Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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The world has been thrown into calamity...

Alabaster City was the beggining of the end of the world...

Following the examples of the souls of the city, paranorms and supernaturals around the world stood for who they were, with mixed reaction. Some were welcomed, some were ignored, and some were looked down upon. The world, although not united by opinion, was united by the truth. But only for so long. Without peace, there could be no starting point for war. From the silence of peace came the earth-shattering scream of war, one that would forever change the face of the world, and impact everyone, living or dead, beyond imagination.

It started small... Gangs of humans and paranorms, battling for rights and against prejudice. But then, people began to get hurt, and then they began to get killed. The disagreements grew bigger and bigger, untill the world was torn apart by tales of racism and terror, about every species there were.

In order to make a solution, the U.N. enacted an ambitious project...Project Reverse.

Alabaster City was the beggining. Project Reverse was the end.

Project Reverse aimed to create a multi-national force of scientists and soliders, all trying to reverse the paranormal afflictions and return the world population as human exclusive. Project Reverse tracked down the oldest of the old, and the strongest of the strong, and took their blood... and, together with the help of magic, from various sources such as witches, elves, and elementals... A device was made, that held a special gas... Para-Gas, it was named... it would have no effect on humans, but would turn paranormals back into human beings, and thus end the racial conflict that engulffed the world.

That was the theory. That was not the outcome.

When Para-Gas was launched worldwide by missiles, spreading technology, and forced... It degenerated the paranormals, from an everyday person with special powers... To the creatures of nightmares they were born to been see as. They lost their minds, and instincts surged straight to the forefront of their minds, and the world descended into a state of absolute chaos as creatures attacked... The ties of magic were corrupted, and the magical esscence of the world was drained by the desperate and the frantic, and so... Magic died on earth, as a last resort to preserve the planet's safety, a resort that failed.

All over the world, people fought for survival, and all over the world people died... Important people died. The world descended into a new dark age of bloodlust and survival, and the age seemed to be eternal, as the world was painted black as a land ravaged by memories of mistakes past, that could never be fixed... Peace, Safety and Prosperity, virtues like these, became relics of an old time...


Years passed. Decades passed. Centuries passed. Something happened to the paranormals that was never expected.

They evolved.

They became manifestations of horror and disease, anyone who feel victim to their alflictions was better off dead, for they soon became abominations themselves.

Cities crumbled. Towns became deserted. Armies were destroyed. Havens were lost... The world fell into disarray and disrepair, as cities like New York, London... Alabaster City, all became overgrown as nature tried to retake the world... and they were filled with the creatures... Humans, were now a rare breed, in a world once dominated by them.

But... even a century on, the undying spirit of the human mind and heart, stayed strong... There are few of them now, and they only try to survive, in the hopes of one day seeing a new world... a world that may never come... Avoiding big cities, and forests, and hiding at night... scavenging, and finding a new haven... that's how the humans have survived for so long... Witches, Elves, Dwarves... they still live, but their magic has long since died, so they band together with humans... Angels and Demons have been forever torn apart by the land, as the magical ties that allow summoning and celestial powers have been broken... and Ghosts, are no more... the dead stay dead, with no afterlife... but worst of all... the Vampires, the Werewolves, the Hybrids, The Banshees, and other such creatures, are forever to be nightmares, mindless and brutal, with only hunger and instinct to drive them... and they are the dominant species.

You are in a world of despair, and regret, where there is one goal... Survival... and one dream... Peace... both of which are extremely unlikely... the world is a Parnormal Wasteland...


This is no mere survivalist guide, a documentary of a band of rugged individuals trying to find safety, this is a story like no other, where every table has been turned and the odds are no way in your favour. Just because it's not mindless, doesn't mean it won't kill you straightaway. Who's going to lead the way, who's going to stab you in the back? Decsions only you can make. The world, the entire world is out there, and it may not be at it's best, but it's the world you're about to expereince first hand, and who knows, maybe you'll play a part in saving. Mankind, Magic, and Machine. The lines that seperate them all are blurred and broken, and the dreams of the future conjour up an old world. Will this world be seen again? Will YOU see it again? Not if you don't fight for your very right to survive.

The Company is on the move. As part of the 93rd band of survivors that fled the extinction of the Canadian refuge of Iceberg Town, you can't just sit back and believe you can sleep soundly at night, if you ever did. There's only one place you can go; Asilo, the Silvermine City, untouched by feral life and the home of where the so-called leaders of civilization call their home. It's a long journey, across mountains, desets, forests and seas, but if you survive, you'll be safe... Or will there be yet another twist in the myth?

Chose your species. Chose your beliefs. Chose your path. Join Company 93. Prepare to face the terrifying ordeal that is the Paranormal Wasteland, and live... with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses.

Don't take no shit from anything!

9/30/2010 . Edited 9/30/2010 #1

Act I

11/16/2010 #2
Iron's Grasp

Carson flicked ash from a scavenged cigarette, shortly followed by the mostly burned butt, grinding it into the dirt with his heel. He briefly flicked a small lighter with the letter "R" cut into it crudely with a knife open, before stowing it in a pocket, the metal softly jangling with the dogtags kept in that same pocket.

He adjusted the rifle strap on his shoulder, bracing himself for the day ahead.

