Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Fear Die Rothaarige

First post Mother fuckers!!

7/5/2010 . Edited by JobenX, 7/11/2010 #1
Brammy Bear

Language! So how shall we celebrate our combined victories?

7/5/2010 #2
Fear Die Rothaarige

No idea, but I'm gonna leave soon.

7/5/2010 #3
Brammy Bear


7/5/2010 . Edited 7/5/2010 #4
Fear Die Rothaarige

I don't like it.

7/5/2010 #5
Brammy Bear

What do you suggest?

7/5/2010 #6
Fear Die Rothaarige


7/5/2010 #7
Brammy Bear

Let's see them try to figure that out.

7/5/2010 #8
Fear Die Rothaarige


One two three four, I declare a thumb war!

7/5/2010 #9
Brammy Bear

Unfortunatly for you I was all state in thumb wrestling.

7/5/2010 #10
Fear Die Rothaarige

They have an all state contest for thumb war?

7/5/2010 . Edited 7/5/2010 #11
Brammy Bear

They have the most crunk fans in the world. whatever crunk means.

7/5/2010 #12
Fear Die Rothaarige

Yeah... whatever that means.

I love having the power to change the name of the topic. :D

7/5/2010 #13
Auburn Envy

Thirteenth post, suck it :p

How are you two this fine evening?

7/5/2010 #14
Brammy Bear

I likes it!

Edit- good thing I'm off tommorow. Three day weekends.

7/5/2010 . Edited 7/5/2010 #15
Fear Die Rothaarige

I'm wide awake at 3:30. Thats an accomplishment.

Likes what?

7/5/2010 #16
Brammy Bear

da title. I think I'll stay up all night.

7/5/2010 #17
Brammy Bear

On an unrelated note. What does it mean when a member of the twillight wolfpack imprints on you?

7/5/2010 #18
Fear Die Rothaarige

It means that basically you can't get enough of that person. Soulmates. Why did Paul imprint on you? Lol

7/5/2010 #19
Brammy Bear

I think google adds has me confused with a fifteen year old girl.

ANd if this paul fella even looks at me the wron way I'm going to kick his ass.

7/5/2010 #20
Fear Die Rothaarige

Lol! You know you can block the adds right?

7/5/2010 #21
Brammy Bear

But then how would I know which naruto character I am? or which inuyasha character I am? Or which bleach character I am? or which twillight character I am? or which twillight character wants to hump me apparently.

7/5/2010 #22
Fear Die Rothaarige

You won't.

7/5/2010 #23
Brammy Bear


7/5/2010 #24
Fear Die Rothaarige

It makes my comp run slow, so I block them.

7/5/2010 #25
Brammy Bear

I see. Oh half life! I think I'll sign up for that right... when hell freezes over and I get my halo and wings. Yuck. I heard something interestingabout that game actually.

7/5/2010 #26
Fear Die Rothaarige

What did you hear?

7/5/2010 #27
Brammy Bear

Terroists are using it to plan out their attacks because it is so detailed and so close to real life cities. And I also heard you can buy guns and walk down the street doing GTA like activities. Weird.

7/5/2010 #28
Fear Die Rothaarige

Very weird.

And why did you send me that PM?

7/5/2010 #29
Brammy Bear

Took you long enough to notice. I just wanted to finsih what I was trying to say before I realized that I had the last post. and spazzed.

7/5/2010 #30
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