Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Hahli Nuva

"..." Peter brushed his hair back and leaned against his chair.

2/19/2012 #2,521

Roger grinned.

"Unless you're making a movie, then you can come visit... I work as a set design assistant"

2/19/2012 #2,522
Secret Vesper

Pari smiled at him, "So why don't you tell me about yourself?"


Suzette nodded for a moment, "What time do you get off work?"

2/19/2012 #2,523
Violet Scarlet Lily

"I'm sorry about that then," Everleigh said, "Is she the kind of person who holds grudges?"

2/19/2012 #2,524
Mistress Brya

"Not particually. I mean, she did hold a grudge against those that killed her father." Says Ambrose.

2/19/2012 #2,525
Violet Scarlet Lily

"Ouch...but she won't stay mad at you, will she?" Everleigh asked.

2/19/2012 #2,526
Mistress Brya

"No, she's not mad at me... At least not much..." Ambrose muttered.

2/19/2012 #2,527
Violet Scarlet Lily

"Good," Everleigh said, "I'm sorry, I'm just...I bring problems with me wherever I go."

2/19/2012 #2,528
Mistress Brya

"It's alright. I mean, hell you may leave here with a complete wardrobe." He remarks.

(My wrist hurts so bad.)

2/19/2012 #2,529
Violet Scarlet Lily

"That'd be nice, I'm not gonna lie," Everleigh laughed.


2/19/2012 #2,530
Mistress Brya

(I got a tattoo on my wrist.)

Ambrose shrugged, "She'll probably would give you them, she has a shit ton of clothes, a room full actually."

2/19/2012 #2,531
Violet Scarlet Lily

(Of what?)

"She's a lot taller than me, though," Everleigh said.

2/19/2012 #2,532
Mistress Brya

(Bass clef and treble clef in the shape of a heart with a peace sign.)

"Eh, it's alright." Mumbled Ambrose.

2/19/2012 #2,533
Violet Scarlet Lily

(That sounds awesome XD I was gonna say sounds like it looks...but that's really wordy...but it does!)

"Yeah," Everleigh said, "How long do you think she'll let me stay here?"

2/19/2012 #2,534

"About five" Roger told her.

2/19/2012 #2,535
Mistress Brya

"If you dont piss her off."

2/19/2012 #2,536
Violet Scarlet Lily

"No pressure, then," Everleigh said.

2/19/2012 #2,537
Secret Vesper

Suzette paused for a moment, "I have a meeting at Town Hall this afternoon."

2/19/2012 #2,538

"Well, maybe a late coffee then?" Roger asked.

2/19/2012 #2,539
Secret Vesper

Suzette paused for a moment before she nodded, "Alright,"

2/19/2012 #2,540
Hahli Nuva

Peter sat up. "What do you want to know?"

2/19/2012 #2,541
Mistress Brya


(Any idea on what should we do with them?)

2/20/2012 #2,542
Violet Scarlet Lily

Everleigh sighed, avoiding Ambrose's eyes for a few seconods.

(I think they're pretty open ended...we can really take this anywhere...what do you think?)

2/20/2012 #2,543
Mistress Brya

Ambrose slowly got up, excusing himself to go to the bathroom.

(Good stuff bad stuff, what?)

2/20/2012 #2,544

"If it's not too much trouble" Roger remarked, with a shrug.

2/20/2012 #2,545
Secret Vesper

Pari shrugged, "What do you want to tell?"


"It's fine," Suzette said.

2/20/2012 #2,546
Hahli Nuva

"Well, I DO know how to talk to women..."

2/20/2012 #2,547
Violet Scarlet Lily

Everleigh stood as well, taking Logan to the nursery and putting him in the crib.

(Well a mix would be good. I think they need something awful to happen though. That's just me)

2/20/2012 #2,548

Roger nodded, grinning. "Awesome"

2/20/2012 #2,549
Secret Vesper

"So tell me about yourself."


Suzette smiled slightly, "I'll see you then."

2/20/2012 #2,550
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