"Just another day in this hell," he said pessimistically. "But such is life."

11/16/2010 #3

Maverick looked out across the ridge. It was early morning, and the sun had only been out for a few minutes.

He sighed.

Alabaster City, or the remains of it, anyway, was the current obstacle between them, and Asilo.

Freak Central.

Maverick wholeheartedly agreed with Carson, as he prepared his gear.

"Alright... we all know the drill? Well, this time, we're stepping up... Stay alert, stay sharp... You get lost, your dead"

He looked at the rest of the company. "Right now there's probably only Scavengers, and Werewolf Runts down there... Just remember, they can be dangerous in packs, but it only takes one to kill you... Everybody ready?"

11/16/2010 #4
Secret Vesper

Elvina was listening silently as she strung her bow, making sure it was still in good shape before slinging her full quiver over her shoulder. She stood up and looked at Maverick, "No point in wasting time, let's get going." she said in her no nonsense way.

11/16/2010 #5
Iron's Grasp

Carson put up a hand.

"Patience. Rushing in blindly is certain to mean the doom of the Company. Take a bot more slowly. Evaluate your surroundings."

11/16/2010 #6
Secret Vesper

Elvina raised her eyebrows, "I never said we were rushing in, but putting of the inevitable is just downright stupid." the old witch said simply.

11/16/2010 #7

Maverick nodded, once more agreeing with Carson.

"We're at Alabaster City... For those who don't know... It's the last place we want to be... But we're here, and we've got to get past it"

He turned around.

"We walk, we don't run... Stay out of the back alleys and the major roadways... We'll try and find a route that cuts straight through the city"

11/16/2010 #8
Iron's Grasp

Carson moved his rifle from his shoulder to cradled in the crook of his arm.

"I never said anything about delaying the inevitable either."

11/16/2010 #9
Secret Vesper

Elvina didn't say anything as she picked up her bow, her chin steady as she waited. She was beginning to regret coming with this company. It seemed that the man who had claimed the role of leader didn't care to listen to her. Although, she didn't care. It possibly could be as simple as the fact that she was a witch and had called upon his kind for years to do her bidding, all of the witches and warlocks had.

11/16/2010 #10

"Everybody ready?" Maverick asked again.

11/16/2010 #11
Secret Vesper

Elvina nodded, staying silent.

11/16/2010 #12
Iron's Grasp

Carson pulled back the action on his rifle.


11/16/2010 #13

Maverick nodded, and held his own rifle, nodding at the entire company.

"Move out... Once we reach the city limits, we'll send four scouts in parties of two ahead of us"

With that, he turned, and started walking to the road leading into the city.

11/16/2010 #14
Secret Vesper

Elvina grabbed and arrow and knocked it loosely before she followed Maverick.

11/16/2010 #15

They started walking down the forest road.

"Alabaster, huh?" Jacoby said aloud.

"If the world's gone to shit, this is the overflown septic tank, kid" Ember told him.

11/16/2010 #16
Iron's Grasp

Carson's mind immediately began churning out strategies as the Company approached the city.

Watch the alleys. Look for ways with the fewest obstacles. Scavengers present less threat than the pups. Listen for howls and other canine noises. Stay as quiet as possible. Only fire if life is in danger due to alert given to other Ferals.

11/16/2010 #17

Chug belched loudly.

Jacoby and Jackal smirked childishly.

Ember rolled her eyes. "Fuckin' idiots..." She muttered.

11/16/2010 #18
Iron's Grasp

Carson shushed those behind him, chiding them quietly.

"You don't want to know what might have heard that," he muttered.

(Sorry for delays, just got the new Assassin's Creed)

11/16/2010 #19

"His breath could drive it away anyway" Jackal muttered.

11/16/2010 #20
Iron's Grasp

Carson grunted, not disagreeing but hoping that the company members behind him would be quiet.

11/16/2010 #21
Secret Vesper

Elvina glared silently at the two, her eyes like icy daggers as she continued walking silently.

11/16/2010 #22

"Jeez... what happened to a sense of hu-" Jackal began.

Ember looked at him, with a death glare. "Shut... Up"

Jackal did so, and Ember carried on walking.

"Owned" Jacoby whispered to Jackal.

11/16/2010 #23
Secret Vesper

Elvina gave Ember an approving look before she went back to scanning the area around them.

11/16/2010 #24
Iron's Grasp

Carson kept his head on a swivel, checking everything in a 180 arc ahead of him.

11/16/2010 #25

The suburbs could be seen a little way ahead of them, broken down homes and debris lying in the street.

Nothing alive. Nothing dead. No movement. No corpses.

Maverick led them onwards.

11/16/2010 #26
Iron's Grasp

Carson was sorely tempted to break the heavy and oppressive silence, even just by stepping on something that would go crunch, but restrained himself, knowing it was unnecessary.

11/16/2010 #27

"Any four volunteers to scout ahead?" Maverick asked quietly.

"Me" Ember said.

"I will" Jacoby replied.

11/16/2010 #28
Secret Vesper

Elvina stayed silent, she would go if they needed her to, but she didn't like scouting.

11/16/2010 #29
Iron's Grasp

Carson raised his hand.

11/16/2010 #30
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