Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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James grinned at this, "I wouldn't dream of it, Philly." he said as he walked a couple of steps over to get another drink from the barkeeper, his one small golden hoop earring catching the light.

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Well, I dunno about Scar or Reynard" Christian told Zephyr. "But I'm pretty sure Captain Flynn and Dom are"

"Close friends? Besides Scott" Dom asked.

"Really?" Scar asked, with suprise. "I had you down as an Englishman"


Reynard was still able to deflect her blows, blow after blow. Then, he took a step on the offensive, and used his strength to force her own blade down onto the ground, before stepping past and ever so lightly swatting her behind with the flat of his saber before turning around to face her. "Now in fairness, you asked for that"

Scaramouche smiled. "It is of my soul mate"


Zack smiled softly. "...I love you" He told her, lightly, but with full conviction.


Kelly smirked a little. "What's your opinion on beauty, Merik?" She asked, as she headed up the stairs.

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Adelle's head whipped around along with her body, her right hand weilding the blade coming up to draw his in as...her left hand held a sharp dagger which she held to his throat, rage in her eyes for a moment before she stepped back.

"Again." she called for the next round, not exactly sure who'd won the first...but not really caring either. She stood at the ready, dagger in one hand, sword in the other, with murder in her eyes. She wouldn't actually kill him or hurt him, wouldn't even try, but she was still fuming and gunning for a fight.


"A goat is your soul mate? My my, aren't you eccentric?" Analisa said as she smiled down at him.

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The Beautiful Tyrant

Axel smiled serenely back at her, all acquiescence, despite the fact he was petting the stomach of a cat that was also a young girl. In fact, she looked very young. He wondered if her age as a cat had anything to do with it. Then he wondered whether the age thing with dogs applied to cats. After realizing the nature of the thought, Axel chuckled lightly at himself, or at it, and smoothed his hand across the cat/girl's stomach easily, rubbing lightly.

I may be short, but I'm no Catholic, he thought absentmindedly.

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Secret Vesper

Toto smiled at his touches, looking up at him, "You are a very short man." she observed.


Philly watched him quietly.

Crimmson shrugged her shoulders, "Scott was really the only person near my age." she said, "We had a cabin boy when I was younger who used to be friends with me... at least... until he tried to kill my father."

Scott chuckled and shook his head, "I'm Irish, Crimmson's English."


Emily looked up at him, a few tears had escaped her eyes, trailing down her cheeks.


Merik shrugged, "I like beauty."

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James's face and profile couldn't really be seen in the dark lighting of the tavern as he ordered his drink, then came to sit beside Philly. "Figure I might as well stick around until it's time to go."

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Dom blinked. "Why'd he do that?"

Scar nodded. "All your accents sound the same to me"


Reynard smiled, twirling his sword in his hand, before this time it was him that went on the offensive, attacking with harsh swiftness and arm-jarring strength. He was clearly holding back, but if he struck harder, he would probably knock the blade straight out of her hand, or even just break the weapon she wielded.

Scaramouche chuckled. "It is not as eccentric as you'd imagine... I think of love the same way I think of sex; Everything deserves it, everything should share it"

He grinned. "The ecentric part is that I had children with her"


Zack smiled, reaching up, and wiping some tears away with his thumbs.


"Define it" She told Merik, before turning just before she stepped on the deck, looking down the stairs at him.

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The Beautiful Tyrant

"Oh, aye," he commented lightly, speaking as if it were a very obvious thing of small importance (no pun intended). "Tha's why they call me a dwarf."

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Adelle defended herself rather eccelently, giving him her all and then some! She attacked both with her sword and her dagger, whirling and twirling all around in a mad whirlwind of danger.

"Huh...those are satyrs right? Or maybe fauns? I can never get them straight." Analisa said as she wiggled around atop him a bit.

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Secret Vesper

The girl tilted her head to the side, "A dwarf?" she asked.


Philly nodded quietly.

"He was being paid by someone else."

Scott chuckled, "If I didn't already like you, I think I would have to be offended by that."


Emily sniffed slightly, wiping recklessly at her tears, "God... I'm such a mess..." she murmured softly, trying to play off her tears.


Merik paused, "It's beauty. Isn't it supposed to be undefinable?" he smirked slightly, leaning against forward a little, "But if anyone on this ship is half as good looking as their Captain, I'm going to consider myself a lucky man."

