Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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London, at a time close to the turn of the century. A place for aristocrats, and upper class families of distinction to go about their busy and promise-filled lives whilst the needy, the poor and the homeless lived in squalor and poverty as they tried to survive the gruelling nature of class-conflict and whatever Mother Nature could throw at them. Famine, pestilance and descrimination, was what the poor had to face. But this is not all that we're here to know. Jack The Ripper left quite a mark on the history of the place, and now things were finally starting to settle down... But then, the killings started again, but this time, it wasn't just poor prostitutes... this time, the killer was indescriminate, victims ranging from the poor to the powerful, the wealthy and needy, regardless of sex, age, race or anything, and he never left any trail to follow... except dropping a brilliant red rose into the victim's blood. The police are utterly baffled, and are relying on the public to report any suspicious activity, but even then, there's no way to guarentee the killer will be stopped. All London can do, is ponder... who will be the next victim... in The Bloody Rose Killings.

Chose Your Species. Chose Your Beliefs. Chose Your Path. Be Wary Of Who You Trust. Beware The Bloodiest Rose, and Live... with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses.

6/3/2010 . Edited 6/6/2010 #1

Jack Abaddon strolled down the nightime streets of London, a smile on his face.

6/6/2010 #2
Secret Vesper

Lucille Clark sat outside of The Red Rat, where she worked, smoking a cigarette before she had to go in and perform before she went to "perform" in private for who ever the highest bidder was.

6/6/2010 #3
Mistress Brya

Holly was on the train, heading back to London.


Michelle finished organizing the papers, filing them now.

6/6/2010 #4

Jack strolled into a bar, and settled down at the counter.

"A pint of your finest" Jack asked the bartender, and put £100 on the counter as advance payment.

6/6/2010 #5
Fear Die Rothaarige

Sarah handed jack his Rum and took the money.

6/6/2010 #6
Secret Vesper

Lucy sighed before Mike came out, "You're supposed to be in performing." he said but she shrugged.

"I don't feel like it today," she said. Mike grabbed her red coat and pushed her inside and onto the stage.

6/6/2010 #7
Iron's Grasp

John was in a seedy bar in London.

He'd pissed off a very large man. He immediately went through his available weapons.

-Snubnose: No, that's lethal. Can't go getting arrested for murder, now can we?

-Barstool: Maybe. Bit unwieldy.

-Fists: A definite high spot on the list.

-Steak knife: Potentially lethal. Have to be careful.

-Candlestick: Lethal only in the most extreme situations. Bit heavy, but it'll do.

-Bottle: Potential knockout, also potential lethality if broken. Probably not.

(Anyone want to play the giant guy he's fighting?)

6/6/2010 #8
Secret Vesper

(no... but I can do this :D)

Lucy, instead of ending up on stage, ran straight into a man who was standing in front of a man who looked pretty angry, to say the least.

6/6/2010 #9
Iron's Grasp

John tripped. "Oh, hellfire," he muttered as Lucy collided with him.

6/6/2010 #10

Jack looked at Sarah, and smiled.

"Why don't you keep that money for yourself? Hard-working girl like you, you deserve a treat... makes up for all the drunkards you have to deal with"

6/6/2010 #11
Fear Die Rothaarige

"I can't. My boss would fire me." Sarah said to him.

6/6/2010 #12
Secret Vesper

Lucy sighed, "Sorry, babe," she purred, reaching down to help him up, enough of her skin showing to distract any respectable man.

6/6/2010 #13

Jack put another £100 on the table.

"Tip" He told her, with a wink.

6/6/2010 #14
Iron's Grasp

John said, "Hey love, just a moment."

He seized a candlestick from the nearest table, and used it like a club to beat the huge man across the head with.

6/6/2010 #15
Fear Die Rothaarige

"Thanks." Sarah said.. and saw John clubing a guy. "Right back." She went to break it up.

(Iron wanna rp in Daybreakers? And Didn't you say something about willows peak?)

6/6/2010 #16
Secret Vesper

Lucy raised her eyebrows at the man and the sudden violence.

6/6/2010 #17
Mistress Brya

(Candlestick lol! )

Michelle finished filing as she got her bag and headed out of the room.

6/6/2010 #18
Iron's Grasp

With one more mighty swing, John brought the candlestick down between the man's eyes.

His eyes rolled back in his head, and he fell over.

John set the candlestick back on the table.

"Right, you were saying?"

(Yeah, my Daybreakers muse is a little half-dead at the moment. But Erich's about to go apeshit on some guards in Willow's Peak.)

6/6/2010 . Edited 6/6/2010 #19
Fear Die Rothaarige

(Okay. You post first?)

Sarah steped infront of John. "You. Out."

6/6/2010 #20
Secret Vesper

"I said nothing," Lucy said with a smirk.

6/6/2010 #21
Iron's Grasp

John said, "He took a swing at me first. I was defending myself."

He turned back to Lucy. "You sure?"

6/6/2010 . Edited 6/6/2010 #22
Fear Die Rothaarige

"Well he's out cold. Now go." Sarah said.

6/6/2010 #23
Iron's Grasp

John spun back to Sarah. "Last I checked, you can't throw me out. Go back to the bar."

6/6/2010 #24
Fear Die Rothaarige

"Why can't I?"

6/6/2010 #25
Iron's Grasp

John said, "Because last I checked, you don't have the authority to throw me out."

6/6/2010 #26
Fear Die Rothaarige

"And why is that?"

6/6/2010 #27
Secret Vesper

Lucy put her hand on John's arm, "Sarah, he's with me," she told the girl, "Paid in full,"

6/6/2010 #28
Fear Die Rothaarige

Sarah glared at John. "Keep him from beating anyone else up, or he's out of here."

6/6/2010 #29
Secret Vesper

Lucy rolled her eyes, "Not my problem, if Mike wants him out, he'll kick him out," she said as she pulled her red coat closer to her, "Come on, babe," she smirked, "Let's go,"

6/6/2010 #30
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