Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Mistress Brya

10 medallions and two of each are partners. You can't have one without the other. It is said that all 10 together unlock the ultimate medallion that controls nearly everything. In the wrong hands, it could mean the end of all. And naturally that will lead to severe problems.

The maker of these medallions foresaw that it would possibly cause problems just to have the power medallions (blood, pain, death, misfortune, and rage) without something to make sure they don't get out of hand. So he made a backfire medallion to go with each. If evil intentions were used, eventually that backfire medallion would take over there mind with (greed, pride, envy, wrath, or sloth) until it slowly drives them to madness or kills them by causing them to make a mistake.

The Guardians were sent with these medallions to find those worthy enough to handle them. Those who could use the power medallion and not have to worry about the backfire medallion because there intentions aren't evil.

However, the rumors of the medallions spread to quickly, and the guardians were attacks. They did there best to get away with the medallions, but they slipped from there grasp in there weakened states.

The Keepers were sent to find the medallions that had fallen, and some managed to succeed, except for two Keepers. The last two Keepers failed to get to the final two medallions, which were stolen by vengeful people. They hoped that the backfire medallions would get to them and they could manage to get them back, but it didn't seem to be working. Until years later, the Death Medallion, paired with pride, got to one of the men and nearly killed him. However, since the Death medallion lets the wearer live forever, killing him was impossible. His skin was stripped away, and nothing was left but bone. A cursed man. In hatred he threw the medallion away into the sea and let it sink without care.

A similar thing happened with the woman around the same time. The blood medallion, paired with wrath, caused her to make a mistake around here enemies and cost her a stab through the heart. She was left to die on the side of a forest. Her power over blood managed to save her life, but the wound never healed. The payment was her body. Whenever she became angry her skin would turn blood red and her eyes would start to bleed, even after she buried the medallion deep into the earth. (Vespy plays the woman)

The Keepers are still looking for those two lost medallions, and the ones who used to have them, are angrier then ever.

Blood (Wrath) - Brya

Pain (Greed) -

Death (Pride) -

Misfortune (Envy) -

Rage (Sloth) -

If anyone needs to know what these mean this is it. Greed is wanting everything around you to be yours. Its partner, Pain, is obvious. Hurting people emotionally and physically. Pride is being obnoxious and vain about yourself. Your better and no one else is as good as you. Death, its partner, is obvious as well. However Death is worn gives the wearer the ability to live forever as long as its being worn. Envy is jealousy. Its partner, Misfortune, is bad luck that can sometimes go in the favor of the wearer and sometimes not. Wrath is extreme anger that makes you spiteful. Its partner, blood, is the power of blood itself. Using it in your own body or in other people's bodies to harm them. Sloth is basically laziness or sloppy work. Its partner is rage, extreme anger that uses attacks at full power, making things extremely dangerous.

--Greed can be distracting. Wanting things around you can blind you to things that are around you.

--Pride makes you ignorant of everything around you but yourself. Distracting and dangerous to have.

--Envy makes jealousy happen. When jealous movements can be focused sometimes on attacking only what makes you jealous, and making you forget what's important. You become unfocused easily.

--Wrath makes you focused only on anger and makes your movements blind and impulsive.

--Sloth makes you slow, lazy, and to tired to really be able to do much of anything that's productive.

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Mistress Brya

The Guardian looked around, placing a few of the other medallions on the crystal glass table. The five medallions glowed brightly. From left to right each glowed. One of golden yellow, forest green, and sky blue. Greed, Envy and Sloth. Those were the medallions in that same exact order. Three men came out from behind a golden sheet, wearing dark red colored cloaks with black tribal marking adoring it at the bottom. The each stood in front of remaining three medallions. The head guardian, in the white cloak spoke up.

"We are missing three, they have not been recovered and we fear that the Keepers have them in their grasps. We have to make sure that, that doesn't happen." The male-female voice was low and smooth, not changing.


A woman with red glowing skin and bleeding eyes growled from across the world. "Where is that cursed amulet I buried here?!"(Vespy)

"M'lady it appears....the Keepers found it."

She growled. "Then you'd better hope we'll be able to get it back. I dont care how hard it might be. Get ready to locate it!"

6/11/2010 #2
Fear Die Rothaarige

Molli Guard sat in her Gemotry class during school, her mind drifted away from the value of X and all the other things that the teacher deemed important. She sat with a hand resting on where she knew a dark scar was forever imprinted onto her skin. She sighed quietly, and scribbled a few notes.