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The Jasper Raven

"We still have to call her Captain Flynn?" Zephyr asked, looking over at the woman, perplexed. "But wait...How can there be two captains on one boat?"

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The Beautiful Tyrant

"Aye, kitten." He said distractedly, looking down at her.

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Reynard was fighting with a cold precsion, despite the smile upon his face, a facade he usually used to distract his opponents that had become an instinct over time.

Scaramouche smiled. "They can actually turn out as one or the other, apparently... one of my daughters, Arleth, is a faun, just like my first son with her, Impicelyn... although, one of our later sons, Dionysis, is a satyr"


"Oh" Dom said, with a nod. "An assassin"

Scar smirked. "English wasn't my first language, it was my fourth"


Zack smiled, as he slipped his arms around her waist, and held her in a hug.

...he raised an eyebrow as he peered over her shoulder, out of her sight, and motioned for the spying Alex and Rosethorn, hiding at the top of the stairs, to go away.


Kelly grinned slightly. "Your first answer was good, your second one was just flattery, but good try" She told him, turning around and walking on deck.

"Mister Sebastian!" Kelly called out.

"Aye cap'n?" Came the easy-going reply of the Helmsman.

"Bring the ship around, and take us to New Providence, I've gotta pick up an order!" Kelly called out.

"Aye aye, cap'n!" Sebastian called back, turning the wheel.

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After a few heated moments, Adelle trapped his blade down against the ground with her sword, and maneuvered her dagger in such a way that she flipped his sword right out of his hand, a move that surprised even her as she'd never done it before. She wasn't even thinking as she attacked again, dropping her sword and jumping straight on him, knocking him to the ground with her straddling him, holding him down by trapping his wrists against the ground on either side of his head. She was breathing hard after her long, rapid attack, although she wasn't tired at all.

"Hmm...interesting." Analisa said as she wiggled her hips against his again.


James sat down, taking a sip of his drink.

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Secret Vesper

Toto smirked, purring gently.


Philly sat quietly, doodling on a piece of paper.

Crimmson nodded.

Scott chuckled, "You speak it quite well."


Emily leaned into his hug, resting her head on his shoulder.


Merik chuckled, "I can't flatter you?" he asked, "Besides, everyone likes to hear when they've been admired."

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Reynard smiled at her from where he lay. "You'd best any normal man with moves like that"

(Just wanna point out, he's a werewolf as well as an elf :P)

Scaramouche grinned, putting his hands on her hips, running his fingers against them. "What of you? Any favourite lovers or children? Or are myself and young Sigmund the first to really catch your eyes?"


Dom smirked softly. "I remembered I thought it would be cool to be an assassin when I was little"

Scar smiled. "Thanks, it's something I've been trying to learn all my life... I started with Sweedish, and French and Italian sort of came naturally after a while, English was a bit of a struggle"


Zack smiled, as he stroked her hair gently. "I love you, and nobody else has my heart like you do"


Kelly smirked. "True, but I have other things on my mind right now"

She gestured to her expansive crew before them which, besides from Sebastian at the helm, and Rosetta and Kiana at the sides, was entirely a melting pot of differently sized and differently looking goblins.

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Secret Vesper

Crimmson laughed a little, "Good thing you didn't get hired to come kill my father."

Scott chuckled, "English doesn't make a whole lot of sense."


Emily lifted her head off his shoulder, looking up at him. She still seemed a little unsure of everything that had just happened.


Merik looked around, "Those are goblins, I assume?"

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The Jasper Raven

Rosetta sat up with a start from where she'd been sleeping, tangled in some netting near the ship rail. She shook her head and yawned, condensation collecting at the corners of her eyes.

"Lord!" she exclaimed, stretching her arms out in front of her and asking no one in particular. "How long was I out?"

(Oh and I posted with Zephyr a little while back. :))

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"What're you drawing there?" James asked


(sorry about that, I wasn't saying she was stronger or more skilled or anything, just that it was a move that didn't require strength so much as a little trick she performed, to disarm him. Not trying to god-mod or anything :P)

Adelle looked down at him for a second, then sat up, although still atop him and straddling him. She sat up straight and ran her hands through her light-brown curls, pushing them back as she gave a long sigh, closing her eyes for a second as she gained control. What did I just do... she thought to herself as she shook her head.

"Sorry...I guess I just lost control."

