Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Iron's Grasp

The Blood Apocalypse has ended. Humans have finally retaken their previous place at the top of the proverbial food chain, and vampires and werewolves have gone back into hiding, albeit with some difficulty. The current form of CVAS, the Supernatural Destruction Agency, a.k.a. SDA, has gone to extreme measures to ensure that almost all resistance has been eliminated. The group has used small arms, explosives, and some extremists have even suggested micronuclear strikes to eliminate targets. A new weapon has been deployed, but SDA denies it is their weapon. It is a plague that strikes the two largest supernatural groups. Werewolves are at the moon's mercy. Even without a full moon out, if moonlight strikes a werewolf, it immediately turns until the night is over, and it doesn't distinguish friend from foe, going into a bloody frenzy. Vampires have to deal with sunlight. Sunlight will almost disintegrate vampire flesh if it makes contact. Hybrids are afflicted the most, having to deal with a lessened form of both symptoms. Sunlight will cause third-degree burns, and moonlight will cause them to turn, and go berserk for only a short time. Most blame this plague on the SDA, calling it a new bioweapon. But the truth of the matter runs deep in the past. Not even the oldest of either supernatural group is old or wise enough to remember the secrets held in the ancient crypts of their ancestors.

Choose your path. Choose your species. Choose your beliefs. Make sure you keep a watch for Ancestral Shadows, and live... with Black Hearts, and Bloody Roses.

6/6/2010 #1
Fear Die Rothaarige

Nyx Valentine was curled up in a ball on her bed. She was curently taking a late day nap while her husband Joey kept their twins, Joshua and Aurora busy downstairs.

6/19/2010 #2
Secret Vesper

(just setting her up for a place... I'm working on a few other things right now so I probably won't do much tonight)

Ivory stood behind the grill at Carrie's dinner, flipping burgers over quickly as she got the rest of the burgers ready. Carrie glanced in, "Once your done with those, go a head on break." she said as Ivory nodded. Carrie smiled and nodded before she left the kitchen and headed back out to the front.

6/19/2010 #3
Mistress Brya

(About time this opened... ;3 )

Dawn walked downstairs. The only thing she had on was a pair of cheerleading shorts and a bathing suit top. She entered the kitchen and opened the refridgerator door, looking for something to snack on hopefully.

6/20/2010 #4

(Actually, I was going to have Joey at work at the beggining, so he makes an EPIC entrance)

"Do you always have to wear hardly anything?" Josh asked, trying to seem normal by munching on some cinamon cereal.

6/20/2010 . Edited 6/20/2010 #5
Mistress Brya

Dawn closed the refridgerator door. "Yep. You should be use to this by now, Joshy." She pulled herself up onto the countersill and sat down. "I don't like wearing shoes, or shirts or anything baggy for that matter." She shrugged her shoulders as she looked down at her toes.


6/20/2010 #6

"Trouble is, saggy old perverts don't like you wearing anything either" Josh voiced.

6/20/2010 #7
Mistress Brya

"Who says I have to worry about those perverts?" Dawn yawned, running a hand through her hair. "I can take care of myself thank you very much." She miffed.

6/20/2010 #8

"At night, maybe" Josh said, as he ate more cereal.

6/20/2010 #9
Mistress Brya

"I can take care of myself all the time. You just don't think I can, Mister." Dawn rolled her eyes as she leapt down from the countertop. She grabbed a loaf of bread, and got a piece before putting it into the toaster.

6/20/2010 #10
Fear Die Rothaarige

Nyx came downstairs. She walked into the kitchen. She took in Josh and Aurora. "Stop fighting." She pointed at Dawn. "Put some clothes on, you look like some street walker."

6/20/2010 #11
Mistress Brya

Dawn's head went down, "But why...?" She whined, shaking her head a little. "I'm not ashamed of what god gave me, why do I have to cover it all up?"

6/20/2010 #12
Fear Die Rothaarige

"Because I won't have my daughter looking like a whore." Nyx told her. "Now go change."

6/20/2010 #13

"We weren't fighting" Josh said, continuing to munch on his cereal.

6/20/2010 #14
Mistress Brya

"... I'll just trap myself in my room then, I'm not changing but hell, its not like anyone will see me.." Dawn muttered, heading towards the stairs.

6/20/2010 #15
Fear Die Rothaarige

Nyx glared at her. Then turned to Josh. "Where's your father?"

6/20/2010 #16
Mistress Brya

Dawn proceeded up the stairs and down the hall as she entered her room, and closed the door behind her. She flopped down on her bed, "What should I do today..." She mused, glancing out her bedroom window.

6/20/2010 #17

"At work" Josh said, simply, pulling his iPod out.

6/20/2010 #18
Fear Die Rothaarige

Nyx sighed and sat in a chair. "Why does you sister have to be so difficult?"

6/20/2010 #19

Josh shrugged.

6/20/2010 #20
Fear Die Rothaarige

"Do you think I'm being to hard on her?"

6/20/2010 #21

"Probably" Josh said, not really caring.

6/20/2010 #22
Mistress Brya

"Because I'm a rebellious teenager and yes you are!" Dawn yelled from inside her room. She threw on a tanktop.

6/20/2010 #23
Fear Die Rothaarige

Nyx rolled her eyes. "You two were so much easier to deal with when you were little. I miss those days."

6/20/2010 #24

Josh said nothing, flipping on a song on his iPod.

6/20/2010 #25
Fear Die Rothaarige

Nyx rolled her eyes and got up mumbbling about not being appreciated and started to cook.

6/20/2010 #26
Mistress Brya

Dawn came downstairs wearing the same things, just a torn tanktop. "I'm going..." She says looking around for her red gym bag.

6/20/2010 #27
Fear Die Rothaarige

"Nowhere." Nyx said to her.

6/20/2010 #28
Mistress Brya

Dawn sighed, "But why? I'll only be gone for like, an hour, tops." She whined.

6/20/2010 #29
Fear Die Rothaarige

"Not with that on."

6/20/2010 #30
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