that they should not. It is the thought of going against the rules that entrances them. I know I had my own fling, and so did you. Now go in and apologize."

The door opened and a handsome couple looked into the empty room. The woman moved over, seeing the letter and immediately opened it up.

Dearest family,

I am sorry for doing this, but I must leave. I love Jakob and I cannot let him go alone. I know you will not be happy with me. I know he is an orphan and a stable boy and a werewolf on top of that. I know that according to society I should not love him. I should not want him close to me. I should not lust after his body. And I know that I should not want to spend the rest of my life with him. Nevertheless, I do. So, I am leaving to find him. Please, do not come after me. I will refuse to come back unless he can stay with me. When I am with him, I sleep in Heaven and I will not have that taken from me.

Your weeping angel.

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Mistress Brya

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