6/11/2010 #3
Secret Vesper

(Wait... what's going on with my wonderful sisters?? Dila and Laural??)

6/11/2010 #4

Towards the back of the meeting, Mercury Scott leaned against the wall in the shadows, his arms crossed, as he listened to the head Guardian.

6/11/2010 #5
Mistress Brya

(They can just pop in anywhere...)

6/11/2010 #6
Secret Vesper

(but you put them somewhere...)

6/12/2010 #7
Mistress Brya

(That just the one sister. I assumed they wouldn't be together...)

6/13/2010 #8
Secret Vesper

(haha! sorry... Dila and Laural... they have to be together... all the time... Dila's pretty much Laural's mother, but I can seperate them for the time being if needed, I'll just stick little Laural with Johann, their older brother, but Dila and Laural are inseperable, they're complete opposites and need the other to function, right Joben??)

6/14/2010 #9


6/16/2010 #10
Mistress Brya

"Mercury, please step forward..."

6/16/2010 #11
Secret Vesper

Laural hurried after her sister, who was going way too fast. "Dila!" she called, "Slow down!" she stumbled slightly as Dila kept on hurrying ahead.

6/16/2010 #12

Mercury looked up, with a soft and subtly confident smile, and stepped foward, his snow-coloured hair shining slightly in the pale light.

6/17/2010 #13
Mistress Brya

"I'm entrusting you to find a worthy person to wear the wrath medallion." The guardian replies, lifting up a gold medallion that was radiating a red aura.


"Milady, we think the guardians are going to entrust the medallion to someone else..."

6/25/2010 #14
Secret Vesper

Laural glanced back at the one who had spoken, her eyes warning them to be careful as Dila turned around. She stood straight and proud, almost as if she was royalty. "They wouldn't dare," she said venimously, before turning and continuing on her way. Laural sighed as she moved to catch up with her sister.

6/25/2010 #15

Mercury nodded with a smile.

"You can count on me, Elder... I accept this responsibility with pride, honour, and a vision of success"

6/25/2010 #16
Mistress Brya

The man shuddered and continued after the two.


"Which is why I choose you." The Elder smiled, handing over the medallion. "You are now the guardian of the medallion and its wearer. Look out for both."

6/25/2010 #17

Mercury nodded, and took the medalion, holding it at arms length.

"I will, even at the cost of my own life" Mercury said, proudly. "No harm will come to either, so long as I live... So no harm will come to either at all"

6/25/2010 #18
Mistress Brya

The Elder smiled. "Good..." He backed away. "Also, watch out for the Keepers. They'll try to separate the holder from the medallion. Don't allow that to happen."

6/25/2010 #19

"It won't" Mercury said, confident.

6/25/2010 #20
Mistress Brya

The elder nodded, "The chosen vessel name is Monica Reed."

6/25/2010 #21

Mercury smirked.

"Merc and Monic... Gee, you must have been laughing about that one for a while"

6/25/2010 #22
Mistress Brya

"Perhaps." The Elder replies, waving at Mercery. "Go. No Slacking off."

6/25/2010 #23

Mercury smirked. "Where will I find her?"

6/25/2010 #24
Mistress Brya

"She works in a library. The district one."

6/25/2010 #25

Mercury nodded. "Goodbye, Elder, wish me well" He said, and turned and walked away.

6/25/2010 #26
Mistress Brya

"I always do." The elder responded.


Monica was restocking books.

6/25/2010 #27
Secret Vesper

Laural moved over to the man, "Don't take everything she says seriously." she said kindly to him with a smile. "Perhaps when we get past all of this, then you'll see the real Dila." she said hopefully.

"Laural! Stop dawdling!"

6/25/2010 #28

Mercury went to the carpark, to find his sister waiting for him.

"So, you've finally been chosen" Regina said to him.

Mercury smiled. "Yeah, seems like I have"

"Don't screw this up" She said.

"Do I ever?"

Regina sighed. "Mercury, be serious about this... This is big"

Mercury smiled, putting his hands on her shoulders.

"Don't worry, Regina... I know what I'm doing... I'm not going to fail"

"You say that now"

"There's always the possibility, but it won't happen" Mercury assured her. "Don't worry about me... Your time will come... I'll be in touch"

Regina managed a smile. "Be carefull, okay?"

Mercury nodded. "You too" he said, as they hugged, after which, Mercury got on his motorbike, and rode away...

6/25/2010 #29
Mistress Brya

The man nodded slowly.


Monica pushed a cart of books down the walkway, getting ready to put more of them away.

6/25/2010 #30
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