Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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This is not an alternate universe, the events of this thread are set in the same timeline, at the exact same time as the events of the Alabaster City thread.

Death, the first step on the journey to Hell, falling from the ground to the core of earth, crossing the River Styx on Charon's ferry, or having one's soul banished from Paradise into the unfathomable abyss that is the grand, endless and eternal plains of the underworld. Here, in the darkest and deepest depths of darkness, lie the most horrific manifestations of the mind and the body, foul and cruel demons, forgotten monsters slain in eras long past in Earth's history. The most Blackest Hearts to have ever existed and have been extinguished, lie awake somewhere in these infernal lands of almost total darkness, the Infernal Star atop the Black Tower being the only source of light for millions of miles, though it sheds only enough light to see, it is visible for millions of miles away, guiding the way towards the city of Pandamonia, the Sinner's City.

Pandamonia is shaped like a heptagram, a seven-pointed star, the city walls being the edges of the star. Each outside section represents one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and the majority of the residents of that section, as well as the very buildings and structures themselves, reflect that Sin, although most can freely travel to any other section of the city. The section of Lust, ruled by hot leather, BDSM, misogyny and hedonism is the south-eastern point, wheras the apartments and smoke-houses that make up the slums of Sloth can be found in the south-west. Meanwhile, the intoxicating factories and hellish farms of Gluttony make up the western section of the city. In the north-west, the high reaching and excutive buildings of Greed tower over the streets filled with desperate thieves and scumbags of all sorts. The grand buildings and castles that reflect that snobbish personalities of it's residents can be found in the Prideful northern section, where even the scurrying rats will look down at you. In the north-east, the down-trodden slums of Envy are filled with those who desire better things, but are hard-pressed to conquer their own darkness. Finally, the brutal alleways and fighting pits of Wrath make the threat of Oblivion all the more present in the eastern section. At the very tips of each point, is a tower, over a majestic estate, where the Demon Lords and Ladies rule over their sections of the city, such as Duke Moloch, the Duke of Wrath, alongside his bride, Duchess Gorgon. Count Samael, the Destroyer, resides over the section of Lust with his charming bride, Countess Lillith. Meanwhile, in the section of Sloth, the strange and indeterminable being that is the Sovereign Legion rules over the drug-addled and unmotivated peoples. In Gluttony, The Baron Beezlebub resides over the hungry with his bride, the Baroness Iblis. Up in the streets of Greed, Archduke Mammon resides in his penthouse with Archduchess Banshee. Meanwhile, in the elaborate homes of Pride, Viscount Abraxas reigns with his Viscountess Empusa. Finally, in the realms of Envy, Marquis Amon resides in dominion with his bride, Marquise Lamia. In between all of these points, and in the center of the great Sinner's City, are the Fallen Districts, for those more virtuous who have fallen hard, or been trapped in the darkness of Hell by misfortune or curse.

Outside this nefarious hub of evil incarnate, beyond the lands known as the Heartland that surrounds Pandamonia, are the Empty Wastes, lifeless and featureless plains of absolute nothingness. The closest thing to Oblivion one could ever hope to get close to, there are however, a few scattered pockets of civilization, but most of which are primal and brutal, living like savages and psychotics, for the wastes sap from the very will and knowledge of it's inhabitants, degenerating them into almost nothing but drones, mindless creatures with basic instincts. Some may last for a long time, but it is hard existance and not one that ever seems to pay off.

In this wretched realm of demonic tyranny and satanic administration, can those who fell here with virtues or honesty ever hope to make a mark on the place? Will they carve out an existence in silence, in solitude, or will they make an attempt to start a revolution, will they fight for others? Will they stand for the living when the time comes? Can they hope to make this existance an easier one for everyone, or will the fade into oblivion, nothing but a memory, doomed to one day be forgotten and finally pass into the realm of eternal nothingness? Who knows?... down here, Who cares?

Chose your species. Chose your sins. Chose your path. Welcome to Hell. Enter Pandamonia, and live an afterlife... with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses.

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