Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Secret Vesper

The young man frowned, "I've upset you now," he said, "Mother always did say my charm wouldn't work on everyone." he gave a grin that, to most, would be quite charming. "Please forgive me, Miss," he bowed slightly, "I am Dalmar bin Gyasi. I just came to buy a flower and ended up speaking with her. I meant no harm."

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Autumn smiled back at his grin, but Angel stayed icy. "It's okay Angel, he was just telling me about his mama and all his brothers and sisters." Autumn said with a smile up at her sister. Angel's face softened slightly at Autumn's smile, but once she looked back up to Dalmar's face, she returned to that ice queen sort of look.

"I guess you know Autumn by now. I'm Angel." she said frankly.

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Secret Vesper

Dalmar smiled warmly, "A pleasure, miss."

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Angel raised an eyebrow at this. "He's really nice. He said that I could come to his house if I need to sometime." Autumn said with a smile, but Angel's eyes widened in mild horror at this. She'd been a little girl, just a year or so younger than Autumn, when she'd been welcomed into a strange man's house and that...hadn't gone so well.

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"I never said anything about that"


The door to the brothel/bar suddenly opened, and a rather muscular, dark-skinned man walked in. He had dark brown hair, that fell past his shoulders and was swept back behind him. He seemed to be wearing old hunting gear, such as a leather cuirass and pants.

He came over, and sat down at the bar, before nodding at Dalmar. "Brother" The blacksmith greeted.

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Mistress Brya

"Then what were you insinuating?" Inquired Michelle.

(I spelled it right on the first try! YES! :D )

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Secret Vesper

Dalmar noted Angel's look, "My mother has been in your line of work at times... I know how dangerous it can be, not just for the workers, but for their family. My mother's home is always open to those who need help and I was just offering it if there was ever a need." he explained before looking at his brother and smiling, "Brother."

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Angel looked up at the newcomer, but she gave no reaction other than to pull Autumn back another step so her little sister's back was to Angel's front, the blonde woman's hands resting gently and protectively on her shoulders.

"Fair enough, sir, but I can protect her fine by myself." she said, turning her gaze back to Dalmar although it hadn't softened a bit at his explanation.

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Secret Vesper

(actually, Joben said he was gonna edit tomorrow and to keep posting like he already had)

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"I didn't insinuate anything" Phoenix pointed out.


"Even against the Bloody Rose?" Hondo asked Angel, pausing as he was walking past.

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Angel looked icily at the man and nodded. "Nobody and nothing will touch her or hurt her." she said and by the seriousness in her tone and eyes, she meant it. She'd do whatever it took to keep Autumn safe, and she was pretty damn capable as well.

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Mistress Brya

Michelle continued to sip the drink, going back to her seat.

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Secret Vesper

Dalmar smiled slightly, "I'm sure you will," he said, gently elbowing his brother to silence. "This is my brother, Hondo. Hondo, this is Miss Angel and Miss Autumn."

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Phoenix sat in silence, though it was essentially how he always sat.


Hondo nodded to both of them with a slight bow.

"Forgive my interruption as I overheard you... but protection happens to be a business of mine"

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"Well that's okay," Autumn piped in with a warm smile, "Angel's always protected me, and she does a good job. I'll be okay with her." she said and Angel gently brushed Autumn's hair back with her hand, although her icy gaze never left the two men.

"As my sister said, we don't need protecting."

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"Oh, I don't do it personally" Hondo told them. "I just make the tools with which to do it with"

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Secret Vesper

Dalmar chuckled, "I sorta do it personally," he grinned.

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Autumn grinned back at this, but Angel remained rather stony faced. "Fascinating." Angel murmured sarcastically.

"Are you like a police officer? Or a guard, like the queen has?" Autumn asked.

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Secret Vesper

"Sorta like both," Dalmar said, kneeling once again so he was on Autumn's level. "I do a lot of investigating, like the police, and I do a lot of protecting, like the Queen's guards."

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Autumn's eyes widened and she nodded in understanding. When he'd kneeled down, Angel pulled her little sister another small step back and watched Dalmar carefully.

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"I make swords and sheilds and things like that, as well as horseshoes, or whatever ironwork needs to be done" Hondo told Autumn.

Hondo snapped his fingers. "Brother, before I forget... your sister would like some ink, so if you see any, can you let her know?"

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Secret Vesper

Dalmar chuckled, "She always wants me to get things for her." he joked, "I'll see if I find anything."

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Autumn nodded as she listened to Hondo and then giggled as he joked. "What does your sister do? Does she write?" she asked. Angel stood as strong and silent as a pillar-albeit a good looking one-and would've stayed there to watch over her if not for the woman who came out of the building nearby, calling Angel's name with an angry expression on her face. The little group was within sight of the brothel/bar and Angel closed her eyes for a moment, her face actually looking rather tired and even old for a moment before she managed to control herself. She bent down and kissed Autumn on the head,

"I've got to go. When you're ready to go back inside, take the back staircase, it's going to be a busy night." her eyes flicked back up to the two men, their blue depths losing their warmth. "And if either of them tries to hurt you, come straight to me, alright?" she asked and Autumn gave a nod, smiling at her sister. The Madame's shrill cry of her name echoed down the street again and Angel straightened, beginning to walk back to the brothel.

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Mistress Brya

"Do you mind vampires?" Asked Michelle.

7/8/2012 #1,194

Phoenix shook his head. "Not at all... We're all people, regardless of species"


Hondo nodded. "She likes to write futuristic stuff, science-fiction, she calls it" Hondo told Autumn.

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Secret Vesper

Dalmar bowed slightly to Angel, "I'm sworn to protect those who cannot protect themselves." he promised, "I would hardly hurt a girl who reminds me of some of my siblings. However, if you need a place to stay, or would like to leave, our family has a tendency of picking up people."

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"Oh." Autumn replied, looking slightly confused, but intrigued nonetheless. "What...What is science fiction, exactly?" she asked.

Angel turned back for a moment upon hearing his words, a frown on her face. "I don't like you and I don't trust you," she said bluntly, "You say all these things, yet given the right amount of incentive you'd forget your pretty words and promises like that-" she said, snapping her finger and thumb, staring at him icily. "But just know that if you do anything to her while I'm at work right now, I will personally hunt you down and cut off your manhood." her eyes flicked over to the form of Hondo, "And the same goes for your brother."

And with that, the 'charming' Angel disappeared within the door to the brothel/bar.

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Mistress Brya

"Oh, well then." Michelle sat down back on her plush chair.

7/9/2012 #1,198

Phoenix nodded.


"It's like... going into space, things beyond the skies, science stuff" Hondo told Autumn, before glancing at Angel, and then at Dalmar.

"...well, aren't you glad it was me and not dear Moswen that walked past" Hondo remarked.

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Mistress Brya

Michelle swished the liquid around.

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