Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Mistress Brya

The usual. Choas, Confusion and Randomness. :) And also...

First post... =)

7/22/2010 . Edited by JobenX, 8/9/2010 #1
Fear Die Rothaarige

Hmm. I think I gonna get both colors.

7/22/2010 #2
Brammy Bear

She beat me! Get that temporary stuff first and see what you think of each color.

7/22/2010 #3
Mistress Brya

I'm getting red cause the purple is turning blonde a little...

7/22/2010 #4
Fear Die Rothaarige


What color would you dye your hair Scribe?

7/22/2010 #5
Secret Vesper

that's actually a really good idea.

On a completely unrelated note, I got to see men in kilts today... very cute men in kilts... Vespy's happy :)

7/22/2010 #6
Fear Die Rothaarige

Vespy has a kilt fetish!

I saw a man in a kilt once... Not very cute.

7/22/2010 #7
Secret Vesper

haha I would have been happy if these guys were in pants, I don't care, but all of them were cute

7/22/2010 #8
Mistress Brya

Try being mooned by your friend when he is wearing a kilt.... NASTY!!!!

7/22/2010 #9
Brammy Bear

Men do not dye their hair. My stylist(He makes me call him that instead of barber) thinks I should grow it out and get that emo hair in my eye deal, with red streaks.To which I responded "just cut my hair the way I told you to"

I am to damn old and too damn big to wear the hairstyle of a crybaby with a sexual identity crisis.

I miss my crazy republican barber. At least he gave a good cut.

7/22/2010 #10
Fear Die Rothaarige

Lol Vespy.

... Sounds discusting.

Scribe as an emo... FUNNY!

7/22/2010 . Edited 7/22/2010 #11
Brammy Bear


7/22/2010 #12
Fear Die Rothaarige

It would be funny.... An emo that could break you in half...

7/22/2010 #13
Secret Vesper

Umm... I don't think anyone who can break you in half is funny :P

7/22/2010 #14
Fear Die Rothaarige

To me!

And bbl guys!

7/22/2010 #15
Brammy Bear

An emo that could break you in half...

But he would be too busy whining about how daddy didn't tell him he loved him every day.

Here's how my dad told me He loved me "You know I was going to kill your mom, But I didn't because of you and your sister"

I ate lunch at the emo table for an entire week in highschool with harvestor because we had a disagreement with a new kid who had decided to sit at our table, he did not like harvetors year round tan.

But anyway it was a very weird situation.

Edited to make more sense.

7/22/2010 . Edited 7/22/2010 #16

I hang out with the emo kids all the time! They are so damn crazy... that's why I love 'em.

7/22/2010 #17
Mistress Brya

I have too many friends...

7/22/2010 #18
Brammy Bear


7/22/2010 #19
Fear Die Rothaarige

And I'm back.

7/22/2010 #20
Mistress Brya

I'm going to beat the shit outta my brother...

7/22/2010 #21
Fear Die Rothaarige

What did he do this time?

7/22/2010 #22
Mistress Brya

He's being a little bitch. Nothing new.

7/22/2010 #23
Brammy Bear

The only people siblings fight harder than each other are people that fuck with their siblings.

7/22/2010 #24
Fear Die Rothaarige

My brother wouldn't help me if someone was fucking with me.

7/22/2010 #25
Mistress Brya

I'd honestly beat the shit outta someone who fucked with my little brother. My little sister is worse because she really speaks her mind, not giving a damn.

7/22/2010 #26
Brammy Bear

Your other brother would.

7/22/2010 #27
Fear Die Rothaarige

No he wouldn't.

7/22/2010 #28
Mistress Brya

Thats fucked up...

7/22/2010 #29
Brammy Bear

You have two brothers? thought you only had the one.

I was referring to me.

7/22/2010 #30
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