Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Secret Vesper

At his voice, the girl snapped out of her focus and looked up at Soren. She nodded, "Yes, they have the ducks. I go there sometimes to feed them."

6/29/2011 #3,631

Saint grinned back. "Sexy"

6/29/2011 #3,632
The Beautiful Tyrant

Soren looked at the girl and smiled. "That sounds nice. Maybe I'll do the same... sometime."

6/29/2011 #3,633
Secret Vesper

Evelyn smiled up at him.


Nora smiled sweetly up at him... now she appeared almost normal.

6/29/2011 #3,634
The Beautiful Tyrant

If Soren had been worried even in the slightest before, he wasn't now. Her smile made sure of that. It was... intoxicating.

6/29/2011 #3,635

Saint grinned, and kissed even lower...


6/29/2011 #3,636
The Jasper Raven

Vladimir watched his back for a few moments, still fascinated by that sickly sweet scent. He was still new to the underworld so anything different he jumped at the chance to learn about.

"You work at an ice cream shop or something?" he called out to him, as tactfully as a vampire of his level of assholishness could manage.

6/29/2011 #3,637
Secret Vesper

Nora smiled back at up at him.


(yes please)

6/29/2011 #3,638

Saint grinned up at Evelyn, and licked his lips.


"A brothel" Theronus replied, without breaking his stride.

6/29/2011 #3,639
Secret Vesper

Evelyn smiled, her fingers twisted in his hair.

6/29/2011 #3,640

Saint grinned up at her.

6/29/2011 #3,641
Secret Vesper

Evelyn smiled back at him.

6/29/2011 #3,642
The Beautiful Tyrant

Soren was dumbstruck for a moment. She was such a dazzling girl... He snapped out of it.

"You still hungry, Nora?"

6/29/2011 #3,643
Secret Vesper

The girl smiled and nodded.

6/29/2011 #3,644
The Beautiful Tyrant

Soren smiled back at her, still a bit dumbstruck by her beauty. He looked away and led her into Big Daddy's, not thinking very hard about the fact he just brought a young, beautiful girl into a brothel.

6/29/2011 #3,645
Secret Vesper

(haha did he just realize she's pretty?? :P)

Nora followed him into the bar.

6/29/2011 #3,646
The Beautiful Tyrant

/ Lol, no, it's just that a fella' whose dick stopped working hundreds of years ago doesn't pay much attention to looks ;) /

Soren set Nora down at a table, though he himself was still standing. "You want something to drink?" He asked her.

6/29/2011 #3,647
Secret Vesper


"Water?" she asked, slipping out of her wool coat so that she was sitting in a simple purple dress.

6/29/2011 #3,648
The Beautiful Tyrant

Soren nodded and headed over to the bar, ordering a glass of water and a rum and coke.

6/29/2011 #3,649
Secret Vesper

Nora sat quietly, looking around the place.

6/29/2011 #3,650

Saint crawled up to her.

6/30/2011 #3,651
The Beautiful Tyrant

Soren returned to their seat and set down their drinks, the water in front of her.

6/30/2011 #3,652
Secret Vesper

Evelyn smiled up at him.


Nora smiled softly, "Thank you,"

6/30/2011 #3,653
The Beautiful Tyrant

"It's no trouble," he said, sipping from his drink as he sat across from her.

6/30/2011 #3,654
Secret Vesper

Nora smiled softly at him.

6/30/2011 #3,655
The Beautiful Tyrant

Soren smiled back, saying nothing.

6/30/2011 #3,656
Secret Vesper

Nora sipped her water.

6/30/2011 #3,657
The Beautiful Tyrant

Soren watched Nora and did not drink.

6/30/2011 #3,658
Secret Vesper

Nora was looking around the hidden bar. "Is this a speakeasy?"

6/30/2011 #3,659
The Beautiful Tyrant

Soren blinked and looked from Nora to bar and back again.

"... Not exactly." He said.

6/30/2011 #3,660
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