Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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"...It's one person" Steve? said, watching the door.

6/23/2011 #1,621
Secret Vesper

Kalya continued looking up at him.

6/23/2011 #1,622

Steve?'s eyes watched the doorway.

The one person started speaking out.

"...Hey, is anybody here?!" called...


6/24/2011 #1,623
Secret Vesper

Kalya blinked again, looking up.

6/24/2011 #1,624

Then, Steve, only slightly scruffy, his pearly white hair a bit longer than before, but his usual skin colour, clad in his trademark black leather jacket, and holding an assault rifle, an AK-47 to be precise, walked in.

He glanced around, and saw Kalya, and the breifest formation of a smile appeared, before he saw Steve? and raised his gun, to point at him. Both Steve's now caught in a deadlock.

"I thought you were dead, Twin" Steve said.

"I was" Twin replied. "Looks like I'm not anymore"

6/25/2011 #1,625
Secret Vesper

Kalya blinked once more. "S-Steve?"

6/25/2011 #1,626

"The original one and only" Steve said, with a slight smile.

He nodded at Twin. "Twin, they're not your memories, not your feelings, not your experiences... that's not your life you have... You need to make your own"

There was a silence for a moment, before a sigh, and Twin lowered his gun, and walked off to help the kids up the ladder.

Steve lowered his gun, before turning to Kalya.

6/25/2011 #1,627
Secret Vesper

Kalya was looking up at him in shock.

6/25/2011 #1,628

Steve came up to her, and wrapped his arms around her. "Are you alright?" He asked her.

6/26/2011 #1,629
Secret Vesper

Kalya blinked again, not responding to the hug. "Steve?"

6/26/2011 #1,630

"Yes, that is my name, wanna see my driver's license to prove it?"

The sense of humour was certainly the same.

6/26/2011 #1,631
Secret Vesper

Kalya leaned slightly into him, "I thought you were dead..." she murmured.

6/26/2011 #1,632

"It's complicated" Steve told her. "I'll explain everything when we're safe"

6/26/2011 #1,633
Secret Vesper

Kalya nodded slightly, her frail body trembling slightly.

6/26/2011 #1,634

"...Are you alright?" Steve asked her, looking down at her. His eyes went silver with anger.

"Kalya... What did they do to you?"

6/26/2011 #1,635
Secret Vesper

Kalya shook her head slightly, not wanting to talk about it right then.

6/26/2011 #1,636

Steve nodded slowly, and took some breaths to calm down.

"I have some back-up on the way... Once they get here, we'll get moving"

6/27/2011 #1,637
Secret Vesper

Kalya nodded slightly before pointing to the other's, maybe 10 other's, including younger children, who had finished coming up the ladder. "We'll all need help." she said softly.

6/27/2011 #1,638

Steve nodded.

"We'll clear the way for you, and cover you"

6/27/2011 #1,639
Secret Vesper

Kalya nodded back to him. "I'll try to keep them moving as fast as I can." she said softly.

6/27/2011 #1,640

Steve nodded, as he waited for his back-up, then he blinked.

"...Where's Twin gone?"

6/27/2011 #1,641
Secret Vesper

Kalya blinked and looked over his shoulder, "The man who thought he was you?"

6/27/2011 #1,642

Steve nodded, looking around.

6/27/2011 #1,643
Secret Vesper

Kalya looked up at him.

6/27/2011 #1,644

Steve sighed. "Well, I guess it's for the best..."

The his ear twitched, and he lifted his rifle up. "Someone else is coming?"

6/28/2011 #1,645
Secret Vesper

Kalya looked over in the direction he was.

6/28/2011 #1,646

There was a silhouette in the doorway, of someone with slightly hair, and it looked like they were dressed for a fight.

6/28/2011 #1,647
Secret Vesper

Kalya looked up at Steve.

6/28/2011 #1,648

Steve grinned, and lowered his gun.


6/28/2011 #1,649
Secret Vesper

"Who is it?"

6/28/2011 #1,650
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