Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Secret Vesper

Zemire nodded again.

10/13/2011 #3,691

Alucard smiled, and nodded. "Is there anything you want to know about?" He asked her.

10/13/2011 #3,692
Secret Vesper

Zemire shook her head, "I think I'm okay."

10/13/2011 #3,693

Alucard smiled, and nodded. "Ready?"

10/14/2011 #3,694
Secret Vesper

Zemire took a deep breath, "I suppose."

10/14/2011 #3,695

Alucard smiled. "Keep eye contact with me, remember, it's not me you're trying to impress... Right now, it's only you and me, nobody's out there"

10/15/2011 #3,696
Secret Vesper

Zemire nodded slightly.

10/15/2011 #3,697

Alucard smiled. "We're ready" He called out to Obadiah, who just waved a hand and said "In your own time" in a rather bored fashion.

10/15/2011 #3,698
Secret Vesper

Zemire took a breath, looking at Alucard to see if he was going to start.

10/15/2011 #3,699

Alucard smiled, before the smile changed to a more... devious smile, as he went to step around Zemire.

"Why, my dear sister, I had not thought you the type to dabble with the hearts of lesser races"

10/15/2011 #3,700
Secret Vesper

Zemire followed his movement so she could continue looking at him, "L-lesser races?" she asked, "Perhaps lesser to you."

10/15/2011 . Edited 10/15/2011 #3,701

"Please... They wallow in mud and attack each other with sticks when they're bored" Alucard remarked, looking back at her. "What do your eyes see in such creatures?"

10/16/2011 #3,702
Secret Vesper

Zemire frowned slightly, "When have you ever seen them do that?" she countered.

It would be clear to Lexi that the girl's confidence had been shaken by something and she was no where near her normal performing level.

10/16/2011 #3,703

Alucard raised an eyebrow. "One need only look into their world and watch... Something our dear cousin Lucinder has been doing too much"

Lexi was watching, willing Zemire on in her mind as she sat near Mr. Obadiah, who didn't seem too impressed.

10/16/2011 #3,704
Secret Vesper

Zemire paused, "Perhaps Lucinder has the right idea."

10/16/2011 #3,705

Alucard raised an eyebrow. "My sister, what's brought on such a change in you?"

10/17/2011 #3,706
Secret Vesper

Zemire stumbled again, "I-I do not know..."

10/17/2011 #3,707

"Indeed?" Alucard remarked, with a nod, smiling at her encouragingly as he went to pick up a violin. "You should relax, dear sister, let the magic in the air clear your mind from whatever illusions plauge your eyes"

At the back of the theatre, the doors silently swung open, and a figure, too shadowed at the moment, started walking down the aisle. Perhaps this was the oft-spoke of Mister Sosthenes Sinnerlust?

10/18/2011 #3,708
Secret Vesper

Zemire fumbled a little again, her mind not working fast enough, "T-There are no illusions plauging me..." she argued rather unconvincingly. She was failing at this audition, and fast. Her lack of confidence and fear of the audition showing in her expression and body language.

10/18/2011 #3,709

"We shall see..." Alucard said, and picked up his bow, before-

"Alright, let's stop here for a moment" Obadiah said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

The aforementioned Mr. Sinnerlust sat down, just in the shadows, and relaxed into his seat as he watched the proceedings.

10/19/2011 #3,710
Secret Vesper

Zemire sighed slightly as she relaxed, mentally kicking herself.

10/19/2011 #3,711

"Right now... You're doing terrible, and I was assured you were good, what's the problem?" Obadiah asked, bluntly.

Lexi winced, almost feeling the sting of the remark herself.

Sinnerlust remained observational in the background.

10/19/2011 #3,712
Secret Vesper

Zemire blushed deeply, "I-I'm sorry, sir." she said, "I guess it's just nerves..."

10/19/2011 #3,713

"Sort yourself out" Obadiah told her. "If you're nervous now, God knows how bad you'd be on the performance night... Have a drink of water or something"

10/20/2011 #3,714
Secret Vesper

Zemire nodded slightly, going over to her bag and pulling a bottle of water out, glad to be out of the bright lights of the stage.

10/20/2011 #3,715

Obadiah was now getting into a hushed argument with Lexi.

Alucard sighed, and came over to Zemire. "Hey... You alright?" He asked her softly, with a smile.

10/21/2011 #3,716
Secret Vesper

Zemire looked up before looking back down into her bag, "Yeah... I'm fine."

10/21/2011 #3,717

"Are you sure?" Alucard asked her. "I'm not feigning concern or anything... Unlike Obadiah" He muttered.

10/21/2011 #3,718
Secret Vesper

Zemire nodded slightly.

10/21/2011 #3,719

Alucard smiled. "Is this your first time auditioning for a big role?" He asked her.

10/22/2011 #3,720
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