Analisa shrugged, liking the feel of his fingers. "There've been some here and there, but I'm sad to say I've been through a bit of a dry spell the past five years after an unfortunate incident with some short, crude men who don't know the first thing about fun."

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Reynard smirked. "It's fine, it's been a while since an attractive Englishwoman sat on my chest"

Scaramouche smirked. "Perhaps I should find them and educate them"


"She's technically the Captain of one of the lifeboats" Christian said. "But in fairness, if you've seen what Griffin, the quartermaster and engineer, has done to it... Then you wouldn't laugh at her "ship""

Dom smirked. "I don't think I'd be that good... Apart from the whole quiet thing, I've got that nailed down"

"I know" Scar remarked, with a smile and a shake of her head. "A fat chance and a slim chance is the same thing?"


Zack smiled at her softly, and kissed her cheek. "...Should we maybe get a drink?"


"Your powers of duduction are remarkable, Mr. Gabor" Kelly told him with a smirk. "Yes, those are Goblins... Every single one a former resident of the mountains of the Black Forest, in Germany, as am I"

Shakespeare Mag-Tharok, resident sharpshooter and goblin intellectual, glance at Rosetta from where he'd been keeping an eye out for mermaids.

"About four minutes, I'd figure"

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Secret Vesper

"Nothing," Philly said simply.

Crimmson chuckled softly.

Scott chuckled, "Yep,"


Emily shrugged her shoulders slightly, "If you want... I didn't mean to disturb your nap."


Merik nodded, "Alright, just as long as they don't eat me."

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The Jasper Raven

"You'll have to show it to me when we get back," Zephyr said, intrigue clear in her voice as she analyzed Crimmson for a moment longer before heading to the bar.


"Oh, good," Rosetta sighed, dropping her arms in relief. "Didn't miss anything then....right?"

5/4/2012 #1,312

Christian smiled, and nodded, as he joined her at the bar.

Dom grinned slightly at her.

Scar smirked, and nodded.


Zack smiled softly. "You could always rejoin me?" He asked, gesturing to his cabin.


Kelly smirked. "I don't think they will"

"Well, somebody I'm sure wasn't with us at Tortuga is now onboard" Shakespeare told Rosetta, nodding at Merik.

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James shrugged and leaned back in his seat, downing half the drink as he surveyed the bar.


Adelle smirked a bit and rolled her eyes, although it seemed the slightest bit forced. She lifted off one leg and sat next to him. "Well I guess I'm glad I had at least enough control left to stop." she murmured.

Analisa nodded in all seriousness, "Most definitely."

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The Beautiful Tyrant

The dwarf smirked back at her, but kept his silence.

5/4/2012 #1,315
Secret Vesper

Philly sat their quietly.

Crimmson smiled, slipping her hand into his.

Scott smiled back.


Emily nodded, "I can."


Merik nodded, "I hope not, I've heard things about The Goblin Princess and her crew."

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Reynard smiled, and sat up. "What's your sword made of?"

Scaramouche smiled, kissing her nose.


Dom smiled, and held her hand.

Scar edged a little closer, nodding. "Looks like your friend's making friends" She said to Scott, quietly.


Zack smiled, and nodded, and lead her to his cabin.

"It'll be nice having something warm to snooze against again"


Kelly smirked. "Oh really? Pray tell"

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"So, Philly...what brought you to this ship, the...Ravenfang was it?"


"It's a special type of metal I found one time while exploring some old seashore caves on the cliffs of Ireland. I don't know its name though." Adelle said.

Analisa grinned down at him when he did, letting her lips find his again.

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Secret Vesper

"Wanting to get out of Asia."

Crimmson smiled warmly at him.

Scott raised his eyebrows, "Which friend?" he asked, "Crimmson?"


Emily smiled gently, following him with a nod.


Merik smiled, "I've heard part of your crew isn't really a crew."

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"It's not silver?" Reynard asked.

Scaramouche grinned, kissing her playfully.


Dom smiled back, squeezing her hand.

"Well, unless you were hiding a midget we haven't seen yet on that small boat of yours" Scar said, with a smirk.


Zack smiled, and lead her into his cabin.

His desk was covered with work now, all maps of the Atlantic Ocean with red lines crossing here, there, and every where. They could have looked like trade-routes, if some weren't in the most random-seeming places.


Kelly snorted, and smiled. "Please, tell me more"

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